Schiano Leaves An Opening For Freeman Return

September 25th, 2013

Assuming this morning’s national report of Josh Freeman’s benching is true, it seems to Joe that Greg Schiano has left an opening for Freeman to return to the starting lineup.

On Monday, Schiano said “Josh is our starter” and Schiano defended Freeman. Here’s the link.

Joe’s of the mind that with the bye week in Week 5, Schiano can look at Mike Glennon against Arizona on Sunday, and then go back to Freeman comfortably over the bye week if Glennon is horrendous. A revolving door QB situation is hardly new to the NFL (see Jeff Garcia/Brian Griese in 2008). It rarely works, but it is often a sign of a desperate head coach.

43 Responses to “Schiano Leaves An Opening For Freeman Return”

  1. NJBucsFan Says:

    agreed Joe…reeks of desperation.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    The Cardinals pass defense is not good. There defense in general isn’t that great, so this article rings true. If Glennon can’t do well in this game, they can go back to Freeman after the bye.

    I’m a Bucs fan first….if this is what they think is best, well…I don’t really have a choice…light it up Glennon. Light it up.

    All eyes are upon you now.

  3. ctord Says:

    that is great waffle with a key decision. That will keep the trust in the coach in the locker room. SARCASTIC

  4. Vic Says:

    Wise take, Joe

  5. Coburn Says:

    Kind of wish you hadn’t mentioned that… the thought of Freeman coming back in and going through watching him again after I thought we were finally done with him makes me sick…

  6. lightningbuc Says:


    Now you’re trying to read tea leaves. Just admit that you crapped the bed on your incessant belaboring that Freeman would start most of the season, dismissing those of us who wanted him out sooner rather than later as irrational.

  7. passthebuc Says:

    Me thinks someone is trying to fill that sink hole.

  8. Splengo Says:

    If Freeman allows himself to be used like that, I will never support him again. I still like the guy and I believe he has a future in the NFL. But not with this guy. Schiano made this choice, make him live with it.

  9. Walter Says:

    If Schiano starts flip-flopping, fire him on the spot.

    You’re the HC, make a decision and stick with it!

    This ISN’T Rutgers, no matter how many undrafted free agents ex-Rutgers you sign.

  10. D-Rome Says:

    I just saw the headline on NFL Mobile and I’m stunned. I agree with you Joe….revolving door of QB’s never work.

    Are you surprised Joe? All this time you were saying you felt Schiano would stuck with Freeman for the entire season. I’m not being critical of you and I agree that Freeman still gives the Bucs the best chance to win.

    Interesting how Freeman’s completion percentage was so much better under Raheem Morris. Glennon is going to look bad out there. He’s not ready.

  11. Vorblaw Says:

    Define “horrendous”. Sacked 3 times? a less than 50% completion percentage? An interception or 2? Oh wait… We already had that with Freeman….

  12. kennyc Says:

    You cant really think that schiano did not run this by Vjax and the rest of the captins. I think the rumors about substance abuse are now coming to light. There is something else behind the scenes we dont know about. Maybe the bucs are giving freeman a chance to get clean and then give him a second chance.

  13. Chet Says:

    Joe, why so surprised about this? Everyone could see this coming a mile away…maybe even as early as the 3rd round of last Spring’s draft. There’s no way they go back to Freeman, ever! I think Yasinskas is right that they’ll attempt to trade him.

  14. Adam L. Says:

    Well, desperate situations require desperate measures. Teams that are completing 50% of their passes aren’t trying these measures.

  15. D Says:

    It’s sad we are throwing in the towel after week 3…

  16. D-Rome Says:


    Now you’re trying to read tea leaves. Just admit that you crapped the bed on your incessant belaboring that Freeman would start most of the season, dismissing those of us who wanted him out sooner rather than later as irrational.

    It is irrational though. Irrational decisions are made out of desperation. I’m not saying you are irrational but truthfully Josh Freeman gives the team the best chance to win. The person who should take a Sunday off is not Freeman but Greg Schiano. Do you really think all the bad drops and penalties are going to stop with Glennon starting?

  17. lightningbuc Says:


    Yeah, especially considering how competitive we were in week 3 – things were really looking up!

  18. lightningbuc Says:

    Irrational is trotting JFro out every Sunday and expecting him to have a decent game

  19. JS Says:

    No way. Freeman is done here. The only way he gets back on the field is due to injury.

  20. rhenry Says:

    How about we bench Sullivan. His play calling sucks ass.

  21. Vorblaw Says:

    Here’s a media question Joe. Why is Adam Schefter breaking this news and not any of you local “in the know” guys???

  22. Splengo Says:

    All Schiano has to do now is wait for his call from Donald Trump. Lol

  23. D Says:

    Apparently your ok with losing week to week. I’m not.

  24. Bobby M. Says:

    It also makes it tough for teams to game plan. Some might say desperate, however its also strategic. Belichick was hesitant to name when Gronkowski would be returning. When you are losing, everything looks desperate, that’s simply stating the obvious. Schiano uses every angle to gain in edge, even for games 3 weeks away.

  25. lightningbuc Says:


    Who says I like losing? Trotting JFro out there week after week would be throwing in the towel.

    Seriously, last week, could Glennon have done any worse than the 3 points JFro led them to?

