November 26th, 2013

You want to see a fired up coach? In this video from Buccaneers.com, which is a pretty cool game highlights package of the win at Detroit, fast-forward to the 5:12-mark and watch Bucs commander Greg Schiano climb atop a bench in the Bucs locker room and exalt his team on what he termed “One of the most gutsy performances I’ve seen by a football team.”

If people don’t think Schiano is passionate for the game and for his players, then Joe suggests you watch the video.

“BRING IT ON!” Schiano hollered. And he wasn’t yelling about a dirty old man movie.

64 Responses to ““BRING IT ON! BRING IT ON!””

  1. BucNasty!!! Says:

    All a show for the cameras what happened to all that rah rah when we eas conservatively givong away wins like thanksgiving day turkeys.? If u fall for this bs we will b n the same boat next year 3 non winning seasons its not hard to look good when are the bad. We beat who they put n front of us the last 3 games but im still not sold on bringin em back these 3 truly arent opponents to rave about

  2. You Go Joe Says:

    Dam good video!

    It was a game that we were supposed to lose with the loss of revis and our defense weak. People stepped up when needed and we came out with an ugly win.

  3. BucNasty!!! Says:

    We didnt win that game the lions lost it they had 5 turnovers an we barley one because we where fortunate enough for the footbakl8 gods to let one bounce our way we shit the bed every second half an that give us hope that we wont do that next year right???? I dont kno who’s worse schanio or his minions 0_0 cuz 4 some reason he can do no wrong…..who’s wife does he have photos of n a compromising position???

  4. You Go Joe Says:


    WTF are you talking about. If your talking about the 0-8 start then we are all aware of what happened in those losses. But this sunday was a win none the less and the bucs showed up to play. You think all of that was a show??? Then your just a pessimist who can’t see the brightness in that ugly win. The win does not absolve of all the negativity, but the win does shed some light in us looking bad. It shows that we shouldn’t be bad, but we are and time to change that ugly look.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…..As long as Schiano is our coach, I will root for his success…seeing videos like this of the inside of the locker room makes that a whole lot easier.
    You go, Schiano!!! get it done….bring us back….take us forward.

  6. Bill Says:

    Git ur done Coach

  7. Brian Jones Says:

    Yet another fan giving an excuse as to why we won – just ridiculous and these call outs are plain out embarrassing. We won and have changed the corner. If you have not seen this for weeks, study and learn more about your team. If you do not stand behind your team – jump ship because coach is here for the unforseen future. You and these other fair weather fans can jump ship because we surely do not want to hear these sour whines next season!!

  8. BucNasty!!! Says:

    You ever heard of looking bad in a win? Because thats what we looked like an that wont cut it going forward u guys are so focused on stability u dont care if its being stable an consistently mediocre. He has to show progression our 2nd half stats shows u his consistency an im tired of it. I see all these his seats cooling off reports but 4 what because we slid past just not looking worse then our opponent? News flash the winner of the battle of the bums is still a bum no moral victories. I want us gping n the right direction not just walking a steady mediocre line of no progress no regression. Idk bout u but its been over 10 years since the happiest football game I ever watched an im ready to go back. This regime shows no progress to that goal at his pace of bs 2nd halfs an non productive stunts with zone

  9. d-money Says:


    You are so quick to discredit the win this weekend because of “luck”.

    By your own logic we should discount at least 4 of the previous losses due to the other team being lucky.

    A win is a win. Yes the Bucs got some lucky breaks on Sunday but luck in and of itself doesn’t win games (just ask the Colts..ba dum bum tsss, I’ll be here all week)…if they weren’t playing hard and prepared they couldn’t take advantage of the lucky bounces when they come their way.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Whining when we lose…..whining when we win….just a whiner….Still probably blames Schiano for Freeman’s meltdown…that’s where most of this is coming from….it must really suck to be a “fan” that can’t at least enjoy a win and hope for the best against Carolina….

  11. d-money Says:

    I guess the Bucs were lucky when they beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl since they only won because they got 5 turnovers.

    (and no i’m not comparing this team to the Super Bowl team just making a point)

  12. c-spann Says:

    bucnasty has a point! While i am happy they strung 3 wins in a row, i still am wonder what took so long to win before. I still am leaning on wanting GS gone. I believe this team has the talent to go deep in the playoffs and we are just now starting to see it, when its to late. We may or may not need another qb, but we definitely need a better pass rush. If GS stays, at least sheridan needs to be gone and sullivan, i can at the most part deal with that scenario.

