“That’s A Bad Football Team”

September 7th, 2013

Are the Bucs making progress? What’s longtime WTST-TV, Ch. 10 sportscaster Dave Wirth talking about when he says, “that’s a bad football team?”

Wirth dives into his Sunday prediction and his 2013 season prediction in this exclusive video for JoeBucsFan.com. Enjoy.

37 Responses to ““That’s A Bad Football Team””

  1. BigMacAttack Says:


    @BigMacAttack — Looks like you didn’t watch the video. 😉 –Joe

  2. Morgan Says:

    JBF, what are you questioning when he says, “that’s a bad football team?” regarding the NYJ. They are bad and if the Bucs lose to them, the Bucs will be looking at starting the season with a losing streak. I think most followers of the NFL agree w/ Wirth – the Jets are bad.

    I agree with everything Wirth said about the Bucs – he was spot on.

  3. Morgan Says:


    This is a ploy used by JBF to incite readers or draw attention to his site – Steve Deumig ploy to get listeners.

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I like Dave Wirth!
    He is a bit more optimistic about this years Tampa Bay Buccaneers then I am, but I like the guy, just the same.

  5. Splengo Says:

    Nice to see that somebody recognizes how important defense is, especially the pass rush, in winning football games.

  6. chris Says:

    Guys , perfect example of it doesn’t matter how good your team around you is, if you don’t have a qb, you won’t get to the playoffs. Those days are over in this QB driven league.

    Seahawks of 2011 are excellent examples. They were stacked, deep, and talented around the QB. They finished 7-9 with Traveris Jackson at QB. People will say Jackson sucks. But whats the outsiders views on Freeman?

    They get themselves a QB, they go 11-5 and Div. Playoffs.

    I see Freeman holding this team back.

  7. Bobby Says:

    Freeman wasn’t the one holding us back last year so I don’t see that happening this year. Give me 4000+ yds and 27 TD’s again with just a few less picks and I’ll be a happy camper. I don’t care if he’s inconsistent. The defense is a whole different story. Will our pass D be improved? DUH! We were last in the league last year and now we have the addition of Revis and Goldson and a promising rookie in Banks. We were #1 against the run and I don’t see that falling off much. So, we lost all but 2 games by a TD or less. With less points scored against us all we need is the same offensive output we had last year and we’ll be fine. Playoffs this year.

  8. chris Says:


    17 of those TD passes came in a 6 game run when we went 5-1. Only 3 INTs.

    The other 10 games? 10 Tds to 14 INTs. You can’t play well in only 6 games and lay an egg in 10. If he had consistency in those last 6 even, the number should have been higher and probably equated to more wins.

  9. Tye Says:


    I have often thought that very same thing myself this past year…. As great as it is that the Bucs are gathering talent in key positions, continuing to ignore the tremendous need to upgrade at QB is just keeping this team mediocre and irrelevant!

  10. chris Says:

    I just don’;t know if you can have the confidence this is a playoff team when every week, there is a 50% chance he performs worse than sanchez. Read this tid bit:


    “• Josh Freeman was off target on 24.3 percent of his attempts last year, worst among qualified quarterbacks. Freeman completed 54.8 percent of his passes last season, his lowest percentage since his rookie year.”

    The defense wasn’t great, but neither was Freeman.

  11. Bobby Says:

    @Chris….yeah Jackson threw for 3000 yds and 14 TD’s that year. Freeman threw for 4000+ and 27 TD’s last year. Your analogy sucks. The defense held us back last year. What do you think would have happened if Jackson would have thrown for over 4000 yards and 27 TD’s with the Seattle defense in 2011?? Uh huh…playoffs. But thanks for hepling me make my point about it NOT being Freeman holding us back. He needs to get better for us to go deep into the playoffs but we can get to the playoffs with an improved defense and the 2012 Josh.

  12. Morgan Says:

    JBF writes “Are the Bucs making progress? What’s longtime WTST-TV, Ch. 10 sportscaster Dave Wirth talking about when he says, “that’s a bad football team?”……how is that not misleading your readers?

  13. Walter Says:

    “Yeah the defense wasn’t great…”

    Understatement of the century.

  14. chris Says:

    I just don’t see Freeman taking this team to a playoff birth. You see him perform well against sub par/bad defenses and teams overall. But face a stiff playoff caliber team, he doesn’t look good at all. Even in his 2010 “magical “season, his worst games came against Pittsburgh, New Orleans (1st meeting) Baltimore, and both Atlanta Games. All 4 (5 games total) were Playoff teams.

