Chucky Says He Wants To Coach Again, Calls A Glazer A “Son Of A ___”

October 26th, 2013

As the Greg Schiano regime winds down, Joe knows many fans have become especially nostalgic thinking about past coaches, especially icons like Father Dungy and Chucky.

Joe’s read the many comments hear speculating whether Team Glazer could reunite with Tampa-based Gruden and make him the next Bucs head coach.

Well, Joe’s got some fresh fuel for that speculation. Chucky, speaking at a charity fundraiser in Ocala on Friday, said he wants to coach again, as documented by the Ocala Star-Banner.  

“I haven’t lost a game in 3½ years,” he said. “But no, I would like to give coaching one more try.”

Interestingly, Chucky said the Bucs’ current losing “really troubles my heart” and shared seemingly lighthearted disbelief that he was fired — even 5 1/2 years later.

Gruden spoke about his firing from Tampa Bay, which came after the 2008 season. He said one of the owners of the team presented him with a game ball two weeks in a row, including one for his 100th win. The team was 9-3 at the time.

“Four weeks later, the same son of a b—- fired me,” he said to roaring laughter.

Joe’s not lobbying for a Gruden return, but it would be exciting, and surely the Bucs could do a lot worse for their next head coach. Joe also suspects the Bucs’ cash registers would ring off the hook if Gruden returned and drafted Johnny Football.

123 Responses to “Chucky Says He Wants To Coach Again, Calls A Glazer A “Son Of A ___””

  1. Mike Says:

    I would so much love to have Chucky back! Bet he could do something with this team of ours

  2. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Both Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden live right here in the Tampa area.
    We should have never fired Gruden, in the first place!

  3. Meh Says:

    Yes to Gruden, hell no to Manziel. There are much better QBs available where we’ll be picking.

  4. BucsQcCity Says:

    How about Shaun King as HC? He’s was so talented and he knows what needs to be done at every level..

    Just kidding.

    Manziel is worth of at least considering him but it’s is durability that would concern me. Mariota looks like the real NFL deal

  5. DallasBuc Says:

    After that SOB comment I doubt team Glazer would be open to it.
    However, if he did come back a certain bIG radio personality would lose his effin mind and possibly his job…hire Gruden now!!!!!

  6. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Gruden got fired after 3 straight 9-7 seasons. How good does 9-7 look at this point?

  7. mike norris Says:

    Good stuff! Please come back coach gruden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BB Says:

    Joe what are the odds he will coach the bucs again is it even a real possibility or pipe dream?

  9. Tomcin Says:

    We apologize Chucky. Please come back. Name your price.

  10. Harry Says:

    First, if Chucky is saying he wants to coach again, he must want the dollar$$$$$$ in his ESPN contract increased – that is total bs. He has had many, many opportunities to get back into it.

    Second, Chucky is a great coach – no question – but you ppl must be nuts as well as having very short memories. He would definitely demand to have control over personnel (does this mean Bruce Allen returning too? – I shutter at that!); and Chucky is AWFUL at personnel! Do none of you remember that is what got us into the funk that is the Bucs?

    Joe, I am surprised at you.

    Umm, Joe didn’t draft Chucky to pick players or coach. Check your reading skills. –Joe

  11. Adam L. Says:

    I’m lobbying for him to return.

    I just want to hear people say “Chucky won with Schiano’s team.”

  12. Name Required Says:

    Ha! You just gave Jeff Garcia hope!

  13. Eric Says:

    As you might imagine I am on board with this!

    Johnny football or that kid from Oregon.

    Chucky would take it, he was born to coach the Bucs.

  14. Harry Says:

    I know I am going to get killed over my last comment, and this one, but I am surprised at some of the suggestions ppl make for our next coach. Keep in mind what the #1 thing the Bucs need to be successful, and what they may have NEVER had – a FRANCHISE QB. Now really, can you see Chucky being patient with a rookie QB?? Come on, do you not remember his favorite QB was always the one he did not have.

