Dolphins At Bucs, Open Thread

November 11th, 2013

Monday Night Football in Tampa. The kickoff is upon us. Warren Sapp night at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

Can the Bucs finally win their first game? Can the Bucs take advantage of the blown up Dolphins offensive line?

It is sold out here in Tampa. Crowd already yelling “Tampa.. Bay!”

Let’s hear it Bucs fans. Post your comments here throughout the night. Have fun.

285 Responses to “Dolphins At Bucs, Open Thread”

  1. Greg Smithwick Says:

    The ONLY panelist to not pick the Bucs on ESPN? Keyshawn.

    *I expect this game not to get sad until the 4th quarter*

  2. 911bucs Says:

    Heck yes MJ

  3. Cmurda Says:

    James hurt. No way. This is terrible. Please tell me its a cramp.


    oh crap!

  5. 911bucs Says:

    Oh no MJ

  6. flumunda cheese Says:

    James hurt. Sounds about right.

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Ankle I think.

  8. []_[]Buc Says:

    We are cursed

    It’s official

  9. NJBucsFan Says:


  10. Greg Smithwick Says:

    Is there anything Donald Penn CAN’T do?

  11. Jbeachbuc Says:

    F@€k my life

  12. NJBucsFan Says:


  13. Cmurda Says:

    LOL @ Penn FG Post slam (finger roll). Impressive nonetheless

  14. []_[]Buc Says:

    Touchdown or not

    We are cursed

    MJ is a special player and this was his shot to shine

    Gone before it even started.

    I’m so sick of this all.

  15. bucrightoff Says:

    Season is just cursed. James now too? Eff us…

  16. Architek Says:

    MJ gone – this is got to be the football gods payback for the victory formation

  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Now we find out if Brian Leonard has overcome his fumble issues from earlier in his career.

  18. NJBucsFan Says:

    I wish James the best. Hate to lose him

  19. []_[]Buc Says:

    2 years in a row losing so many players?

    Give me a break man.


  20. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Good start. C’mon Bucs!

  21. Cmurda Says:

    James is definitely out for remainder of game?

  22. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Of course his career is probably over… Are we cursed or what?!?

  23. 911bucs Says:

    Injuries suck

  24. []_[]Buc Says:

    It really is unbelievable

    It’s not Murphy’s Law

    It’s Buccaneer’s Law

  25. Rrsrq Says:

    Free agent wire for running backs or is there another Rutgers RB out there

  26. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Come on Leonard

  27. Cmurda Says:

    O Line came to play.

    More good news. James is questionable to return. That’s re-assuring.

  28. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Butter fingers

  29. Cmurda Says:

    Glennon looks good but he’s got that lock onto 1 guy problem. Gotta learn how to make progressions.

  30. Rrsrq Says:

    Ten points first quarter, woo hoo

  31. Capt. Tim Says:

    I hope James is ok. But this staff doesn’t release anything it doesn’t have to.
    I really hope this time, it’s the truth. James has been nothing short of spectacular!

  32. Reezy Says:

    @Greg Smithwick I thought Cris Carter picked the Dullphins?

  33. jo mama Says:


    do you ever read what you write.

  34. Clowney Says:

    Schiano hasn’t started calling plays yet.

    That’s a good thing

  35. Eric in DC Says:

    Bucs are leading 10-0. Time to finish my beer and go to sleep.

  36. jo mama Says:

    Just looking to bash glennon at any chance.

    who cares if he looked him down. He hit the guy right in his hands. Right where he needed a first down.

  37. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    @[]_[]Buc – Do you know what Buccaneers Law is? Murphy was optimistic!

  38. FloridaGirl Says:

    Let’s go D…..sack or pick and run would be great right now….come on Boys! Execute

  39. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Adams is easy to beat Apparently

  40. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Not trying to be a hater but it looks like the fish are laying down tonite

  41. Clowney Says:

    Bright future??

    As a back up

    Can’t throw the deep ball

  42. []_[]Buc Says:

    Clowney should not be our pick

    Just sayin lol

  43. FloridaGirl Says:

    Laying down?!?!?! I don’t care if they have the moving trucks stationed outside of the stadium. We need a win – however it comes. Lesgo Bucs! Believe and execute

  44. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Hmmmm. He isn’t a deep ballet yet that’s for sure

  45. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Yeah more proof right there that McCoy sycks

  46. FloridaGirl Says:

    Lesgo Bucs!!!!!

