Eagles 31, Bucs 20

October 13th, 2013

Johnthan Banks couldn’t handle Riley Cooper, and Darrelle Revis and friends couldn’t contain lethal DeSean Jackson in the end zone.

Down go the Bucs again to the big-play Eagles and the immortal Bucs killer, backup quarterback Nick Foles, who completed 71 percent of his passes and finished with a 133.3 quarterback rating today.

What a heinous stench this Bucs season has become.

The Bucs dropped another steaming deuce in front of a packed house at the Stadium in Dale Mabry Highway. The loud chants of “Let’s Go Eagles!” were downright painful. The Eagles are not a great football team. Backup QBs should spank you in your house. The formerly proud Greg Schiano defense was gutted and gashed up the gut and through the air.

Yes, there were bright spots, but seasons should be about wins, not decent stats from a third-round rookie quarterback and good plays by an undrafted tight end out of Rutgers.


42 Responses to “Eagles 31, Bucs 20”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    No Comments

  2. Joke Says:

    So where’s all the shit-talk about how crappy Kelly is?

    He’s not a good person, but he can coach the hell out of an offense.

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    Schiano is obviously now all but finished. Just unacceptably to be this bad with the level of talent.

  4. Washington DC Says:

    Another great loss

  5. BucfaninMi Says:


  6. k1ngadroc Says:

    it was Josh Freemans fault

  7. PRBucFan Says:

    “Only in Tampa do we think the Bucs have such an overtalented, underperforming team. We have a pot load of former Pro Bowl players and “potential” that wouldn’t even start on most teams, as of today.’

    That is what you are wrong about.

    To say this team in’t loaded with talent is completely ridiculous.

  8. Drew Says:

    Goodbye Greg.

  9. Washington DC Says:

    bucrightoff Says: schiano is obviously now all but finished. Just unacceptably to be this bad with the level of talent.


  10. k1ngadroc Says:

    beagles made adjustments and beat us in the second half…. just like every other game since 2010

  11. JerseyBucsFan Says:

    Thats all you can really say about this game is there was a TE sighting…*sigh*

  12. dee Says:

    Hopefully someone get their walking papers tonite.Get a real nfl coach

  13. too much talent Says:

    Bottom line this team has too much talent and is way too undisciplined to win NFL football games. This season is up in smoke, time to replace the coach who cant win with probowl talent. On a side note why did we not drop Zuttah years ago…even swinging gate Larsen out played him today….

  14. Drew Says:

    Still 11 games to pull it all together. 11and 5 and laughing.

  15. k1ngadroc Says:

    wait, when was Gruden fired…. since his last game

  16. k1ngadroc Says:

    oh, and this offense doesn’t utilize TEs, right? nonsense

  17. Deminion Says:

    Welp… Reality is we are not a good team

  18. Capt. Tim Says:

    Just docked the boat, Beautiful day on the Bay!!

    So, how much did we win by??

    Two weeks to prepare for a rookie coach, backup QB, and 31st ranked defense in the league!

    And we lose by 11??

    I don’t think Shiano will win a game.
    And Glennon isn’t the savior some claimed him to be!

    They are as horrible as I said they were.

    I wish they werent

  19. BucinPhilly Says:

    Can we please just fire this guy now…I’ve seen enough.

  20. MR.T Says:

    Oh well, another 2nd half meltdown after a promising 1st half. The defense played poorly and the oline was abysmal in the 4th qtr. I do like the progress of Glennon, I thought overall he played well and we finally got out of the teens in scoring. It looks like we found our receiving TE in Wright. Unfortunately don’t see much upside for this season, I think we’ll win a few eventually but that’s about it.

  21. Young buc Says:

    This coach is a turd
    He needs 2 b flushed
    Fire greg schiano

  22. too much talent Says:

    Glennon played good enough to win. Actually Glennon had a hell of a game. He made several 3rd and long passes that were perfect. That one pick was on the Mr. eraser head…even Barber pointed out that the receiver just stopped on his route…i blame this game on the o-line and coach and underwood is a joke…

  23. Greg Says:

    Hey Captain Tim, on the bright side, at least we scored 20 points this week! This coaching staff f’ing sucks!

