Freeman’s Drug Dilemma

October 1st, 2013

No. 5 fired back last night (see below) after someone dropped a No. 2 on his reputation, via a leak of Freeman’s substance abuse/medical status with the NFL to Chris Mortensen of BSPN.

Per Freeman’s statement, he voluntarily entered the basic “Stage 1” of the NFL substance abuse program more than year ago after changing ADHD meds and has never failed one league drug test, including 46 league-supervised tests since he entered the program.

Freeman says those tests were “for every drug and banned substance imaginable. I agreed to allow such testing to be done at my workplace (team facility) because I spend all of my time there and I have nothing whatsoever to hide or be embarrassed about.”

Joe thinks it’s very weak that BSPN, with a clear communication avenue to reach Freeman or his agent, didn’t include any comment (or no comment) in their story last night from the Freeman camp, driving Freeman to release his own statement.

Given that Freeman was drug tested routinely at One Buc Palace, it was widely known around the building and surely the results were part of the evaluation of Freeman entering this season, when the New Schiano Order determined Freeman was the best man to lead the franchise. So Joe can’t give Greg Schiano any kind of pass, as if Freeman had a new problem that just emerged.

So who would leak this confidential information? Why?

Joe can speculate like anyone else. Perhaps it was orchestrated by Freeman’s own camp, eager to quash growing rumors that Freeman has a serious problem with recreational drugs? Perhaps it was a team interested in Freeman that’s trying to drive down his trade value? Perhaps it’s a Schiano hater eager to inject more turmoil into the Bucs organization? Maybe Mortensen just cashed in a big favor with a mole at the NFL office to break the story?

Regardless, Freeman is likely to not fade away anytime soon as he tries to fix/clarify his image in the public eye. And the Bucs, since it’s not “high school football,” will keep him around while they try to trade him.

75 Responses to “Freeman’s Drug Dilemma”

  1. jb Says:

    Says Joe, “So who would leak this confidential information? Why?”

    Really Joe? REALLY???????????
    Please tell me you’re not naive enough to believe Schiano wouldn’t have one of his minions spread every possible negative about Freeman to TRY and take away from his woeful NFL coaching ability!

  2. Capt. Tim Says:

    Odd you didn’t mention Schiano as the possible. Pretty apparent he’s trying to blame every ill the Bucs have on Josh!!

    One player didn’t create the problems and losses this team has. But one guy seems to be the victim of a smear campaign- launched by Schiano.

    We ave lost 10 of our last eleven games. But we were ahead in 6 of them, with less than 2 minutes to play.

    They were lost by our lousy coach. This guy is in way over his head. He has thrown everyone he can grab under the Bus, and is deliberately trying to divert blame/ attention to Freeman

    Fire Schiano. He is NOT a buccaneer man

  3. lightningbuc Says:

    Boomer Esiason basically broke this story a year ago – no one wanted to listen to him.

  4. Architek Says:

    It doesn’t matter they all look like buffoons – Freeman didn’t clear his image, he just put a name tag on his shirt saying “Buyer Beware”.

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    jb Says: October 1st, 2013 at 7:47 am
    “Really Joe? REALLY??????????? Please tell me you’re not naive enough to believe Schiano wouldn’t have one of his minions spread every possible negative about Freeman to TRY and take away from his woeful NFL coaching ability!”

    The fact that the Bucs need trade value for Freeman renders your claim ignorant.

  6. Architek Says:

    You are 100% right and everyone freaked out.

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe…just want to say…keep doing what you are doing. You are the best. With these idiots that insult the website lately, I just thought you deserve to hearxsome appreciation.

  8. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Who cares who leaked it, thats for the lawsuit to figure out (HIPPAA violations are taken very seriously). This now explains why we always had very slow starts, since he had problems focusing. Why in the world did we draft this guy? Oh yeah, because Raheem coached at his college. This guy is a team cancer. Keep Schiano, fire Schiano dont care I want wins. I just hope Glennon doesnt have any excuses.

    So Joe, you saying you knew this all the time but didnt report it?

  9. snookau Says:

    Not sure how all this turned into Freeman vs Schiano.

    They both suck and both need to go.

