College Coaches That Are Polar Opposites

November 3rd, 2013

In so many ways, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is the polar opposite of Bucs commander Greg Schiano, including success on the NFL level.

There really is no right away to coach football, except for the common denominator: win games. Joe remembers Bobby Bowden telling Joe just how different his two acquaintances were: Paul Brown and Vince Lombardi, .

Bowden, as a young coach in the 1960s, used to visit select NFL training camps to oversee practices and sit in on meetings to try to pick up nuggets. Hell, Joe even saw the great Eddie Robinson using a tackling dummy for a desk once while taking notes on a legal pad, watching Gene Stallings’ training camp with the old St. Louis Cardinals.

Bowden told Joe that at Cleveland’s training camp, Brown would just whisper to assistants and softly talk with players. Brown’s words were barely audible, Bowden said. There were few better coaches in NFL history than Brown.

This was just the opposite when Bowden would make it to Green Bay’s training camp where Bowden told Joe, “Lombardi would holla’ and cuss all day-long, but it was all right because he’d go to Mass the next morning and have communion.”

Fast forward to 2013 and we see the polar opposites in NFL coaches in many ways, Pete Carroll of the Seahawks and Bucs commander Greg Schiano. Sort of the Omar Bradley and George Patton of NFL coaches, respectively.

Both are considered college coaches despite both men having NFL coaching experience; Schiano as a position coach. One currently may have the best team in the NFL. The other may have the worst team in the NFL. Tampa Tribune columnist Martin Fennelly documents other differences.

“Really, after getting let go at New England, things changed,” Carroll said. “The opportunity to go to (USC) and run a program, to totally be in charge of the whole thing, to run every aspect of it, really gave me the opportunity to get my thoughts together and philosophy together and put it into practice. … Every year helps. You always learn. You get better as you go. This is a job you really have to grow into, kind of.”

Look, it’s still about talent. Being a players’ coach doesn’t mean a thing if they’re not good players who don’t win. Carroll is Seattle’s de facto GM. There are only seven Seahawks left from when he took over. He has built a powerhouse, a young one at that, brimming with confidence and enthusiasm — you see it in their games. It’s an infection that doesn’t require HAZMAT sweeps. And the head coach is a carrier.

“This game, to me, has always been about playing,” Carroll said. “You get ready to play the game you love. So I think that the environment that you create needs to be one that supports the learning that has to take place and the pressure that’s involved, the rigors and the challenges and all that, and the way we do it is we couldn’t be more serious about the football than we are, but we have fun doing it.”

Look, barring an unforeseen reverse in fortunes, Carroll is entrenched in Seattle. Schiano? His agent may already be working the phones. Players will put up with a lot of s(p)it if it results in wins. You can go all drill sergeant on a team and suffocate them with rules and regulations, but it better result in wins.

Joe really doesn’t believe Schiano has lost the team. In the Bucs’ locker room this week, and in recent days, Joe has never seen the locker room so loose in a long while, and it wasn’t just Dekoda Watson running smack about his undefeated Seminoles.

Really, it seems Schiano and his staff’s biggest issue, which is deadly for any coaching staff, is that they have not shown the ability to adjust and to coach on an NFL level. Yet.

And that window to show they can is damned near shut.

7 Responses to “College Coaches That Are Polar Opposites”

  1. oviedobucsfan Says:

    The reason it is so loose is they all know the Schiano regimes days are numbered.

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    The first 4 or 5 games this team played hard. Without a doubt. But the last 2 I see a team that has no fight in em. Not sure what you are watching Joe but the Atlanta game was just pathetic and down right awful. We were not competitive at no point in that game. The Carolina game was the same way. This team HAS quit…. not sure how you can’t see that. An 0-7 team that is loose in the locker room? That just adds to the fact.. It will only get worse from here.

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    we were competitive at no point in that game*

  4. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    your crazy couch, The coin flip could have easily gone either way!

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol my bad Realist. Forgot about the coin flip

  6. Matt Says:

    Why are the rams allowed to wear their throwback helmets but the Bucs couldn’t?

  7. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Yes that window is seemingly closing as fast as possible, and seeing that it’s the Glazer boys that This staff must prove themselves to, I’m just hoping said window isn’t very big.