Report: Team Security Ordered Freeman To Change Seat

October 1st, 2013

The Buccaneers soap opera continues with word from Jenna Laine, formerly of, who covers the Bucs for

Joe knows Laine has some excellent sources, and one is telling her that Josh Freeman was ordered by Bucs’ team security to leave his personal suite Sunday and take his ass over to the official Bucs suite for inactive players.

Another wrinkle in the Freeman-Buccaneers saga was how his benching was handled, not just in terms of keeping him off the field Sunday, but the team mandating where he sat. Freeman was not only told he could not be on the field Sunday and was also told he could not sit and watch the game with his family in the suite he paid for himself.

A source close to Freeman stated that security actually came to the Freeman suite and told him he had to leave. Freeman obliged and was escorted to another suite to be with other inactive team members.

The source recalled, “It was as if he was being put into time out and punished, like a child.”

Would the Bucs really have security order Freeman to change his seat? That seems almost impossible to believe but given how the Freeman saga has unfolded under the New Schiano Order, Joe surely wouldn’t be surprised.

Joe can almost hear Freeman say to a security guard, “Dude, man, I paid for the seat. For real, I got a stub.”

Clarification: Joe has learned that the security who asked Freeman to sit with his teammates was security for the Bucs; a Bucs security employee, not stadium security. Stadium security are not employees of the Bucs.

67 Responses to “Report: Team Security Ordered Freeman To Change Seat”

  1. Elijah Says:

    Big Fkn’ deal!

  2. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Clearly another dreaded plot from Schiano. He realized Freeman was in the wrong suite and had him relocated to the suite he rigged up with a trap door that lead to a pool filled with sharks with lazerbeams on their heads!

  3. Elijah Says:

    You are clearly up to snuff today dude, Schiano is a tyrant and great job uncovering more crap.

    Fire Schiano!!!

  4. lightningbuc Says:

    This doesn’t make any sense. The inactive players are usually on the sidelines, just not in uniform. Carl Nicks was definitely on the sidelines when he was inactive.

  5. jb Says:

    And you fools are sticking up for Schiano??????? WTF? Why hasn’t he been fired yet? You can’t get this crap out of an episode of Breaking Bad!!

  6. Eric Says:

    No one could make this stuff up.

  7. mvermulm Says:

    Not all players are on the sidelines, and if they are not on the sidelines, they should be wherever the rest of the team is located. That’s all this is. At no level of sports do you go sit with your family while your team plays, no matter what.

  8. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I just heard Schiano never intended to try and win games as head coach. His sole intention was to go winless, strip Freeman of his captaincy, expose his ADHD and laziness, screw the Bucs out of trade leverage, humiliate Mike Glennon, then get fired and fly off into the moonlight while laughing maniacally.

  9. Elijah Says:

    says who? you? ^^^

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m not going to keep piling on. This is just really unbelievable that we’re dealing with this from a professional organization

  11. Otto Says:

    Clearly Freeman was violating policy or else he wouldn’t have to move. How is that Schiano’s fault?

  12. Patrick Says:

    The suite wasn’t at the right temperature that’s why Schiano had him move to the other one!!

  13. Vic Says:

    That’s low. You know Freeman had already ordered a tray of linguini at the required temperature.

  14. Andrew 1 Says:

    this getting really petty now. one things for sure, dont get on Schiano’s bad side.

  15. jb Says:

    Patrick in VA Says:
    October 1st, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    I’m not going to keep piling on. This is just really unbelievable that we’re dealing with this from a professional organization.

    Patrick, I believe THAT is exactly the point! WE’RE NOT!

  16. Eric Says:

    this is all gonna end with an epic implosion.

    whoops, were already in an epic implosion.

  17. Andrew 1 Says:

    just freakin cut the guy and be done with it. I seriously doubt anyone is going to pick up the 8 million dollar tab.

  18. MakaevilTheDon Says:

    Free was supposed to sit with his team mates… the other inactives.

  19. lightningbuc Says:

    The team suite probably didn’t have enough Adderall / Ritalin candies for JFro’s liking

  20. mvermulm Says:

    All parties involved are reaching for ways to make the other side look bad now. I really hope Dom can find somewhere to send Freeman soon so all of this he said/she said stuff can be done with.

  21. Elijah Says:

    6.6 million ^^

  22. Elijah Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    October 1st, 2013 at 1:53 pm
    The team suite probably didn’t have enough Adderall / Ritalin candies for JFro’s liking

    At least you are a classy POS

  23. Capt. Tim Says:

    Apparently his suite had a line down the middle, and his toes weren’t on it!!

    Um, Fire Schiano!!!!