  10. Being Ickles Says:

    After Freeman was benched the Big Dog (believe him or not) stated that he was behind the move because josh needed “off the field help” and teh big dog worked closely with josh for 16 weeks in 2011-present so he would be able to sense something was not rigt during a face to face 1 hour interview for that time frame, it is probably a little more than adderall which is an easy scapegoat these days fro pro athletes esp at One Buc Place

  11. Eric Says:

    I’m no Schiano fan but there isn’t a shred of evidence he had a thing to do with this.

    I agree that the way ESPN reported it was shameful.

    No reason for folks to jump all over Josh. Kid played his best. Bucs don’t think he’s the answer, he won’t be around much longer. That outta be the end of it.

  12. snookau Says:

    Who drafts a QB with a losing record in college that has ADHD?

    The same moron who hired a coach who never won anything in college.

    Fire Dominik too. Clean house.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    tonytwocents, to deny that Schiano would not care about trade value is ignorant. He needs the team to get better to keep his job.

    You act as though he is on the hotseat. He isn’t. Not yet. Just because you Chaos Fans want to blow everything up doesn’t mean Dom and the Glazers do.

    If Glennon sucks (entirely possible) the Bucs will draft a new QB in round one. Schiano will get more time as a result. If the defense were not so improved it might be different. But it is improved. And Tampa has ALWAYS been all about the defense.

    Of course you won’t agree. Common sense shouldn’t temper your opinion or agenda.

  14. Joke Says:

    So did you know that Freeman was getting drug tested? Given that number, I assume it’s been roughly weekly for the past year. And if at the team facility, I assume all they players and staff would’ve noticed or heard gossip from those who did.

  15. jb Says:

    Hey Bonzai….

    Do you really believe Schiano gives a rats patoot what we get in trade for Freeman?
    At this point, he and Dominick are just trying to save their jobs!

    Ignorant? Hardly

  16. jb Says:

    Bonzaii, rather than calling us ignorant while kissing Joe’s a**, maybe you should watch the

  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    tonytwocents, I hate to break it to you but scramblers can be banned also. You may think you’ve outsmarted Joe, but you haven’t. Insulting him will just push you closer to true lifetime banning.

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    tonytwocents, clearly ignorance is bliss. Big Dog has been calling for Schiano’s head for weeks. Just ask Joe. Or. Actually. Get. Facts. Straight.

  19. King Diamond Says:

    We may not win a single game this year.

  20. Jeff Says:

    This is all crap. Bottom line is Shiano needs to be fired. NOW!!!!

    There are only 3 entities that knew of Freeman med condition. NFL, Bucs and Josh. Unless it was Josh that leaked the info, the person that did needs to be punched in the face.

    This is a sad year for the Tampa Bay Bucs.

  21. Nic Says:

    I’m willing to bet its one of the Schianophobes. The media is in a frenzy ever since the “kneeldowngate” and people like Mike Florio are out with something to prove in sort of a “talk to us or you’ll be sorry” type approach. I see it this way, Freeman is what he is. I think he’s a great guy from the times I’ve met and interacted with him but his style of play and demeanor just doesn’t scream “starting quarterback”. This just in: Schiano didn’t ruin Freeman, he did it himself. His 10 win season came off of some HORRIBLE teams at the time, and he had a terrible year in 2011 during the Raheem Morris debacle. He got his success from using his size and athleticism to manufacture plays, but what happened after 2010? He slimmed down and became a statue in the pocket, and much like a statue he locked onto his primary read and waited.

    I really think this whole thing is on the Rockstar. Look at the quality of draft picks since Schiano came to town. LVD, Mark Barron (whose presence was definitely missed late sunday), J Banks, Akeem Spence, we are loading up the defensive side of the ball with a defensive identity that is something to be reckoned with. Compare that to Dominik’s picks. Losing Freeman would prove that he has little drafting skill. If you’re trying to save your job, you try to make this more about Freeman’s shortcomings than your inability to properly assess talent.

    I think Glennon will be pretty good by the end of the season, the problem is the last thing fans want is another rebuild after 5 years of “rebuilding”. I do know one thing for sure, changing HC’s again would be disaster. We are headed in the right direction, but opposing teams are exploiting the holes we have made so readily available to them.