  13. BucNasty!!! Says:

    An excuse me if I want my wins to b earned with being physical playing smart an being well coached an prepared. Not just hoping for lucky wins ….a win is a win dont get me wrong I love my squad im just not in tune wit this coach he has our fans brain washed because he looked so bad these past two years that you guys are hangin on to thread for hope. Wins should b earned during the week of practice and in game adjustments not hope an prayer that u get lucky u cant live like that I need longevity….. successful longevity. U have to earn the ability to have more time an opportunity to coach an he hasn’t earned it…for anybody who disputes this kindly explain to me what he’s done to warrant another year….mind u we are with a win no team offensive line gettin old an pro bowl talent n prime.

  14. Walter Says:

    Lol BucNasty is trolling hard right now. Just a question: if the Bucs ended the season on an 8 game winning streak, would you want Schiano fired?

  15. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Fun video.

    A win is a win, ugly or not.

    Haters gonna hate.

  16. You Go Joe Says:

    @BucNasty – Use the dam spell check!! I can barely understand your paragraph.

    I did mentioned it was an ugly win, not a clean domination. But again, we were supposed to lose to the lions due to all the injuries/suspensions and in-game injuries (uh REVIS) yet you still moan and cry for things that happened weeks before, that I and maybe others are aware of. Like I mentioned, this 3 game win does not absolve the team of anything, they are 3-8 and that does suck.

    You mention stability in the medicore way yet you don’t think or vision of this medicore stability improving to something higher, you just leave it as we are going to be this for the upcoming years. There is room for improvement just as there is room for failing and imploding. But right now with this ugly win we have hope in Glennon. The kid hasn’t showed up why we need to keep him, but he has showed why we can consider him next year AND THEN looking into the further years. You learn to walk first then you run.

    Also I bet your on of those followers who thing we should tank the rest of the season for a 1st round QB and labeled these past few wins meaningless. When we have progress going on, if you don’t see it than you gave up on the bucs along time ago and stayed behind. I gave up on the coaching, but with these wins and adjustments there is something to consider of giving them a second chance.

  17. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Wow. I’m impressed that you guys can decipher what that troll is even posting… Unreadable to me.

  18. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Nope 8 wins shows progress id still botch becaise I dont like him because he had to learn on the job an it took us this long to staty winning but I jusy want progress not enabling him 8 wins he can stay hell 6 wins he can stay I just dont believe we win anymore then the buffalo game left im a buc fan trust me no troll I just want more for us this year we was n conversation with the jaguars how quickly we forget we was power ranked 31 an we woulda beem 32 but the jaguars didnt want to give it up anybody forgot bout that? Comin n this year we was nationally ranked 19 look how far we’ve droped this season thats not progress but all n all he cam get a mulligan if he can touch 6 wins but even still hearing 6 wins starts to make my blood boil when gruden got canned after back to back 9 win seasons. He can get the mullogan if he earnes it but thays saying alot….

  19. d-money Says:

    Bucnasty hates Shciano as much as he hates grammar and punctuation.

  20. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Im on my cell I dont wanna spell check dont wanna read it then dont. Now back to bizz truthfully glennon is starting to win me over he still needs the last few games to claim stake but schanio has no leg to stand on with me. He’s had time this isnt his first year someone tell me how we progressed under his regime from year 1 to 2 then tell me again y I cant b upset an how we are going n the right direction?? Ill wait.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Like the draft…there are few guarantees….sometimes you have let things play out with coaches too…..there have been several that had rough starts and turned teams into winners.
    From what I can see, the team is following Schiano’s lead and it would have been very, very easy for them to quit on him.
    He was being blamed for everything regardless of merit…he took the heat and kept plugging away….you have to at least admire his fortitude.
    He still may not survive but lets hope he does.

  22. Brian Jones Says:

    @Walter – unfortunately some fans will still be calling for Schiano to be fired. They look at the past and not at what was really occurring. Nor do they pay attention to the now and the future.

    What some fans should understand, is that he was indeed a college coach, and they know what a big jump it is to the nfl. He has adjusted, hopefully these fans can as well.