    The Glazers are consummate professionals. How long will they let Coach Wackado( the Emperor of New Jersey!!) make a laughing stock out of their team and it’s players??

    I hope not much longer. This is both embarrassing and degrading.

  24. Raphael Says:

    I am officially embarrassed to be a buc fan….Doplhins are looking pretty good…and professional . Mike Sherman is happy he didn’t end up here..


  25. White Tiger Says:

    It just KEEPS getting better!

    These are just random acts happening to Freeman, right? He just happens to have his health records dumped into the press…and the only folks who have them are the team…

    …Freeman just “happens” to have lost the “players only” election of annual team captains that Schiano just happens to certify…

    Then he just “Happens” to be sitting in the spot he and Schinao agree he should be sitting – when securty comes and escorts him to a different place…

    …but he and Schiano agreed to have that happen to…

    …Yeah, the team wouuldn’t be showing Josh Freeman that have no plans for him in their future and that he should take any trade deal THEY “happen” to mutually agree him to…with whatever crappy team they were able to coerce SOMETHING out of in order to give them a 6 months advance on signing Freeman – before the teams that are loaded with talent and are only short a decent QB of the future…

    nah…it’s US Schiano haters that see a conspiracy here…nope, youre absolutely right…nothing to see here on the grassy knoll…move along…

  26. lightningbuc Says:


    Sorry I offended you. Please, please, please – don’t call my wife any nasty names!

  27. SSG Mike Says:

    Stupid Schiano antics trying to embarass Freeman and save face. Didn’t work as far as saving face. He should have made it clear PRIOR to the game where they expected Freeman to be in regards to inactives but to have security remove him from his paid personal box in front of his family? Joe has stated that he thought Freeman was being childish. I think the real childish person in this is definitely Schiano. He needs to go, along with Freeman. Freeman will land on his feet either as a backup or he will find the coach that uses hi strengths and he will be a productive QB for someone else. Another notch on the QB annals at One Buc Palace. Always a bridesmaid never a bride with QB’s here in Tampa. Hopefully this early career insertion of Glennon doesn’t ruin him fro being our next bridesmaid. Go Bucs!

  28. lightningbuc Says:

    “He just happens to have his health records dumped into the press”


    This isn’t true at all. Freeman is the one who stated he has ADHD. The only thing Mortensen reported was that JFro was in the drug program – no mention was made of any health issues.

  29. Otto Says:

    Recap: We entered the season with an inconsistent QB in a make it or break it year. He performed very bad in all of the preseason and first two regular season games, and below average in game 3. The organization saw enough and chose to bench him. The poor performing QB does unauthorized interviews, goes public with a trade request, skips team functions(?), and even sits in an unauthorized location on game day. Now our organization is trying to trade the distraction. You can blame Schiano for the team record and his decision to start Freeman, but not for the circus that Josh has created. Who would have thought Freeman would be so unprofessional?

  30. jb Says:

    Josh may not be the QB we had all hoped back ’09, but does he really deserve all the crap Schiano continually dishes out? Why are they getting rid of Freeman, when it’s abundantly clear, it’s the head coach than needs to go, and the general manager for even considering letting Schiano play his games?

    This is bad…….but it’s gonna get worse the longer they keep this miserable s.o.b around here sabotaging the entire team.

  31. bucrightoff Says:

    The Bucs should probably keep their heads and not bring it down to Freeman’s maturity level. Our franchise shouldn’t be acting like 10 year olds because the QB wants to act like a 6 year old.

  32. Elijah Says:

    Yeah all six preseason snaps^^^^^

  33. Splengo Says:

    Are all of the Schiano supporters forgetting that Schiano said that he sat there by mutual agreement. Then why was security dispatched? If you don’t see what is happening here, you have no ethical core.

    This is patently prescribed punishment for a spoiled child. Be careful when you go to dig a grave for someone that you don’t fall into it yourself.

  34. Meh Says:

    Every single person in this organization should be embarrassed. I know I am as a fan. I cannot believe this is how a professional team acts.

    At this point, frankly, the problem is ownership. The Glazers should be ashamed of the product they’re putting out.

  35. jb Says:

    @ Otto,

    You’re right about Freeman being unprofessional in his approach to all this. But where is Schiano any better? He’s clueless as to how to deal with adults. He really should be coaching at a minor league level… he was.

  36. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    jb – yes, its all clearly Schiano. He is spending all of his spare time thinking up new ways to hurt little Joshy! This will make Schiano look so cool, and Joshy look sooooo bad! Youre a genius!

