Mixed Emotions For Adrian Clayborn

October 11th, 2013

In 2010, the Bucs were robbed in horrific fashion by the zebras and the NFL apologized. That heinous theft cost the Bucs a win and a playoff appearance and, indirectly, sent the Packers to the playoffs and a Super Bowl victory.

Joe wonders whether the latest NFL-on-Bucs atrocity generated an apology to the New Schiano Order and/or Adrian Clayborn.

Yesterday, Clayborn addressed the NFL returning his $21,000 fine after the league waved off a roughness call against Clayborn during a sack/fumble of Drew Brees. The inaccurate flag overturned a fumble recovery for the Bucs that was critical in the 16-14 loss in September.

“It’s good to get your money back, but at the same time that was a big play in the game, and it possibly could have changed it. So I wish we could have had that play back,” Clayborn said. “So it’s good and bad, I guess.”

You can listen to more of Clayborn below, via the WDAE-AM 620 audio.

7 Responses to “Mixed Emotions For Adrian Clayborn”

  1. MadMax Says:

    These refs and Goodgriefgoodel are really starting something with their shenanigans. Losing eyeballs ober BS like this will hurt their bottom line….but it wont hurt mine when I say FK IT! IM DONE!

  2. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    That call was ridiculous and was a big momentum swing in the Saint’s favor. I’m with MadMax. I won’t be watching football much longer if the refs keep stealing games over legitimate football tackles. Just put flags on already.

  3. chickster Says:

    Penalties are out of control and are making the games harder and harder to watch with the tv timeouts bad calls its more of a circus than football its a turnoff

  4. bucemup Says:

    Did they give Lavonte his money back? They should. The video clearly shows contact was made before Geno went out. Official’s read newpapers,watch TV, surf the internet. They are part of the 90% of people that know the game of football and hate Schiano. It comes down to benefit of a doubt. The Buc’s have got the wrong end of the stick on all pretty much every judgemental call thus far. It’s extremely frustrating watching another game and thinking to yourself “If that was a Buc a flag would have be thrown”. This whole “defenceless receiver”,”helmet to helmet” judgemental call’s are corupting the league. The big machine that is the NFL roles on. They need a team of official’s in NFL central control to vote on these judgemental call’s. Instead of reliaing on that one official. When team are sprinting to the line of scrimmage to get a snap off. Because the previous compleation was one hopped to the Wr. Now imagine the team running to the line but this time the scoreboard light’s up red. Meaning league head quarter’s want’s to take a look at the previous play. They could offset the delay by just going to commercial. Commercial time they could make up by getting rid of the after kickoff commercial. Clayborn is a great example of a HEADS UP hit. The league and football in general from Pop Warner to the NFL is promoting safer tackling “heads up”. They need to change helmet to helmet to exclude face mask and forehead from the rule. It’s guy’s dropping there head at the last second. Crown down clown’s that concuss player’s

  5. bucemup Says:

    In my system they never would of got to the Geno late hit call. The team at headquarter’s would have wanted to take another look at that Leanard Johnson holding call the play before. To see if Geno was out of the pocket. In the replay of the hold you can see Geno instantly take the snap and role out. You could take a snapshot and see he was outside the pocket befor the receiver even got to Johnson. I mean it wasn’t even close.

  6. bucemup Says:

    We are the new Raider’s. The team everybody loves to hate (and hate on). Heck the Raider’s themself are hard not to cheer for. A ragtag bunch of misfit’s with a crippled running back. A quarterback that everyone expected to fail.$70 million roster. I guess the SS hate roles out of Tampa.

  7. Big Marlon B Says:

    I’m all for good physical football, and I think there have been several questionable calls against the Bucs. The “defenseless receiver” trash in particular kills me. I don’t think this was a questionable call at all. Yes it was could have been a turning point in the game and I was pissed off about the flag, until I saw the replay. It is pretty clear it was helmet to helmet. JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURE! You can debate whether it was intentional (I don’t think it was), but I really don’t think you can debate the fact that it was helmet to helmet contact.