So Maybe The Jets Weren’t So Bad?

September 13th, 2013

The perception of the Bucs’ 18-17 choked-away loss Sunday was that the bungling Bucs lost to a horrific Jets football team, a game that should have been an easy Bucs win.

But then the Jets marched out to New England last night and completely stymied Tom Brady, who, like Josh Freeman days earlier, threw for less than a 50 percent completion rate. The Patriots won 13-10, thanks, in part, to two Aqib Talib interceptions.

So perhaps the Jets are far nastier than expected? New York had 15 first downs to New England’s nine.

Yes, the scoreboard is all that matters. But Joe can say he feels somewhat uplifted by the Patriots’ struggles and the Jets being competitive. The Bucs head to New England after Sunday’s meeting with Drew Brees.

88 Responses to “So Maybe The Jets Weren’t So Bad?”

  1. Hank Says:

    Only Joe could write such a stupid post. Traffic on the site must be slow. I’ve never seen a guy so happy with the status quo other than Joe. He is so in love with mediocrity. Go be a fan of another team!

    @Hank, Joe merely typed up what gazillions of other Bucs fans were thinking watching that game last night. Joe writes about what he finds interesting. That’s how this site works. –Joe

  2. Walter Says:

    It’s obviously Brady’s fault.

  3. SensibleBuc Says:

    No style points in the NFL Joe.

    I can only speak for myself by that loss and the subsequent S storm knocked me off the entire bandwagon. We’ve been absolutely abysmal six out of our last seven games. We still can’t make adjustments in-game, we still can’t identify and attack mismatches on offense, we’re still one of the most undisciplined teams in the League in terms of penalties, and we still lack talent in key areas (can we get at least ONE weapon in the middle of the field?).

  4. bucrightoff Says:

    I’d say New England’s receivers sucking and Gronk and Amendola being out has more to do with it than anything. People will say Josh’s receivers had drops too, but not his best playmakers. Brady’s best playmaker was Edelman, who while he made many plays, only had 80 yards with 13 catches, which speaks to how little they have on offense. If anything I’m more optimistic the Bucs can win next week because New England might have trouble moving the ball.

  5. SirustheVirus Says:

    Geno threw 3 INT and the Patriots could smash them with Tom Brady!! Still have no faith in the team.

  6. bucfanjeff Says:

    So any given Sunday…???
    Imagine that.

    Queue the “So what, the Bucs are so bad…” crowd in 3, 2, 1…

  7. lightningbuc Says:

    Or, maybe the Patriots aren’t very good either. Barely beat the Bills too.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    And the Jets did that on a short week.

  9. McBuc Says:

    Been saying this since preseason. The Jets defense has been good for a long time, and they were good last year without Revis. Ryan also has given the defense his personal attention. People keep saying he is a joke of a coach, but he brought the Jets to two NFC championship games. Now, Tampa still should have won that game, but they beat themselves. The Pats did not look that good last week either, but they know how to finish…the Bucs need to learn how to finish a game. Oh, the Bucs also need to learn how to start a game…

  10. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    That game would have been pretty lopsided had the Pats rookie receivers (namely Dobson) not dropped some key catches. Fun game to watch though, especially the Jets losing their cool at the end. Hope the media dogpiles on that. So undisciplined!

  11. Gus Says:

    I said this after the game. The Jets have a damn good defense. I knew they would keep it close with New England. The media made the Jets out to be worse than they are. They are not that bad. The bucs aren’t that bad and are still as good as I thought they would be.

  12. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Jets are a better team than ppl give em credit for even if Bradys receivers were clearly over their heads. Looks like the Bucs may be seeing the arrival of Gronk next week.

    Didnt Edelman play a single game for us last year? Look at the big things he is doing for NE.

  13. Raphael Says:

    Thanks to Lavonte David and the defense for losing that game …
    Brady and freeman numbers look similar …. Lol

  14. McBuc Says:

    I guess the great Tom Brady makes mistakes when pressured as well, hm, who would have thunk it…Oh, that’s right, all QBs make mistakes when the defense somthers them. And you guys told me this was the kind of thing that only happens to Freeman. Good thing the Pats defense can finish a game.

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    The fact is the Bucs handed the Jets that victory and EVERYONE knows that. If you look to point your finger for that loss, your finger would not stop pointing in every direction on the team. Except maybe special teams. Penalties can KILL a team. Let’s hope the coaches reigned in most of those problems this week, because if they have not the Saints will devour the Bucs.

