Greg Schiano “Outstanding” But…

September 22nd, 2013


Bucs fans are still griping about the Bucs choking away two wins to start the 2013 season. That quashed the hopes of many fans just eight days into the season. as history suggests the Bucs already are playing for a draft pick next spring.

The Buccaneers have never recovered from an 0-2 start to make the playoffs. No team in the past four years has started 0-2 and made the playoffs. In the past three years, every team that started 0-2 finished with a losing record.

If the Bucs lose today, Joe cannot envision the Bucs getting back into the playoff race in the strong and stacked NFC.

A lot of fans are angry with Bucs coach Greg Schiano. They believe he is playing not to lose, thus you lose. Former NFL wide receiver and NFL Network analyst Sterling Sharpe doesn’t disagree. Speaking last week on the “Booger and Rich Show,” heard locally on WHFS-FM 98.7, Sharpe lauded the job Schiano has done with the Bucs defense but he agrees with fans who blame Schiano for the losing. 

Booger McFarland: What does it say that Greg Schiano is 0-5 in games decided by three points or less? What does it say about him as a coach?

Sterling Sharpe: [Stinking Panthers coach] Ron Rivera is going through the same thing. I think it says something about your mental toughness. What I mean by mental toughness is being able to get over the hump. Get your guys to understand that it is one play from here to there. “We got ourselves in a position to win the game, let’s win it. Let’s do it.”

I look at Greg Schiano and I think he is an outstanding coach in our league. But the way his teams perform down the stretch in close games, I can’t put that on anyone but him. Maybe it is a few more seconds on the four-minute offense or a few more seconds on the two-minute offense or whatever the case may be. But it is a button he is not pushing which is the reason why they are not winning close games.

Is Schiano a bad coach? No. Look, he took over a completely garbage defense a year ago and turned that defense into the No. 1 rush defense in the NFL. Last year the Bucs stunk at putting pressure on the quarterback, but after two weeks, the Bucs lead the NFL in sacks.

That right there shows Joe that Schiano has made significant accomplishments since he’s been here. Joe also knows Team Glazer has never ousted a coach with less than three seasons at the helm of the Bucs.

37 Responses to “Greg Schiano “Outstanding” But…”

  1. K_bassuka Says:

    Joe he turned a bad team into the number 1 run defense and at the same time turned them into a history top worse pass defense…

  2. Paul Says:

    I think all of this media bias and fictional stories will die down once they get used to the fact that Schiano doesn’t tell the media jack. They get mad when a new coach comes in and doesn’t give them juicy high school drama at each pc and then lash out by making up false stories from “league sources” or unnamed source in order to get Schiano to open up. Not going to happen, so just get used to the circus until the media gets used to it like with Belichick.

  3. K_bassuka Says:

    Why are all these Rutgers fans here comparing Schiano tenure to Belicheat’s, the only NFL HC of the two won games and SBs unlike the glorified college coach that continues to ruin the Bucs and brought the Rutgers masses here to top it all off…

  4. chris Says:


    when your starting CBs are Danny Gorrer and Leonard Johnson and Bowers and Miller are starting on your DLINE, what else you expect? Spence proving to be an upgrade with the push he’s getting.

    Team cannot be built overnight. Remember, both Talib and Wright got suspened.

    The one question I have was the drafting of Mark Barron. He’s not very good in coverage.

    People need to realize we are a franchise QB away from contention. With Freeman at the ship, we’re at best 7-9 because he shows the occasional flash.

  5. K_bassuka Says:


    He was the idiot who chose those players, and got rid off the others…

    People need to realize we are a HC away from contention, and a franchise QB away from greatness…

  6. Stevene Says:

    Bucs stink, there a lot more then a Coach and QB..

  7. Couch Fan Says:

    Save our season coach! Start Glennon!! GO BUCS!!!

  8. chris Says:

    So, he was an idiot to get rid of Talib and Wright? Last time I checked, that was the GM’s job.

    Wright suspended for PEDs, and then DUI. Come on dude.

    Talib was always into trouble. The last chance he got he messed up with the 4 game suspension.

