Bucs 22, Dolphins 19

November 12th, 2013

The champagne may not taste great tonight, but at least you can finally pop a bottle. The Bucs won! It was a long 10 1/2 months.

The Bucs’ defense came up huge when it had to. After Mike Glennon’s second-half interception, the Dolphins managed a field goal after a -5 yard drive. And then the Bucs slammed the door.

There were sacks! William Gholston and Da’Quan Bowers shared one on the final drive, and Gerald McCoy followed that up immediately before a Darrelle Revis interception effectively iced the game.  

And speaking of that Glennon pick, Joe believes it was the best thing that could have happened to the Bucs. It seemed to slap Bucs coaches in the head and get them back to what was working — the running game. Mike James was brilliant before suffering a major ankle injury in the first quarter. Then Brian Leonard and off-the-couch Bobby Rainey carried the load.

Rainey, snatched off waivers a few weeks ago, had eight carries for 45 yards, including a 31-yarder that set up his winning TD run. Leonard delivered 20 carries for 57 yards, the biggest rushing load of his seven year career.

The Bucs played about 30 minutes of excellent football — to start the game and to finish the game — but it was enough. They made plays, you know, the kind that win games.

Enjoy the feeling. Greg Schiano is.

41 Responses to “Bucs 22, Dolphins 19”

  1. Bobby Says:


  2. ek Says:

    suck it, jacksonville!

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    Ugh, where could this season have been if the offensive line was blocking like they have they last two weeks? Didn’t matter who was running the holes were there. Its nice to know 0-16 is now out of the question. Dolphins fans can feel our pain for another week as the media whipping boy.

  4. tone850 Says:

    VJ talking about finishing. How bout he finish some routes.

  5. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    McCoy was absolutely beastly again, just like against Seattle. The guy is an amazing DT and his career is just getting going.

  6. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Got 1.

    Funny if they go on a streak and get 5 or 6 this year for no good reason.

  7. []_[]Buc Says:

    Why is VJ there

    He did not play to win.

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Cmurda Says
    “Why are we running the ball? I know we aren’t used to this but its time to take a knee.”

    You said that in the open thread, but comments closed before I could answer.

    It was because they needed to take about 10 more seconds off the clock when we got the ball. As it stood, kneeling would have left them around 6-10 seconds after a punt.

    So we had to scramble in order to waste more seconds.

  9. Jordon Says:


  10. Touchdown Gus Says:

    And still have the first pick due to tiebreaker.

  11. []_[]Buc Says:

    Scotty oooooh Scotty

    Looks like you need to return that crystal ball

    Damn clown

  12. Splengo Says:

    I’ll tak’em any way I can git’em. Go Bucs!

  13. []_[]Buc Says:

    Tirico explained why we couldn’t just kneel it too

  14. Fear the Glow Says:

    It’s starting to tick me off that nobody is mentioning how god awful Banks has been this year. The kid get’s torched constantly.

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    []_[]Buc Says
    “Why is VJ there? He did not play to win.”

    He was double covered almost constantly.

    Mike James broke his ankle. He’s gone 🙁

  16. k1ngadroc Says:

    NO 0-16!!!!!!!! YEAH! THESE GUYS DESERVE IT!

  17. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Felt like one of those meaningless preseason games.

    And for the record… Trent Dilfer needs to calm the heck down.

  18. WalkdaPlank Says:

    HELL YEAH! An ugly win but I’ll take it! We won’t finish 0-16 and we still got a shot at the No.1 draft pick!

  19. Stranger Says:

    Shout out to our run game and run blocking. They saved us when it was clear Glennon was going to throw that game away.

  20. []_[]Buc Says:

    I don’t care about all that, I’m not talking about his production overall.

    He gave up on that route.

    Not acceptable.

  21. NY Buc Says:

    Ah…the sound of the sigh of relief. No more talk of 0-16!

  22. []_[]Buc Says:

    Free wouldn’t have even produced a first down.

    I’ll take Glennon lol.

  23. P'cola Buc Says:

    When you include pre season Bucs have 2 wins. Both against the Dolphins.

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Fear the Glow, many CBs do in their rookie years. Barber did. He only had 2 picks over his first 17 games played. (3 sacks as well though)

    He wasn’t even sure he would still be on the team for his second year. He only appeared in 1 game his first year because he wasn’t good enough to start.

  25. goodwin Says:

    That felt good, brings me back to when we played meaningful primetime games years ago. “PUT A JERSEY ON”

    As far as more wins, as the Wolf said in Pulp Fiction “let’s not start sucking each others dcks quite yet”

  26. cspann Says:


  27. Buck Rogers Says:

    Did Bowers collapse the pocket

  28. Adam. L. Says:

    Was off by 1 sack on my prediction. I said 1 sack, none by the DL. they got 2, one by the DL. Damn I’m good.

  29. Ep buc fan Says:

    Tb is best 1-8 team of all time.