  47. FloridaGirl Says:

    Lets go Bucs!!

  48. Cmurda Says:

    Holy LaVonte. Sick!

  49. Greg Smithwick Says:

    This D is JACKED, tonight.

    Looking good.

  50. []_[]Buc Says:


    Proving to the NFL that he is indeed better than Luke

  51. []_[]Buc Says:

    This is how they started against Seattle

    Let’s hope they finish

  52. Reezy Says:

    Let’s go Bucs!!!!!

  53. Cmurda Says:

    Leonard hits the “O” button

  54. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

  55. jo mama Says:

    BB, really….your calling your shot?

  56. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Ok Gru says they are unprepared…..maybe laying down was too harsh

  57. bankieb Says:

    No very active in here tonight…

  58. Clowney Says:

    Unprepared, laying down or asleep, better hope they don’t wake up in the 1/2 half

  59. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    It’s going to be an UGLY second half again for us.

  60. tone850 Says:

    not going to get excited till the game is over after last weeks debacle.

  61. []_[]Buc Says:

    Damn those are two amazing tackles

  62. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Nice return !!

  63. []_[]Buc Says:


    Oh yea?

    Using that crystal ball?

  64. Jbeachbuc Says:

    @ Clowney

    Haha! Good one !

  65. Cmurda Says:

    Glennon looks decent at times but then he takes a holding the ball for 5 secs clueless about the blitz and gets sacked. it drives me nuts.

  66. FloridaGirl Says:

    We need 7 not 3….execute right now, tonight……earn your pay check

  67. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    LMAO…so much for THAT scoring drive.

  68. []_[]Buc Says:

    I wanted Grimes in a Bucs uniform

    He sure wasn’t able to come back from that injury…

  69. []_[]Buc Says:

    Your a troll

    Find somewhere where your wanted

  70. Splengo Says:

    Please Schiano, don’t start to get conservative.

  71. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    This is exactly how it started last week right before halftime. Just sayin. Oh…WELCOME BACK GOLSTON

  72. Jbeachbuc Says:


  73. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Just waiting for our ever popular half-time adjustments.

  74. Clowney Says:


  75. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    15-7 at halftime.

  76. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Adams is about as good as Johnson, like not very good

  77. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    And STILL no sacks from our D-Line.

  78. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    WOW…what a shame….

  79. Cmurda Says:

    Is this Adams guy serious? Dude, you suck. This looks eerily familiar to our defensive collapse against Seattle.

  80. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Shiano needs to get booed right off the field.

  81. Bangkok Buc Says:

    And here we go. Too bad games weren’t 2 quarters

  82. NJBucsFan Says:

    And here we go…no 2nd half adjustments and taking the foot off the pedal. 24-15 final

  83. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Now we are screwed. Our corners suck … Don’t throw Revis’s way and your set.

  84. Cmurda Says:

    Taking an 8 point lead into the locker room after a thorough demolition of Miami shows just how bad our coaching staff is. 4th an inches, we get 3.

  85. Clowney Says:


    How much are they paying Goldson?

  86. snook Says:

    Dominate and only going to be up 15-7 at half. Ohhhhhhhh Schiano….

  87. []_[]Buc Says:

    Off coverage that whole drive huh?

    You won’t see me taking pleasure in our failure like some so called fans lol

  88. cspann Says:

    Def coordinator is trash.

  89. BucPuck Says:

    Did anyone else lose espn? I’m with verizon.

  90. 911bucs Says:



  91. Jbeachbuc Says:

    When will this madness end ??? He won’t blow another half time lead will he?

  92. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  93. DallasBuc Says:

    Our 4 man pass rush is complete garbage. That is all

  94. Robbie_G Says:

    Is it me .. or is #21 Adams getting burnt by some dude I have never heard of?

  95. []_[]Buc Says:

    Let’s be real though.

    They only sustained one drive that entire half.

    Let’s not be too dramatic.

  96. Pete 422 Says:

    We dominate the 1st half….late TD by opposition….one possession game….uh oh….

  97. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I say for consistency purposes, we score another field goal in the second half. Unfortunately, it will not be enough. 31-18 Dolphins.

  98. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Yeah.. What’s up with the stupid off coverage??? Good point .

  99. stanglassman Says:

    Yes ESPN out. Verizon Sucks!

  100. Robbie_G Says:

    And yes, the pass rush is terrible.. again… they give up 4 sacks a game… DAMN IT

  101. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    ESPN is doing a GREAT job of blocking out the lack of fans in the stadium.