    And as far as Lovie Smith goes, he is another really good coach. If the Bucs needed only better D, I would say go get him. But again, we need a QB, and Lovie is not a offensive type of coach. Look at the difference in the Bears offense from last year to now.

    I still think Greg Roman of the 49ers is the best choice at this point.

  15. Harry Says:

    @Name Required: Good one. But I think Garcia hates Chucky. LOL

  16. Dirty jersey Bucs fan Says:

    I would love to see chucky back he should not have been fired in the first place.
    Let’s get him back so we can return to good buccaneer football.

  17. KeithInTampa Says:

    Unlike JoeBuc, I am most definitely campaigning for “Johnnie Footall’s” return to Tampa! The Glazer’s need to swallow some of their proverbial pride, (and let loose of that wallet on their hip pocket, of which lately they have shown they are willing to do!) and Gruden needs to step up! “If” Gruden could be persuaded to leave his cushy ESPN digs and return to coaching, no doubt Tampa would make for a great landing spot for him!

  18. Bucnjim Says:

    Talk about winning back the fans; this would be a move that would fill the entire stadium at least for the short term. With any success at all on the field; season tickets would go crazy for next year and beyond. Great PR move, but does Gruden still have it? What a great story it would make though.

  19. Patrick Says:

    I don’t think there’s ever been an NFL team that has fired and rehired the same coach. Lol

  20. Trox Says:

    The Glazers pay $15 million to Chucky to leave and bring him back 5 years later. It would be a modern day version of Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner. Certainly would add intrigue on both a local and national level for the Bucs.

  21. Lovethepewter Says:

    Gruden and Allen are the reason we had to rebuild in the first place. Yes we won a super bowl and I’d never give that up, but at the same time, with the trade to acquire him, the trade for Meshawn, the many years of TERRIBLE drafting and not keeping the veteran players to mentor the younger guys, we are short of talent right now from the years Gruden was our head coach. The only reason the talent we have is currently on the roster is because of Mark Dominik. He is a very good GM and 100% built this team this roster from NOTHING. He has had some whiffs but for the most part he has built a very solid foundation. Give us a legit QB ie Bridgewater and this team is a super bowl contender. They are just giving up on Schiano right now and he needs to go after the season…Go Bucs!

  22. Patrick Says:

    Changing sports, but the Cleveland Browns fired Mike Brown and rehired him a few years later

  23. Patrick Says:

    *Cleveland Cavaliers

  24. Simeon Says:

    Sorry, Bridge burned. No way in hell he ever coaches this team again. If I were him and the glazers called id laugh and say f you.

    How awesome was it though when booger sapp rice and brooks were chilling on set before the game reminiscing, seeing that made it worth tuning into that terrible Game

  25. Deminion Says:

    No thanks get Zimmer as HC or get Clements in GB

  26. JN Says:

    Maybe under different ownership Gruden would coach in Tampa again. Although he could not draft or evaluate talent worth a lick. Dominic may be better at drafting and that is not saying much. Doubtful he is coming back to coach any team. I think he just enjoys hearing his name every year for coaching candidates. Strokes the ego a bit.

  27. Deminion Says:

    @patrick. Thts funny all there gunna do is fire him again lol

  28. too much talent Says:

    Former NFL head coach Jon Gruden does do his whole sideshow with players every so often, but for the most part, he is getting paid $4.3 million a year to sit in a booth on Monday nights for just 17 weeks. I think he comes back for the passion of football and too prove that he can build a team and take Tampa back to glory!

  29. Deminion Says:


  30. WalkdaPlank Says:

    The guy just called one of our owners (Probably Joel) an SOB and some of you people still think he is going to come back??? Fascinating!

  31. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Deminion
    I would be on board with that. Zimmer runs a very good Cover 2 in Cincy and Clemons has Packer’s offense clicking. Plus Clemons would know how to develop a young QB

  32. Rob Says:

    God Gruden could really bring back excitement and not the current foolishness embarrassment we are enduring with Schiano. Throw the bank vault at Gruden and hire Lovie Smith as defensive coordinator (pay Lovie head coach money so he won’t mind lol) Go Bucs!

