“This Is Not A Rebuilding Year”

September 22nd, 2013

Joe heard the above quote in the headline countless times from frustrated Bucs fans last week on sports radio. And Joe was at a party last night where fans earnestly told Joe the same thing.

They’re right. This is not a rebuilding year. Not a fan or analyst could legitimately make that claim.

The rightful expectations for the 2013 Bucs are what made this season — and offseason — so exciting.

The Bucs have eight former Pro Bowlers 30 years old and younger. And they are loaded with other talented players, like Lavonte David, Mark Barron, Adrian Clayborn, Mike Williams and, yes, Josh Freeman. Plus, it’s the second year of the regime. Team Glazer has invested heavily.

There is not one valid excuse for this Bucs team to not improve on last season. None! So Joe appreciates the passion.

Joe believes the Bucs, on paper, are more talented than their next three opponents — the banged up Patriots, Arizona and the Eagles.

But the presence of that talent is also why Joe can’t have an outright panic attack if the Bucs lose today in New England. Tampa Bay would still have the horses to rebound with home wins against the shaky Cardinals and Eagles, and head to Atlanta with confidence — and a 2-3 record — to a place they won in late December. And then it’s back home for shaky Carolina on a Thursday night.

The point is that hope is not gone, but there no excuse for the Bucs to not win at least three of their next five. If that doesn’t happen, look for Joe to freak out.

10 Responses to ““This Is Not A Rebuilding Year””

  1. Raphael Says:

    relax people ! Even if we lose today ( we won’t ), we will make the playoffs .

    # winning streak

  2. Splengo Says:

    Anybody notice the curious absence and deafening silence of Mark Dominik? Line from the movie, Jeremiah Johnson – “you skin this one (bear) while I go back and get another one”.

    Freeman is done here and soon Schiano and Glennon will have to skin this bear. Millions have been spent over the last two years and it’s a win now team. No excuses allowed. Dominik is way smarter and more politically savy than Schiano. Dominik is not going to be caught in this drive-by.

    Evidently Schiano didn’t get the message that this is a win now team or he would have gotten an experienced QB in the offseason to replace Freeman. No more “what had happened was”. LMFAO.

  3. Raphael Says:

    I don’t think Freeman is going anywhere.. It takes 4 yrs to learn this offense…..ask Eli

  4. B.D Says:

    what is the records for teams that started 0-2 that didnt make the playoffs? did some at least have winning seasons? or were they just all bad? seems like we could have a good team, but still not make the playoffs with the N.F.C as strong as it is.

  5. Eternally Optimistic Homer Says:

    Joe says
    “But the presence of that talent is also why Joe can’t have an outright panic attack if the Bucs lose today in New England”

    I agree 100%.

    I realize the odds would be against us making the playoffs, but let’s be honest…most of you people demanded playoffs without expecting them at the start of the season.

    I don’t really put stock in losing 2-3 games at the start of the season. Sorry. I consider this…how many teams make the playoffs with 3 or more losses in the regular season?

    People are not considering the other teams in the division.

  6. Ra'Shad Says:


    As long as you are not freaking out, I’m not going to freak out.

  7. B.D Says:

    sure do miss Gruden and the playoffs

  8. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    If Freeman gets benched, and Glennon is virtually no better, then this will def be a rebuilding yr.

    0-3 start. A mediocre QB (assuming) will need a whole season of snaps to get this offense down. People expect him to be Matt Ryan kr Joe Flacco.

    Well if Glennon starts and isnt an immediate impact like RGIII or Wilson, then this WILL be a rebuilding year. And the vets in the locker room arent getting any older. There will be a mutiny.

  9. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “sure do miss Gruden and the playoffs”

    ^^^^what he said. could you imagine what Chucky could do with this offense’s talent? he’d get the best out of them AND the defense. like he did in ’02.

  10. james in dunedin Says:

    “Paper Champions!”