MRSA Distraction Is A “Kind Of A BS Call”

October 14th, 2013

Darrelle Revis told media in the locker room yesterday that MRSA infections and MRSA education at One Buc Palace was a distraction before the Bucs-Eagles game.

That didn’t sit well with former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht, who’s now a voice on the Buccaneers Radio Network and a college football analyst for ESPN.

“I hope not because I think that’s kind of a BS call,” Becht said of Revis’ comments on WDAE-AM 620 this morning. “I mean, listen, there is some issues going over there with that MRSA, you go through it. That still doesn’t take away my time to go watch film, break things down, get on the field, practice, do what you have to do. I mean they’re not missing those minutes. They just might be taking more minutes out of a day to do it. So if it’s your job, you gotta do what you gotta do to be prepared win. It’s about Ws in this game, guys. … You have to be ready to go by game day and you gotta put a plan in place and these are the obstacles and adversities. Every year teams have those. You have to be better at how you handle them, and right now we’re not handling them very well.”

Joe agrees with Becht, but reality isn’t always so simple. Inches from Revis in the locker room yesterday, a Bucs staff member wearing surgical-type gloves helped Johnthan Banks remove his pads and game jersey.

MRSA is serious business and a situation that’s been infecting the Bucs for two months. It’s not like the bacteria is a player that can be cut. It shouldn’t be a distraction, but Buccaneers are human beings.

13 Responses to “MRSA Distraction Is A “Kind Of A BS Call””

  1. Meh Says:

    I agree with Joe on this one. That’s a bit of a weak excuse, but MRSA is serious. It is the only thing in that locker room more serious than football. Its also the one thing that isn’t the fault of the coach or GM. It is just a bad, scary situation all around.

  2. Tampabaybuctfan Says:

    Of course it is a distraction….whether or not it had any bearing is another matter. Not scoring a single offensive touchdown in the second half this year is not due to a distraction….it is a complete failure of leadership. Whether it is from the bottom up or top down doesn’t really matter…both the top & bottom tiers of management are to blame.
    To me the two things that have caused this are
    Lack of an offensive game-plan adjustment at halftime
    Oline wearing out

  3. SoonerinTampa Says:

    If a player says that it is a distraction…then its a distraction. Revis is in the lockerroom and knows if it causes issues.

    That being said…this is the season from hell…and just continues…

  4. JT Says:

    All season long it’s been one thing after another. This is heartbreaking as a Tampa Bay fan.

  5. Joke Says:

    Definitely agree, Joe. MRSA is some scary shit for the dudes exposed to it everyday, who have no real means of controlling their exposure. I bet it dominated some of the locker room and off-hours conversations between players. That qualifies as a distraction, as Revis termed it.

  6. BirdDoggers Says:

    MRSA is a serious problem and there’s no way it’s not a distraction. The players are professionals and have a job to do, but they are also human. Revis doesn’t strike me as a guy that likes to make excuses. I think he’s just telling it like it is.

  7. PRBucFan Says:

    I agree TBBF

  8. BFFL Says:

    The defense was definitely not their usual self yesterday..They gave up way too many yards on the ground.

  9. d-money Says:

    It’s easy for us to sit at home on the couch and say things shouldnt be an excuse but come on…

    Supposed franchise QB is Benched, franchise QB is released, QB’s medical records are released, 3 players get MRSA, which oh BTW can kill you, Player with MRSA sues team, coach is being investigated for releasing QB’s medical records and yeah theres the little matter of being Zero dash Five…

    None of this has anything to do with whats going on the fiels but If a player on that team says these things arent distractions they are lying….Revis is just being honest.

  10. Tony Says:

    Nothing to see here folks. Keep doing what you where doing:

    “Inches from Revis in the locker room yesterday, a Bucs staff member wearing surgical-type gloves helped Johnthan Banks remove his pads and game jersey.”

  11. Morgan Says:

    MRSA a distraction? Revis is full of it. He’s getting paid $1 mil/game. He better know how to get over these kinds of distractions. For a guy who dealt with distractions in NYC on a regular basis, you’d think he’d do a better job blocking MRSA out of his head for a few hours.

    Bucs can’t win for losing. If they ignored the need toe educate the players, the NFLPA would be whining that they (Bucs) didn’t do enough.

  12. Just A Juggalo Says:

    Great photo above!!

  13. Morgan Says:

    Idiot Eagles fan thought he was funny by walking around the plaza with a surgical mask, gloves, surgical foot covering. Man I hate Eagle fans – always will.