Back To Fundamentals On Handoffs

October 16th, 2013

In each of the past two Bucs games, Mike Glennon put a handoff in the gut of Doug Martin and the ball was fumbled.

Given how the New Schiano Order stresses ball security, these were high crimes against the regime.

Joe asked Mike Sullivan about the problem today, and the offensive coordinator explained that the issue was addressed in a big way.

“That is so basic and so fundamental and so inexcusable,” is how Sullivan described the fumbles. He went on to say sometimes ball security work takes a back seat on a Wednesday when the new plays for the week are installed. But not today.

Sullivan said it was a “major point of emphasis” at practice, specifically the “specific tracks on any given play” of the QB and running back approaching a handoff.

Joe hopes the Bucs can rectify this fast. Communication and comfort levels get tougher on the road, especially in a dome like where the Bucs will head Sunday in Atlanta.

15 Responses to “Back To Fundamentals On Handoffs”

  1. Capt. Tim Says:

    Well, at least we will have mastered that.

  2. chickster Says:

    Wow wasting time on that need a whole new playbook and that what they do Atlanta is going to blow this team up on sunday they stop martin and that’s the ball game and they will and next week they can work on wiping ther candy asses

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    That’s what happens when your QB is a foot taller than your RB

  4. SteveK Says:

    Adapt or die.

    Survive and thrive.

    Let’s go Bucs.

    Schiano needs to scrap the conservative play calling. Time to get it going. Eff the run plays up the dick, they are too predictable.

    Take the governor off this bitch and let it fly!

  5. bucs911 Says:

    Chick you need to take an English class

  6. Oahubuc Says:

    “When the new plays are installed.” Yeah, I’m sure there was a major conflict there.

  7. WalkdaPlank Says:

    As long as he doesn’t commit a fumble as gruesome as the ones Mark Sanchez or Eli Manning made, we’ll be good.

  8. chickster Says:

    I know I cant type when I am pissed off and I feel like a fool buying season tickets

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Jay Ratliff??? Any thoughts?

  10. WalkdaPlank Says:

    So, Josh Freeman’s going to start for the Vikes on Monday, huh. Well, it’ll be interesting to see how that goes to say the least. It’d be nice to see him stick to Schiano and play lights out to get a win, but I guess it really doesn’t matter since he’s not on the Bucs anymore.

  11. SteveK Says:


    You’re not a fool. You are just at the mercy of “Rock Star” aka Dream Crusher’s mercy to roll salary cap over while successfully ignoring three positions and having no depth.

    It’s a damn shame we are not better prepared with this roster. Schiano is coming across as a bonafyde ass hat this whole season, but I truly believe he is just a piss poor representation from Dominick.

    Freeman’s “busting” of of Tampa was my last, last straw. My last straw was the “must sign” of Albert HaynesworthLESS in 2011. We lost 10 straight games with that WOFT (waste of effing talent) on our team.

    IMO, Mark Dominick lost all of my respect as a Buc fan when he failed to watch the Eagles @ Skins on MNF where big #92 laid down for 10 seconds while Vick did his thing.

    Pathetic is as pathetic does.

    How can Talib shut down Graham, but Revis isn’t given the opportunity to do
    the same?

    Why does our TE position still lack?

    Where is our depth?

    Slot WR?


    DE? Michael freaking Bennett?

    I heard someone earlier twice reference the Bennett Brothers: TE Martellus and DE Michael. I agree, we should have paid both of those guys to come to Tampa. They are damn good players, in their prime, and proven in the Bay area.

    The last guy to get 10 sacks is Simeon Freaking Rice. Ridiculous much? We let a 9.5 sack guy just walk away for bargain rate?

    We’d rather pay Josh Freeman 8m dollars for nada, and let Bennett leave for 5m? Ok Dom, wtf, I thought I was done ranting, but you have really struck a nerve. Get your head out of your arse and FIX THIS SH!T.

  12. Jo_mama Says:

    Just the facts with Freeman

    Last 6 Games
    TB Vs NO 2012
    0 41 with 4 Ints

    TB Vs St-Lou 2012
    13 28 with 4 Ints 1 TD

    TB vs Atl 2012
    22 17 1 Td 1 Int

    2013 2 TD and 3 Ints.

    That makes 4 Touchdowns to 12 Interceptions in his last 6 games.

    He asked to be traded before the season started.

    The coach found out he was in drug treatment.

    He missed the team photo

    He missed his camp

    He missed team breakfast.

    He lost team captain.

    The NFL stands for not for long. What was a coach to do when faced with these facts.

    Don’t be mad at the coach for trying to win with a loser.

  13. BigMacAttack Says:

    Talib’s new book “Back to Fundamentals on Handcuffs”

  14. chickster Says:

    Steve I do not think you could of said that better

  15. Ryan Says:

    I agree with SteveK, we are too predictable with the run, and are completely utilizing Doug wrong….11 receptions through 6 weeks is just not okay. Pretty much any team can stack 8-9 in the box on us and dare us to beat them deep, and thus far have been successful. But what can we do :-/