  37. mvermulm Says:

    Thank you, Otto. While I do not believe Schiano has helped the situation with his “I don’t care what you think, and I don’t have to tell you anything” demeanor, this circus did not start until Freeman began missing his own camp in the offseason. When you have dozens of kids whose parents have paid money to go to your camp, and you do not show up (and have a weak excuse and terrible radio show after) people are going to begin talking (especially when some of those parents are in the local media, and therefore have the means to do so).

  38. Raphael Says:

    Wait…….I know ….Freeman obviously told security to remove him from the seat he paid for and sit him with the inactives.

  39. Elijah Says:

    What the hell does Freman missing his own camp got to do with the Bucs. You’re wrong all this started back before the combines when Schiano started this circus about competition. He opened the damn door for this media circus.

  40. Patrick in VA Says:

    @meh – agreed. There comes a point where the bad product on the field and the public embarassment are too much to endure. Schiano doesn’t need time, he needs a time machine to bring his program back and insert it into the 70’s where it belongs. Meanwhile he’s making it tough to wear my Bucs gear out in redskin country where they have a bad team themselves.

  41. Justin Says:

    Well, the vibe in Freeman suite, which included his brother and many of his brother’s “girlfriends.” was to openly mock Mike Glennon and cheer for incomplete passes and “basic offense.” Freeman should have been embarrassed to sit in there while his suite rooted against his teammates.

  42. Elijah Says:

    He gives us this crap about competition, then yesterday PC he says this is not High school we have contracts and money on the line. He didn’t think of all that when he drafted MG8, What? Was he really going to sit an 8 million dollar QB? He should have traded JF% then. It was apparent he didn’t want him now JF5 is in a fight for his life to continue his career because little Himmler dragged him along, didn’t try to improve on him. Sat him out most of the preseason. Gave MG8 most of the reps. Schiano’s gotta go!

  43. bucrightoff Says:

    Indeed, what the hell does a guy no showing for a bunch of kids for no good reason have to do with anything? Well, other than to show his immaturity?

  44. Elijah Says:

    you don’t know why he wasn’t there^^^^

  45. Oahubuc Says:

    Ugh. The only thing that’s an improvement over the ugly last days of Raheem where we signed Albert Haynesworth is the play of the defense. At least there is something to watch besides the drama this time.

    These people are just disgusting. All of them. Schiano, Dominik, Freeman, the reporters, the staff, and the owners. This is Ray Perkins/Hugh Culverhouse level ridiculousness, but with more money flying around.

    A real coach could dominate the division with this roster, and here we sit, rubbernecking at the hideous spectacle of our team circling the drain. I am done with every single one of them. I’m giving them not one single dime this year. Actually, this will make the third year in a row. Totally disgusting. This cluster@#$% has been going on since 2007 at least. Please let my Bucs go, you immature, bush league, hard-headed, incompetent @#$%ing clowns.

  46. Coburn Says:

    So why does Freeman deserve special treatment? Last I checked he was a part of the team still so he should be with his teammates. If there is a specific location for the inactive guys to stay why did he think he was an exception?

  47. Elijah Says:


    He probably didn’t know. I mean it was his first time ever on inactive^^

  48. mvermulm Says:

    “you don’t know why he wasn’t there^^^^”


    Freeman himself said that his car wouldn’t start and that his cell phone wasn’t working. The guy owns three cars and makes $8mil/yr. His own reps couldn’t get in touch with him. You’re telling me that had no effect on his rep in the locker room? VJ had to take his day off to go cover for Freeman. The organization made the decision to go after Carson Palmer and, when that didn’t workout, draft Glennon to determine if Freeman was going to rise to the occasion and earn his next contract. He didn’t. The organization then decided to start Glennon last week, and all of a sudden there are leaks all over the place. The locker room is obviously having issues right now because the two guys who are supposed to be the biggest leaders in there are fighting, and the easiest way out is for the Bucs to move the under-achieving QB.

  49. Coburn Says:

    Could be Elijah… but wasn’t he inactive during the whole Leftwich/McCown saga? Also whether he knew or not he should be responsible enough to check it out and there shouldn’t be an uproar when the rest of his teammates have the same expectations. Sounds like something typical around the league and not some unusually strict rule.

  50. Otto Says:

    Detail how Schiano has handled this immaturely. What am I missing? Is there evidence he leaked medical records, rigged the captain votes, changed stadium player security protocol, etc.?

  51. Justin Says:

    Isn’t it just a tad bit odd that not one teammate has gone off the record in support of Freeman?

    Not a peep. Tells you all you need to know.

  52. Elijah Says:

    don’t sit on the back pages asking questions that want get answered. Bring your act to the front and ask or tell us what you think. Cowards

  53. ChrisFromOrlando Says:

    Nothing to see in the article folks. That just policy.