  33. McBuc Says:

    I say hire jay gruden. Bring little chucky back to tampa.

  34. McBuc Says:

    Chucky man be gearing up to reunite with his okd defensive coaches in dallas

  35. Robbie_G Says:

    Could you IMAGINE IF they gave Coach some $$$$ to spend back in the day? Give him some of this talent and watch the Bucs go!!

  36. pewterpirate99 Says:

    I’m BEGGING you Glazers……PLEASE do what ever it takes to bring Jon back. I never wanted him gone to begin with.

  37. Deminion Says:

    @patrick Clements would b ideal then we could draft a QB not sure who tho if we get the number 1 of course teddy wud if we win a game or so ? So I kinda like mettenberger all of the sudden…

  38. csidedave Says:

    When Jon was fired, it was time for him to go. But now it’s time for him to come back!

    Gruden 2.0

  39. Incognito Says:

    We need to put together the funds for a “Bring Gruden Back” billboard or two.

  40. Patrick Says:

    Allen needed be replaced not Gruden. Gruden never had the talent that’s around this team now.

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    Oh please Dear Lord, Give me my Chucky back!!!!

    That would be so awesome and I guarantee he is a better coach today than he was 4 years ago. He is the best option for the Bucs by farrrrr. Who out there, right now is more prepared to lead a team to a Super Bowl? The answer is really pretty simple and with gruden we always had a chance to win, which I can’t say now. We are heading for 0-16, get on your knees with a big fat Check and begggg Jon to come back. $10 mil / yr.

  42. Macabee Says:

    When Gruden called a Glazer a SOB, not only does it say the Glazers would never hire him again, it also says that if they tried, Gruden would not be interested!

  43. Incognito Says:


    Judging by the way the article told it, it sounded like he said it jokingly.

  44. Buckinnuts Says:




  45. k_bassuka Says:

    They should bring Dungy or Gruden now to coach the rest of the season and next…

  46. Pete 422 Says:

    No way. He can coach, his teams are prepared but he is a bad evaluater of talent.

  47. Brewmaster Says:

    Stunning how people forget Chucky’s personell decisions and impatience with young QB’s. You would need a veteran QB to go with Chucky. The doofuses asking for Johnny Manzell are just that, doofuses. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!!!!!!/

  48. Reggie Robys Watch Says:

    Right now i’d prefer Sam Wyche

  49. BucfaninMi Says:

    bring’em back!!! put up billboards!!

  50. crazy Says:

    Not gonna happen.

  51. BucfaninMi Says:

    Bruce Allen sucked! not Chucky

  52. Jim Says:

    No one remembers Charlie Garner, Todd Stussie, Tim Brown, Bruce Gradkowski, or Chris Simms?

  53. Deminion Says:

    Lets not forget the washed up guys gruden ruinedus with and Hw he ruined caddy… Washed up Plummer didnt wanna play 4 us Griese Simms was a bust Ike hillard Garcia was serviceable Crowell Charlie Gardner Clayton flash in a pan not to mention he drafted dexter Jackson of deshawn jax I feel like I’m missing a few guys who else is there ?

  54. Jim Says:

    Forgot Rob Johnson….

  55. Deminion Says:

    Tim brown I forgot

  56. Deminion Says:

    Rob Johnson lol

  57. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Deminion
    Agreed. I also like the boy from Oregon. Just have to remember that Browns traded Richardson to the Colts for their 1st round pick so they would have 2 to offer to move up to where they have to to grab the draft the QB they want

  58. Eric Says:

    Bruce has produced multiple division titles with three different teams, including two in his four years here – with three winning seasons. Just last year his team won the division and lost a close playoff game to the Seahawks at home.

    What was so bad about that again?

    Folks prefer Dominiks no playoffs, multiple extended losing streaks and 0-7 in his fifth year?

    Bring Chucky home. He is good with QB’s. He can work with a young one just fine. Gannon, Johnson and Garcia all made the pro bowl in years Chucky coached them. He was never given a young stud to work with.