  23. Bobby Says:

    @BucNasty…did you say you’re IN your cell or you’re on your cell?? Three words for you dude…Hooked On Phonics. Check it out.

    As for winning because the Lions turned the ball over 5 times, I think they call that ‘football’. How many turnovers were there in the Broncos v Patriots game Sunday night? Too many to count. It’s part of the game and to care because a win was ugly just shows that you really are a troll or a child. Only children whine and cry because they don’t get their own way.

  24. Tim Says:

    LOL all I got to say is if BucNasty spent a fraction of his time that he spends responding on these here pages on his grammr, people may actually read them completely. He may have good points, but as soon as I see five errors in his first run on sentence. I simply give up.

    On topic, I think this is who he is. I was all over the band wagon of get him the heck out of here, but too many players have came to his defense to simply let him go. If the team continues to grow and get a couple of wins then I think he comes back for year three. His leash will undoubtedly be shorter next year.

    Even the Big Log is starting to back track on Schiano and Glennon.

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ BucNasty

    I won’t pick on you because of your communication dificiencies…but do disagree with your opinions…I’d really like to know from a Schiano hater where the real root of the hatred comes from….it is a racial thing?….is it born out of some sort of fear?….hatred is a strong emotion to have with someone you don’t know personally….and even then, it should take quite a bit to provoke.

  26. BucsVa Says:

    Greg schiano is the right coach for the bucs. Never was one screaming for his head. He had a year with Raheem’s players. Progress doesn’t happen overnight and as a football team we’ve looked damn good over the past 4 weeks. Glennon wasn’t taking first team reps until week 4 of the season. We had to deal with freeman single handedly trying to bring schiano down and now you can see how the players have responded in favor of schiano through their play which tells you more than anything else. You don’t want to oust a guy to quickly then come back to regret it e.g. The browns ousting belichick

  27. Ian P. Says:

    … and that, ladies and gentlemen is why the Glazers didn’t fire him midseason.
    I would have.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    BucNasty…what about 90% of the analysts prior to the season picking our team to go 6-10 or 5-11. It’s clear that you did not agree with them of course. They never mentioned the coach as a reason for their predictions either. It was mostly #5 being an enigma, that was the reason for the predictions.

    If you want to blame Schiano for learning on the job, then you have to blame Dom for hiring him. That’s not Schiano’s fault. He’s only coached one FULL season that amounted to 7-9, thanks in large part to a very crappy secondary and #5’s meltdown.

    I guess you were expecting miracles in a year and a half. I’ll admit so was I. I expected atleast a playoff berth. I think some of us fans were expecting way too much, because of the talent pool. Some of us also forgot how they lost some of those early games this season.

    I’ve been saying all season that this team is a lot better than their record shows. By the same measure, perhaps the coaches are too.

    BucNasty set the bar high for the 2013 Bucs, just like I did. I’m sure some Skins and Giants fans did that as well for their team too.

    Schiano has had to put up with a lot of crap in his SECOND season. Some deserved, much of it not deserved. All the drama to start the season, week after week something new. He fought back, and is still fighting back as we type. That’s the credit I’m giving him so far. He was up to his gap tooth in BS, and his team fought back.

  29. stpetebucsfan Says:

    Bucnasty wants to have it both ways.

    If you wish to say the Bucs got lucky in their win over Detroit..OK…but then you have to say how unlucky they were in several of their losses.

    The team is clearly playing better despite devastating injuries and a HUGE mistake in the draft when they took Josh.

    If you wish to bring luck into the equation you have to at least concede that coin has two sides.

    BTW…If you wish to point out that Miami and Atlanta are poor teams then you have to acknowledge that Detroit and Seattle are both good teams the Bucs faced on the road.

    Could we at least bring a little balance and perspective to our discussions?

  30. BucNasty!!! Says:

    I tell u what my problem is with schiano I give multiple reasons an u still ask is it racially motivated or being a freeminite whats the point of talkin if u gon write what u wanna write anyway witout paying any attention to what im saying screw u like I said im holding my comments for joe… and team glazers yall ass clowns can enable schanio an blow n later I quit conversing with ppl who dont want to converse just dictate there opinions. Ive givin u solid facts y he’s ass an doesnt need another shot no one has yet to dispute that or give valid reason y he deserves to stay just there opinions and a 3 game win streak amist a 8 game losing streak wont someone type facts gramatically correct or not….o yea u cant lmao cuz schiano cheeks just like your opinions

  31. BucNasty!!! Says:

    No one ever said they weren’t playing better thats jot hard when u played so poorly to begin with. But our talent and what we are producing doesnt match we are under producing an I dont want to under produce for a 3rd year tell me the progression from year 1 to year 2 n the schaino regime u can talk bout my grammar till u blue n the face but I’ve still yet to get a legit answer to that question …. pompous opinionated with no supporting facts a holes 🙂

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Nasty…..

