Schiano Reponds To Micromanager Critique

October 1st, 2013

The leader of the New Schiano Order took a beating from fan callers to his radio show last night on WDAE-AM 620. Props to the head coach for embracing the fans’ frustration and responding eagerly. And props to the Buccaneers Radio Network for letting fans vent.

One fan spewed a list of complaints and told Greg Schiano to stop his micromanaging ways and let his coaches coach.

Schiano responded and made it clear that his staff has “quite a bit of autonomy.”

“Offensively, we have a system that is, you know, Mike Sullivan came from the New York Giants where he was for a long time. And that’s the basis of our system. It’s been adapted. But we have a great offensive staff who puts together the plans. Without a shadow of a doubt, I am aware of everything we’re doing. And if I think that something isn’t going to work, I’ll say, “You know what, I’d rather not do that.” But really, overall, they have a quite a bit of autonomy,” Schiano said.

“Defensively, I am probably more involved. But again, Bill Sheridan runs that show. He calls the game. He puts the gameplan together.  Again, I am involved in every part of it. And if I disagree, we’ll discuss it, then come up with a decision. Same thing in the kicking game …”

Joe found it interesting that Schiano talked about the Bucs having the core basis of the Giants’ offense under Tom Coughlin. Didn’t that offense always feature two and three running backs when it was successful?

Joe is unsure who is behind the Bucs’ stubbornness in featuring Doug Martin to such an extreme. Even Ray Rice had his touches dialed back significantly last season with the addition of Bernard Pierce. The Bucs offense is so unnecessarily predictable. 

As for how heavy-handed Schiano is with his coaches? That’s unclear. But now you’ve got the coach’s response above.

34 Responses to “Schiano Reponds To Micromanager Critique”

  1. blackmagic00 Says:

    It’s all going to be fine eventualy. Go Bucs!

  2. Splengo Says:

    Look at Spanky and the DeadEnd Kids. “God rule heaven, the devil rule hell and I, Greg Schiano wil rule the NFL.” LMFAO.

  3. K_bassuka Says:

    How about, if you don’t know about offense stop giving your sorry input. God I hate this clown of a HC…

  4. Young buc Says:

    He can say what he wants
    The players know they should have
    Went for the kill against the jets and
    The saints we were in position to do
    So fire this guy now fire greg schiano

  5. Elijah Says:

    Hell no Schiano’s gotta go!!! HELL NO SCHIANO’S GOTTA GO!!!

  6. jb Says:

    Yada Yada Yada….Fans are starting to tune him out just like the players will! He can SAY anything he wants. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Would we be 0-4 with say….Jon Gruden or Tony Dungy coaching these players?


    TELL IT Walkin’ coach! We’re not interested in your lies!

  7. snookau Says:

    I don’t even understand why we have backup RBs on the roster.

  8. jb Says:

    What???? Is this now the Greg Schiano Apologists site?
    Like we’re supposed to believe this guy?

  9. Christopher Says:

    It’s the head coach’s right to Make the Call…but he just contradicted himself with the “if I don’t like something, I say let’s not do it”. That does not sound like autonomy to me…that sounds like an unprofessional OC telling the pro OC what to do.

  10. Eric Says:

    “great offensive staff”

    Oh yea, best anyone has ever seen.

  11. Patrick in VA Says:

    Was in the Navy for 8 years and worked with a lot of micro managers who had no idea that they were micro managers. Of course he disagrees with the caller. Any manager knows that micro managing is looked at poorly but if you don’t know any other way of doing it or you don’t trust your staff (wasn’t that one of his core beliefs) then micro managing is the only way you feel safe with approaching a problem

  12. Young buc Says:

    F$ck u schiano

  13. Walter Says:

    Lol he basically said that he is involved in every aspect of the team, and that if he doesn’t like a decision by another assistant or coordinator, he simply says “no.”

    What a fuc#ing tool.

  14. BirdDoggers Says:

    Schiano says he’s involved in all three phases of the game and has input when needed. What we don’t know, is how often he vetos the decisions of his coaching staff. So, he could still be a micromanger, but maybe he doesn’t see it that way.

  15. Young buc Says:

    That’s why we lost those games
    He coaches tight to the vest

  16. BamBamBuc Says:

    Maybe they don’t spell Martin because they don’t have a backup that can hit the pile of O-linemen, bounce off, find a crease, hurdle a DB anymore…. he’s in Foxboro now. You don’t really think Mike James or Brian Leonard is a great option, do you? I suppose they couldn’t be any worse than Martin running into the backs of Penn and Joseph regularly and it would give him a break from the beating he’s taking…

    Also, has anyone noticed Martin’s “hesitation” this year? It’s not like he’s even waiting for a hole to open up, but he’s getting the ball and stalling for a second as if afraid to move forward. Very similar to what we were seeing Blount do his second year. Understandably, teams are stacking the box against Martin the way they did against Blount the 2nd year, so there’s not much there, but Blount was brutalized for his “hesitation”, and I haven’t heard anyone say a thing about Martin hesitating.