  102. Clowney Says:

    Right now Coach Schiano is meeting with his coordinators, coaches, assistants, captains, starters and back ups, trying to figure out how to open one of the foil ketchup packages for his hot dog.

    Don’t worry, Coach will take over the play calls in the 2nd half. He’s got this!

  103. Sam Corlin Says:

    Yeah, Verizon ESPN in Tampa area is out, nice

  104. BucPuck Says:

    Verizon is saying to won’t be fixed till 10:58, are you freaking kidding me!

  105. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Hmmm…and I thought he was using halftime to use the bathroom. Shows you how much I know.

  106. []_[]Buc Says:

    Let’s add clown to that troll

    These posters with multiple usernames are comical

    Bitter Freemanite maybe?

  107. FloridaGirl Says:


  108. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Let’s hold them to 3 here.

  109. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Well I’m not falling for it this week.. I was so sure we would win this one but seeing the Phins last drive I think we won’t. Tuesday morning is coming way too early for me to stay up and watch it happen again. Good night all.

  110. stanglassman Says:

    ESPN is back on here.

  111. []_[]Buc Says:

    Why in earth is it off coverage every time?

  112. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    LMAO…10 men on the field and a three man rush. Sapp must be SO PROUD.

  113. FloridaGirl Says:

    G’night Jbeachbuc…….keep the faith….I’m up for a little bit more is alla

  114. []_[]Buc Says:

    I don’t understand that.

    First time I’ve seen Revis not in off was that last play

  115. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Hold them to 3….Hold them to 3!!!!!

  116. Cmurda Says:

    Our defensive line sucks. This coaching staff sucks. Rush 3 n 3rd and long so Tannehill has all day. Genius. Why didnt I think of that?

  117. []_[]Buc Says:

    Only one troll uses LMAO repeatedly over and over.

    Still butt hurt as usual.

  118. []_[]Buc Says:

    That was a nice scoring possession…

    Damn clown

  119. FloridaGirl Says:

    Time to go Glennon….need to get 7 here on the 1st drive out of the shoot….execute now

  120. jo mama Says:

    I wonder why military veterans think of jothan martin leaving his unit because he was called names and now thinks he is entitled to millions of dollars to ease his hurt feelings.

  121. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Hold them to 2…Hold them to 2!!!!

  122. Cmurda Says:

    Great playcalling from our own 1 coach. That was disgusting

  123. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I want a QB that can hot a receiver…ANY receiver in stride.

  124. Clowney Says:

    Jump ball. That defender seemed to know exactly where the ball was going

  125. @eric Says:

    I’ve seen. This movie before…..and before….and before…..Bucs need to fire coaching staff before they even get to the locker room……..

  126. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    LOL…and yet another punt return is our downfall.

  127. Cmurda Says:

    This is shaping up to be a bit more of the 1st 8 games. Please football Gods. never give Schiano a lead. Its disastrous.

  128. 911bucs Says:

    Gruden just said Shianos taking notes for all the mistakes. Well how about he does something about it. This game is a-turnin.

  129. Cmurda Says:

    The Glazers should take Schianos notepad and attach his walking papers to it.

  130. tone850 Says:

    it’s sad they know the snap count and still can’t get a sack. Nothing to celebrate here till the game is over.

  131. []_[]Buc Says:

    Nice stop on a drive that started on our side

  132. Robbie_G Says:

    Cmurda, you got that right! play calling sucks again.. crap
    We’ve seen this before… 2nd half crap

  133. @eric Says:

    Taking notes on his mistakes? It’s a book as thick as the bible by now……horrible….

  134. []_[]Buc Says:

    Better than good ole Free Free

    I’m sure he loves the smell of that pine behind Ponder lol.

    Even Cassel got put in over an inured Ponder last week ahahaha

  135. []_[]Buc Says:

    *Put in instead of him over an injured Ponder

  136. Cmurda Says:

    Dawson has speed but man I had to actually laugh. He literally went down after getting smacked on the back. We look like the normal mess in the 2nd half. Here’s hoping Glennon and this offense can get some points.

  137. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    And here come the penalties.

  138. []_[]Buc Says:

    What hold?

  139. Clowney Says:

    The Little General has that deer in the headlights look

  140. 911bucs Says:

    1st and 20 lets run it. What a joke.