  16. Clintro Says:

    LOL @ falling off the bandwagon…. go figure, bandwagon fans, UGH.

    I will always be a fan and each loss hurts, but would never stop cheering for MY Bucs.

    It does look like the Jets are not the pushover they were thought to be. Only the score board does matter, but everyone was all up in arms of how bad the Bucs played against a supposedly crappy team. They were implying that the season was lost because of that. But what people don’t realize is that any NFL team has a chance every week. The talant level is so close.

  17. buc4life24 Says:

    I agree Joe, watching Tom Brady struggle and their offense as a whole made me feel a slight bit better. Yes, recievers didnt help h?!is cause, but he was hurried alot too!

    I hate that the Pats get extra time to rest and gameplan on us while we play the Saints and then travel to thier house. Why does it seem we always get the short end of these schedules?!

  18. McBuc Says:

    Shutthebucup…first of all GREAT name! I agree, but the Bucs game would have been different if the dropped passes were caught as well.

  19. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Division games are usually closer. also this is not college football where you have to compare if you lose to this team and that team beats another team that you are better than said team. The bucs will line up against the Pats and that will be how they match up against the Pats.

  20. McBuc Says:


  21. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Hank Says
    “Only Joe could write such a stupid post.”

    Oh, I see. Because Joe doesn’t agree with you, you call him stupid. Stupid is as stupid does, Hank.

    Joe is right in publishing this article. You want things done your way? Start your own blog.

  22. Jeff Says:

    All I know is this game on Sunday will tell us everything. I will def be there to support my team.

    We usually play the Ain’ts pretty close so can we pull out a win? I sure hope so.

    I see a big game coming from Lavonte David to make up for last week. Someone as emotional as he was last week is exactly the type of player we need.

    Joe- Great article. Exactly what we were all thinking.

  23. Couch Fan Says:

    Lol The Jets are better than what they were given credit for. But through 2 games they have not played good football. Brady beat him with a bunch of nobodies. Josh crumbled and lost to him with a far superior team.

    Brady managed a W, Josh managed a L and we are attempting to lift our team up because Brady stats look similiar. LMAO

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    “Joe is right in publishing this article. You want things done your way? Start your own blog.”

    Exactly. Since when has Joe been known to be a sugar coater? Damned if you do Joe, damned if you don’t right?

  25. Couch Fan Says:

    So Brady gets a W with a bunch of nobodies. Josh gets a L with a far superior team and we are trying to justify the loss because the stats are similiar? LMAO

    Feel good now folds because Brees is coming to town. Get ready Josh.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    @Clintro…Your right. I know one thing the Bucs lead the league in for sure and that’s bandwagon fans.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    So B.r.a.d.y gets a W with a bunch of nobodies, Free gets a L with a far superior offense and we are trying to justify the L because the stats are similiar? LMAO

    Feel good now Folks becase B.r.e.e.s is coming to town with the intentions of not making you feel good anymore…. and he’s very good at it.

  28. Skelly Says:

    Fact is, Jets are better than everyone thought they were. All the media was saying this is the worst team ever to suit up on opening day. They have looked very average but certainly not terrible and go as far to say their defense has looked solid through 2 games. We should have WON no question but they are not a total push over. Maybe Bucs were expecting more of a push over and came in for the game soft….

  29. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    No team is that bad on a given “Thursday”…..the Patriots also played on a short week….I think it was understood that the Jets defense was very good….the offense could only put up 10 pts……and, I think we gave them all 18.

  30. SensibleBuc Says:

    I’d love to believe in this team and in Freeman but I’m in “Show Me” mode at this point. Good franchises (like the Patriots) win games like this and we continue to lose them. The only consistency with this team is the inconsistency.

  31. bucsdeluge Says:

    Well said Clintro

  32. Adam Says:

    Good to see a Bucs CB do so something.

  33. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    If B_rady had V. Jack and Williams as his WRs it would have been a blow out

    Conversely, if F_reeman has Edelman, and the rest of the Pats receiving core, TB would have lost going away.

    History has shown #5 needs everything around him perfect to achieve. Big money line, great receivers, great back. Brady can win when things go wrong.

    C’mon man!

