“He Seemed Different”

October 12th, 2013

josh freeman 0926

For the first time since the Bucs jettisoned defrocked franchise quarterback Josh Freeman, his former teammate Ronde Barber discussed the subject publicly that has far-reaching complications for the Bucs.

(No, this Freeman story is not over as long as the coaches who couldn’t coach him up are still here and until a decent quarterback can be found. In other words, it has long, long legs.)

Barber joined co-hosts of “The Blitz,” Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon, heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio, to discuss a few Bucs subjects, among them Freeman’s exit from the team, which Barber sort of admitted didn’t shock him.

“I think we could all see it coming. There was some hedging on the Bucs’ part at the end of last year I think as far as committing to him,” Barber said. “Obviously, he was not given a contract. They were openly looking for someone. They drafted a quarterback in the third round. all of those [signs] kind of pointed to [the Bucs] saying, ‘Well, this may not be our guy.’

“I can’t speak for Josh but he seemed different this year. When you saw him in preseason, there was a certain aloofness, I guess is the best way to say it. It was as if he was resigned to his fate here. He wasn’t the same Josh. I am not sure what changed. I know he has some other things going on with his life. Maybe that has some things to do with it. Maybe he is dealing with that adversity. You mentioned it. He has every ounce of talent you would want from that position. He is big, strong, can move around in the pocket. Obviously he has the big arm and certainly has the football IQ to play this game. But it went south quick.”

It sure smells like, the way Barber described it, that Freeman all but quit on the team. Yeah, those are harsh words, but if you add up what Barber said, with Freeman blowing off team functions, meetings, not to mention a pregame meal and being late for a team bus — before the first game of the season no less! — it sure smells like Freeman checked out on his teammates before the season even started.

79 Responses to ““He Seemed Different””

  1. Walter Says:

    Yeah, he read the tea leaves and quit, which makes him a coward. He had every opportunity to keep his job, but instead he decided to not even try. What a shame.

  2. kh Says:

    Thats the best term I’ve heard to describe Josh, a complete coward. If he reacts that way to adversity then he will never be a winner at anything in life. Good riddance.

    Ronde’s comments on Josh’s aloofness and hinted at off-the-field issues are also interesting:
    “I know he has some other things going on with his life. Maybe that has some things to do with it.”

  3. jb Says:

    As much as I don’t believe Schiano is the head coach to lead this team, it’s quite understandable why he didn’t want Freeman in as our QB. At this point Freman’s total lack of caring or leadership really leaves one questioning his character or lack thereof.

    We all knew back in ’09 when we picked him, if he didn’t pan out, it was going to set us back at least 5 years, and that’s exactly what has happened.

  4. PRBucFan Says:


    It wasn’t me this time..

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    This is really sad to me. Most people think I’m a hater when it comes to Freeman. And yes I hated him as a Qb. But like i said before I never questioned his character. A shame he ended up like this.

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I don’t believe for a second that Freeman quit on the team. Revisionist history after the fact.

    Was it Freeman who got game ending penalties? Was it Freeman who dropped pass after pass after pass? Was it Freeman who got 12-13 penalties per game?

    The simple truth is that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Freeman played a part of it, but it was not because he “quit.”

    I love Rhonde, but he wasn’t with the team all off season, training camp or preseason or regular season. He’s guessing to fill in blanks.

  7. Walter Says:


    I know, I know. Joe’s going to keep posting stories about Freeman, I get that, people still want to know what exactly happened.

    This is the only negative thing I’m going to say about Freeman: him quitting on the team was very cowardly, and shows that he was not the leader this team needed at QB. Schiano had every reason to bench him.

  8. bucsfan13 Says:

    so tired of excuses for the last 5 years!

  9. bucsfan13 Says:

    did raheem hand out adderal like candy when he was the coach? it would be helarious if it comes out that sgt. toes on the line was suspended for adhd meds.

