Striving To Reach Te’o-Nesheim Level

October 22nd, 2013

Greg Schiano was excited today to talk about emerging sackmaster DaQuan Bowers. The third year defensive end has no sacks this season, but he’s improving steadily Schiano said during his news conference.

Schiano liked what he saw from Bowers against Atlanta, though it was only six plays worth.

“I look forward to him playing more this week. He’s feeling better. I actually think Da’Quan has gotten better and better. I know that outside looking in, ‘why isn’t he playing more?’ I think he’s improving,” Schiano said “Not as fast as everyone would like, but he’s improving and he has natural ability. So he’s going to play more and more as the year goes on, as long as he keeps improving. Not very much unlike what I described on offense, where you earn your piece of the pie, it’s the same thing on defense. You earn your plays. You earn your reps.” 

Jimminy Christmas! How much does Bowers have to do to show he’s better than Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, the starting left end ahead of him.? How far did Bowers fall from when Schiano said he’d be a double-digit sacks guy?

Te’O-Nesheim has a paltry six tackles in six games. That’s terrible.

Sorry. As nice as it is to hear Bowers is improving, Joe can’t consider Bowers’ reported growth a bright spot. He’s a second-round pick who needs to produce.

26 Responses to “Striving To Reach Te’o-Nesheim Level”

  1. PRBucFan Says:

    It was his first offseason ever with an NFL team, he’s basically a rookie.

    He’ll need more time, and that time frame is not set by the media.

    Hey may not ever be the DE he once was but no one knows that yet.

    Time will tell.

  2. Dennis Says:


    Why dont you ask questions like that at the interviews???

  3. Justin Says:

    Bowers bull rushes. Thats all

  4. joseph mamma Says:

    Another wasted second round pick from our rock star.

  5. Espo Says:

    Sometimes, Schiano lies.

  6. Young buc Says:

    U guys are gonna laugh
    But I think we win our next 10
    Games and make the playoffs
    I’m serious

  7. Adam L Says:

    SIX PLAYS????

    Do you realize that MY output in that game was almost as good as Bowers, and I don’t command NEAR the salary he does?

    Schiano must be f***ing THRILLED to the MOON with MY performance!

  8. ctord Says:

    Second round pick that would have been #1 pick overall if not for injury concerns. At this point, it would not hurt to see what the bucs have. Play Bowers.

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    C’mon PrBuc,

    He’s in his 3rd year. Not even close to a rookie. He’s approaching the Freeman line – time to declare him a bust.

  10. cmurda Says:

    Young buc Says:
    October 22nd, 2013 at 2:22 pm
    U guys are gonna laugh
    But I think we win our next 10
    Games and make the playoffs
    I’m serious

    Yes, I had to laugh. You can’t be serious.

  11. kaput Says:

    I think Schiano, for a reason perhaps only he knows, doesn’t consider Bowers “a Buccaneer Man” and has him squarely in the doghouse.

    What about George Selvie? The guy wasn’t good enough to even enter training camp with the Bucs (they waived him), but now has 4.5 sacks for the Cowboys. I guess he wasn’t able to keep his toes on the line?

    Schiano is a joke. Does he get a BCS-level job or will we end up coaching in the AAC?

  12. Meh Says:

    I heard Seattle’s got this guy named Bennett. I bet we could trade for him.

  13. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “emerging sackmaster DaQuan Bowers.”

    Is that sarcasm?

  14. buc4lyfe Says:

    it’s strange how players that looked like up and coming now cant sniff the playing under this new coach. bowers is better than Te’o-Nesheim so i’d rather have bowers out there giving me nothing that this waste of space starting ahead of him. no one even the coach is talking about his upside like he does bowers, all i’ve ever said about him is he plays hard well thats not good enough. the dumb coach acts like he holds grudges and wont let the players play, coach she has never played football and it shows. cut ahmad black and now we have strangers back there…they should fire that guy now so it doesnt take us another full offseason to put together a rag tag coaching staff at the last second

  15. SCKelly22 Says:

    Totally agreed. It can’t be worse than Teo..asdfal;skdjf;alsdkf. Play Bowers, unles he is still to out of shape to get more than 10 snaps a game. Man I miss Bennett.

  16. THETRUTH Says:

    I agree let Bowers play, i disagree he does not just bull rush, he has a few moves but need coaching. Claiborne is a bull rusher but I will take that from him. I have not heard TEO name once during a game and thats bad from a RE

  17. Adam L Says:

    Never, ever in a million years take another Clemson player. Don’t think it. Don’t consider it.

  18. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I thought elite DEs were pretty ready to play out of college? This guy wasn’t supposed to be a project, remember? His knee was what was dropping him from number one overall, not skills.

    I’m not even expecting him to be every down guy. But, he can’t even rush on third down without more coaching?? C’mon man.

  19. JonBuc Says:

    Only ten sacks away from reaching double digits!

  20. Posey99 Says:

    Looked rreally good before his injury. Recovery and getting back into shape arent always easy.

  21. Patrickbucs Says:

    Maybe Schiano thought he was friends with Freeman

  22. ElioT Says:

    Bowers is a freaking joke! Another flat-out embarrassment to this team and the fans. He can’t even sniff Michael Bennett’s jock… Or Selvie’s for that matter!

    I never want to see this team draft another DE again, just find one in FA…

  23. MadMax Says:

    Schiano thinks we’re all ADHD

    “Hey look, a squirrel”

  24. SeattleBuc Says:

    View this site daily, first time poster. Grew up in Tampa and though I’ve been out of the bay area for 15 years I will always will fly the Bucs flag. Like most of us I thought this was an uber talented playoff bound team. I was sure i would be supporting a winning Bucs team against the Seahawks here next week. All I can say now is the bucs have quickly become the biggest joke in the NFL. Fire everyone. What an embarrassment. Feel sorry for the home fans and season ticket holders. I still believe the core players (including Bowers) are way more talented than we are seeing under this coaching staff. Shiano needs to go.

  25. Curmudgeon Says:

    Joe, at this point his 2nd round draft status needs to be thrown out the door. That’s history. At this point, Bowers is just another guy on the roster who is working on improving himself. Dominik clearly overestimated Bowers when he let Michael Bennett walk.

  26. Adam L. Says:

    If Teo had any balls, he’d tell Bowers to switch contracts with him.