    I understand you don’t think Schiano is a good coach….and many agree with you….but its the hate that I’m curious about….I didn’t say it was racial….just asked you if it was…please enlighten me as best you can about your hatred…

  33. BucNasty!!! Says:

    WHATS THE PROGRESSION FROM YEAR1 TO YEAR2 OF THE SCHIANO REGIME. …Thats my gripe. An im still waiting for the haters to give that a legit answer an stop avoiding the question. Stick up for your leader schiano an answer for him..state his case as if u wherr trying to convince team glazer to keep u.

  34. stpetebucsfan Says:


    Josh Freeman to Mike Glennon! We gone from a Q.B. who could throw it through a brick wall…if and when he ever hit the brick wall. A Q.B. who sadly suffers from ADHD. This is unfortunate and not Josh’s fault, anymore than if he suffered from any other disease that kept him from performing on the field properly.

    The team is playing hard and despite a gazillion reasons to do so, they have NOT phoned it in.

  35. Surf Buc Says:

    Killer video. I’m gonna watch it before the Carolina game to get all fired up!


  36. ander Says:

    @ bucnasty

    lol we got lucky on sundayy??? that makes no sense at all do you know the bucs miss 2 field goals right?? and also the good hit that mcray put on johnson was lucky pleaseee bucnasty this season the bucs have had no luck whatsoever. we basically gave up the game against the saints and also the jets game with the lavonte david. i know you might not like schiano, but you saying the bucs got lucky is dumbass statement. keep hatin bucnasty.

    go bucs.

  37. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Ok so thats ya reason y schiano stays because he switched qb? Really dude have a seat better yet have several seats…like I said u dont have a reason

  38. bucfever40 Says:

    BUCNASTY, take the BUC out of your name homie, cause you are not about this team dude, you’re not. You sure do show a LOT of passion trying to downplay what the Bucs have done, starting with almost beating arguably the best team in the league in Seattle, and they haven’t let up since, so take your Debbie downer sh!t and STFU, you don’t have a clue of what you are talking about!
    Joe, I’m glad you brought us that video, I got so fired up, I wanted run through my walls. I’ll be honest, early on I was a weary fan after 8 losses, I was angry at our coach, yes he has made some mistakes, but he doesn’t play the damn game, if we bring in another coach, it’s starting all over again, many of the players we love may be scrapped for that new coaches personal picks, I say no to firing this coach! I always wanted to see Shiano in the locker room and see if the players were engaged, and I LOVED seeing him perched up like a leader and addressing his team like that, the man showed heart and love for his players, and that’s HUGE, they truly love their coach, and the testament is watching an 0-8 team coming out on to the field and punching teams dead in their mouths!! They have nothing but pride to play for, they could’ve given up long ago, but these guys are playing with passion, and NOBODY is saying anything negative about their coach, so we have something to build on, I’m tired of these jerks that play like they are fans of this team, yet piss all over every win the Bucs have, say what you want Buttnasty, you need to find another team to root for, ’cause if you’re not feeling what the Bucs have done recently, so you simply don’t like the team period! You say the Lions handed them that win, well who the F created those turnovers, who had the presence of mind to recover those fumbles, who hit legendary receivers so hard that he coughed up the ball and solidified a win, and by a db that we just signed, somebody had to fire that guy up, Shiano maybe? Buc fans, don’t let these twerps rain on your parade, feel good about what’s happening, because teams with this kind of record, do not play hard like this, NOBODY wants to face the Bucs, believe that! I’m with Schiano, lets see where he takes THIS team (even this year), if they keep playing like this by the end of December, then you best believe the Bucs will be viewed as a legit SB contender for 2014!!

  39. TJ Ware Says:

    Did Rian Lindell not try to give the game away ?