  10. Buc Neckid Says:

    Josh did not step up.
    He had the Fans on his side if he just got his head out of his a$$,
    and played like a fifth year NFL QB.
    He could have went head to head with Schiano
    and Freeman could have been the one here next year with Schiano getting the axe.
    If the BUCS don’t make the playoffs with all of the inve$tment that they made into this team
    Schiano will be axed and headed back up North to coach UCONN or somebody at the college level.
    Then Freeman COULD have WON the stand off and at least been Franchised next year.
    He COULD have been here when the NEW Coach takes over and earned his new contract under more fair conditions.
    I know that the Big Dog has “The Hammer” that he is holding back to drop on Schiano at any time
    but who cares?
    That does not lessen the fact that Freeman’s problems of his own, excluding any temper tantrums or hurt feelings that he has from Schiano’s treatment of him, are even more evident to anybody watching this than any mistreatment by Schiano or the BUCS.
    There is something else going on with Freeman, and BUCS, not just Schiano knew it

  11. jb Says:

    PRBucFan Says:
    October 12th, 2013 at 12:30 pm


    It wasn’t me this time..

    Oh yeah, You’re sooooo important…and delusional. lol

  12. Ed Says:

    Who want to be apart of this team-mess. The coach has checked out cutting all the player’s that he has cut,and starting a third round quarterback in the third week of the N.F.L. season. This team is in dis ray and will loose Sunday 24-14, because this coach is to stub bone to change. We will see Martin on first down and second down and then throw a dump off past on third down,because they have gotten into this quarterback head like they did Freeman.

  13. PRBucFan Says:


    I hear ya

  14. FanOfBucs Says:

    Freeman knew that he wasn’t wanted.

    Not great that he just resigned to it all.

  15. Mike Says:

    Free didn’t quit cause it wasn’t there! He showed that last year and the year before. I’m sorry if I offend anybody, but Free was only good 1 year and its like some fans are asking other fans 2 bow at his feet. I’m sorry but I will not bow 2 a player who has no interest in his team! And yes….. I will hold Barber’s words a lot closer then the media or anybody on here

  16. lightningbuc Says:

    I’m no longer going to use the term Freebow, because doing so is a disservice to Tim Tebow, who is anything but a quitter.

  17. TAC Says:

    Sometimes young people can disappoint you.

    I realize the story is about the Organization not developing this young, rich, NFL player in the past, and that is and obvious failure, but he’s gone now.

    I hope he succeeds in the NFL. Good luck Josh Freeman.

    Josh was a bust as a buc QB.

    Glennon has his own future in his hands, and needs the Organization to help him succeed, maybe they learned something.

    If they didn’t, someone is going to be fired again soon.

  18. passthebuc Says:

    Talent will only get you so far. Then you must know how to close the deal. Freeman demonstrated time and time again that he could not close the deal. Yes he had some great comebacks in his career but when faced with adversity, you still needed the fortitude to reach down and finish what you started. There are only a handful of players with that chutzpah and my opinion is Josh did not fall into that category. Teams are lucky in their QB drafting as you never know who will really fit the mold.

  19. Jim Says:

    Have any of you ever worked in a ‘management by intimidation’ workplace? Being honest, if you had an $8 Million guaranteed contract, would you put up with it?


  20. coach80m Says:

    A lot more idle speculation. Barber says one thing on one telecast then another. How would he know what’s bothering Josh. I think that the evil bully lied to him, and it shows in the sense that Glennon now has no competition. I don’t think a lot of players want to go through another rebuilding session. In my opinion, Schiano won’t last the season. Glennon is a sitting target, and what happens if he gets injured? By the way, I’m watching a game from 2011 when the Bucs beat Minnesota. Freeman sure looks a hell of a lot better in that system than he does in the one instituted by the QB coach of the NYG. You would think that the bully would at least hire someone with experience.

  21. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Joe, let it go. Your giving it long legs. What can Freeman possible do to impact the Bucs any longer. Should we be seeing Blount and Talib posts as well. Its seems your Freeman posts just seem spiteful to your loyal readers. My take.

  22. Couch Fan Says:

    Have any of you ever worked in a ‘management by intimidation’ workplace? Being honest, if you had an $8 Million guaranteed contract, would you put up with it?


    He was getting paid $8 million TO put up with it. You got it all back wards.

  23. TAC Says:

    “Have any of you ever worked in a ‘management by intimidation’ workplace?”

    Yes, and also a very micro managed environment.

    It doesn’t matter what the management style is, it depends on how you function in that environment.