  54. Raphael Says:

    Justin ? Really? If Schiano wants to controls the hvac controls don’t you think their would be he’ll to pay if somebody spoke out ?
    Surely you can’t be that naive ?
    Just look at the kneel downs…does anybody dare complain to the public ? Nope.. They tell the other team “sorry” we have to do it.

    Nobody dares to speak up for Freeman

  55. ander Says:

    this season has been pitiful hopefully schiano turns this thing around or he has to go is just part of the business. and if he goes hopefully tampa learns their lesson and never hire another coach from college it never or rarely works. some guy in some article was saying we should hire spurrier after this season lol what a joke tampa get a franchise qb. and get a real head coach to run the program i am sick and tired of watching this team be the joke of the nfl. and also dominik needs to go he is the one that needs to get blame for all these bad choices he has had since being the gm horrible. go bucs

  56. White Tiger Says:

    @lightningBuc – sorry dude – Freeman responded – there is only ONE place that information is kept under lock and key – that would be the offices of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    You may not like it – no responsible employee should – but the fact is, only the Bucs benefit from this information getting out there.

    It got Schiano and Dom what they wanted – Freeman’s reputation is temporarily damaged – long enough for them to replace him with Glennon – by sitting on most of the details of the story – until after Glennon HOPEFULLY showed he could beat the Cards and not even the fanbase would turn on them if he won. Now, that the truth has come out – Dom hopes to shine this turd up with at least a 4th, 5th, or 6th rounder to a really crappy team that has no HOPE of competing with them…but who has some really HIGH draft picks.

    NOW THE shopping spree FOR crappy teams can begin making bids for Freeman – teams that Josh would not look twice at during free agency

    Just to put a very fine POINT on it – they’re also sending a message to Freeman – A) don’t fight it dood. We don’t want you here, at all, period. B) accept the trade or we’ll make your life miserable here…just wait…if you think this is bad…we’ll wait till you’re sitting with your parents, where we agreed you could sit…and jerk you out of the room and force you to sit with the other malcontents…er…inactives.

    “,,,see Josh, even though we’re making it personal because we’ve moved on from “Josh Freeman, The Franchise QB” and we’re now going to dazzle the fans with the “Mike Glennon, QB of the Future” BS – it’s just having you on the sideline, reminding everyone how much better you are than the young kid we got in the 3rd round guy…is simply a distraction WE’RE uncomfortable with, it really is, just business…

    for us…

  57. Mark G Says:

    Glad the Buccs are in Florida because this is a Micky Mouse operation.

  58. bucrightoff Says:

    How exactly do the Bucs benefit from this info getting out? By devaluing Josh Freeman in a trade even more? People hate Schiano so much they don’t even know how to apply common sense.

    No, the only person who benefits from this is Freeman because the bigger the distraction/headache/crybaby he becomes, the more likely the Bucs cut him free, which is exactly what he wants.

  59. Adam L. Says:

    On an unrelated side note – if it was one of those blue-shirted people that are walking around the stadium, I hate those guys. They’re Nazis, they’re unfriendly, and I seriously hope each and every one of them falls down an escalator.

  60. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    We keep hearing about a Josh Freeman smear campaign, all orchestrated by Schiano. What some of you clearly don’t realize, there has been an ongoing smear campaign AGAINST SCHIANO since he entered the NFL. In particular, by Florio of PFT. Tell me how many of these stories are written objectively, and how many are oozing with contempt for Schiano:

  61. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    ShutTheBucUp is 100% right.

  62. PRBucFan Says:

    “Lol that was extreme sarcasm obviously y’all are acting like it’s the end of the world because the world knows he has ADHD lmao.

    And I still stand by the fact that if he indeed is into some serious shit and people have found out that he needs to get over it because ACTIONS CARRY CONSEQUENCES and you lose your right to bitch when you brought it upon yourself.

    If he isn’t into anything than great for him, he still sucks.

    Many of you say don’t jump to conclusions yet now there’s a conspiracy theory that Schiano would stoop this low. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    If you ask me if indeed nothing is up with him here, starting with his agent calling Schiano a liar to now all this with the “supposed leak” sure seems as if Free might be the beneficiary with a quick release and the organization becoming “tainted”. Focus is now off the fact that he just plain sucks and now he’s the “victim”.

    Sense y’all wanna throw “cloak and dagger scenarios” out there… smh”

    -You can add this into the latter part with my “victim theory”

  63. arealbucsfan Says:

    I cant believe u f**ks are stucking up Schiano

  64. White Tiger Says:

    Those backing Schiano – aren’t really Schiano backers – they’re really just Josh haters – Schiano finally did what the dimwitts/low watts wanted.