  34. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    If B.r.a.dy had V. Jack and Williams as his WRs it would have been a blow out

    Conversely, if has Edelman, and the rest of the Pats receiving core, TB would have lost going away.

    History has shown number fiv5 needs everything around him perfect to achieve. Big money line, great receivers, great back. can win when things go wrong.

    C’mon man!

  35. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    takes a lot of work to get through the filters!!

  36. Sneedy16 Says:

    If the Bucs had a pick on the last drive we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It would be more along the lines of WTF is up with the offense, we have to improve, but we won the game.

  37. bucsdeluge Says:

    Couchfan, the point is the Jets are not as bad as you think. Yet the Bucs were able to go to their hostile house and put themselves in position for the win. And they were able to outscore and out perform the mighty pats. If there are no excuses for the Bucs,, then there’s none for the Pats at home for their poor performance.

    You can sit here and complain all you want, but I am a Buc fan, and I will be behind my team all year long win or lose. I will also be behind my QB, Whoever that may be. It must be hell for some of you, to live everyday with so much pesimism. I’d rather live my life with optimism.

    “GO BUCS”!!!!!!!!!

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Couch Fan, although his numbers were not great, Freeman did not lose that game. In fact he got us in position to win it.

    If he had thrown a pick in the last minute that led to a TD for the Jets then I could see you laying the loss at his doorstep.

    The simple truth is this was a team loss from top to bottom. Blaming just the QB is a joke. We all know David loss that game. Even he knows it.

    But when it comes down to it the team played badly as a whole. It should never have been close. Both the Bucs and the Pats are making mistakes that make the Jets look better than they are. Discipline will turn things around.

    If anything this means we have hope to beat the Pats. We have some tough games ahead of us and we need to find away to turn at least two of them into wins.

    But don’t go giving up hope.

  39. lightningbuc Says:

    Are the filters now not letting you put in names?

  40. Sneedy16 Says:

    @Oil Derrick Brooks

    2010 who did Josh have when we had a 10-6 season? Defense. That’s all. Brady had Randy Moss and Wes and lost to the Giants that year in the Super Bowl. Who did the Giants have? Defense. I’m done. Back to work. Go Bucs!!

  41. Sneedy16 Says:

    I think the filters are turned up big time. I can’t use names. lol

  42. Buc1987 Says:

    Couch Fan…when in the hell are you going to realize that it’s team game? Ever? The Pats D had 3 picks in that game. So Brady is 2-0 and not the Pats as a team?
    SMFH Freeman is 0-1? Despite all the penalties that the Bucs TEAM had? No wonder why I just skip over your posts now.

  43. Couch Fan Says:

    Sorry I dont consider it enough when all you do is show up for the final drive. I set my standards a little higher than that.

    Not sure how you can fault the defense when they did there job the whole game except the last drive and Freeman did nothing until the last drive. I put that loss on Freeman and the offense…

    Anything else is rather silly and is just an excuse. Like always though.

  44. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I tried to mention so many times that the Jets have had an ELITE defense for years. Nobody wanted any part of it. Freeman sucked and there was no way there could be any alternative.

    The Jets had the 2nd ranked pass defense in the league last year. (And that was without Revis and with playing Brady twice.)

    That is all I wanted to say. Please proceed to tell me that I am making excuses.

  45. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Gotta get creative with the names guys. Underscores and random periods seem to help.

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    Couch Fan…Br-ady is not 2-0. Are you going to EVER realize that it’s a TEAM game? EVER? The Pats D had 3 picks in that game, buts it’s Brady’s 2-0 record and not the Pats 2-0 record according to you. smfh

    Freeman is not 0-1, the team is, because of penalties.

  47. Gv1221 Says:

    @ODB If brady also had the bucs ofensive line he would have gotten destroyed.

  48. Sharon Says:

    The filters are only for us MGM members, or am I the only one to notice?

  49. Sharon Says:

    Have to use your cell…

  50. lightningbuc Says:

    Interesting Sharon. I did notice Bonzai was able to put in the QBs name.

  51. Buc1987 Says:

    Couch Fan…OMG the Pats QB is NOT 2-0 the Pats D had 3 picks in that game. It’s a team game. I don’t know how long it’s going to take you to figure that out. The Pats are 2-0 not the QB. The Bucs are 0-1 because of penalties,it’s not the QB’s record. It’s a team game.