  15. Bobby Says:

    How many of those throws were actually Freeman’s fault and how many were the receiver running the wrong route? Besides, I don’t put a whole lot of stock in %. So Freeman throws five more safety valves out of every 100 passes and he’s at 60% but the TD’s don’t change. I’d rather have a higher production than a higher completion %. Yes, I’ve seen Freeman be horribly inaccurate but I’ve also seen the receivers coming back to the huddle pointing at themselves a lot too. I think they’ll be on the same page a lot more this year.

  16. chris Says:

    Bobby, re-watch the first 4 games and final 6 games of Josh Freeman last year. You cannot just SINGLE out the defense. Josh played just as bad. You can even argue that a lot of times, Freemans 3 and outs and TOs and failure to sustain drives put the defense in terrible situations.

    Example: Freeman could not move the ball downfield against some of the worst defenses in the league. Washington (first 3 quarters, then a lgiht comes on?) Dallas (19th overall) New Orleans LOL, and Philadelphia LOL.

    In the final 6 weeks, the Eagles, Falcons, Broncos, Saints, Rams: They baited Freeman. They know his one look and cant come to read another progression across the field. It’s an easy for defenses to pick up on. They know the blitz will rattle his confidence. They know he’s TO prone (even our own good Ronde Barber said it).

    Mike Glennon is no where near ready to push Freeman out this season. But Josh isn’t taking us to the playoffs either. I hate to say, but get ready for another year of mediocirty. Heck, tomorrow, I’m gonna wear my Freeman jersey for support.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    Bobby is a card carrying member of the JFro Jock Sniffing Mob. Any credible stat, like those presented by Chris, are diminished with the same old tired excuses for JFro.

  18. chris Says:

    That’s the thing Bobby. You “Think”. Where’s the facts to back up your statement? What about the throws into double and triple coverage.

    I’m trying not to be negative hear because I’ve been a diehard bucs fan since I can remember liking football. It pains me to see, this team lack QB play.

    Us fellow buc fans fail to see, there are holes on every team. But if they have that QB, those holes are void. Even a stacked team without a qb, won’t get you anywhere until you find one.

    As much as I’ve liked Glennon’s potential, I felt like we should have taken a LB. One injury to David or Foster, we’re screwed their.

    I think there are a lot of question marks on this team.
    1. Mark Dominik (what has he done exactly?) More bad moves than good.
    2. Josh Freeman : One of Dom’s possible hgih picks that proven failure.
    3. The dline: 4 high picks invested. 1 has turned into a pro bowler. 1 not in the league anymore. Bowers has been a flop. Clayborn, can he develop and rebound off his ACL injury?

  19. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    Hey ‘chris’ who cares about what Freeman did last year? Last time I checked, Doc Brown isnt walking through that door and wearent going 88mph back to the 2012 season.

    Love or hate JF5 the only thing I can judge him against will be his performance tomorrow against the Jets

    The time for whining and crying by the Glennon mob and the Freepologist is over, the 2013 season is here, lets root for OUR Buccaneers!

  20. chris Says:

    Ian, it’s not hate, it’s facts. I for one, am hoping my analysts from what we’ve seen are wrong.

    And please don;t put me in the “mike glennon mob.” Did I like what I seen in preseason? Yeah, some things. But he’s not ready to be a starter in this league, at least this year.

    If we beat the Jets, great. We should. They have the look of a team imploding.

    But Josh Freeman must stay consistent over the course of a 16 game season. Not just a 6 game stretch from october to early/mid nov.

  21. Bobby Says:

    A perfect example of what I am saying is the final game of the year last year. Freeman goes 19/35 for 222 yds. with 1 TD and 1 pick. However Doug Martin tacks on 145 yds with another TD. Freeman finishes the day with a QB rating of 72.1. However, the DEFENSE holds Matt Ryan to 28/44 for 238 yds and 1 TD. Tampa Bay gets 144 yds rushing and Atlanta gets 65 yds rushing. Tampa Bay wins 22-17. Now….did Matt Ryan lose the game for Atlanta? No. Did Freeman win the game for us? No. It was a good game but ultimately Tampa Bays defense was better than Atlanta’s and we won. That’s what we need more of this year.

  22. Joe Says:

    @Morgan – It’s pretty clear that Joe is simply providing a TV-style lead in to get fans to watch the video from Joe’s TV partner. Joe asks the questions here, and Dave wirth answers them in the video. … Don’t take life so seriously.

  23. Bobby Says:

    Chris, if yu know anything about football you should know that any individual performance or team from one year rarely carries over into the next. Some get better, some get worse. Very few remain ‘consistent’.

  24. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    ‘chris’ Im not calling you a hater nor am I saying you are a card carrying member of the Glennon Mob. What I am saying is we all know what JF5 did last season, re-stating it for the millionth time is pointless, let’s see what he does on Sunday and throughout the 2013 season.