  59. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Gruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Best Coach we’ve ever had. C’mon Back Chucky

    Fire them Cannons!!!

  60. PRBucFan Says:


    The kid has the potential to surpass Bridgewater.

  61. NY Buc Says:

    Gruden coming back = a bad case of absence makes the heart grow fonder. Good coach, even better analyst (entertaining commentator), horrible at drafts, and the Bucs would probably once again go back to a team of old retread veterans with little tread left on the tire. Let’s not forget there’s a reason he got fired the first time he was coaching here. Yes it would be exciting for a lot of fans, but what happens if he starts losing right out of the gate…does he really want to risk getting fired from the Bucs a second time? Probably not. I think Gruden to the Jags would make more sense than a second go round with Tampa. We’ve got a lot of young talent on the Bucs roster that needs someone who can cultivate that and can get the players to buy in.

  62. Bucoff Says:

    I for one would love Gruden back, he coaches up match ups just like Sean Payton. Gruden did not have this much talent to work with. Gruden has had much time to re-think his approach. Let’s do this! We can keep Schiano to pick our players. Another SuperBowl to Tampa!

  63. Kevin Says:

    Dear Glazer’s, go get Gruden back. You want to sell tickets??? I’d like to have a coach that at least makes us competitive. I’ll take the 8-8, 7-9, 9-7 seasons. AT LEAST THET WERE CONSISTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss those days. I miss Chucky. Just please don’t go get Lovie Smith. I wasn’t crazy about him. He would be an upgrade, but a reunion with Jon Gruden in Tampa would bring a warm fuzzy feeling back to all the fans in this city. He has said he wan’t to coach and hurts him to see this team like this. He has connections bring the guy back if he’ll accept the job. Bring Chucky home.

  64. Kevin Says:

    I would like to see Dominik stay with Gruden. Allen was and still is horrible.

  65. BucsFan68 Says:

    Gruden went 9-7 in back to back years. One of the reason he was fired was because he couldn’t/wouldn’t develop a franchise QB. His offensive schemes was at times predictable. Almost every play he went with when the Bucs would open up on offense was a swing pass. He was not a good leader of men.

  66. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Lets not forget not forget He’s WON more than ANY coach we’ve EVER had.
    Lets not forget he’s won more Division titles than ANY coach we’ve EVER had.

    O YEAH THEN THERE’S THE FREAKIN SUPERBOWL WIN..Oo can’t forget about that

  67. Deminion Says:

    @patrick@prbuc mariota looks good with the right coaching(Clements) he could b a stud sad tht were lookin at the draft already but it is what is go bucs. Y r ppl wanting gruden back if he comes back let him b a walk around coach and no personel decision

  68. Biff Barker Says:

    Gruden would be on the Ray Jay sideline in a nanosecond….

    if we had new owners.

    It’s the way he was let go folks, humiliated, … and the Glazer’s own that. Glad to see Gruden has had the last belly laugh.

  69. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    The kids a solid prospect. To bad you have to a decent offensive line to protect a young QB. Something about drafting quality Oline prospects from Meee-chigan. IMHO draft Taylor Lewan with the 1st pick. Will be able to trade back, and stockpile some quality picks. Gotta make changes to the front office 1st.

    Eric DeCosta General Manager & VP???

  70. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Have to remember that Rich McKay stuck Gruden with Chris Simms who Gruden didn’t want and didn’t fit his offense. Gruden wanted a young QB to develope, they just never gave him one. Gruden’s main complaint here was that he didn’t have personel decisions until the Glazers checkbook closed. That’s when he said “if I’m gonna cook the stew, I want o buy the groceries”

  71. BucsQcCity Says:

    Better start putting “We’re sorry please come back John” billboard if Gruden has a chance to get back here

  72. JN Says:

    Ha! A lot of long term memory loss going on this board. I hear people saying Gruden is good working with QBs and he was never given one to develop. I recall he only wanted veteran QBs because he couldn’t ever develop a younf one. Not to mention the young QBs he brought in to develop all were no good(Simms, Gradkowski) but to Gruden they were going to be the next Marino. Bad talent evaluator. Plus he mentally screwed up all his QBs.