    I’ve seen people balled up in a fetal position, and crying in some situations, lol. Not really that funny when it happens, but it does is all kinds of places in the world.

    Shiano layed down the law so to speak, now the Vets in the locker room have to make it work. It’s on all of them to make it work.

    IMO, Freeman although very talented, was subject to meltdowns in high stress situations.

    I started to really worry when he shot his thumb, lol, JK.

    Good luck to Freeman. He was a bust as a buc QB.

  24. lightningbuc Says:

    ” I’m watching a game from 2011 when the Bucs beat Minnesota. Freeman sure looks a hell of a lot better in that system”


    Yeah, that was some system, wasn’t it? I mean, look no further than the last 10 games of that season to see how explosive it was.

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    “Being honest, if you had an $8 Million guaranteed contract, would you put up with it?”

    I’d put up with it for $20 per hr.

  26. Bucnjim Says:

    I’m sure everyone here has managed or worked with an employee who has either checked out or has short timers disease. This is the absolute worst possible thing for moral. Whether you are a team or a business; that one bad apple will drain the energy & motivation out of everyone around them.

  27. Buc1987 Says:

    IMO Freeman’s fragile mind could not handle Schiano’s abrasive nature.

  28. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Joe
    Some players just aren’t coachable. You can have the best QB coach in football work with a guy, but if he can’t/won’t take the direction then nothing changes. All the physical tools in the world aren’t any good if the QB doesn’t use them or develope his game. Nobody should put Freeman’s failure here on the coaches

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucnjim…exactly…and I have worked with those people and it brings down the entire staff.

  30. Biff Barker Says:

    Freeman actually felt he was entitled to be a starter and never committed to himself to earning the job.
    Spoiled, immature and weak.

  31. buccanAy Says:

    im sure he responsible for the mrsa and all other failures at OBP, as well…what a pathetic bunch

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    The #1 reason why I supported Freeman so much in the offseason was that I thought this coaching staff was going to fix him.

    The 2 reasons why I held up the 20ft banner that read We Believe In Josh during preseason. Was to hopefully show Josh that there are still a lot of fans that still wanted him and because I thought the staff could fix him. With all the negative press swirling around the guy in July and August I felt he needed fan support to build him up. I made the banner to hopefully benefit my team. After the Saints game I realized he was a lost cause.

  33. Couch Fan Says:


    Completely agree. And his actions and words ever since being benched only testify to that. He was “blind sided” at being benched then less than 24 hours later he is on national TV asking for a trade.

  34. Buc1987 Says:

    buccanAy…there is NOTHING pathetic about the Bucs D. Nothing.

  35. Tye Says:

    Basically, it boils down to: he was a very costly 5 year long mistake!

  36. Splengo Says:

    Don’t be naive. Of course Freeman quit. And Schiano panicked Freeman’s camp into planning Freeman’s exit during the offseason. The mistake is that Schiano thought he could string Freeman along until Glennon was ready. Epic fail! Freeman isn’t that smart but Erik Burkhardt is.

    They saw what Schiano did during preseason with all the reps going to Glennon and clearly saw what he was planning. Freeman can be inconsistent. But you could clearly see by his demeanor that he wasn’t even trying, yet saying in every presser how much he and Schiano loved each other. Clearly orchestrated!

    Guess what. Freeman’s camp won because Schiano didn’t get what he expected to get from Glennon in the preseason. And after bungling the Freeman benching, Schiano is left with a rookie that’s not ready and no back-up and Freeman is with a playoff ready team and 11 million dollars. That Freeman is such a bum and his camp doesn’t have a clue. Right! Lol.

  37. MadMax Says:

    We are now “overflow the toilet” …..just watch it……OOOOHHHH The Irony and Dichotomy 🙂


  38. Couch Fan Says:

    Why do people make such a big deal out of the pre-season? Is it not common for backups to get a majority of reps in the pre-season? Starters, which Free was at the time, seldom give more than a few reps during each game…

    Glennon wasnt treated any differently than any other back up during any other pre-season but yet we keep hearing how different it was for Freeman…. how was it different exactly?

  39. Biff Barker Says:

    buccanAy Says:

    im sure he responsible for the mrsa and all other failures at OBP, as well…what a pathetic bunch
    —————————————————————————————-Ironic that you use the word pathetic…………..

