Bucs Knew Dolphins’ Snap Count

November 12th, 2013

Lavonte David recorded a safety last night, in part because the Bucs knew the snap count, so claim the Dolphins.

It almost looked like a new team out there last night, on the turf of the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway, the way the Bucs played defense in the first half. The defense was absolutely curb-stomping the Dolphins’ offense.

Well, the Dolphins think they know why, and they indirectly credit Bucs commander Greg Schiano for being a savvy football man, types Jenny Wrentas of theMMQB.com.

The playbook is still new to McKinnie, who has played just three games with the Dolphins, but as the veteran on the line’s left side he felt a responsibility to take care of Garner. After Tannehill gave every play call in the huddle, McKinnie would state aloud his and Garner’s responsibilities, and any possible adjustments they might have to make, as they walked up to the line of scrimmage.

More than any other unit in football, the offensive line must work in total unison for a play to succeed. It’s also the unit that only lands in the spotlight when something goes wrong. In that sense, the Dolphins are losing on two fronts right now.

On the safety, David charged through the ‘A’ gap between the center and the left guard, unnoticed and untouched by Garner. If it looked like the Buccaneers had a jump off the ball early in the game, well, the Dolphins players felt that, too. “I’m pretty sure they game-planned the snap count,” left guard Nate Garner said.

Joe has to admit, that is pretty good research by Schiano and terrible if not sloppy work by Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and coach Joe Philbin.

A basic, fundamental element of the snap count is to get a jump on an opponent. That is totally blown up if your opponent knows the snap count. Geez, even grade school quarterbacks know to mix up snap counts so the defense can’t gain a critical advantage.

If the Bucs are able to figure out the snap counts, yes, that is very good work by Schiano and his crew, but pathetic on the part of the Dolphins.

16 Responses to “Bucs Knew Dolphins’ Snap Count”

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    good stuff. I did notice on one play at the beginning of the game we were so quick off the line it almost looked like we were off sides. that must explain it.

  2. bucsfan13 Says:

    Shhhh joe! don’t spread any good things about Schiano! Do the IN thing and bash him into the ground.

  3. bucsQcCity Says:

    LVD is stellar. Next jersey is #54.

    Boy what a victory can do on my mood!

  4. Luther Says:

    GMC seems to know the snap count every game. He is always the first one across the line. I would really hate to block that guy every down.

  5. Theodore Says:

    I definitely say two snaps early in the game where it looked like the left side of the D line jumped right with the snap.

    Coaching? Schiano? Wow!

  6. ImissAlstott&Lynch Says:

    Midway through the 3rd quarter that kicked in the gut feeling started. When the Dolphins got the ball with 3:00 minutes left in the game it got worse. BUt when they turned them loose and we got two consecutive sacks I knew it was over. Revis closes out the game with an INT. And on Monday night. Lets see what they do against Atlanta (very winnable) and Detroit before I ease up on Schiano, Sully and Sheridan.

  7. Biff Barker Says:

    We beat the Dixie Chickens this week. I sense this team is on the rise.

  8. blackmagic00 Says:

    We HAVE to beat the dumpster chickens to return the favor.

  9. White Tiger Says:

    So, let me get this straight – Miami was playing without a running game, had half their offensive line tied behind their backs, AND we knew the snap count…

    …and with ALL of this going for us, we only beat them by 3 points – AFTER having blown a 15 point lead…

    You sports writers have the gaul to come on here and act like this was a “turn-the-corner” type win?

    What’s it gonna take for you to realize our star players are contributing extraordinary behavior in order to BARELY achieve a 3 point victory over severely handicapped opponent?

    Fire Schiano

  10. The Dom must go Says:

    Missing 2 starters off the worst o line in the league… Knew their snap count and only managed 2 sacks??? D LINE sucks!

  11. SteveBucsFan Says:

    @White Tiger

    Go f@℃& yourself!


  12. JonBuc Says:

    A lot of things fell in The Bucs favor last night…including the drive extending personal foul on Glennon. I truly enjoyed the game but let’s not print any playoff tickets just yet. My worst case scenario is just enough wins to weaken the draft pick and give false hope and new life to the Greggy & Glennon Show beyond 2013. It’s not viable winning football…it just isn’t.

  13. JBo$$ Says:


    The Bucs have lost a few games on personal fouls and they have to take the blame for the losses, so why not relish in the win? Even if they did have the help of a timely penalty a W is a W and a L is a L

  14. JonBuc Says:


    Don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed the win. I’m looking at the ” big picture” here. If you want Schiano back next year…that’s your right. All the stars aligned for a win last night and a team won’t win consistently with that road map I’m afraid.

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Watch the tape again and you will notice the right guard turning to look at the QB on every play, telling the center when to hike the ball. Even Gruden noticed it. It’s easy to get a jump when they make it so obvious.

    I have no clue why the center couldn’t look of listen.

  16. White Tiger Says:

    @SteveBucsFan – I can’t – you keep getting in the way.

    Y@^’re U$3L3$$ – and you can’t spell.

    When confronted with folks who know what they’re talking about – P-U-N-T it’s best just to walk on by my comments. They aren’t meant for you. Unless of course you ARE the mindless dolt that mows my grass…

    In which case get back to work, slacker.