  52. Couch Fan Says:

    blah blah blah, the team cant win when Freeman doesn’t do his job for a majority of the game. When are YOU going to understand? LMAO

    I guess when we get rid of Freeman and replace him with a competent QB and start to win and become relevant again.

  53. bucrightoff Says:

    I just hate the Freeman defenders attitude, Here we are, 4 years in and “He did good enough” is now their rallying cry. Awesome, Josh got a C+ and thus avoid academic probabtion. Is that where we’re at now? Accepting the bare minimum? I mentioned it a few days ago, but we simply do not get enough easy wins with Josh as QB. Gotta sweat out way too many games.

    Brady gets more of the benefit of the doubt because of course he’s earned it. Josh needs to earn some benefit of the doubt and not have it handed to him.

  54. SteveBucsFan Says:

    Only one road team won last year on Thursday night and that was the Bucs. Short week is hard on the road team. Geno threw three picks and the defense still kept the pats close. Their defense is pretty good. And Freeman is definitely not Brady.

    You’re right Joe. I was glad to see it. This “All My Buccaneers” soap opera needs to end. Florio has a mole in that locker room and he needs to be found out.

  55. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Free did not lose the Jets game, the Defense did.

  56. SteveBucsFan Says:

    I couldn’t get through either

  57. SteveBucsFan Says:

    Freeman Brady mole in locker room test test

  58. Buc1987 Says:

    The Bucs have had one of the greatest defenses in NFL history under Dungy-Gruden. A defense that literally won games for them. During those years NOBODY said squat about the QB’s record. Nobody said well Dilfer’s record is 2-4 or King’s record is 4-2. Why? Because it’s a team game..period. A lot of factors could go into a teams W/L record. If the Bucs lose to the Saints this weekend by a score of 34 to 31 and Freeman has 4 td’s in it. The TEAM will be 0-2 not Freeman. People like Couch Fan will be in here saying the same thing Freeman didn’t do enough…blah, blah and more blah.

  59. Couch Fan Says:

    Yea the fact Free and the offense couldn’t do anything except when the defense gave them a short field accounted for nothing.

    The fact we took a lead into halftime and our defense only gave up 2 FGs the whole second half while the offense could only muster a FG which was due only to V-Jax great spin move on the final drive accounts for nothing.

    250 pass yards and 90 rush yards allowed, 16 points allowed, 5 sacks 1 INT and 2 Fumbles recoverd… The D did its job.

    Keep sippin that under achieving Free-aid

  60. Couch Fan Says:

    And people like Bucfans will continue to be blind to all Free’s faults until he is replaced. CANT WAIT!

  61. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Dude, plenty of people talked about how infuriating Dilfer was. Only diff was no interwebz.

  62. bucrightoff Says:

    And can we please stop saying the defense lost this game? The Bucs would have been shut out if the defense didn’t set them up with 2 short fields.

  63. gt40bear Says:

    Come on now, Brady looked so mediocre not so much because of the Jets, but because his WR corps is full of young versions of Ogletree! How many dropped passes and bad routes can one team have in a single game. Brady is going to need theapy before long if that doesn’t get better soon. I too am a little encouraged by the Pats not looking very good, but they DO have 10 days to prepare for the suddenly disfunctional Bucs. Keep a good thought but let’s be realistic.

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    “I think everyone should be jumping onboard Josh’s bandwagon and should start enjoying all the things he can do,’’ said B Johnson, the quarterback of the Bucs’ Super Bowl XXXVII championship team. “I think Josh has done a great job.”
    “It seems to me like they’re always playing from behind a lot,’’ said Johnson, who watches the Bucs regularly in retirement. “As a quarterback, that can be tough, because no matter who you are, you need help. You need your defense to get you turnovers and you need your kick and punt returners to get you a short field now. And then and it really helps if you can just be able to play with a lead.
    “After a while, if you’re playing even or from behind, the game will catch up to you. And if you’re not surrounded by a great team, you’re just not going to win that much. But I think Josh is a tremendous quarterback.’’

    How come the Bull can realize that it’s a team game but some fans can’t? Oh that’s right because he’s played in the NFL and won a ring with a great D and TEAM.

  65. Smitty Says:

    Oil Derrick Brooks Says:
    September 13th, 2013 at 10:27 am

    “Dude, plenty of people talked about how infuriating Dilfer was. Only diff was no interwebz.”