  25. Bobby Says:

    @lightningbug…..Sssshhhh! we’re trying to have an adult conversation here. No kids allowed.

  26. 76buc76 Says:

    Throw that 4 pick Saint’s game out. Freeman would have had 27TD’s,13Int’s. To go 7-8 with those number’s is amazing. Talk about the anti-clutch. Luck had similar number’s as Freeman. But went 9-7, now that is clutch. Althou a lot of people feel that Luck got lucky. I love it when people bring up that the defence lost the Skin’s,Eagles,Giant’s games. Besides the first drive TD in the Giant’s game. Freeman did nothing in the first half of those games as the defence held us in the game. How much offence did we have in those first half’s. I blame Freeman slightly more than the defence for last year’s breakdown. Look at the QB’s that threw 17+ INT’s only Luck made the playoff’s. Stafford threw for almost 5000 yard’s and won only 4 games. Is Stafford a great QB….hell no. MY top QB’s all have ring’s. Big Ben and Flacco are ahead of any stat QB with no ring. If Freeman can be more consistant with his footwork. That footwork of his is his most glaring fault. That plant leg I like to call “the spring of inconsistancy” he overstrides with too much knee bend. Shrinking him to 6″2 and causing lot’s of knockdown’s. You know they have been working at it. But if Freeman is in denile about it he’ll never learn. With all the finger pointing he does at everyone except himself. I mean how many times does he one hop a pass to a guy. Then with that smirk on his face, go and correct the receiver. Sure eventhou the pass was way off. It could have been the receiver’s fault. But every time? It would be so refreshing if he took some of the blame. Point the finger at himself. We need him to reconize he wasn’t good enough last year. Not have him feel like lot’s of you do, that the defence was the problem. Just like you tell your kid’s if you make a mistake. Own it, learn from it. Don’t come up with excuses or blame it on someone else.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    Josh is our starter. 25 hours til kick off we need to accept that and hope the good Josh shows up more often than not…. and please Josh, find some fire at the beginning of the game!! GO BUCS!!

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    This is all you need to know about what happened last season. Period.

    Don’t let Tampa Bay’s 7-9 record fool you. Of the nine losses, only two were by more than eight points. The Bucs competed in nearly every game, and led in the fourth quarter in four of the nine losses. The defense frequently had trouble stopping teams on third down, blowing three leads with under two minutes left in the game. Outside of an ugly 41-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints, they lost eight games by a combined 48 points.

    Have they corrected all of this? We are about to find out soon now aren’t we?

  29. Morgan Says:

    While we concentrate on offense and defense, I see little discussion about special teams – important third leg to any team. Other than Tyne’s wife’s tweets about his misfortunate MRSA, is this Bucs team well prepared to handle its responsibilities in Special Teams? Could be the difference between winning and losing – and having a winning season.

  30. Chris Says:


    We were 1-5 to close out the season. I hope tht poor play doesn’t carry over. I’m not readig much into te falcons win in week17 bc they had nothing to play for.

  31. 76buc76 Says:

    I’m with ya go Josh go. But let’s face it Freeman own’s team’s under .500. It’s week 2 and 3 we’ll see if Josh is willng to learn from his mistakes. I still think he can do it.

  32. clafollett Says:


    Thanks Ian!

    @All JBF Readers

    Its time for us all to “buc” up and stop the hate… ON BOTH SIDES of the argument. Let us rally together as a fan base and give this team some good mojo going into tomorrow. Without us fans, there wouldn’t be a team here. We are tied for first in our division right now. They need our positive vibes to feed off of.

    If they stink it up tomorrow, then lets bitch after the game. For now… pop open a beer, but some brauts on the grill and cheer this team on!

    GO BUCS!

  33. Buc1987 Says:

    clafollett….here here! We’ve all been bitching all summer long it truly is time to put 2012 in the closet. Tomorrow is a new season. Let’s send positive energy towards our team.

  34. Stanglassman Says:

    How can you not imagine JF5 taking this team to the playoffs? His first year as a starter on a much worse team (young riddled with injuries, no free agents, poorly coached) carried this team on his back to 10 wins. You know that usually gets you in the playoffs 90% of the time. I think it’s only fair to say Josh is holding this team back when we have a defense that Free doesn’t think he needs to score 35 points a game to keep in close.

  35. Bobby Says:

    ^^^^uh huh^^^^

  36. Bobby Says:

    Of course you’re not reading much into the Falcons’s win Chris. It wouldn’t fit your agenda.

  37. McBuc Says:

    If freeman was not trying to make up for defensive deficiency, his ratio would be better. Go back and read brad johnsons take on freeman. Brad is not selling ratings, so he uses sound logic instead if emotion. This year will be different if the defense has ib fact improved.