  40. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Ok so what your saying is schiano stays cuz he motivates them regardless of the outcome right? As long as the team is pumped to play then it doesnt matter if we lose 8 as long as we win a few that’ll even it out right? An trust me schiano may have them locked n but im sure there million dollar salary might have suttin to do with that cuz if u tank u might b cut…. by the way still waiting for a valid reason one that makes sense to a billion dollars company not just to please u an I. U have your views I have mines but im sure team glazer can care less how pumoed the team is when you win loss records looks how it does

  41. lightningbuc Says:

    d-money Says:
    November 26th, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Bucnasty hates Shciano as much as he hates grammar and punctuation.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  42. Buc1987 Says:

    BucNasty…and I’m pretty sure the Glazers care about whether the team is headed in the right direction too. I’m also pretty sure they will take into account all the drama that took place as well.

    How long does the next coach have to make them winners again? According to you. About 1 year and that’s it.

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    BucNasty…check that. The next guy does not even have a 1st season to make them winners, since according you they should already be playoff contenders by now under Schiano. The team is already poised to win now, right?

    Soooo the next coach has to win right out of the gate, no excuses.

    Man I’m glad your last name is not Glazer.

  44. GTDigger Says:

    “U have your views, I have mines”

    Unfortunately, you also have the same right to vote as I do. Unless you’re in prison, which I’m assuming

  45. Neil Says:

    Why do people trash our team even when we win? Doesn’t sound like a fan to me. I’m happy as hell my team can pull out a win. It’s great to see the players excited for one another and a team effort to pull out the victory. If you can’t even support your team when they win, then get out of here. Ridiculous how many negative people are out there, go complain about other things other than your team winning a game and fans being excited for once.

  46. Espo Says:

    I still say they’re playing well DESPITE this psycho coach. I’d like to see someone else coach us (LOVIE!) but I’m tired of starting over though. Time will tell. I will admit that Glennon has won me over though. I refuse to blame Freeman like others do; especially for 8 losses when he only played in 3. I just think we’ve found an upgrade and I hope whoever the powers are this off-season don’t risk drafting a qb when we can have an elite pass rusher.

  47. Espo Says:

    I think it’s funny everyone is excited for a win no matter how ugly when it seemed just a couple weeks ago the majority of posters wanted us to lose out for draft position. If you at any point had that mindset then please take a long look in the mirror before calling anyone out on being a troll. If you want to win each game then you’re a real fan and I applaud you.

  48. oldfart44 Says:

    What’s with this running through the wall thing? Are these the alpha males, or the fantasy football types?

    Re: winning against inferior opponents. I also remember reading about posters bitching when the team was 10-6 under Morris; the theme seemed to be we got lucky because of a weak schedule.

    Someone mentioned hate of Schiano and whether it was racially motivated. You must be kidding. Are you implying that this Bucnasty is black? I used to wonder if a lot of the vitriol I used to read about Raheem Morris was not racially motivated. I could add another few observations about racism but what would it accomplish.

    Did you ever stop to think about why the players might be playing hard? Perhaps they are auditioning for next year; who will be the HC? Perhaps due to the leadership on the team, they are playing hard for each other? The only two players I see who are vocal publicly in their support of Schiano are GMC and Davin Joseph.

    I too intensely dislike Schiano for many reasons and I don’t want to see him back come hell or high water.

    He has given a black eye to the community, the team, and the organization with his past antics.

    He is not a good coach and will not be any better because he is too insecure and arrogant. I really don’t think he takes any input from anybody. I think that if he returns he will revert to his old self.

    I don’t like the way the Freeman situation was handled with the leaks, the suite issue, being told not to come to a meeting, etc, etc.

    In terms of the health of the organization, my question would be who wants to work for him? His reputation around the league is mud. I wonder how he felt when the Lions rushed the Bucs’ kneel down.

    Never in all my years of following this team have I ever seen such negative publicity from across the country from many ex players.

    Who would want to play for him unless they paid you absurd amounts of money like Revis is getting.

    This site is so up and down that is unusual for so many adults. We will probably see a turn around if the Bucs lose to the Panthers.

    In summing up, I’m glad I don’t have to talk to some of you people face to face. I would probably get shot and killed.

    Grow up and try to be civil. And stop with the unfounded stuff about how the locker room is; you are not in there except for what you see on television. What would you expect when they win?

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Espo and oldfart…The same goes for you too.