    So true…I was one of them. Dilfer was a polarizing, whiny crybaby. HATED that guy, and was even MORE outraged that he left here and got a ring.

  66. Rocco Says:

    “They are who we thought they weren’t!!!”

  67. Couch Fan Says:

    I think Dilfer was less infuriating than Freeman. At least Dilfer had a mediocre offense around him thats a viable excuse. If Freeman ever wins a SB or even makes it to the playoffs, it will be riding the coat tails ala a Dilfer.

  68. Tackleblockwin Says:

    We need Doug Martin and the Oline to get nasty starting this week. If Doug gets going, I think the O will improve drastically. Hope the FB Lorig can get healthy and start leading Martin to the hole. Though Freeman is struggling, a nice rushing game and our D can get us some wins.

  69. Buc1987 Says:

    Everbody made their share of mistakes in that Jets game. Defense, offense and the coaches. Thus is what makes up a TEAM.

  70. McBuc Says:

    Coach is right abiut the defense doing their job, but when it mattered most they did not. The last 37 seconds. He is also right that the offense sucked. The offense needs to improve, and the defense needs to learn hiw to closea game. Atl held brees to 20 points, and our defense looks better than theirs. Freeman and co need to come to score this week, not move backwards.

    For the record i have not joined the mob. Instill think freeman can be the man in tampa. If not he will be somewhere else lighting it up.

  71. McBuc Says:

    I meant couch… LOL

  72. Couch Fan Says:

    Haha Lol, I’m not a coach yet but maybe in the future if the Bucs have an opening….

  73. Buc1987 Says:

    If David never pushed Geno. Would Freeman be 1-0 right now or would the team be 1-0?

  74. crazy Says:

    The Bucs got exposed by the Jets. If they can pull their collective heads out of their ___ they’ll bounce back and be fine. Only those in the locker room and the coaching offices know how deep the real problems are.

  75. Couch Fan Says:


    Would you please pull your head out of your @ss and realize its not about being 1-0 or 0-1. It’s about Freeman NOT pulling his weight. Do you think he had a better day than the defense? Nope, you are blind and foolish and out right stupid if you do…

    And that is just a typical Freeman Sunday. It’s ok. You keep supporting him. I’ll wait til he is replaced so we can actually win and become relevant again.

  76. Chris Says:

    Buc 1987 , just want to explain. We were up 14-5 and David picks Geno at mid field. The jets were buried. Freeman those a wild int to give them life 2 plays later. Come on dude.

  77. Celly Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    September 13th, 2013 at 10:19 am

    The Bucs have had one of the greatest defenses in NFL history under Dungy-Gruden. A defense that literally won games for them. During those years NOBODY said squat about the QB’s record. Nobody said well Dilfer’s record is 2-4 or King’s record is 4-2. Why? Because it’s a team game..period. A lot of factors could go into a teams W/L record. If the Bucs lose to the Saints this weekend by a score of 34 to 31 and Freeman has 4 td’s in it. The TEAM will be 0-2 not Freeman. People like Couch Fan will be in here saying the same thing Freeman didn’t do enough…blah, blah and more blah.

    I’ve definitely come to the realization that if Free ever went 29/30 with 5TD’s and no INTs, but we still lose game, a vast majority of people on this board would still put that on Free for not hitting that one pass.

    If Tom is in the same situation as us last week, it would have been heralded as “what are the pats going to do to fix that defense.”

    and, to address someone’s comments on, “look at 2010, Free needs everything elite around him.”
    –you do realize that a majority of those games were won due to Free leading the team to a go ahead score and the defenese……wait for it………..getting a stop when it was needed.

    The offense is not supposed to be the only place where playmakers reside. Someone on the defense has to step up at the right time at least ONCE in a while.

  78. Chris Says:

    87 ,

    Freeman also cannot see the field. Everyone sees that. Staring down your first option 99% of the time, you’re missing open opportunies else where and not seeing the TE rb for check down or other Wrs 2 and 3.

    Missing opportunies. Can’t see the field. Poor vision.

  79. Chris Says:

    Freeman and Brady don’t belong in the same sentence.

  80. Chris Says:

    It’s rare to see a performance like this from Brady. It’s been a common thing for freeman.