  73. PRBucFan Says:

    If we can draft a possible Franchise QB you never pass on them.

    Once he’s in place you begin to wheel and deal to play the cogs around him.

    That’s just my belief.

  74. Danny Says:

    Al Davis said he made a mistake after firing Art Shell after a 9-7 season. He brought Shell back in 2006 but Oakland went 2-14 and Shell got fired again. Oakland earned the #1 pick and drafted JaMarcus Russell (when Lane Kiffin really wanted Calvin Johnson).

  75. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Think about it-the 49er’s have made in consecutive years, have played in the NFC Championship. Sure them have a great defense, but they also have an equally dominating offensive line. IMHO draft a couple mean SOB’s

    1st-Taylor Lewan OT Michigan 6-7 315
    2nd-Cedric Ogbuehi OG/OT Texas A&M 6-5 300
    3rd-C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa 6-6 265

    IF you can trade
    Revis & Jackson

    + Trade back a few spots

    Now you can grab
    Additional-2nd round pick- Odell Beckham Jr. WR LSU 5-11 193

  76. PRBucFan Says:


  77. miracle Says:

    Bring back Gruden and Freeman! Ha, I kid about free but Gruden would be an awesome candidate if Dominick keeps control of personnel.
    no way to Ryan Leaf I mean Manziel

  78. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Rebuild the Offensive Line 1st.

  79. PRBucFan Says:

    I don’t agree with trading Revis or Jackson.

    Especially not Revis, whether he has played zone or Man he is still playing at an elite level even below 100%.

    All analysts say the same thing, the only thing they criticize is the misuses of him.

    But come next season he will be used correctly and will be Revis Island again at 100%. Just my opinion.

    In my opinion you just don’t pass on a chance got getting 1 of 3 possible franchise QB’s. We don’t know when we will have another opportunity like this,

    You build around them once you get your guy.

    Again just my opinion.

  80. NY Buc Says:

    I don’t think anyone is forgetting about what Gruden accomplished with the Bucs, we’ll always be thankful for the SB win. Still it wasn’t all sunshine and unicorn farts while he was here either. The team steadily declined into an aged, mediocre team. Possibly good enough to get into the playoffs but never good enough to make another SB run….kind of like the Ravens are looking this year.

    Yes that is far better than the losing product we’ve seen for the past 5 seasons, but after a few 9-7 seasons or ‘one and done’ appearances I’m sure most of us would be clamoring for a new HC again…it’s human nature to want better and the goal is to win the Super Bowl while your window of opportunity is open, not just be a good team that gets bounced out every year

  81. Deminion Says:

    I wudnt trade revis wud trade VJax 4 the right price.. IMO u trade Penn or Joseph for picks

  82. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Opinion respected brotha; as always. I’ve just seen entirely to many young talented QB prospects careers ruined by terrible Oline play.

    Solidifying the offensive line is a priority at this point

    IMHO-Revis is luxury we cant afford at this point

  83. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Remember the last couple years Gru was here. We had one of the lowest payrolls in the league. And yet we were still was competitive, because they signed cheap free agents that where competitive. The year Bruce & Gru were fired, we had $44mill to play with plus a bunch of draft picks.

  84. MattDaddy Says:


  85. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    You add what Dom, Rah & Team Glazer did on Black Wednesday.
    Shyte Dom had like $65 mill plus a bunch of draft picks– and out of 5yrs -NOT one playoff appearance- Wow

  86. bucfever40 Says:

    I’d LOVE to see Gruden back as head coach, as long as he just coached and didn’t meddle with the personnel, I think he was made to be a coach, but if that’s not a possibilty, I honestly think a good name to replace Schiano would be Jim Leavitt, the man built USF from the ground up, made it into a respectable football team, taking them to an unprecedented no. 2 ranking in the nation, and the team has been horrible ever since his departure, he’s got the 49er LB’s playing at a high level right now, I say he’d be a good players coach that knows the game, and he’d be able to fire them up at the same time, so Gruden or Leavitt!!!!