  141. []_[]Buc Says:

    Please stop being so predictable

  142. FloridaGirl Says:

    Signs point to repeating the failures of the past several months….off to bed now since there’s nothing to see here…..come on, execute and win……

  143. Cmurda Says:

    Another holding. Excellent work by the coaching staff eliminating mistakes. excellent.

  144. []_[]Buc Says:

    Don’t run

  145. Cmurda Says:

    1st and 20. 2 runs by a slow Leonard. Eff U Schiano.

  146. []_[]Buc Says:

    What the hell is up with these predictable run calls

  147. 911bucs Says:

    At some point you have to stop scribbling your mistakes on your clipboard and chew your guys butz for making stupid penalties.

  148. Cmurda Says:

    When asked the question, do we draft a QB? Hell yeah we draft a QB. Glennon = backup. Sorry Mobsters, deal with reality.

  149. @eric Says:

    They need to fire Sh*tano tonight and send this big eared bum back to the planet of the apes

  150. Cmurda Says:

    Special Teams. Simply amazing. Can this team do a damn thing right? Even Wannstedt sucks ass.

  151. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    And the bad punts.

  152. 911bucs Says:

    haha this is freaking hilarious. I’d say unbelievable but its reality.

  153. []_[]Buc Says:

    When will this punter get released?

    He is just horrible.

    1 well placed punt that I can remember in these past couple games.

  154. NJBucsFan Says:

    We should just punt on 2nd down in the 3rd and 4th quarters. That will put them on their toes

  155. tone850 Says:

    If Schiano is calling what type of plays. Fire Schiano

    If Sullivian is calling the plays. Fire Sullivan.

    This play calling is pathetic.

  156. Cmurda Says:

    Can somebody cover #18? Whoever the heck that guy is. Thanks in advance.

  157. Clowney Says:

    Matthews schooling Goldson


    Here we go… Losing time!

  159. Robbie_G Says:

    run, run, run, PUNT

  160. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    I think I gave us three points in the second half. I now retract that statement.

  161. []_[]Buc Says:

    They need to release quite a few players as well once they clean house.

    These players are grown men that would get any coach fired with as poorly as some of them play in these second halves this season.

  162. tone850 Says:

    Even on pass plays, it looks as if there are no progressions, the play is meant for one player and is forced in there.

    Matthews is killing us tonight.

  163. 911bucs Says:

    We suck so bad

  164. Cmurda Says:

    So if and I probably should say when we lose this game, ho much more of Schiano can be tolerated? Draft pick mindset or not, he’s too terrible to let finish the year.

  165. Clowney Says:

    They’re going for two and our defense left the field

  166. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Johnson. You should be cleaning up the spill in aisle 3.

  167. NJBucsFan Says:

    Just horrible…

    This team just carries that Schiano stench of not being able to finish.

  168. Robbie_G Says:

    Playing not to loose again… and will loose again…

  169. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    And you want Wannstadt to be interim coach?….

  170. tone850 Says:

    The play calling is SH!T.

  171. ElioT Says:

    Laughable, just fu**ing laughable…

  172. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    And now the dropsies start.

  173. Architek Says:

    This is so lame! Who even cares!

  174. tone850 Says:

    Glennon doesn’t know how to double pump.

  175. Cmurda Says:

    Adams, Johnson, Banks. All suck. Revis completely takes away their best WR and our defense can’t stop the pass. Get real!

  176. DallasBuc Says:

    Another football ricochets off VJax numbers

  177. Cmurda Says:

    And while I’m hot, let me also mention that Glennon cant complete a throw further than 10 yards.

  178. tone850 Says:

    WOW!! What a great a decision Glennon.

  179. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    WOW….just WOW.

  180. Cmurda Says:

    And after that last throw, I guess he cant even do that.

  181. Oahubuc Says:

    aaaannnd fire Schiano.

  182. Big007hed Says:

    Fire the entire coaching staff. This team sucks so bad. My God they are so poorly coached.

  183. Patrick Says:

    Wannstedt took the Dolphins to the playoffs twice. Please tell me why he’s so much “worse” than Schiano?

  184. dee Says:

    We suck

  185. []_[]Buc Says:

    Damn VJ what the hell are you doing?

    Get off the field

    Get the fuk off the field

    A drop, a complete shite route

  186. tone850 Says:

    Glennon has been staring down the receivers all game long. VJ is even disgusted at the play calling.

  187. 911bucs Says:


  188. Jeff v Says:

    Does anyone think the bucs will win this game? This coaching staff gets outcoached every 2nd half.