  81. RBellBuc Says:

    I thought great quarterbacks can overcome having no supporting cast. Braidee threw for under 50% completion rate. And the MGM says it’s because he has no receivers. BS I saw 3 to 4 receivers on just about every play. And wasn’t it you morons that said it doesn’t matter. You people are weak minded individuals.

  82. Chris Says:

    Brady having a game like he did last night is a rare and I mean very rare sighting. Can’t say that for mr freeman. He’s had those on a weekly basis.

    This is laughable that many here are putting freeman and Brady at the same level.

  83. Sam Says:

    “Only Joe could write such a stupid post. Traffic on the site must be slow. I’ve never seen a guy so happy with the status quo other than Joe. He is so in love with mediocrity. Go be a fan of another team!”

    @Hank, Joe merely typed up what gazillions of other Bucs fans were thinking watching that game last night. Joe writes about what he finds interesting. That’s how this site works. –Joe

    @hank and @Joe
    I had the same thought last night watching that game… either the Pats are not as good as everyone thinks or the Jets are better than everyone thinks….I think its somewhere in the middle…..but imagine how differently we would be thinking today if Lavonte keeps his hands off the QB on that play. (BS he got fined btw).

    Bucs would be 1-0 and the team that they just beat…..gave the Pats such fits on the road last night.

    Nothing is ever as good or as bad as we think…..its usually in the middle.

    I think the O will bounce back this week……I think Lavonte is going to have a MONSTER game….whether they win or not? Who knows…..but it should be fun

  84. Jacko101 Says:

    In a nutshell this is the NFL “Any Given Sunday” anyone can beat anyone. Way too much back and forth over nothing. It was a good game with them last week and another good game yesterday. Stop expecting Brady/Manning numbers from Freeman. He’s good enough to Win is games until someone better is available STFU. I’ve paused the TV and watched WR’s get locked down, I’ve seen bad play calling by the coaches, missed blocks by the line. It’s a Group Failure when they lose and a group success when they win. Togetherness is what this team needs. So Stop trying to rip them apart every chance YOU get.

  85. Horice Says:

    Joe, as an avid reader of your site, this is one of the greatest topics to date. Not to mention that i have not heard or read any other Tampa Media bring this point to light today. After our Sundays loss, all including me thought that we sucked, and Josh underperformed. Well the “God-like” Tom Brady looked average. So maybe just maybe Tampa Bay fans have an excuse for Brady’s performance. Because Josh has no excuses, but the Canton bound Brady has a bag of excuses from Tampa Fan…

  86. DJ Says:

    So let me get this straight..

    A good QB can carry a team no matter what:Brady had a bunch of nobodys, thats why the offense sucked.

    I saw a bunch of throws behind receivers as well, the same thing everyone grills Josh over, NO ONE comments on at all.

    If Tom has a bad game its ok, he gets the benefit of the doubt, if Freeman has a better game against the same defense in worse conditions (On the road, unfamiliar with the team, stadium, no 2013 tape, ect.) its because he is awful. But if Freeman has a great game he is riding his talent?

    Serious question: WHy are you guys Bucs fans? You don’t like our quarterback, and you don’t think he will ever get better, and even he does and produces the outcomes you want, it is only because the rest of the team is so great. I don’t understand why you would root for a team with such a blind hatred of the quarterback.

    It’s a team game. No one blames Dougie for 25 carries and 60 yards, or Mike Will not consistently beating a shaky Dee Millner. If Josh has to be perfect on every play then you should demand the receivers beat lesser corners on every snap as well. Stop being so damn biased.

    I don’t want to drop the race card, but one has to seriously wonder if any of this has to do with Josh being black. I mean I don’t know any other reason to hate such a nice guy so much. It’s one thing to cheer for a back-up to come in, it’s another to cheer for a back-up that almost 100 percent guaranteed will result in a worse future for our team. Just because we get a higher draft pick at 4-12 than 8-8 or 9-7 doesn’t take into account, firing a coach, blowing up the team releasing A LOT of guys. (Penn, Joesph, Revis, GMAC?)

  87. teacherman777 Says:

    I swear. I thought the same thing.

    Rex Ryan knows defense.


    And they look big, fast, and strong.

  88. tha truth is ... Says:

    this is by far an unfair comparison. Brady was missing Gronk, an incarcerated Hernandez and oft injured Amendola, along with Vereen. Take away Free’s top 2 weapons and its safe 2 say we all kno what happens