  22. Bobby M. Says:

    Just an observation…….but name one person that has come out and said Josh Freeman doesn’t have a substance abuse problem. There are tons of people from all walks of life saying the guy has got some serious problems, nobody is defending the guy. What does that tell you?

  23. dave Says:

    It seems obvious to me that it was a reporter (local or natinal ?) that was around 1 Buc and saw a drug test and got stupid.

    For those thinking it was Schiano or someone at his direction that is complete BS and there is not a chance that he would do that

  24. Nic Says:

    To clarify, I’m not saying draft picks have been showstoppers since Schiano got here, but compared to what we were getting, many of his draft picks have exceeded initial expectations, which is nice.

  25. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I don’t see what Schiano would have to gain from leaking this information. You people automatically assuming that it was him have been reading too much into the non-story hit jobs the media has been putting out on him. The media (ESPN and ProFootBallTalk especially) loathe Schiano’s handling of the media and have run nothing but negative stories on him since he entered the league.

    I’m guessing it was a rival organization or Freeman’s agent that leaked the story, because they would be the only ones to gain from it. The way its reported, it just makes the Bucs look bad and Freeman look like the victim. Use your brain people.

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Roy Cummings said that the Bucs didn’t know Josh was in the program. Bull. First, he is assuming Josh did not tell Dominick and Schiano. Second, the testing was done at the team facility. It is impossible for them not to know.

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    ShutTheBucUp, I agree.

  28. Paul Says:

    He should’ve kept that ADHD thing a secret at all costs. Worst ailment for a NFL QB to have. Jamarcus Russel just passed him up on available QB list after this news broke.

  29. dave Says:



    What would Schiano possibly gain from doing that? It was a reproter that was around 1 Buc.

    Schiano does not have to justify benching Freeman, Freeman did that over his play the last 1.5 years.

    For some reason some of you think Schiano would sink that low and devalue and trade value Freeman may have?? Makes NO SENSE WHAT-SO-EVER.

    Seriosuly, the Schinao haters out there: what exactly has he done that is so wrong? Made a couple iffy calls, sure, so has every coach, especially rookie coaches.

    THe bottom line is, the Bucs are a a little better QB play away from being 3-1. If they were, no one wouold have a problem nor care that Freeman is benched because he would still deserve it.

  30. Splengo Says:


    After 46 drug tests, where are the illegal drugs that Esiason alluded to?

  31. Meat Says:

    Idiots, all of you. Remember his cracked-out interview over the summer? Link here to 620 WDAE ( That was on Ron and Ian, and all of you have heard Ian’s comments over the last several weeks. Freeman was doing far more tha Adderall. I have ADHD and take Adderall. First, how did he get ritalin if he was prescribed Adderal? They do essentially the same thing. In the interview above, Josh is clearly “stimulated.” Could have come from taking 80 milligrams of Adderral or coke, but he is clearly abusing something. The team knew. Also, when I started Adderal, I lost about 20 lbs and have a meaty athletic build like Free….. 100 percent he has a drug problem. If the white is your choice, you need about 12 hours to get it out when you are that caliber of athlete. No reason to EVER fail a test for anything other than herb…..

  32. Paul Says:

    Offer Gruden a record breaking deal for the ages that he can’t refuse! Also, can’t blame Dom, Most new coaches get their pick of QB. Freeman was Raheem’s. Dom didn’t pick Freeman or Glennon, so don’t keep saying that he did…

  33. Meat Says:

    so 45 of 45 tests without failing means zero, especially considering the collector bribing issue that Von Miller dealt with!

  34. Ed Says:

    Mike Glennon will never progress in an offense that defenses have completely figured out. With his quick release the Bucs need to be running an offense similar to what the Pats run. Williams and Jackson have size and strength, get the ball to them in posts, slants and crossing routes. Use Demps as a Welker type. They have the personnel to move the ball but the scheme of play action and long developing plays has failed the quarterbacks. They are taking sacks or being pressured. Make the defense pay for loading the box, the quick hitters will be there. You have to get the passing game going with shorter routes on first and second downs. Pass to set up he run, the Bucs have it backwards.

  35. Splengo Says:


    Didn’t need to know your medical history, but now that we do, so much easier to understand your posts. Get some help, man!