  40. SteveK Says:


    Freeman can take his 11m payday and go packing. We don’t have any room for a quitter on this team.

    Sad that Dominick traded up for his 1st draft pick, and missed terribly.

    Freeman’s flop from grace leaves the kind of wretched stench on a franchise that could cost Dom his job.

    If Schiano goes, Dom must too!

  41. PRBucFan Says:

    I highly doubt Freeman was purposefully that awful.

    If so, that really does lend credence to him being a “cancer” to this team.

  42. Biff Barker Says:

    Couch Fan Says:


    Completely agree. And his actions and words ever since being benched only testify to that. He was “blind sided” at being benched then less than 24 hours later he is on national TV asking for a trade.

    But remember Couch, Freepology dictates that we are all pathetic now. Probably racists too.

  43. Splengo Says:

    He has SteveK, he has! Now what do we do? Will talk again after the game Sunday. Go Bucs!

  44. MadMax Says:

    Im just ROFL at freefree still stirring things up here….”overflowing the toilet”….

  45. Bobby Says:

    Wow. A Freeman story. How fresh and innovative. …

  46. Splengo Says:


    Remember Freeman as Michael Jackson, the guy can follow a script. Lol.

  47. buc4lyfe Says:

    the idiot coach quit on him first and proved he never liked josh by the way he changed the offense. doesnt matter if he did it to make glennon comfortable, the fact is he did change it to fit the situation we had a quarterback. maybe he’s betting on himself that he could get out of this horrible situation and eventually get the contract he wants, he has time, it didnt have to be now being that he’s only 25

    he should have made him their guy until glennon was 100% ready and if glennon cant beat one of the worst defenses in the league…worse than we were last year then this coach is done, all he did was fix our defense so if they cant stop or outcoach chip kelly….the front office needs to go because it sure isnt the talent on the field thats the problem


    MadMax !!!!!. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN’ FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS, I NEEDED THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  49. Splengo Says:


    Racists? There’s a dog whistle here somewhere and you heard it. You’ve piqued my interest in where you’re coming from. Please explain!

  50. Capt. Tim Says:

    So sad, to see so many clueless responses. There has to more intelligent posters here!

    By the middle of last season, every team had figured out the pathetic Rutgers offense. As was pointed out in every game, by John Lynch, – teams were waiting for Williams and Jackson. All they Tunis out routes, or go routes. Easy to figure. Easy to cover. We had a lil help from Underwood and Clarke( 1000 yards between them), this was enough to give Martin some room to run. But teams were shutting down our passing game. This was the leading factor to our losing streak! They figured Schianos offense out!

    Don’t any of you actually watch the games? Don’t you ever listen to the Anaylst? Ever?? You’d know this!!

    After the season, it’s apparent that Schiano and Freeman discussed the upcoming season. Schiano made it clear that he was going to run even more of his offense. Josh knew that sh*t wouldn’t work. They said Josh asked for a trade,before the draft. It was right around the time Schiano was saying that TEs and Slot Recievers weren’t important in his offense. The stupidity of that statement alone should have concerned all Buc fans. If I Was the QB here- I’d want a trade. You can’t win with That offense.

    Josh wasn’t traded, but Schiano drafted a QB who would replace Josh. That’s Schianos style. He went thru 7 QBs in 6 years, during his years of .500 ball at Rutgers.
    Mike Williams slipped during an on air interview. He said that Glennon was splitting half the reps with Freeman- starting during Training camp.
    When a rookie walks in- and is given half the snaps, it’s obvious that they are giving him the job.
    Yeah, I’m sure That hurt Freeman’s motivation. He had asked for a trade. He had trade value! Why didn’t they trade him?? Instead of playing games, and doing the stupid smear campaign??

    Freeman didn’t want to play in a system- where you can’t win. Who would. They gave Glennon the job in training camp. Of course Freeman wanted to leave! The question is- why didn’t they just trade him, and recoup value. By the time the stupid games were over- we lost him for nothing.

    Schiano made no effort to reconcile . Coaches Bench their starters, to let them regroup and get their heads together. Schiano didn’t try that, either. He was mad Freeman wanted out of his Shi+*ty system, and tried to punish him for it.