    If Schiano gets fired this season. In your mind. How long does the next coach have to make the team winners again before you’ll be calling for his head too? 1 season? A season and a 1/2? 2 seasons?

    This question applies to everyone else that wants Schiano fired as well.

  50. Couch Fan Says:


    In that long post all you really managed to say is that you hate Schiano and you will think of any way to turn a win into a loss.

    Lol. Please continue. It’s funny to read such fake fans

  51. Espo Says:

    I have never called for a coach to be fired (including Raheem) and I’ve put up with some pretty bad Bucs teams over the years. I’m usually very patient… Sometimes too patient. I believe consistency is paramount to a team’s success. It took some special antics from Schiano and co to make me feel this way. It seems like some fans have their opinion swayed every other week. I’ll just stick to mine thank you very much. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong (I’m used to it) as long as it means we’re contenders.

  52. oldfart44 Says:

    @Buc1987 + Couch fan:

    I want the team to win, but I want Schiano gone.

    People will read all kinds of things into the opposition, especially the media. You have to play who is on your schedule. I guess in the end it obviously helps to beat teams with winning records.

    To me it’s not how long does it take, but it’s paramount that the franchise get very qualified people to lead this team to national recognition consistently.

    Many people blame Mark Dominik for the hiring of Morris and Schiano. In the first case, Dominik was hired at the same time as Morris. In the second case, how many candidates refused before the Glazers panicked and hired Schiano? I think, but can’t prove, that the Glazers hired both coaches.

    Actually, on the Pewter Plank site, there is a really educational interview with this Joe Bussell who used to work for the Bucs. He was fired when Morris was let go.

    Very interesting, sensible, without ranting arguments and observations.

    In summing, yes I still dislike Schiano; my hackles raise up when I see him on tv. With the potential of this team, we can get better candidates who have access to better assistants, not that some of the coaches have not done an excellent job; kudos to Earnest Byner especially.

    Merry Xmas from Canada. 🙂

  53. Buc1987 Says:

    Yes but can you both answer that question. How long do you give the next coach to succeed? How many years?

  54. Espo Says:

    If he is rebuilding, a 5 year plan should be enough. If he is gift a pro bowl roster in their prime or younger, lies, makes a mockery out of his fan base, regresses from year to year, then the leash might get shorter.

  55. NY Buc Says:

    @ oldfart44

    “Someone mentioned hate of Schiano and whether it was racially motivated. You must be kidding. Are you implying that this Bucnasty is black?”

    Why would you assume there was an implication of a particular ethnic group in Tampabaybucfan’s comment when all that was asked if the hatred for Schiano was racially motivated? Not being a ball buster, but seriously that’s reading an awful lot into the comment and reaching a bit.

  56. oldfart44 Says:

    @NY Buc

    I’d really like to know from a Schiano hater where the real root of the hatred comes from….it is a racial thing?….is it born out of some sort of fear?….hatred is a strong emotion to have with someone you don’t know personally….and even then, it should take quite a bit to provoke.

    This is the quote I remarked on. I assume since he asked if it was a racial thing is the poster black since Schiano is Caucasian.

    So, I don’t think I was reaching; I was just commenting. Nothing surprises me when people get overly riled up over a bad coach.

    As I said before, I have no use for Schiano because I have seen his type many times. There is an interesting nugget of information from NFLsophy re: Schiano over preparing for EVERY possibility of something bad possibly happening; you know like something that might happen once per season. To me that shows lack of confidence and the need to impress the players that you really know what you are doing.

    I’m really sad for this team because of the poor discipline when it comes to penalties from this tough guy. The Bucs are the most penalized team in the league and they lead in personal fouls.

    I happened to watch the Jets game again. It was heartbreaking.

    I want somebody leading this team that will give us positive national recognition of being a class organization that amongst other things does not rush kneel downs.

    Merry Xmas

  57. BucNasty!!! Says:

    When I give reasons y I hate schiano then im asked is it racially motivated it tends to lead u to believe someone else cares about race not I. And the nexy regime has 2 failing seasons until there canned winning cures all its all about progress if your moving n the right direction u get more time. Schiano is not look at the repetitive losing streaks repetitive non existent 2nd halfs an consistent stunts. Now for the sake of humanity answer my question WHATS THE PROGRESSION FROM YEAR 1 TO YEAR2 OF THE SCHIANO REGIME? U dispute anybody who says anything bad about your god schiano but have no facts to back him up. Just racial questions an things to avoid the truth. The truth is u dont care what our record is or how bad we are organationally as a team as pong as the BLACK head coach rah aint around and we have king Schiano WHITE at the helm……so what is it about schiano that says he deserves to stick around? ??an try to have valid facts to back your point up please

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    BucNasty for the sake of your humanity I will answer your question. The progression is that the Bucs got rid of a HORRIBLE QB that never went through his progressions. That is called progress.