  24. Deminion Says:

    Prolly never sniff a W…. Glennon looked better I guess thts all u cn really say the DLine wasn’t great gmc and clay looked good LBS usually play well jbanks couldn’t stop cooper which is weird cuz he played great against the cards dnt knw what to say i take time out my day to watch my team fail it sucks man

  25. PRBucFan Says:

    No one claimed him to be the savior, you still butt hurt over Freeman Timmy?

    He sure is showing more than Freeman has showed in a while though 😉

    “I wish they werent”

    Lying ass lmao, continue to bask in the Bucs short comings while you call yourself a fan.

  26. Greg Says:

    Mr T, at this point winning a few this year is going to wind up hurting us in the draft. You are right though, we’ll eventually win a few, just enough to get us the 7th or 8th pick and screw us out of a good quarterback. Hopefully the new coach will have a good eye for talent and we don’t waste another 1st round pick like we did with freeman

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I though Glennon looked pretty good, albeit against a horrible defense. That INT was not on him at all. Tim Wright looked great, which shocks me. It’s not going to matter who plays QB, we aren’t winning with Schiano. How many more games like this do we have to endure before everyone realizes what is painfully obvious?

  28. gianluca Says:

    Schiano is not a NFL coach

  29. RJ Says:

    What a season. You’re missing a ‘not’ after the ‘should’ in your post, Joe.

  30. Bobby Says:

    “You are right though, we’ll eventually win a few, just enough to get us the 7th or 8th pick and screw us out of a good quarterback.”


    For a rookie QB in his second start I thought Glennon looked really good. I’m hoping we can use our draft pick for something besides QB…maybe a DE to put on the other side of Clayborn or something. A stud TE to put in with Williams and Jackson. Maybe some help for this pitiful O-line we have. If Glennon keeps progressing at this rate he could be really good by the latter half of the season.

  31. Bulldog Says:

    Hey Hawaiian,,, how many more quality players do we lose to the Jersey Shore cover up as well ?

  32. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Not a word about the improvement at QB? You guys are worse than the BUCS for sure!

  33. Capt. Tim Says:

    You are proving a few things.
    You aren’t man enough to admit what you’ve said.
    You aren’t man enough to admit you were wrong

    You’re gutless

    Don’t address me again

  34. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Even in todays loss, it was nice to see a Buc’s QB actually hit what he throws at. It’s been a while.

  35. Capt. Tim Says:

    Bobby- I heard Glennon looked good.
    Meybe he has some skills.
    Need to get him with a pro coach, and pro offense.
    Think Shiano is doing him more harm than good

  36. PRBucFan Says:

    You are showing your still a lying ass fool who is no fan of this team.

    Your so butt hurt it’s comical Timmy.

    Not one iota of your claims is true, I have the archives to prove me right.

    You have, well, nothing.

    You should seriously go root for the Vikings, you are a poison to this team.

  37. PRBucFan Says:

    For someone to get the kind of joy you get from “their team” sinking is just sickening, you are sickening.

    Heck I even feel ashamed that “fans” like you exist within the Buc organization.

    It gives us all the kind of “bad fan” rep we’ve been getting.

    But I digress, I’m going to put you in the non-existent poster group from now on.

    You Timmy, no longer exist.

  38. Capt. Tim Says:

    What was Glennons passer rating?
    We’ve seen that before.
    He’s losing. We’ve seen that before.
    Nothing has changed but the Jersey number.

    As I’ve said all along. It’s not the QB.
    It’s the coach.

  39. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Capt. Tim,

    His QB rating was greatly affected by the INT, which was 100% on Underwood. Stats are for losers.

    But I 100% agree with your conclusion. I think I’m just pissed off and looking for someone to argue with.

  40. passthebuc Says:

    @Capt sized Tim.

    Next time you watch a game, lay off the scotch. Glennon, with the lack of an offensive line, penalties, wrong routes, looked not good, but great.

  41. tj187 Says:

    Still unsure on Glennon. He looked better than last game but still needs to keep improving. You can’t say “that int was not on him” without saying he had another pass directly to a db that bounced off his hands. I like the progression though, he might end up alright. Our lack of real #2 receiver and a terrible oline killed us today. It’s always something.

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    The int was not on him lol.

    Whether or not another pass should have been intercepted or not.

    THAT pass shouldn’t have been.