  87. Eric Says:

    Gruden also had a very good home record.

    12-4 his last two years.

    Now is that a better return on your season ticket money or the Dominik era?

    Or does everyone like losing to utter embarrassment on national tv?

  88. joseph mamma Says:

    Even with all the poor personell decisions he made the man had a winning record and a Super Bowl win. That speaks even more to what a great coach and game planner he was.

  89. MTM Says:

    Gruden can coach an offense but don’t forget what happened after the Superbowl. A complete dismantling of the team. Gruden would be a huge upgrade over Schiano but who wouldnt. Grudens EGO gets in the way of his decision making at the cost of the team.

  90. Eric Says:

    The team was aging when Jon arrived. Dismantling was inevitable due to age and salary cap. No first or second round pick for two years with an already aging team, yet folks expect a complete pivot and rebuild and second super bowl.

    Division titles in 05 and 07 just weren’t good enough.

    Lots of great coaches have some years without a super bowl win, including Bellichick. Many never win the big game at all but are good coaches, like Andy Reed. Marvin Lewis hasn’t won many playoff games but his owners didn’t panic and fire him like the Glazers. Tomlin is in a current dry spell – think he can’t coach? Coughlin too. It happens, but good owners don’t release proven winners. Ours did, for RAHEEM.

    We are paying dearly for the Chucky firing idiocy to this day.

  91. AceOfAerospace Says:

    I’m still pissed gruden was fired in the first place.

  92. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Well said brotha

  93. Tyler Says:

    To people who said he never wanted a young qb he begged Allen for Rodgers and Allen said no he wanted caddy and we took caddy which was a great pick till the knee he got no money while the glazers tried to recover from mckays cap hell he put us in they stopped spending money after 02 he patch worked a team together half the defensive picks where monte begging him he is a great coach and if you hire him the glazers should look at him and tell him draft a franchise qb and groom him ASap

  94. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Since Steve the Big Dog still takes sole responsibility and credit for single-handedly getting Gruden fired, If the Glazers would re-hire Gruden Steve would have a heart attack. That could make for some interesting Radio shows

  95. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Gruden also wanted Steven Jackson, who they passed on to sign Michael Clayton

  96. Architek Says:

    I wouldn’t mind a Gruden and Dominik regime as long as we draft Mariota and replace this coaching staff.

    That would definitely get us back in the media and relevant!

  97. nick Says:

    Ill go down on a Billy Goat to get Chucky back here, please newborn omnipotent baby Jesus with your golden fleece diapers, get us Chucky Back!!!

  98. JJ Says:

    How about some unique thinking outside the box. Have two co-head coaches. Make Jon Gruden in charge of the offense and Tony Dungy in charge of the defense. Now that would be the dynamic duo. Not likely, but what a combo that would be. And sell plenty of tickets. We can only dream.

  99. Thomas Medina Says:

    Everybody call for Gruden because he is fiery and likeable, but it was Dungy who built the team and took us from a laughingstock to a class organization. Gimme Dungy any day.

  100. Debbie Says:

    OH MY – Gruden – NO – Dungy yes. BUT Dungy won’t do it and Gruden – just because Schiano turned out to be as bad as I thought he was….. yes it certainly would be an answer to our immediate problem….but remember … why he’s gone.

  101. mdsbuc Says:

    Some say Gruden can’t judge talent, but it seems to me he did a pretty good job bringing in the right talent to fix Dungy’s anemic offense; enough talent to win the Super Bowl. Then the team got old and ownership got cheap due to money tied up in Manchester United.

    Steinbrenner hired and fired Billy Martin on multiple occasions and likewise the Glazers should bring back the best coach the Bucs have ever had, John Gruden. Lovie as DC would be a great choice too.

    As to Gruden’s comments about the Glazers in Ocala, he was laughing about it when he said it. I don’t think there was any bad will intended against the Glazers, it’s just water over the dam now. Hire Gruden and the fans will be back in the seats.