  30. MadMax Says:

    Finally! And boy did that D look awesome on their last series!!!! Thats the way its done! Glad I was off tonight so I could watch it…..great win for Sapp’s night too.

    Sucks Mike James fractured his ankle though 🙁

  31. Espo Says:

    The way the fans sounded at the end of the game you’d think we won the super bowl. Talking trash to dolphin fans, that were minding their own. It looked almost as bad as the Jags fans when I went there a couple years ago. Stay classy. We’re better than that.

  32. Capt. Tim Says:

    If we only win one game- I’m happy it was this one!
    The day we honor our Vets, add the Great Warren Sapp to the ring of Honor, and are in Monday night Football!

    Yeah- that’s the game to win. Congrats Bucs! You guys earned it! You all played a good game. Congrats to our Coaching staff- has to feel like an anchor has been lifted off your chest! Enjoy the night.

    And a final thank you to all who have served this country! God Bless you all. We owe you a debt that can’t be repayed. Anyone who puts themself in harms way, to defend and protect their fellow Americans- is a hero of the highest order!
    Thank all of you that have served! You have my gratitude and deepest respect!

  33. oldfart44 Says:

    The team won despite their coaches. Still too many penalties and some really bone headed ones by Goldson and Page. I never see Schiano have any words with Goldson, but he sure is tough on the subs isn’t he?

    I’m exceedingly happy for the players, but not for the bully.

  34. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We won 1…..for someone who watched 0-26….that was a huge relief….trust me….you don’t want to go 0-16 no matter what the draft pick.
    I think we beat Atlanta Sunday….even with our running back situation…..our O-line is starting to play.

  35. Jordan Says:

    Can’t wait to see the PFF grade for Revis.

  36. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The Glazers just breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, won’t have to fire anybody tomorrow

  37. Tom Says:

    Huge sigh of relief in that locker room, I’m sure.

    Even with the performance we got from our backs, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us pick up another RB

  38. BucsFanGreg Says:

    Goldson is going to be suspended probably

  39. Ed Says:

    Revis and Barron and McCoy shined like stars on MNF. They played very hard, Barron is a tackling machine. Joseph and Meredith were exceptional in the run game. Pass protection in the second half was poor. Vincent Jackson has not been playing like a number one receiver. He looks disinterested in the game. Watching it on TV I don’t see him giving 100%.

    As for Glennon, when he has a clean pocket he makes some very good throws. When pressured he struggles mightily. I still see a Buc offense that always has breakdowns and penalties.

    The way the won by closing it out defensively was something that has been missing all season. They clearly outplayed the Dolphins. They have some very good players on defense.

    I think Shiano at best is a coordinator level coach, not HC material. Under pressure he coaches not to win. Glad the team won, the talent is good enough for them to be at least a .500 club, coaching schemes have lost many of these games.

  40. Stranger Says:

    You forgot David.

  41. Evan Says:

    Well, it’s about damn time. Saying we closed out the other games that have came close our record SHOULD BE 6-3. Buh who knows how i would’ve turned out had we won our first two or go 3-1 the first 4. Regardless, i predicted that we’d win, despite also being not sadden had we tanked it again at the end. I’m very glad we pulled out a win today. After we got the safety i had a revival as a fan. I still want a top 3 pick. I’m not sold on Glennon even though each and every week he’s starting to grow on me. VJ, now looks more like a number 2 than a 1. He wasn’t doing very well even when we had MW on the other side but i think he can still produce at a very high level had we have another threat. To me, he’s either effective on a play action play deep or a slant short. He’s not much of a tackle shedder. Other thoughts– Defense played well, perhaps the best of the year so far. Goldson, i love the guy really i do, but he to me, is the most undisciplined player on the team(btw eric page, wtf were you thinking man, that was so dumb). i love the signing of him but he needs to learn to play the game within the rules and still be effective. It sucks because i would love to see him light someone up like he has in the past but this is the new NFL and he has to just adjust. That headbutt pissed me off. He’s a better player than that. He can’t let Barron out do him with no disrespect to 23 (ugh sad that i remember the last person to wear that number is Myron Lewis) but Barron has been playing like a Probowler and 38 has been playing like its XFL. Cmon man… Mike James may be out for the entire season, broken bones especially ankles are very crucial so they’ll take time to heal, best idea is to shelve him too. I’m curious to see dom can find on the wavier wire this time. Revis is back my friends.

    Lastly, this is very random–Yall remember the black jerseys we had. Last time i saw us wear them was like 2003 maybe 2004. Since then, they never came back, i personally liked those jerseys, especially seeing Sapp in them, made us look meaner lol. Matter of fact, hate to bring this up, but i do remember that MNF game we played against the Colts and they came back and killed us, we wore those jerseys..maybe they’re cursed? i dont know. i just always wondered what happened to them and why they’re not used anymore. Joe any thoughts or suggestions? No big deal, just curious.

    Go bucs! 😀