  189. Cmurda Says:

    Hi Defenive line. Anytime you feel like trying, please let us know.

  190. Architek Says:

    What kind of offensive and defensive playcalling is Tampa running- when the game is tightening they have no foundation to lean on.

  191. Big007hed Says:

    Fire Schiano! Fire entire staff. This is pathetic.

  192. Anzac Buc Says:

    No sacks against this scratch O line – not good enough

  193. flumunda cheese Says:

    Vincent Jackson quit about the 2nd game of the year, just collecting a check now. Our huge free agent classes are coming up big. Jackson, goldson, nicks, even koenen…putting on a show tonight. Nice job evaluating talent, dominick.

  194. Splengo Says:

    If I could be sure we could get Mike Evans/TAMU, I would trade Vincent Jackson for a high draft pick!

  195. Cmurda Says:

    I honestly feel bad for the non-Bucs and Fins fans. We apologize for giving you such terrible football on Monday night. I’m embarrassed.

  196. NJBucsFan Says:

    There is an US in SUCK

  197. Big007hed Says:

    Stupid def line stunts and atrocious play calling. They are so conservative it is pathetic. Fire Schiano and the entire staff.

  198. blackmagic00 Says:

    Wtf f÷×+ this im out my bucs really suck # bucsreallysuck

  199. []_[]Buc Says:

    I’ve always supported VJ

    But this man needs to sit

  200. blackmagic00 Says:


  201. tone850 Says:

    Too much Zone Coverage on defense.

    I don’t even know what to say about offensive play calling.

    I’m done. I’d rather watch women’s College Basketball tonight, at least their coach’s make 2nd half adjustments. Hell Teen Mom 3 looks better, at least they learn from their mistakes. This is just horrendous to watch.

  202. Big007hed Says:

    Fire Schiano and why is VJ looking so nonchalant about this game?

  203. g Says:

    can the HC be fired mid-game? all they talk about is how talented we are…

  204. Upgrayedd Says:

    Glennon cant close!…. ABC, btches!

    A – Always
    B – Be
    C – Closing

  205. Amarti190711 Says:

    Solution is easy. Schiano coaching staff in the first half and hire Raheem’s abd his Staff for the second half! We’d be playoff bound!

  206. Clowney Says:

    Are you kidding? Fire Schiano??

    No freaking way, the Glazers are brilliant!

    No one can accuse them of tanking. They’re just honoring Greg’s contract

  207. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  208. BucPuck Says:

    Listen I agree Schiano sucks, but the players need to take some accountability and step up. Goldson with his dumb penalties, then letting the slot score that easy TD. The VJax doesnt finish his route. This is not all coaching our players need to do their damn job!

  209. Bangkok Buc Says:

    ESPN has showed the Dolphins owner at least half dozen times. Do the Glazers even come to games? Are they in hiding?

  210. dee Says:

    Iam looking at our soon to be fired coach and he stinks.

  211. g Says:

    no sacks.

  212. Clowney Says:

    We got a jump ball

  213. Splengo Says:

    Gruden is making fun of Schiano and his Rutgers players.

  214. Cmurda Says:

    Whoa Rainey?

  215. Upgrayedd Says:

    I’m ALL FOR keepin Shi Guy! Keep him, and we get the #1 spot! Lol @ Gruden takin a shot @ Schi Guy and Rutgers.

  216. BucPuck Says:

    Players are responsible for no sacks too! How is the play calling now? What a run! I would say this bad start to the second half is all on the players, NOW they are stepping up. TD!!!

  217. Cmurda Says:

    Holy Moly. A 2nd half TD?

  218. []_[]Buc Says:

    So much for just 3 in this half huh?


  219. deathaneers Says:

    im lost, what has happened, rebuilding thru the draft doesn’t work, free agency doesn’t work, new ? doesn’t work.
    just play football

  220. []_[]Buc Says:

    Tirico was the one talking about it “being a theme around here”

    Not Gruden lol.

  221. Splengo Says:

    This Rainey kid can catch too. And he’s our fastest running back. Needs to be used in space!

  222. []_[]Buc Says:


  223. NJBucsFan Says:

    Gibson got blown off the ball. He looked like a safety at the end of the play


    did Johnson actually make a play?

  225. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Johnson acts sooooo cocky. You suck buddy and you are not fooling anyone

  226. Architek Says:

    Leonard Johnson is trash!