  17. Splengo Says:

    Jenna Laine is reporting that Freeman went to his private suite with his family Sunday and security forced him to leave and sit in the Buc suite reserved for inactives. Somebody is playing hardball. Guess who?

  18. Eric Says:

    “Without a shadow of a doubt I am aware of everything were doing”

    Total autonomy! No interference whatsoever!

    Id say this guy is coming unglued, but he was never glued.

    What a trip this guy is.

  19. Phil Says:

    So I literally said all this stuff to you about giving Doug a break and you totally disagreed with me on Twitter saying we need him even more with a Rookie QB blah blah blah and block me and now you are saying the same thing.. SERIOUSLY

    Martin doesn’t need a break now. Joe never wrote or said that. It’s something to study now, and address aggressively later in the year. –Joe

  20. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Sorry Coach, but this entire offensive play system needs to be scrapped because it is horrible. It looks like something out of the 1970’s and you’re playing cold weather football in Fla. No QB will ever look good in it. The last time the Bucs had an offensive minded coach, they won a Superbowl

  21. Sir P Says:

    Schiano sucks and so does the coaching staff.

  22. Sir P Says:

    Ya backups are paid for a reason coach

  23. Patrick in VA Says:

    People keep pointing to the defense turning around and saying that is indicative of schiano being a good coach. A head coach is supposed to put talented coordinators in place and let them do their jobs while he oversees the entire program. The defense doing well is a credit to the dc and position coaches. Schiano is failing as an overall leader

  24. Snook Says:

    Enough with Blount already…

    He had 9 carries for 64 yards on Sunday against Atlanta. With a 47 yard run. So basically he ran 8 times for 17 yards. A 2.12 yard average. Oh…. and he got stuffed on another 3rd and short.

    The Freepologists and Blount lovers around here are ridiculous.

    This franchise needs to clean house. We already dumped ADHD boy. Let’s fire Schiano and Dom and move on for Christ’s sake!!!!

  25. lightningbuc Says:

    “He had 9 carries for 64 yards on Sunday against Atlanta. With a 47 yard run. So basically he ran 8 times for 17 yards. A 2.12 yard average.”


    Um, no, basically he ran the ball 9 times for 64 yards. A 7.11 yard average.

  26. D-Rome Says:

    I’m stunned that he actually takes phone calls from fans. I rarely listen to these player/coaches shows. Did Jon Gruden take calls back in the day?

  27. Phil Says:

    Okay so you retweeting that doesn’t count? Saying why bench him for a couple of scrubs? Not sure how the doesn’t add up when I specifically said give the back ups a play or two in a row or heck try a series with one.. Demps gets 1 carry and it works but we don’t go back to him.. but the play calling is solid… last I checked play calling also includes the players you involve..

    I love everyones crutch of well he just ran for this if you take away the big play… are we suppose to take away the big play for everyone then? Do good players not make BIG plays?

  28. Bucs1987 Says:

    The Pats game going for it twice on 4th dwn, then having the fake punt on 4 and inches with Goldson barreling for the first down tells me he’s not as conservative as some people keep saying. Then again if the fake punt did not work and the Bucs were stopped, fans would be griping about him doing that too and saying he’s a terrible coach for calling it. Maybe he told David to shove Geno? Maybe he told Lindell to miss the FG in the Saints game? I don’t expect the coach not to face the heat from the fanbase for this 0-4 start. Firing him now in mid-season however does what for fans? Exactly what will that accomplish right now? The Bucs make Wanny interim and the Bucs run the table the rest of the way? I don’t think so. Make Sully the interim? The same Sully that made this offensive playbook up, the 0-4 Giants playbook. I don’t think so. A lot of people want an experienced NFL coach. Well then we have all seen what a QB coach turned OC can do for the Bucs offense. Sully needs to go back to coaching QB’s or WR’s, not making playbooks up and calling the offense. Fans can type the words fire Schiano for the next 13 weeks in here until they have blisters on their fingers. I don’t see what good it’s going to do for them. I also don’t expect him to be fired until atleast the end of the season. Have a happy day 😀

  29. White Tiger Says:

    and after the brave caller hung up…Her Schiano was heard to say:

    “”…giff me her number…I vould like to honor her spirit, und send her somezing, spezial delivery…”

    Control issues? This guy could teach Jon Gruden something about control issues. This guy not only has never had a winning season in the NFL, NEVER developed QB on any level, lies and spreads rumors about his STARTING players, benches starters during the season, and has shear and utter disdain for the press….

    …he gets the local media to HELP him do it!!


  30. Capt. Tim Says:

    Didn’t the giants have a TE? And a Slot receiver in their scheme? Seems like their Slot Reciever was a Probowlers!!

    Yet we use scrubs- and are told they aren’t ” an important part of the offense.”

    We sure have them on the field every play! And try to throw to them( doesn’t work, cause they suck!).

    So why didn’t we resign the two we had- that caught over a thousand yards last year? Or at least replace them??

    We cut half of the receiving targets- then blame players when the offense fails.

    Too bad nobody has the attention span to remember all my post over the spring and Fall- I said this would happen! Can’t win with only 2 pass catcher!!!!

    But it’s ALL Josh’s fault. Soon, it’ll be all Glennons’ fault( cause he’s just a rookie!). It’s why I felt comfortable predicting his failure. Not his fault! The scheme is a failure.

    But Schiano won’t admit that.” It’s Josh!!! It’s MIke!! It’s Sully!!! It’s Dom!!!”

    Don’t trust a word that he says. He really doesn’t have to tell us he’s from Jersey!!

    Two Jersey boys= one bad team for years!!
    Can we please get a Southern Football coach, instead of a Jersey Bulls^*t coach!!

  31. White Tiger Says:

    In a little over 6 months you will have a former 3rd round QB – who has bottomed out and can’t figure out which team he’s supposed to throw it to, and so very CLEARLY not the answer at QB of the future. You will have earned yet another season of losing – this time double digit. and back in February, after a month long seach – and whirlwind tour around the Big East – you will have been introduced to the franchises next head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs…

    …this time you’ll be watching Josh Freeman in Jacksonville, or Minnesota, or wherever he ends up – smiling – happy to have all that mess in Tampa behind him.

    and at that moment you will, like me…this isn’t YOUR team…it’s there’s.

    They just LET you watch.

    They only need you to shout when it’s time to shout, and sit down and be quiet the rest of the time…

    …oh, and make sure stand in the CORRECT line next time to buy your tickets to see THEIR team, and don’t bring in any umbrellas or tr an sneak in any cheap waters, or adult beverages…we put plenty of water IN our adult beverages – and we sell ALL that crap you need inside, where it’s safe…so what if you have to pay an extra $95…you have the great blessing to have one of only 32 stadiums in the US of A in this crap hole of a town – you should feel LUCKY we even let you in at all…

  32. JamesrunningWilder Says:

    No One is Happy about the 0-4 Start, including Schiano and the rest of the Bucs… but this Set-up of Involvement of the HEAD Coach in All Three Phases of the Team is pretty common across the League. Not sure why this is getting so much Press. Every HEAD Coach has Input… and SHOULD Have Input in All Three Phases… He’s the HEAD Coach. Based on his response, it would appear that he DOES Allow his Coordinators to Game Plan and Compose Plays and Personnel and Call Plays for each Game. Do You think the Fake Punt on Fourth Down was His Call? Of Course it was… Give him Credit for making a Great Call. Sean Payton did the Same Thing in the Super Bowl coming out of Half Time. He’s Not the Special Teams Coach but he IS the HEAD Coach. The Problem with the Offense is that the Players are Not Playing UP to their Capabilities and Sullivan needs to do a Better Job of Designing/Calling Plays. We’re not that far off… we could Easily be 3-1 right now. I believe we’ll get it turned around.
    GO BUCS!!! =D

  33. NY Buc Says:

    Funny hearing so many people calling for Dungy or Gruden. I remember when Dungy was the Bucs coach alot of fans were glad to see him fired because his offense was so predictable and couldn’t score points. Then towards the end of Gruden’s coaching tenure many fans complained that the team was old and tired and it was time to show him the door too. I hope the Glazer’s give Schiano the rest of this season UNLESS the team quits (like 2011 Raheem Morris’ team). If we end up 0-16 (like Rod Marinelli’s Lions did) then we can all agree he and the staff has to go. There’s still a lot of football left in the 2013 season, and the team and coaches might be able to at least get some wins and build some confidence again. Just win baby!

  34. crazy Says:

    So he’s either a micromanaging HC who’s making the wrong calls or trusting HC with the opportunity to veto a bad call who’s failing to see that the right calls are made in critical situations. Either way he’s failing, right? I understand the Glazers may be reluctant to dump another bad hiring choice so I guess we’ll have to see how much more money they want to lose.