  9. Brain Says:

    We’re losing close games because of Schiano’s conservative in-game decision-making, not because of ineffective practice time coaching. When you settle for FGs constantly, never go for it on 4th down and never blitz an opponent QB in 2 minute drill, you’re begging to lose close games.

  10. Splengo Says:

    There is that bothersome little word “but”. Is Schiano a bad coach? No. Is he a winning coach? No. Should we have won our first 2 games this year and 4 games last year where we had leads with mere seconds left on the clock? Yes. Should that inconsistent QB given us more of a lead to protect the team from horrible defensive playcalling? The Glennon Mob sure thinks so.

    Heard from a family member attending the funeral of a canyon jumper – “well at least he was close!”.

  11. chris Says:

    All the Josh Freeman homes want to rid schiano. Guess what? Under Morris, Freeman stunk 2/3 seasons as well.

  12. chris Says:

    Another thing: People forget Dom and the Glazers took their good ol time hiring a coach. Even if it were Kelly, they missed out on all the quality available assistants and at that point, most teams had their staff in place and denied them interviews. Both Sullivan and Sheridan were their 3rd options at OC and DC.

  13. chris Says:

    The playcalling at the end of the game gets conservative because they don’t want a high risk INT, you know the ones Josh Freeman usually throws?

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    I thought Schiano said Crabtree was practicing and could possibly go, but he’s out. Luke Stocker can’t stay healthy for more than 8 seconds and he’s out with a hip injury. How did he hurt his hip? Laying on the couch? Josh says not having TE’s is not a big problem. Oh its a problem alright.

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    Come on coach rid us of that cancer named Freeman!! START Glennon and cure the blind! GO BUCS!!

  16. chris Says:

    Agree couch. I will support Freeman til hes benched. He should be benched. Don’t wait to long.

  17. Couch Fan Says:

    Dam right

  18. Mr Lucky Says:

    The problem with the past two game losses was due to two separate factors:

    1. The Jets loss was due to a bone headed penalty – Coach wasn’t on the field and didn’t cause that one.

    2. The Saints loss occurred due to a miss by the kicker – Coach wasn’t on the field for that one either.

    Now to those people who said that Schiano should have “gone for it” on 4th and 3 Schiano “couldn’t” or wouldn’t because he doesn’t have any faith in Freeman to get the job done. The way Freeman has been playing I really can’t fault the coach for his lack of faith in Josh – can you?

  19. K_bassuka Says:


    He brought Wright because he was an idiot, and he got rid of Talib and how did that turn out with the so much compared HC Belicheat. Can you see the difference between a HC and whatever Schiano is?

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    I look at us the same way the Chiefs were last year. We have a championship caliber defense and an offense with plenty of fire power to at least put up 21 points a game, all we are missing is a mildly competant QB who won’t turn the ball over.

  21. Couch Fan Says:

    @Mr Lucky

    Well said. To bad your words of wisdom will fall upon def ears because they choose not to place any blame on there savior QB. Josh can do no wrong.

  22. Splengo Says:


    You’re right. There is no defense for Morris’ coaching skills. But unlike most Buc coaches, he earned himself a spot amongst rare company. The Bucs have had 9 HCs, only 3 of them other than Morris have won 10 games in a season (McKay. Dungy, Gruden) and only 2 have done it more than once (Dungy, Gruden). And but for an NFL-acknowledged bad referee call, Morris would have made the playoffs in 2010.

    And as inept as Morris was, he did it with no free agency, no right guard (Davin Joseph on IR), a turnstile at RT (Jeremy Trueblood), a gimpy turntable-loving TE (Kellen Winslow), a Cadillac with two bad wheels, and the same inconsistent QB we have now. So what is Schiano’s excuse?

  23. Jacko101 Says:

    I don’t care who agrees but Glennon can’t do anything Freeman can’t. Freeman needs to step up No doubt, however the offense isn’t helping him with penalties dropped balls, and bad play calls. (None of which Glennon can control). Hold tight Glennon mob breathe relax it’s nearing game time. Go Bucs

  24. chris Says:

    Then explain 2011 to me there Splengo, or 2009? Explain the drinking and partying with players? Come on dude. There is no excuse.

    Also, I’m no where near excusing Mark Dominik either. I thought he should have went out the door with Morris.

  25. Couch Fan Says:

    Oh yes and you know this how? Did you wax your crystal ball so you can see clearer? All I hear is more butt talking… put a plug in it.

  26. chris Says:

    Bassuka, you make no sense nor do you have any evidence to back up anything. Talib was doing nothing but get into trouble in Tampa. He needed a change of scenery. Wright was Doms mistake. Not Schaino.s

  27. K_bassuka Says:

    @mr. Lucky

    1. The team wasn’t prepared to play football from the start I guess you were busy watching Rutgers and therefore only saw the end of that game, not being prepared and bonehead plays that happen all game long falls on the HC or lack hereof.

    2. Even if the FG was made Brees could’ve scored a TD and beat us…. If he doesn’t trust his QB then bench him since that’s what he is trying to coach anyway, if he doesn’t bench him that means that he doesn’t have the balls to do it and all the reports out there become valid.

  28. Eternally Optimistic Homer Says:

    K_bassuka Says
    “Joe he turned a bad team into the number 1 run defense and at the same time turned them into a history top worse pass defense…”

    He turned the pass defense into nothing. Talib had crossed the line every off season since drafted. You can’t blame him for getting rid of the guy. Only an idiot would.

    And you act like Wright was any good. He wasn’t. That’s like saying the cutting of Dexter Jackson hurt our recieving game. Wright sucked bad.

    Schiano only had so many picks last year and he made the best of them. Sure the Bucs could have gone after FAs but look how they worked out for teams like the Eagles. Instead they waited until this year and got the best of the best.

    What he’s doing is working. A coach can’t always fix things overnight. The defense is rising. The offense will get there (not like we’re us to a top offense).

  29. K_bassuka Says:


    I have no evidence, but you were in the meetings in which Dominik allegedly told Schiano to F off and signed Wright without his consent as well as knowing for a fact that Talib wasn’t going to change even when Schiano praised him all the time until he was traded… Please….

  30. chris Says:

    haha what? Last time I checked, Dom has the final word on decisions. Just shut up. You are a fool. BTW, I’m glad we have Revis/Banks/Johnson over Talib/Wright LOL

  31. Splengo Says:


    You are what your record says you are. Can’t dispute the record can you? Didn’t think so.

  32. chris Says:

    Haha I’m not disuputing the record one bit. In 2011, if we didn’t start 4-2 , you could have made the argument that Tampa was the worst team in Football under Raheem Morris.

    But every aspect on this team has shown improvement. Josh Freeman? He still looks dazed and confused.

  33. chris Says:

    You can get anyone you want in here to coach this team, Josh Freeman will not change.

  34. K_bassuka Says:


    Look who the idiot is, of course Dominik has the last word, but I’m almost 100% sure that he will not sign or draft a player that the HC, or lack thereof, don’t want or think it’s not a good player. Both Dominik and Schiano wanted Wright and overpaid for him.

    Yes I’m happy we have Revis and Banks, but it would’ve been even better if we had a HC that motivates and teach probably would have Revis, Talib and Banks…

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    “glorified college coach that continues to ruin the Bucs”

    I don’t even have to scroll down and read the rest of your comments after I saw that line. Your entitled to your opinion. Whether it’s wrong or not. This team was ruined BEFORE the coach got here. That’s all I’m saying on this matter. A few people have this college coach thingy problem with the guy. As if somehow he can’t coach because of it. There is one person that is dragging this team down and it’s not the coach. Have a nice day everyone. 😀

  36. Jacko101 Says:

    Glennon should be warming up. (And I’m a freeman fan) something isn’t clicking last drive 1 more chance Free

  37. k_bassuka Says:


    You did read my posts, but since you cant argue against it you decided it to use that line, which it’s true by the way. He is glorified college coach because he gets credit for turning a futile system and turn them into an Ok one. He was only successful when Ray Rice was playing. He didn’t develop any other NFL caliber player and hooked Belicheat’s son with a roster spot. Now he is here in TB destroying a very talented team.