Adrian Clayborn’s Hit Illegal

September 15th, 2013

Joe knows Bucs fans went wild over the personal foul called on Adrian Clayborn’s hit and sack on Drew Brees. The zebras believed Clayborn went for Brees’ head and the flag came out.

Bucs fans erupted both on Twitter and in the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway. After the hour-long lightning delay where lubricated fans got more of a chance to fuel up, Joe was honeslty thinking there would be a disturbance of some sort the crowd grew so unruly.

It was like a power play at the Ice Palace when a penalty is called against the Lightning and the crowd boos throughout the whole penality. That’s what it was like at the Bucs game following that call.

However, former director of NFL officials and FOX NFL analyst Mike Pereira saw a far different result than what many Bucs fans saw.

@MikePereira: Correct call on the hit on Brees – though it’s very close. Lynch is right — err on the side of safety when you hit the QB high.

Bingo! It’s not how you blast a guy, it is where you blast a guy. Bucs coach Greg Schiano and his staff are going to have to teach their defenders to hit lower. Dashon Goldson, among others, has vowed to continue to be physical, and that’s good. Just drill their arses in the ribs, man.

24 Responses to “Adrian Clayborn’s Hit Illegal”

  1. Adam Says:

    Should have aimed high and ended his season.

  2. Walter Says:


    That’s a very nasty thing to say

  3. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I calling a big BS on that one. It’s hard not to go high on a QB that’s 5’11. Keep it coming hard AC

  4. Adam Says:

    I don’t care what’s nasty or not. End his season and send the Saints and their bandwagon water-logged filth home until August

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The hit was so violent i’m surprised Brees survived it. Lets go for the knees if that’s what it takes…ribs would be good…or how about a “cup-jarring” helmet to scrotum hit?

  6. ATLBucsFan Says:

    Not right Adam. That hit was on the shoulders first, the helmet was incidental. Just like receiver tangling his feet with the defender. Incidental contact.

  7. Walter Says:



    It’s a game buddy. Think about that. You want to injure somebody over a game.

  8. chipbuc Says:

    I was at the game ,and i dont care what Pereira said it was a legal hard hit. If Freeman was hit exactly the same way by New Oleans do you think there would have been a flag? Not in a million years, what a joke it cost us a sack and a fumble deep in their territory.

  9. Adam Says:

    My tickets are too expensive to worry about someone’s feelings.

  10. Clintro Says:

    Or lower

  11. Kyle Says:

    @Adam: that’s a despicable thing to say. Football is just a game and the idea that you want there to be a severe enough blow to a guys head to end his season is atrocious, seeing as such a blow would probably have to life threatening.

    As for the call, I don’t care what mike P says, that call was BS.

  12. Adam Says:

    Whatever. Go cry about it, you gutless wonder.

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    So you can’t hit a QB in the knees. You can’t have any part of you touch his helmet. AC has about six inches on Brees. Do you know how difficult it is to hit Brees in the midsection? Basically an arm tackle is the only way to bring him down. How exactly are we ever going to force a fumble on a sack with these rules. I swear if I didn’t love the Bucs so much, I’d quit watching football altogether. This is a joke. The NFL has gone so far overboard it’s hard to watch.

  14. BucFan20 Says:

    Just put them in a DO NOT TOUCH jersey and be done with it.

  15. Richard Says:

    That call along with the Black and Goldson call were all bogus. They were good hard hits and exactly what the defense should be doing. Incidental contact is exactly that and should not be a factor in the call. I am personally ready to cancel my season tickets for next year and quit watching the NFL all together if they continue calling tackles like this penalties.

  16. Gt40bear Says:

    Goodell is doing to the NFL what Bettman has done to the NHL. What a joke! Let’s just put a pink dress on the qbs. If you can’t hit them, there should be a sack halo around them, get within a yard and it’s a sack!

  17. Jan Boger Says:

    I watched that Clayborn hit in ultra slow motion. His head hit Brees’ shoulder pad causing Brees head to jerk back. So now you can’t tackle even the shoulder or chest area cause your helmet might glance off the QBs helmet or cause his head to jerk back. Why aren’t they calling the hits by the RBs when they put their head down to the defensive guy who is tackling them. Ala Mark Ingram near the end of the game in front of his bench I think against a LB. I agree, why don’t you just tie their hands behind their back?

  18. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Pereira is a moron who never met a call/non call that he didn’t like. Sacks like this occur every game and are non-calls. I think the refs wanted to send an early message and they used this play

  19. RaleighBuc Says:

    Pereira has never once disagreed with the refs on the field, I swear it seems like he is still getting paid by the NFL, as he never goes against them

  20. Josh Says:

    this lose, this call are gut wrenching…. what about the personal foul call that wasn’t called on the Saints when one of their linemen clearly knock one of our linemen on the ground with a Ref stnading right there and no flag was thrown.. 2 weeks, 2 loses on GW field goals. This is going to be a long season..

  21. Paul Says:

    Hit looked good to me, right in the shoulder pads. Brees happens to be a shrimp. Can’t make special rules just because one player is smaller.

  22. Nate Says:

    “Bingo”!?! Joe, really? C’mon man! That was a clean hit hands down. AC hit Brees straight in his shoulder. That call was awful and if you honestly agree with Pereira’s opinion, you’re nuts. The hit was hard jarring Brees’ head to hit AC’s helmet that was square on Brees’ shoulder. You can’t get on AC for that play.

  23. tubeTime Says:

    The play was one of the best defensive plays this year. A sack fumble that should have been a highlight. Instead we we’re watching clips of Brees throw to a wide open Graham (not spectacular just confused D). And Clayborn’s play goes for a 15 yard penalty.

    Where does the offense’s responsibility lie? QBs in the past would have to be aware and not put is receiver in position to lose his head. Now they just rely on penalties. Receivers have longer arms (not alligator arms) because they don’t have to fear getting laid out as often. I believe they have a responsibility to see a hit coming. If they don’t want to risk injury they should bail on the play. I think that’s how it used to work?

    QB responsibility, I’m thinking of a Texan’s game last year where Schaub was taking some big hits. You know he can get rid of the ball anytime? But by waiting he was making some spectacular throws with great results. Additionally, there were numerous flags for the hits he took. They guy has every opportunity to bail but he’s making the decision to risk it. It shouldn’t be up to the defense to lay up.

  24. Mark Says:

    I am a diehard Buccs fan but due to thses rules I will no longer watch any NFL games. Football is not what it used to be. I have never seen sach forced fumble be called a is this game coming to. In my opinion the game is to soft & I will no longer support the NFL.