  102. BigMacAttack Says:

    Dungy doesn’t want to coach anymore. Gruden likes living in Tampa and this makes a lot of sense. It’s all on the Glazers and what they’re willing to do. If they wait until the seasons end, they will get scraps again for coaches. Start early and make a move now.

  103. Owl Jolson Says:

    Grudens last season was going pretty good (9-3) until Lane Kiffin leaked to the world “my daddy’s comin to coach with me at Tennessee.” After that it seemed to me that Monte checked out, in the last four games of that season we were outscored 123 to 81. Not what we were used to seeing with a Monte Kiffin defense.

  104. buc89 Says:

    Chucky would be great but anyone would be better than Schiano. I’ve said it before, a monkey with downs could outcoach schiano

  105. Owl Jolson Says:

    And thats an insult to the monkey.

  106. Buc1987 Says:

    Yah Joe ask BD next week about the possibility of Gruden coming back to the Bucs. See if he likes the idea. Of course you will have to let some of us know how it goes over, because some of us like me won’t listen to the show anymore after last weeks show of laughter about the Bucs.

    Maybe more fans should call in to BD and thank him for helping out the ousting of the first coach to ever win a SB for our beloved team. What a friggin joke…

    And btw Gruden added like 10-12 NEW offensive players for that SB run. So all you “it was Dungy’s team” morons can s t f u already and get a clue. It was Gruden’s team as well. THAT’S right I said it!

    Make the call Glazers. I think he will probably say no, but if you want to see fans in the stands again. Then you try for it. I know I would re-up my season tickets for Gruden that’s for sure.

  107. Eric Says:

    I doubt the Glazers are big enough to admit they were wrong.

  108. Capt. Tim Says:

    Sounds like wisdom to me.

  109. Capt. Tim Says:

    It was always fun to see Gruden Coach this team. And he always seemed like the perfect guy for this town.
    He made a few mistakes- and was handicapped by lack of draft picks/ spending.

    Compared to what I’ve seen since he left- he is a Coaching SuperHero!
    Eric, I was wrong. You were right all along.

    Bring back Chucky!!

  110. Buc1987 Says:

    I got into a fight with a fan on once over Gruden after he said Gruden never did anything before he was the Bucs coach and it was Dungy’s team. This is what I posted for the moron from wikipedia:

    In January 1992 when he was 28, Gruden was hired by Mike Holmgren, his former boss at the San Francisco 49ers, to be the special offensive assistant/wide receivers coach with the Green Bay Packers.[6] After three seasons in Green Bay, Gruden became the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles under former Packers assistant coach Ray Rhodes. Gruden then was chosen by the owner and general manager of the Oakland Raiders, Al Davis, to be the Raiders’ new head coach for the 1998 season.

    Under Gruden, the Raiders posted consecutive 8–8 seasons in 1998 and 1999, and leapt out of last place in the AFC West. After uniting with journeyman quarterback Rich Gannon, Gruden led the Raiders to the top of the AFC West and made the playoffs three straight seasons (the third time under Head Coach Bill Callahan). Oakland finished 12–4 in the 2000 season, the team’s most successful in a decade, and its first division title since 1990, ultimately reaching the AFC Championship, where they lost 16–3 to the eventual Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. While Gruden was with the Raiders, Gruden acquired his nickname “Chucky” from Raiders defensive lineman Grady Jackson, who thought that the coach looked like the fictional character “Chucky” in the 1988 movie Child’s Play.

    …and then well no need to post what he did for us. Does any of the above make it look like he is a terrible coach?

  111. Buc1987 Says:

    Schiano and Raheem are a couple of nobodies. Gruden on the other hand is a BIG somebody!

  112. bucmebaby Says:

    Can we get new owners? All this venom for Schiano is misplaced – it should go to the Glazer Brain Trust. I mean, can you imagine that any owner who knew something about the NFL would fire a Superbowl coach and replace him with an inexperienced DB coach? No way! No, fellas, it all goes back to when the Glazers over-extended themselves hugely to buy Manchester United, which cut off any money to the Bucs. (They also are running Manchester United into the ground!) I know Schiano must go but I see him as just another Glazer victim, not an actual villain!