  227. deathaneers Says:

    Where is the dam defensive line. Dolphins have backup offensive lineman. Where are the sacks! Where is GMC, oh yea ,,,Stunts

  228. Architek Says:

    Where are the leaders on the team to address the penalties

  229. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Stupid football. Good discipline coach.


    DA FK?????????

  231. deathaneers Says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What was that!!!!!!!!IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. 911bucs Says:


  233. Cmurda Says:

    Page. Cmon man? What purpose did that serve?

  234. []_[]Buc Says:

    Paige you dumb ass


    Coaches can only do so much, this team needs to be shed of some of these grown men are not showing any kind of discipline.

    A man does not need his hand held.

  235. Greg Smithwick Says:

    *Bangs head on desk*

  236. Architek Says:

    Please bench these stupid players!

  237. deathaneers Says:


  238. jo mama Says:

    Who is eric page?

  239. Architek Says:

    Where are the screens???

  240. Clowney Says:

    Jump ball

  241. Cmurda Says:

    WTF with this playcalling? I dont care we got a lucky roughing the passer call. Its 3rd and 6. You throw a quick slant in the pocket. Jeez.

  242. jo mama Says:

    Underwood dropped a ball that hit him in both hands, from our awesome mobile franchise qb

  243. 911bucs Says:


    No doubt wtf

  244. Architek Says:

    The play calling is not helping Glennon. That’s completely Schiano resoonsibility!

  245. jo mama Says:

    Cmruda…..the ball was right on the money. The play call was perfect, underwood hust dropped the ball.

    you can find anything to hate on the bucs

  246. Architek Says:

    Thank god for Rainey

  247. Splengo Says:

    I told ya! This Rainey guy can catch and he can run.

  248. Cmurda Says:

    Saved the best playcall of them all for that play. lets roll out our slow ass Qb to his left and he’s a right handed passer and then Glennon steps out of bounds. Somebody abduct this coaching staff and give us a QB.

  249. Bangkok Buc Says:

    What a stupid f’in playcall. Wow

  250. deathaneers Says:

    They have just quit on the coach.

  251. tone850 Says:

    See. Pass plays are meant for one player only, no progression check downs. Sully has to go first.

  252. bucs55 Says:

    Worst call of the game 3rd n 1 and u pass instead of runnin

  253. Kodaslc Says:

    3-1 and u roll to the short part of the field on a sprint !!! That call should get someone fired

  254. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Mike james with a fractured foot. Leonard and rainey for the rest of the year likely. Hooboy

  255. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Just throw to anyone Johnson is covering.

  256. jo mama Says:

    Ok….I have to admit, rolling left with a right handed thrower is not a high percentage potential

  257. Cmurda Says:

    D Line. Pass Rush — now

  258. bucs55 Says:

    Instead of showing what’s youre offensive line is been doing all day on 3rd n 1 you pass second straight game this bullshit has happened

  259. Bangkok Buc Says:


  260. Cmurda Says:

    Wow. It happened

  261. 911bucs Says:

    What was that????? a sack

  262. Patrick Says:


  263. Cmurda Says:

    and it happened again. holy frijole

  264. Greg Smithwick Says:

    FINALLY! Nice, GMC!

  265. Amarti190711 Says:

    Am I Dreaming, I must be. 2 Sacks!!?



  267. tone850 Says:

    wow. They just let McCoy run straight forward.

  268. Cmurda Says:

    holy crap 4th and forever. Dont get a penalty here. Now is when u play it safe.

  269. Greg Smithwick Says:


  270. Cmurda Says:

    How fitting for Revis to end their prayer on a pick. We finally won. Holy crap. i dont know what to do with myself.

  271. deathaneers Says:

    About F-ing time. Finally they want to play BUC BALL


  272. []_[]Buc Says:

    Lol where’s that troll now?

  273. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:


  274. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Finally. I missed this feeling. Watching the bucks up here in Canada and leaving happy

  275. Cmurda Says:

    Why are we running the ball? I know we aren’t used to this but its time to take a knee.

  276. Greg Smithwick Says:

    TWO rushing yards?

    Holy sh*t!

  277. Bangkok Buc Says:

    2 rushing yards against. Wow

  278. jo mama Says:

    Revis is greedy should have knocked the ball down.



  280. tone850 Says:

    watch miami rush the line.

  281. deathaneers Says:

    game aint over yet, Remember we are the Bucs

  282. tone850 Says:

    wow still have to take a timeout to get this right. SMH.



  284. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Finally….a couple of sacks…and a WIN!!!

  285. deathaneers Says: