The Pain In Joe’s Stomach

September 15th, 2013

Joe realizes many readers here lose sight of the fact that Joe is a crazed Bucs fan.

Joe’s actually loved the Bucs for decades. Joe even almost got fired in 2007  for leaving his former office early (consequences be damned) to see the Bucs lose to the Giants in the playoffs in 2007. That’s how much Joe loves the Bucs.

Joe’s mentioning this now because Joe is really having a hard time stomaching the Bucs’ first two losses of this season. They didn’t have to happen. They’re making Joe ill. It sucks to be a fan of a team that repeatedly kicks itself in the balls. Joe wants to shut down this site for a day and drink mass quantities of beer. (Don’t worry. That won’t happen.)

It’s one thing if a team lacking talent is sloppy and foolish, but it’s another thing when it’s a Bucs team like this one — one with a load of talent on both sides of the football.

Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik did a strong job stocking Greg Schiano’s cupboard this season. But the coach isn’t cooking up much worth eating. Sure, some of Schiano’s recipe looks great, but ultimately the stew is sour to the taste.

This is a damn rough night to be a Bucs fan. Joe feels for the Bucs faithful.

33 Responses to “The Pain In Joe’s Stomach”

  1. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Joe, feeling your pain!

  2. Walter Says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty depressed right now

  3. bucrightoff Says:

    Its mostly disappointment, not pain. Defense is light years ahead of last year, and the offense had regressed so badly its hard to believe. The Buccaneers are two players away, a QB and a third receiving option, and perhaps a new coach, from being contenders. That defense is going to get better too. Such a shame it feels like 1997-2001 again, can’t ever do enough for the defense.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hang in there, Joe….I had season tickets in 1976 0-14 season and we hosted the NFC Championship in 1979….all of our success has come with our defenses.
    We are developing a very strong defense and are almost there. Schiano is a defensive coach and this is his defense.

    As a Buc fan you have to come away from losses like these with hope still remaining….I have that hope….all we need is a QB that won’t lose the game…or can get us another last first down when we need it. That, we don’t have.

    A defense doesn’t play this hard unless they have bought in to their coach….that we do have!!!

  5. BucFanNYC Says:

    Disagree, I loved our defense tonight, damn the fines we play defense!!!! That is Bucs football!!!!!!!!!

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Schiano has no balls. 50,000 fans knew you can’t give Brees the ball with a minute left, but Schiano didn’t get the memo. This the second game our head coach gave away by being conservative. Even if we made the field goal, Brees would have scored a TD.

    I don’t get replays at the game but the refs as usual had it in for the Bucs.

    Second game the defense held opponent to 16 pts. That’s playoff caliber defense. They just need to turn the corner.

    And Josh ran it for a first. I can’t believe it.

  7. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Schiano gets a pass for that defense…gave me chills at times…very violent.

    Freeman on the other hand…well what can you say about a qb thats completing 40% of his passes.

  8. BucFanNYC Says:

    Big Mac Attack nailed it.

  9. BucsOrgtfo Says:

    Thank you Joe. Glad to see I’m not the only one. F.A.M.I.L.Y

  10. Couch Fan Says:

    It’s like I’ve been saying all along. You can’t win with a QB that doesn’t show up for the majority of the game. Not sure when we are going to realize this… Thats why I laughed when people said Josh can with a better defense… well? Lol. Then the Freemanites tried to hang there hat on the “9th ranked offense”… How’s that offense working for you Freemanites?… Josh is the problem. Before we can figure out how good or bad Schiano is, we need to get rid of Josh to give Schiano a chance. He’s got one coach who did believe in him fired… and now it seems as if he’s on the verge of getting a 2nd coach fired along with himself.

  11. Adam Says:

    Glennon could have passed for 31 yards in a half. Penalties or not, u rushed for 160 and gave up 16 points AT HOME. Jamarcus Russell could complete 9 passes.

    Freeman. Is. Soft.

  12. Eric Says:

    I feel the same way. I might not watch another game until FreeMan is traded to Tenn. Schiano has improved the D. Do we really want to bounce Sully? My guess is that Freeman has lost the locker room, not Schiano.

  13. ATLBucsFan Says:

    I saw a defensive team come together and it will pay lots of benefits in the remainder of the season. Will be a little more patient with the offense but dang, Schiano, loosen up at the end of the game. You have Freeman, Jackson and Williams. Use them to keep the chains moving!

  14. AOB Says:

    Joe, long long long time reader but first time responder. Normally I just enjoy your articles and don’t feel the need to comment. This is short and sweet and maybe the best article you’ve ever posted. Its nice to see the fan side of you without just covering the facts (which you do a great job of btw). You nailed this one though… tonight is a rough night to be a bucs fan. I wanna believe in coach and give freeman another shot but woth the amount of talent out there, we deserve better.

  15. Marc Says:


    That definitely gives me some hope. But how long will this defense buy into Schiano, you think? Can they endure these excruciating losses long enough to finally start winning some games before they throw in the towel, a la the Raheem era?

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We also need to learn how to stop a team from getting 50-60 yards with no time outs and little time on the clock….our “prevent” defense prevents us from winning….

  17. passthebuc Says:

    Joe’s going to leave the site up and drink mass quantities of beer.

  18. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Marc

    Yes…they will continue to buy in because they blame themselves for letting the other team march down the field twice in a row….they feel they didn’t finish…..

    They are not sitting around blaming anyone but themselves…much less the coaches end game decision…

    We can do that, however…if its me…I do anything possible not to give the ball back to Brees….and If I lose, I tell the folks…can you blame me for that?

  19. HelplessBucFan Says:

    I really want them to succeed, but I’m at the point where if we’re not playoff bound, dont mess with my emotions going 9-7,8-8,7-9 and get some middle draft pick.Trust me, I know it’s not only on Gosh Freeman, but I’m so damn tired of his mediocrity, it’s sickening. He’s got to go, keep Shiano because you need some continuity. Make the playoffs or tank it and draft a qb, my nerves bad.

  20. Marc Says:


    I sure as hell hope so. And I agree whole-heartedly with not giving the ball back to Brees–going for the field goal or punting was out of the question. The Bucs not going for it on 4th down was sickening.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe I just feel deflated. I’ve virtually lost my voice from the game, I have a splitting headache. I hollered and screamed in soaking wet clothes and soggy socks. This team has a GREAT defense, and a great RB. The O-line was doing a great job only 1 sack on Freeman and they were opening up holes for Martin to run. Of course the penalties killed the Bucs again many times, but the D got the Saints off the field. I 2nd guess them running on 3rd and 6 of course and playing it conservative, that was obvious for everyone to see. If the FG is good the Bucs might have got a win. The Jets game was like getting stung by several bees all at once. This one though was like being stung by a giant wasp. Everyone keeps blaming Schiano for being so conservative, but the fact of the matter is he should have never been put in the position to be so conservative in the end. Why? Because Freeman simply can’t get it done. Shut up Raphael don’t even start with me. Once again the Bucs have a great D, a great RB, 2 great WR’s, and an O-line that did a helluva good job today. What’s the missing link? Well QB of course. Everyone else’s stats looked good, but Freeman’s.

    Note to the Mike Glennon Mob. In the 3rd qtr Glennon was warming up on the sidelines.<~~~ No lie he was. As for me I'm starting to warm up to him myself. This game might have been the end for Josh. If not this week, then next week for sure. I think the Bucs can beat the Pats even with Freeman in there. I think they will beat them next week with Freeman in there. I just think he will play like shyte again, the D is going to win the game for the Bucs next week and then the Freeman era will be over. I think Glennon is going to get the nod in week 4 against Zona.

  22. buc4life24 Says:

    This is all on Schiano and the playcalling!! I knew when we had the ball on 3rd and 6…we were going to go conservative and it would cost us! Did we not learn anything from last week? If Geno can do it with less……why would Brees not be able to?!

    Im ready for a new coach….all the controversy/rumors! Sad to say, but he sounds like a nightmare to work for!! Problem is….who????

  23. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Marc

    I don’t like the playcalling on the third down & 6…..I think you roll out with Freeman and have Martin & or a TE or WR or all three on one side and throw a very short pass/high percentage completion….but one of the problems with Freeman is his inacuracy on short passes….
    If noone was open…let him run.

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    “If Geno can do it with less……why would Brees not be able to?!”

    buc4life24 …Geno did not do it for the Jets last week. Lavonte David.

  25. buc4life24 Says:

    Geno still made plays to get them in that position. Point was, did they not learn their lesson from last week? Dont let off the gas pedal and just play to NOT lose!

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    buc4life24…the Bucs have a great D, 2 great WR’s, 1 great RB, and pretty good o-line. The fact of the matter is Schiano should have never been put in that position to be conservative in the 1st place if the Bucs had decent QB throughout the game.

  27. tonytwocents Says:

    Tampabaybucfan – “I think you roll out with Freeman and have Martin & or a TE or WR or all three on one side and throw a very short pass/high percentage completion”

    ditto. he only rolled out once in the game, and it was for a huge gain. like you said, and if nothing was there, tuck it and bulldoze through LBs.

    Im gonna miss the kid. And Im going to go out and get some pu$$y while this team continues to rebuild…smh.

    Sully 4 HC!!! The Time to Win is NOW!

  28. buc4life24 Says:

    I agree we are being held back by our QB…….and coach/playcalling! Thats my opinion.

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Tonytwocents

    Enjoy the puzzy……Maybe Josh will turn you on to some of his regulars when he leaves town.

    Maybe Josh didn’t know about the trade rumors because he was left out of the discussion….Perhaps Dom is shopping him..

    It sure would be nice to get that 3rd round pick back next year…and the money we would have spent on Freeman could go to a TE & 3rd WR….
    And with all the losses expected with Glennon, we will get another high draft pick….Any headhunters available?

  30. Eric Says:

    Sorry Joe but were not talented.

    And it has been going on five years for the rockstar. After all it was he who decided to pin the hopes of the Franchise on Josh Freeman, who is not talented. Now they have to start all over with the most important position on the field after wasting years on the guy. He drafted him, he bears the responsibility.

    The rockstar has a dismal record, no playoffs for what will now be his fifth year. That’s more than enough time to build a playoff team. Last eight games 1-7. They are getting worse not better.

    Time to face the facts, the mans job is to build a winning football team. He has fallen woefully short. Enough with the excuses and twisting into a pretzel to defend him.

  31. Pete I Says:

    Watching the bucs these days is liking ordering the fish on AIRPLANE. It wiil make you violently ill, have convulsions and foam at the mouth and collapse.

    Should have ordered the lasagna like Leslie Nielsen.

  32. MadMax Says:

    @Buc1987, welcome aboard. SeanyMac, me, and about 4 other Buc fans were really feeling the pain after that game. If I didnt have to work, I probably would’ve drowned myself in vodka afterwards.

    The thing with Freeman with this game is the interceptions (which makes Coach not trust him) and the slow decision making followed by awful throws. If he was a rookie or even in his 2nd year, I could have hope. Now granted, there were a few passes VJax shouldve caught, but he made up for it.

    If our D can keep us that close in a game against Brees, and it was almost all our D, then why cant Freeman match their effort and just play better. Thats why I said a while back that we’ve seen about all we can get from him. Sucks to be a Bucs fan right now for sure….heck, I’d probably not even be watching much anymore since the refs keep throwing flags on us…and all over the rest of the league…NFL National Flagfootball League.

  33. ben Says:

    First drive we came out in 3wr sets passing the ball and went the length of the field for a td,we put freeman in 3rd and long the rest, any play he made was dropped,wr fell or was negated by penalty,he made clutch throws on 3rd down on the last drive,he was in the zone that last drive,you give him 2 shots on 3rd and 4th down with the game on the line and the option to run and the game is over