Schiano: Glennon Accuracy Improving Receivers

October 10th, 2013

Greg Schiano again was raving about the accuracy of Mike Glennon today. In what felt like a backhanded slap at Josh Freeman, Schiano even said Bucs receivers are beginning to trust they’ll now be catching passes in stride, which will lead to more yards after the catch.

“It takes a little while for [receivers] to really believe that. Right? And then once they believe that, now they catch the ball aggressively running through it and they go. And that’s when you get yards after catch,” Schiano said. “When people start to settle to catch the ball, because just by habit you have to go around to get it, you lose the yards after catch. I see that happening slowly. Our guys are getting more and more confident. And we just need to keep throwing it that way.”

Joe’s not sure what to make of this. Was Josh Freeman so erratic that receivers lost confidence in him and their routes were screwy? It sounds like Schiano was going there.

If that was the case, when did it start? And if it was last season, shouldn’t the Bucs have hired a mechanics guru to work with Freeman, in addition to their quarterbacks coach who shuns teaching mechanics?

No matter the answers to those questions, Joe looks forward to seeing Glennon’s accuracy show up big on game days.

13 Responses to “Schiano: Glennon Accuracy Improving Receivers”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Eagles secondary is garbage. Good time to build some confidence Mike.

  2. Luther Says:

    This is where the term “Throwing receivers open” comes to play. I saw a bit of that in the last game but then again, he is a rookie. I just hope he shows enough progress by the end of the year. I’m realistic and don’t expect a rookie to have a winning record for the rest of his games.

  3. Bobby Says:

    Joe says:

    Joe’s not sure what to make of this. Was Josh Freeman so erratic that receivers lost confidence in him and their routes were screwy? It sounds like Schiano was going there.


    Joe, how long have you been watching Freeman and you didn’t see the throws where receiver had to adjust routes and do contortions to catch balls? Freeman could deliver the ball accurately at times but hitting a receiver in stride was not his strong suit. He relied more on his receivers jumping up and making a play on the ball.

  4. Biff Barker Says:

    I could swear that many of the drops that plagued Sleepy actually hit the receivers in the hands.

  5. Doc Says:

    Freeman is gone let it go, anyone can throw the ball in practice. We will see Sunday.

  6. Mr Lucky Says:

    Freeman was such an AWFUL passer that Vincent Jackson was afraid to catch the ball going over the middle because VJ was like a contourtist in a Cirque de Soule show.

  7. Illuminati Says:

    I thought another telling comment from Schiano during his presser was that Glennon is showing steep improvement and is the kind of guy who will learn from his mistakes, whereas “some football players are going to make the same mistakes over and over and over again.”

  8. Eric Says:

    And some coaches make the same mistake over and over and over again.

  9. JonBuc Says:

    Well if Schiano said it then…how dare we question it.


  10. Adam L. Says:

    It made me cringe when Freeman would hit Jackson in the left shoulder when he was running right.

  11. ChanEpic Says:

    I seem to remember quite a few posts in the pre-season where Joe was praising Freeman’s accuracy. Something ain’t adding up here.

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  13. Destinjohnny Says:

    Whether he is a great qb or not who knows at this stage. At least we know he will give it everything in his soul to succeed. I think he is a cross between brad I and Matt r. We know he can play solid with nothing around him let’s see how he can do with ballers at every position on offense