    Just lil a tiny lil tyrant would do. He wanted Freeman gone- to blame the teams loses on. Just like he blamed his QBs at Rutgers.
    Who will he blame next here?

    Josh wanted to win. Schiano gave him no opurtunity to do so, and replaced him for disagreeing.
    And the losing still continues.

  51. buccanAy Says:

    Obviously, Talib and blount were not “shiano men”, but its amazing what good coaching can do. Shiano wants to fill this team with “his” guys, but he better win a few games while doin it. IMO, Freeman NEVER had real coaching, and it surely didn’t help that Dom and Morris were calling him a living God, before he ever did anything. Wont surprise me to see him be successful under a “real” professional coaching staff and front office.

  52. MadMax Says:


  53. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Splengo
    At least he was on time for that photo

  54. MadMax Says:

    @BucsLegend….the intestinal fortitude of that Parent in “staying with the game”…..I would’ve lost it completely after “Everything” ….Man that vid made me CRY Laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  55. Buc1987 Says:

    I BLAME Sully next.

  56. MadMax Says:

    @Buc1987 Welcome aboard my friend!

    And if things dont work with Schiano @HC, Im ok with him @DC….still gonna pay him anyway….so why not? Might as well (as long as he’s ok with it)

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    Max that video was hilarious.

  58. Walter Says:


    Does Schiano even look like a guy that would be ok with a demotion? Lol

    Maybe if they let him keep responsibility over the thermostat haha

  59. Buc1987 Says:

    One more day until I get to hear that sh!tty E.A.G.L.E.S. over and over and OVER again. I can already hear now. It’s still in my head from last season.

  60. SteveK Says:


    Schiano could still get it done, you never know.

    Dominick got to hire “his coach”.

    Why can’t Schiano take this offseason to get “his QB”?

    No QB in this league= No chance.

    Freeman is gone, but still holding us down. B-U-S-T effect.

  61. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Biff Barker Says
    “Freeman actually felt he was entitled to be a starter and never committed to himself to earning the job.
    Spoiled, immature and weak.”

    That’s bullspit.

    That man showed up to work earlier than anyone, had players only camps and held multiple minicamps during the lockout himself.

    He didn’t get the start until mid season his rookie year. He earned it. You guys love to rewrite history.

  62. SteveK Says:


    Where was Freeman for his youth camp last summer? What was up with Freeman on his 620wdae interview last year?

    What about the missed meetings, team meal, and team bus this year?

    What about his regression, and not taking accountability to work harder?

    Ask Hawaiian Buc if Freeman showed up late, parked in an “Expected Mother” parking spot at OBP and rushed thru to be late to a meeting?

    It’s over, and it is bull spit that Freeman got a pass and continues to get a pass. You are only as good as your QB play in this league, and our former QB was a HUGE BUST.

    Freeman wasted more talent than any QB prospect in the last 5 years, for that he should be held accountable.

    Freeman is mentally weak, and couldn’t hack it with expectations. He’d rather hide, run away and talk to ESPN because he can’t handle the pressure. He is a baby.

  63. MadMax Says:

    @Buc1987 Tell me about it, lol…..its coincidentally overflowing…oh well.

    And @Walter, hell no he does not……but WTH is with his play calling? Change some jit up or settle with the consequences….his move Bro (and Doms)

  64. MadMax Says:

    BTW, KEEP ALL EYES ON CONNER SHAW (QB of the Gamecocks)….and MIKE DAVIS, (RB of the Gamecocks)….

    Look, I know most eyes are on Clowney, but be unconventional and go after those who are better because of him…..look at places for fighters around fighters…….”Sutton” too…..

  65. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “I know he has some other things going on with his life. Maybe that has some things to do with it.”

    Hello, Elephant.

  66. MadMax Says:

    And BTW, Clowney is just “clowning” around…no chance we get him unless we go winless, and then theres the trades (Cleveland owns that “Bridgewater” spot)…but then the other spots open up.

    Im going Watkins or Clowney….And FKing need Conner Shaw too(later round)

    IM HOMER….What…..AND??????