    They’ll turn on Schiano when it becomes clear the 3rd round rookie really isn’t anything special – he throws a nice ball but requires a Tom Brady line because he’s m-o-t-i-o-n challenged, and our line was built on the concept of a QB that has the ability to m-o-v-e around, and doesn’t need a pocket.

    The coach and the GM know this, they knew it last year, they’ve known it for awhile. In order for Schiano’s defense to work to it’s utmost, he likes to employ a pure pocket passer with a high degree of accuracy. Glennon might be that guy, and I personally have nothing against him…it just means the key positions on the offensive line…MUST be replaced. THAT is really hard to do, unless you have something of value that you can trade that helps you gain enough picks to this.

    PS – if it isn’t done quickly, the window begins closing on your talent at key positions…on the field, in the executive suites, and dfinitely on the sideline.

  65. White Tiger Says:

    Lets see if the EyeRah Kaufman, Wooody, or Dr Propecia – pretending to a “joe” deletes this one as they have the past four well written rants that accurately describe who they are.

    It doesn’t matter that you delete us – we’re just describing the truth – the fact that we figured out who you can’t mask the vitrial and laziness of your columns, or style(s).

    For some reason you also don’t want anyone reminded that you were against the head coach (Gruden), before you were FOR the head coach (lying, low-class, no-character, gutless wonder, Schiano)…

    You also don’t want to remind the people of Tampa Bay that you were FOR the PLAYER (MeShawn), before you were against him (Freeman)…

    …and you REALLY don’t like the fact that your union buddy, called in the union to do the investigation…are you rats smelling the water rise?

    Because no matter who leaked it, you guys are the one who published it.

    Let Freeman leave in peace – the kid has earned that much. His agent has properly spun this to his clients advantage – Freeman will leave on his terms, probably cut, but he will go to a team of HIS chosing.

    We know you make a living on the drama – so we ARE, and HAVE BEEN, “following the money…”

    ALl ya’lls DollaDollaBilz…

  66. jose Says:

    Really….how the hell is this Shiano’s fault again. You think right before a game he’s gonna give a crap were Josh is besides that’s actually a NFL rule not a Shiano rule.

  67. White ah, Tigah, they'a Says:

    This one is going to cost the Bucs in the form of cap money – so Schiano had to really go out of his way to “imply” that Freeman was:

    A) not a leader ‘cuz he wuz late to a team photo’r.

    B) He must be a druggy, ‘cuz I took a look at his HR jacket and saw some stuff in there about him getting drug tested – and I, the masterful head coach determined this becawse I saw’r him show up late to the team photo.

    C) These two actions led to his teammates losing confidence in that ther’e Josh Freeman kid, as evidenced by the fact that his teammates did NOT vote to retain him as a Captain (so what if I, the Masterful Head Coach counted, tabulated and certified the vote – like I, the Masteful Head Coach, said during MY Press’r Cawnfrence: “I’m 100% satisfiewed with my uh, behavior theya’r”).

    D) After the I, the Masterful Head Coach stated it was not all Josh’s fault, and that there were others, and that Freeman was MY QB they’r – I, the Masterful Head Coach met with the Crazigood Generawl Manaja they’r and determined that in fact Freeman has had these “performance issues” – which ticked me awff – because he had been hiding it from ME, so…

    E) I benched him – and then without even asking me – this lowsy, never been good, performance issue-laden QB did an interview with ESPN and implwied that I was of low-character and muhded, ah, babies.. are sowmething vewy similah to dat they’r.

    F) – and stay with ME heah, ‘cuz this is important: IF Josh Freeman – that taleented, back-stabbing, kid, stays on this rostah…then when MY boy, MG8 they’r…looks a little shaky – just ‘cuz he’s a rookie – the I down’t wanna heaha all the crap about putting Freeman back in – ‘cuz, I will even admit that the kid woulda beat Arizona…but it’s just not his time anymore, even though I know you kids, they’r spent a lot of money on this worthless piece of hoomanity, they’r, but hey – it happens…

    G) So, uh, dat is why, I would like to trade Josh Freeman –

    So, to review: I hate him and I want him to burn up and blow away, thery’r.

    …but, nawt befohr I get something in trade for his wurthless, uh,..skills.

    I won’t swear to that – but that’s a pretty accurate depiction of how the coach made the case to the owners that he needed to trade/get rid of Josh Freeman.

    It’s not so much the coach that I blame, it’s the owners who thought he made a great argument and committed to the plan to get rid of Josh Freeman.