  36. snookau Says:

    Dominik didnt pick Freeman?

    Are you serious? Freeman is a Dom/Rah pick.


  37. Mark G Says:

    I used to laugh at the dysfunction of the Jetts and now the Buccs are worse. Every day a new “leaked” story. Anything to keep from talking about the crapfest on the field i guess. . .

    Oh no! We suck again!

    The Buccs should make a uniform change back to creamsicle with Pewter/Red being throwback.

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Meat…your source is Ian Beckles? Really????

  39. bucsfan13 Says:

    how come no one is talking about the weird coincidence that two players get popped for taking adhd medicine without a script and now it comes out from freeman himself that he is taking the same medicine but conveniently has a script. Hmmmm isn’t that weird.

  40. Kryq Says:

    If Schiano is leaking out Freeman’s health status he is a punk and deserves to be fired. I’m tired of Schiano, he doesn’t even deserve to coach college the guys is a straight up loser take shorts at other players knees on knee down which no other coach would do. Take out the trash in Schiano
    Silly GM mark dominik as well his drafting is just Average 1 or 2 good players every year. A lot can’t seem to stay healthy.

  41. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Tonytwocents and Josh Freeman: two guys, 1 cup

  42. Jeff Says:

    How about we all call the glazers and demand they FIRE SHIANO NOW!!!

    Bryan Glazer

  43. D-Rome Says:

    Boomer Esiason basically broke this story a year ago – no one wanted to listen to him.

    Right on, lightningbuc!

  44. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I’m noticing a whole bunch of people who don’t regularly post here. Hmmm, strange coincidence? I don’t think so.

  45. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Teflon Dom. His first ever franchise pick as a GM. The job he’s been waiting for his entire life, working up through the system, all the way up to the head of the organization.

    And we are supposed to give him a free pass because he gave a first time ever head coach, who has no experiencing choosing talent whatsoever, his choice of QB for arguably the most important pick of his tenure as GM?

    I don’t know what’s worse. Picking Freeman, or allowing Raheem to. Either one looks really bad.

    So, does Dom only get credit for the ones that pan out? Whether it’s at QB or GM or Schiano or whoever, let’s take some accountability.

  46. K_bassuka Says:

    Schiano is responsible for the leak 100%. He leaked it trying to throw dirt at Freeman and to validate the change of QB even when the offense looked worse than when Freeman was the QB and the team continues to exhibit the same problems:
    Dropping passes.
    Running bad routes.
    Lack of QB pressure from the front four, and running lame stunts that take your best DE/DT out of the plays.
    Constantly running on a 9 man front and expect to block it with eight players, even when the play action work beautifully but who need to fake the run when we can run it for 1-3 yards right…

    Schiano has lost this team due to his lack of leadership and accountability. He is what we expected from day one. A drill sergeant want to be that hasn’t accomplished squad. Well besides hooking one of Bellicheat sons with a roster spot…

  47. Splengo Says:

    Last night was the straw that broke the camels back. The Bucs have moved up the calendar to move Freeman according to PFT. Dominik has received calls from no less than 12 NFL teams. Soon the haters will be silenced. How could any team be interested in Freeman? 12? Lol

  48. jb Says:

    How on earth can you all keep giving Schiano a pass, and blame this 0-4 record on Freeman? Granted, he’s played like crap recently….BUT, in the last 10 games or so, he’s gone to the bench with a lead in the last 2 minutes in 6 of those, only to have them turn into losses. Sorry kids, but THAT IS COACHING!

    Anyone else notice the referee this past Sunday telling Schiano, it’s not the Referee’s job to explain NFL rules to a coach during the game? Schiano is in so far over his head it isn’t funny! I never though the Glazers could find a head coach worse than Raheem Morris, but somehow they were able to.

    But you knuckleheads go ahead and keep blaming the quarterback who’s not even playing now. I suppose it’s Freeman’s fault we lost to the Cards with a lead in the final 2 minutes. Wake the Heck Up!

  49. lightningbuc Says:

    “After 46 drug tests, where are the illegal drugs that Esiason alluded to?”



    Esiason NEVER alluded to illegal drugs. Might want to re-read what exactly he did say.

  50. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    For you people who have already made up your mind that it was Schiano (because you have no sense of logic), I just don’t see what you think he would have to gain from this other than people calling for his firing. Schiano doesn’t like things getting out to the media. He has been notoriously tight-lipped to the point where he’s compared to Bill Belichick. What makes you think he’s prancing around leaking stories to the media at One Buc Place? He’s a football coach with an 0-4 team and a bye week to right the ship. And you think he’s spending all of his time leaking stories to the media?

    You may not like Schiano, thats fine. But to have already convicted him of this leak is a little ridiculous. Use logic. Think of who benefits and who doesn’t benefit by this info getting leaked. It certainly does not benefit the organization or the embattled head coach when private medical status is leaked on a player.

  51. houstonbucsfan Says:

    You got your wish Joe, ogletree released…

  52. Splengo Says:

    Free at last, Free at last, Good Gawd A’mighty, Free at last. Those words makes you haters want to throw up. Doesn’t it? Good trumps evil every time.

  53. D-Rome Says:

    Meat Says:

    I have ADHD and take Adderall. First, how did he get ritalin if he was prescribed Adderal? They do essentially the same thing.

    Adderall and Ritalin may be used to **treat** the same thing but it’s a stretch to say they do essentially the same thing especially when you consider they are made up of different ingredients. You have probably been fortunate to find the right medication the first time around that helps treat your ADHD. Not everyone reacts to adderall the same way. If Josh switched to ritalin it’s possible the dosage and the chemicals that make up adderall wasn’t helping him in the way he had hoped so he tried ritalin. I have people close to me (no, not me) who are ADHD and like with any medication that help the mind it’s a hit-and-miss science. Finding the right dosage can take time.

    As far as the Bucs are concerned I think it’s very sad this is even a topic of conversation. It’s possible HIPPA regulations have been violated and Josh Freeman may have a case against the Bucs if they are the source of the leak. Someone said it yesterday, whether it was on JBF or somewhere else that it seems like the Bucs are trying to win the “spin” war between the two entities. Right now the Bucs are looking like a classless organization.

  54. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Use logic. ”

    That was your first mistake.

  55. nate Says:

    Seriously I dont care about any news about this guy… lets bring in brett farve already

  56. bucrightoff Says:

    Its amazing, depressing and somewhat insane that members of this very fan base believe this team would somehow irrevocably harm its ability to attract players and lose the trust of both the players and the entire fanbase and by engaging in a campaign to…do what exactly? He’s getting paid his money no matter what. The Bucs would prefer to get something rather than nothing…what is there to gain? Obviously nothing. And what is there to lose? Only everything. And yet people are convinced there are people in the organization that want to torpedo it.

    Freeman meanwhile has little to nothing to lose by forcing his way out however he needs to. Its the NFL you can murder people and still play, being a whinny malcontent hardly rates. So he has everything to gain from this.

  57. DWC2 Says:

    It is a shame that when times have gotten tough, people have chosen to attack the character of others, rather than supporting each other. I remain dedicated and focused to being the best quarterback I can be and to help a team win a championship.”
    Josh has to be the happiest Buc at OBP, at least he’s getting out!

  58. Splengo Says:


    Exactly! If there are no illegal drugs, what’s the problem?

  59. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let see….You think Schiano leaked this….

    Schiano only has two things that may help him.
    Win some games now or
    Have some prospects for a brighter 2014 like
    Money freed up from a Freeman trade along with a draft pick

    So…Schiano says To hell with it I’ll make Josh worthless as a trade prospect.

    Folks, Josh Freeman doesn’t need to be trashed by Schiano, he is trashing himself quite nicely.

  60. Young buc Says:

    Fire greg schiano

  61. JoeBucHater Says:

    If he tested positive for Ritalin but didnt have it listed as an exemption, he didnt have a prescription for it! That means he was taking a pill that a doctor did not give him….. or gave him under the table?

  62. [GAME 163 HANGOVER] The One Where We Discuss David Price’s Domination And Evan Longoria’s Clutchiness | Rays Index Says:

    […] Just blow up the Bucs and start over. This is an ugly mess and it’s getting uglier. [JoeBucsFan] […]

  63. Hesson0208 Says:

    Freeman is a good Qb. He could be a great Qb if he wasn’t on drugs. Those amphetamines that he’s admitted to taking on a regular basis have fried his brain!!!