  67. Hsoj NameerF Says:

    Hah! Hah! You guys got rid of possibly the best QB ever and brought in pretzel stick. Good luck with that! Ooooooh look! A daisy…where was I….where is my rita…er…ah….adderall….I miss Calypso…I’m sorry, huh? Oh yeah…you’ll miss me…er…that guy who’s now a stud for the Vikings. I like purple don’t you? Have you seen Adrian Peterson in the shower? I like snakes….Bucs Suck!!!

  68. chickster Says:

    I don’t know if I blame freeman he has been backstabbed bye this coach and it started in the off season I’ve never heard of a coach sabotaging his team before the season even started even with the lack of reps in the preseason and I assure you that this glennen kid is a career back up at best most of the blame needs to be placed where it belongs with the offensive coordinator just has no feel for the game and the blame is laid on everywhere else but where it belongs . This coach has a made a joke of this team and the whole country thinks thinks this organization is a joke and its the only statement that is true

  69. coach80m Says:

    Right now I am watching the 2011.09.18 games vs the Vikes. Having coached both football and volleyball, I can see why Freeman had many problems passing the ball. Did not the Rutgers assistant, Mr McNulty of ex Cards fame, not state that he was not responsible for correcting mechanical errors? In addition, he sure looks good in that Olsen offense where he rolls out a lot and seems to ad lib more than he did for the bully’s Bucs. In a nutshell, he holds the ball low with one hand, then he must raise his arm to get into a throwing motion, and he still has a low elbow. You can shit on me if you wish, or we can discuss it. This should have been easily correctible perhaps.

  70. Bobby Says:

    @chickster….Alright! Another all seeing Buc fan who can tell the outcome of Glennon’s career after one game. The psychic powers of Bucs fans is amazing! Ooooh! Ooooh! Can you tell me the numbers for tonight’s power ball drawing!??? C’mon, please! With a gift like your’s you must know!

  71. chickster Says:

    Nobody else even had him on there board that early wow and we brought nobody else in that’s what I have the problem with and they knew freeman wasn’t the man and they think a fourth round rookie is going to keep there jobs your a daydreamer or just an idiot

  72. Bobby Says:

    Actually Glennon was in rounds 1-2 in many NFL mock drafts. Some had him as the 2nd QB to go in the draft. And he was a third round pick…not a 4th. A psychic like yourself should have known that. You also don’t read much do you or you would have known that the Bucs tried to land Carson Palmer and thought they had him but the deal fell through. Also…learn to add some periods and commas to your rants.

  73. Eric Says:

    Bucs D ain’t all that. Gave up winning drives in two games, 13 points in 4th quarter to Cards, and were shredded by pats running game.

    We used to sit around here and talk about how good our defense was back n the expansion days.

    This bunch is middle of the road at best.

  74. zam Says:

    Why does everybody but me seem to know what was going on in Josh’s life, and nobody ever wants to say what it was? Drugs? Gay? Psycho?

  75. MadMax Says:

    @Bobby, you’re right….I remember before the bowl games, Glennon was talked about as a 1st round pick by some analysts.

    @Eric, wth are you smoking bro, our D IS ALL THAT! The refs fked us out of some games man! If you cant see that, then I dont know why you’re even reading and posting on this forum….

  76. MadMax Says:

    @zam,….um, I dont care man. I knew something wasnt right with that cat and glad he’s gone.

  77. Vincente Says:

    @ Capt Tim
    I agree 100% with what you wrote. SCHIANO ruined Free. Free knew this system was bull and wanted out. He wants to win and with this coach the bucs will NEVER win. I love Free as a Qb and mark my words. FREE will win big in Minnesota! I’m so upset he’s gone. In my eyes he is the only true franchise Qb the bucs ever had. Miss ya FREE.

  78. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    In his last 10 NFL Starts, Freeman is on par with the likes of Blaine Gabbert and Tim Tebow.

    If Freeman is “best Buc QB of all time”, then we will surely get a guy better than that soon enough.

    Johnny Football is coming to Tampa!

  79. NY Buc Says:

    Josh probably landed into a better fit for him in Minnesota, but why are some people so sure he’s going to flourish under a ‘real NFL coaching staff’ in Minnesota? Last time I checked Leslie Frazier’s NFL record is poor, and that ‘real NFL coaching staff’ hasn’t exactly showed they know how to develop a QB either (Ponder was a 1st rounder that Vikings fans can’t wait to run out of town…sound familiar)