Davin Joseph Puts His Foot Down

November 14th, 2013

Prior to the choking loss to the Seahawks, where the Bucs watched a three-touchdown lead vanish, easily the most disappointing unit throughout the Bucs season was the offensive line.

Thought to be a strength, the offensive line was getting worked over by many opponents, and Pro Bowl running back Doug Martin struggled to find creases to run through, and struggled mightily as a result.

But beginning with the Seattle game two weeks ago, the offensive line has been reborn. With Jamon Meredith inserted as the starting left guard, the Bucs have been pounding opponents, blowing open wide holes for running backs.

The Bucs look like a different team.

It would be easy to point to the move of Meredith into the starting lineup as the catalyst for the success of the line, but that may be a little too simple, suggested Demar Dotson. The Bucs’ starting right tackle believes a Come-to-Jesus meeting, where right guard and former Pro Bowler Davin Joseph demanded better play, kick-started the Bucs to block better prior to the Seattle game.

“Davin called a meeting and said enough is enough,” Dotson said. “We have to run the football and that’s what’s going to get this team going, and we took pride in it and put it on our shoulders and that’s what we’re taking pride in right now.”

Joseph is one of the coolest guys in the locker room. The term “even-keeled” personifies Joseph. So for him to take charge like that is a bit surprising but Dotson claims Joseph can and does behind the scenes.

“He has that type of personality,” Dotson said. “He’s just more quiet and laid back with it. He’s not a rah-rah in your-race with it, wanting all the attention. But he’s definitely the leader of this football team and of this offensive line, and he brought us all together and said we have to run this football for the football team to win games.

“He’s not just a guy who leads by his words. He leads by his actions. And he goes out every day and works hard. So when that guy, who’s been in Pro Bowl, is out there giving it everything he’s got, you can’t help but follow his lead.”

Joseph confirmed that he had enough of subpar blocking by both himself and his offensive linemates.

“Oh, when it comes to football I am very aggressive and assertive and all that good stuff,” Joseph said. “In life, I like to enjoy it so I smile and I enjoy certain things just like everybody else. When it comes to football, this is what we do to feed our families and earn our living. Definitely a certain amount of respect and time and everything you have to put into the game to expect the kind of results that you want.”

5 Responses to “Davin Joseph Puts His Foot Down”

  1. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Why the hell does it take losing 8 games for this to happen. SMH.

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Yes there should have been a foot put down about 4 weeks ago. They should have been sick of losing long before 8 games.

    On the bright side. I finally got on TV on Monday night. I got home and checked the DVR and there I was me and the little wife holding up our banner for Sapp. “99 Forever”.

  3. Sir P Says:

    Not trying to be negative but.. Seattle is terrible against the run and has been all year and so has Miami.. 15th and 25th against the run with only 8 yards difference on avg ypg.. And Seattle has a few blowout wins which helps their run D avg.. We will know if we are actually blocking better next week when we play the Lions.. Man this season needs to end for the BUCS so we have something to look forward to.. (black Monday and the draft in may)

  4. Sir P Says:

    Not trying to be negative BUT….Seattle and Miami have been terrible against the run all year ranking 15th and 25th in ypg against this year… Seattle has a couple blowouts that helped lower their rushing against number. We will know next week whether we are blocking better or not when we play the Lions.. Just saying that about the LIONS makes me disgusted with this season and it needs to hurry up and get over with. I need something to look forward to(Black Monday and Draft in May)

  5. JonBoy Says:

    We don’t block better.. We just played shitty Run D’s