  64. lightningbuc Says:


    PFT reports that Dominik has called 12 teams, and plans on calling all the others in an effort to trade Freeman. It makes no mention of any team calling the Bucs to inquire.

    Carry on with your narrative!

  65. Architek Says:

    What what he said was that Freeman has tremendous potential but if he is to ever achieve his potential he needs to become a student of the game. Commit to film study and also put the night life aside.

    He also said there are some circles that feel that football isn’t his first priority and until that happens he will be mediocre.

    Also this year he said that Freeman wanting to play for another team doesn’t guarantee starting or success because teams will question his commitment – his antics in Tampa will also be factored into his compensation.

    In other words, there are circles that talk. And no one said he has a drug abuse problem but he needed help. His regression ties directly to whatever his issues are, he’s got God given ability but he’s mentally weak. Yes I don’t care to pile on him because I said two years ago he’s garbage and I’m not surprised. But when Boomer and Moon are hearing things about this guy’s nightlife and study habits – there was smoke and when there is smoke there is fire!

  66. Raphael Says:

    Lightningbuc…. The story said the bucs have talked to 12 teams…. No mention on who called who…. Get your facts right..

    Carry on with your narrative

  67. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Here is the exact quote. Notice the last sentence. It doesn’t say 12 teams called and Dominick is calling the rest. Its says he is making the calls.

    “According to Ed Werder of ESPN, the Bucs have already talked to nearly a dozen teams so far about a potential trade, and expect to talk to the rest of them today. A league source tells PFT that G.M. Mark Dominik personally is making the calls.”

    Carry on with your narrative.

  68. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Funny all the post about logic and Bucs under Schiano can you say oxymoron just saying>

  69. lightningbuc Says:


    Talk to your boy Splengo. He’s the one saying teams are blowing up One Buc’s phones inquiring.

    But I see your point – who wouldn’t want a QB who has problems concentrating, by his own admission, and is in the NFL drug program. What a snag for whatever team gets him!

  70. King Couch Fan Says:

    Funny how the remains of the Freemanites are crying about someone trying to ruin Freeman’s reputation… then turn around and do the exact same thing to Schiano. LMAO

    Why are we still talking about a garbage 3rd string Inactive QB?

  71. Warthog Says:

    I like Freeman. Still do. But he deserved to get benched. Hasn’t been the same guy the last couple years and his play this year was hard to watch.

    My concern is that Schiano sticks around and that his Glennon mancrush will see the Bucs pass on taking a top qb prospect next year and give Glennon more ‘time to develop’. The Bucs already have the talent at the other offensive positions, aggressive moves need to be made to find a long terms answer at QB. I hope Glennon is it, but we can’t afford to give him any longer than the rest of this season to find out.

  72. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Here’s another quote for you.

    @Edwerderespn: Source says Bucs have called nearly dozen teams about trading Josh Freeman and indicated plan to reach out to all 32 by end of today

    Is that enough yet?

  73. Architek Says:

    I asked you weeks ago where your loyalty- with Raheem jr or the organization?

  74. the1trubuc Says:

    Dam I leave the boards for an evening and come back to “the sky is falling” I get dumping #85 but Black? why? was he a Freeman backer? I love my team, but I am no fan of the current coach. imho he is setting us back 3-4 years @ Quarter back, drafting or trading for one is gonna take our resources or time?is it alright to start putting out our wish list of new coaches? how about a former Buc family member? one who is *Loved, follow me? a Tampa 2 and serious defensive minded guy. that’s Tampa’s way come on Lovie come home! just my opinion

  75. White Tiger Says:

    Think about it – the team actually has the most to gain.

    Some team doesn’t want Freeman on the open market at the end of the year – someone else (Coach Schiano) doesn’t want Freeman on his bench reminding him of the terrible decision to start a 3rd round draft pick after only 3 games. Nope, he doesn’t want fans screaming for Freeman as Glennon is piling up interceptions and losses.

    Now – which suckee team has high enough, mid-round, draft picks they could be willing to part with to get a starting QB THIS year?

    It’s ALL Schiano and the Bucs – they get NOTHING by waiting – they get SOMETHING by dealing now.