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    BucNasty!!! Says:

    “The truth is u dont care what our record is or how bad we are organationally as a team as long as the BLACK head coach rah aint around and we have king Schiano WHITE at the helm”

    Well there you have it TBBF…it is racially motivated after all.

  60. BucNasty!!! Says:

    So naive…… wins have no color stats see no skin tone. 2nd half offense, total record, stunts and zones vs he got rid of a qb who got rid of himself??? 0_0 but I guess he didnt have the option going into the season to decide if he wanted to go with him or not . Dont quit ya day job chief

  61. oldfart44 Says:

    I think as fans we must wait until the season is over to see if Glennon can bring the Bucs from behind. Based on the restraints on him, I would guess he is fine never taking any chances.

    As Bill Walsh used to say he is good enough to get us beat.

    Just an overall horrible situation created by Schiano. In retrospect he should have cut Freeman before the year started.

    Returning to the Lions game, there are times when you get lucky. Based on the turnovers there should have been a greater point spread. Can you imagine what would have been written if Megatron had not lost the ball on the 5 yard line.

    Merry Xmas

  62. bucfever40 Says:

    bucnasty, for God sake man, you are running with the same noise in everything you post, I can’t even finish reading your repugnant rant that really is just a biased distaste for Schiano for some reason. And oldfart, you damn right I got fired up watching that video, so the F what, I want a coach that can get the players fired up, and I believe he does this, look old turd, you just can’t get over your hatred for this man, that’s YOUR problem, you have NO clue what goes on ion that locker room, for you to say that you’ve never seen so many former players talk negatively about him, please tell me who that is, and please tell us if he’s/they are even still in the league, so enough of that jive, nobody that has played here for any significant amount of time has said anything negative about this coach! And your assertion that the players are only playing hard to audition for other teams, dude you are seriously sniffing glue if you think that’s the reason this team is playing like it is, if ever someone was reaching for anything to downplay this win streak and the betterment of Tampa’s Bucs, you sure make a good case.
    I can’t figure out why people who say they root for this team will try their hardest to make us believe this is all an illusion, I bet every game from this point Old turd and Butnasty will pray the Bucs lose, how is this in any way being a fan, please tell me, if Schiano can turn this thing around, and in all honesty, this team can easily have 7 wins right now if we’re talking about lucky bounces, but if he can win the hearts and minds of DECENT Buc fans and especially his players, then start looking for another team to root or bash because your mission will end here in Tampa, and don’t let the door hit ya!

  63. oldfart44 Says:

    Old turd?? I am deeply hurt! By the way I don’t look, or hope for the Bucs to lose; been cheering for them for too long.

    As to players talking negatively about him–the Bennett Brothers, the RT for the 49ers. That is 2 for starters.

    My distaste has nothing to do with his turning things around. I just think that he had done too much damage already. I just don’t think he is a very good coach.

    There is no reason for you to get so personal and to use the F word. How old are you anyway? BTW, please learn some proper grammar.

    You’re right I have no clue what goes on in the dressing room, but neither do you do you? I only read about possible spies from the coaching staff.

    I did not say they are playing hard to audition for other teams. I mean depending on who the HC is next year. If it is not Schiano, then the newcomer will look at tape. Maybe he’ll keep some of the good assistants like Earnest Byner.

    I never said the win streak was an illusion, but the team did get lucky against the Lions. With all the turnovers it should have been a turkey shoot.

    In summing up, I don’t want the team to lose, I just want a more capable HC who will establish a good reputation for the organization around the league, and who will have better access to more proven and able coaches.

    bucfever40, don’t take things so personally. I am allowed my opinion am I not; it’s called freedom of speech.

    Merry Xmas

  64. oldfart44 Says:

    @Joe, or Joebucfan, or the owners of this site:

    Is he allowed to call me an old turd? I prefer old prick. 🙂