  113. Buc1987 Says:

    Joel Glazer quote from 2006 :

    “Mediocrity will never be standard for the Buccaneers, but we have to move on.”

    Does anyone believe him anymore?

  114. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Right on brotha

    People don’t realize-“NFL Quality Control Coach position as we know it in modern day football was created by Mike Holmgren in 1990 when he was the Offensive Coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. So he hired Jon Gruden for $500 a month.

    Gruden would spent up to 18 hour a day. Analyzing opponents, breaking down statistics, tracking and charting plays during games and fetching coffee.

    GRUDEN needing more efficienc, went down the street-to Silicon Valley. Spent countless hours with developers . To design a software program, that enabled him to transcribe the Niners Playbook and copy it to a computer (Something to be said about an innovative thinker)-What he came up with helped CHANGE THE GAME as we know it.

    Some teams have as many as 3 different quality control guys;now days. And every single last one of them should give homage to the MAN that started it all JON FREAKING GRUDEN.

  115. Harry Says:

    @Joe: “Umm, Joe didn’t draft Chucky to pick players or coach. Check your reading skills. –Joe”

    Ok, so I did. First, Harry did not get sarcastic with you. But seeing you did, I will admit I misinterpreted your statement therein where you said:: “Joe’s not lobbying for a Gruden return, but it would be exciting, and surely the Bucs could do a lot worse.” So, what the heck does this mean? Nothing?

    You are right, I need to work on my “reading skills”, but why don’t you work on which side of the fence you are on. YOUR comment could be interpreted either way. And maybe I am wrong, but I think my comment of “Joe, I am surprised at you” was pretty mild.

  116. MadMax Says:

    Mike Zimmer please……

  117. Josh Says:

    Quite reading so much into the S.O.B. comment. You all have heard the way Grunden talks in general and he said it in a joking mannner. “He just gave me two game balls and then the S.O.B. fired me” then he laughed.. Gruden knows the NFL is a business and how it works. Sure he was pissed when he got fired as would any of us if we got fired. But don’t think for one minute if the money was right he wouldn’t come back here. V-Jax, Mike, Doug, QB of his choice, a solid D that just needs a new coach with a new scheme, and oh yeah his home town. But i would not give him full control and nor do i think he would want full control. He would just want full control over his Offense and his QB which i am good with. Either way FIRE S**t head and lets move on!!!! BUC for LIFE!!!

  118. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    IMHO Brett Hundley is a waaaaaaaaay better QB prospect than Marcus Mariota.

  119. mark2001 Says:

    Have to love how some of the local media types helped poison the water for the average fan that take their word as gospel, and helped encourage the Glazers to run Jon out of town. Duemig hated him because Jon wouldn’t play patty cake with him, and he wouldn’t use Mikey the way he thought he should. When do these guys admit they helped steer us down the rosy path to a lousy team.

    They should have fired Allen, putting a strong GM personnel guy/ talent evaluator in his place, and kept Gruden. And if Jon didn’t like it, he could have left and the team would have been loaded for the next coach. Instead we hire a guy “puffed up” by other organizations as the “next great coach”…Raheem(sound familiar…they say the same things about how great Dom is) and leave Dom to buy the groceries and build the organization. Sad…very sad…we hit a crossroads and chose the wrong turn….and the Gruden detractors never reflect on their part in the disaster of the last few years and just keep collecting their salaries and spouting their “expertise”.

  120. Josh Says:


  121. Kevin Says:

    We love u in Tampa
    Come back Gruden

  122. tom in st augustine Says:

    would love to see gruden back in tampa. i’m curious who gruden would as his qb coming out of this coming up draft….i’m surprised no one asked him that yet (or maybe they did). go bucs! and happy birthday to me! ha! =)

  123. tom in st augustine Says:

    who gruden would *chose^^ (i know i typed that word)