  26. Ian P. Says:

    Everyone could see from a mile away except for Joe, who just this morning said, “Joe doesn’t know where people get the notion that Schiano is going to bench Freeman. He had ample opportunities to do so last week and he claimed after the game such a move never crossed his mind.”

  27. Illuminati Says:

    There is no way they go back to Freeman that quickly short of Glennon getting injured. This was a calculated decision, not a reactionary benching during a bad game.

    I think Glennon would have to have a long string of just ridiculously bad games before they would go back to Freeman, who they will now likely trade in the next few weeks if they can get anything reasonable in return anyway.

  28. 76buc76 Says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaahh Hell ya

  29. Splengo Says:

    Waiting to hear from Freeman’s camp. Erik Burkhardt, Freeman’s agent would not deny that Freeman has asked for a trade. Stay tuned, there is more to this soap opera.

  30. K_bassuka Says:

    This is a bold move by Schiano and one that I respect as long as he sticks by his QB. I’m rooting for Glennon in hope to turn the franchise around and if he is not the answer then we can go hire a real HC next season.

  31. K_bassuka Says:

    Schiano can’t walk the walk but at least he is putting his money where his mouth is…

  32. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Irrational is after 58 starts, expecting something other than what you saw over 232 quarters of pro football.

  33. JonBuc Says:

    Jonny The Geek/GM sez:

    Trade Farewell Freeman to the Raiders for Flynn to Win. Reunite Josh with Olson ( say what you will…had a very good season together) and give the Bucs another option-pinning your hopes on The Galloping Giraffe is foolish and a recipe for a quick pink slip. Which may be what’s needed, btw.

  34. BirdDoggers Says:

    Schiano has to stick with the decision. Going back and forth between quarterbacks will do no good. Freeman won’t be back next year and if Glennon is going to learn, he will have to learn on the job.

    The turn of events in the first 3 games is completely ridiculous. This team was supposed to compete for a playoff spot. They have the talent. Either Schiano, Dominik and the coaching staff completely misevaluated the quarterback situation and the pulse of this team or Schiano doesn’t know how to get the best from his players. Either way, the Glazers need to start finding the answers.

  35. Joke Says:

    Joe, you typcially only see that sort of QB carousel when there’s also an injury in play. That was the case in 2008, with Garcia coming off a preseason injury that kept him out from game 2, and then Griese injuring his shoulder in game 5.

    I’m not saying that Gruden’s disappointment in both guys wasn’t also a factor in the revolving door, but typically you only see it if the coach at least has cover from injuries. You rarely see a coach just flat out admit he was wrong multiple times (e.g. pulling the original starter, then pulling the backup).

    Of course, there is some precedent in Bucs history, with the Testaverde-Chandler carousel (and since they both sucked, the most popular guy in town was 3rd stringer Jeff Carlson). But that was in the Richard Williamson years, a football black hole the likes of which we may never see again.

  36. Joke Says:

    PS – Would be a nice time for a “QB Blast” column from Jeff. I’m sure he could provide some insight on how the locker room is feeling, etc.

  37. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “On Monday, Schiano said “Josh is our starter” and Schiano defended Freeman.”

    THIS is why his words hold no weight. He’s a politician, not a Head Coach.

    Phase 1 of The New Schiano Takeover is done.

    1) Take Out Freeman – check
    2) Take out Sully, Promote McNulty –
    3) Undermine and Take Out Dominik –
    4) Assume the Role of HC & GM like Belicheat –

    PJ Fleck (former assistant):

    “He had a hand in every aspect of that program. He wasn’t just the football coach, he was everything. He was the marketing director. He was the fundraiser. He was the recruiting coordinator. Greg could do anything. He did do everything.”

  38. bucrightoff Says:

    Very good chance captains asked for the change. They wanted Freeman out as captain and they see him everyday. They know he’s not putting in the work and Glennon is. I read that before the Saints game Drew Brees and Mike Glennon were out throwing passes 2 hours before the game. Freeman came out to throw…30 minutes before the game. Of course its possible he slept in too.

  39. 76buc76 Says:

    This morning is a whole lot brighter. Can’t wait till he hit’s that wide open guy (the third read). You know the 3rd read that thru 58 start’s Freeman could never find. We won’t get the gunslinger Glennon we seen in preseason. More of an Alex Smith game manager. Don’t be shocked if the team rallies behind Glennon. Great move by the team. Shiano now has my support again. Plus we are in the driver’s seat with Freeman. His contract screems “ah heck, we’ll give Josh a shot”. Any major QB injury from here till trade deadline, could mean heavy compensation. Seattle,San Fran,Detroit,GB,Cincy any team in the thick of it. Has to think about a guy with 50+ NFL start’s under his belt. Not what the Raider’s payed for Palmer….gosh I wish. Could this be the day, we look back on in 10 year’s. And say..that was the the greatest day in Buccaneer history. Who are the HATERS NOW

  40. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    yeah, thatd be career suicide.

  41. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    76buc76 – “Who are the HATERS NOW”

    gotta be more specific.. Glennons our QB now. I back him 100%.

    Schiano?? I may be his #1 hater. I dont trust him. He double talks. And straight up lied as recently as Monday, saying he hasnt considered a switch at QB, and that Freeman will start vs AZ.

    “You dont have to love your Head Coach to be a good fan. You just have to love your team”

    Get us a win Glennon! Go Bucs!

  42. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    @Glennon, go out and get us your first win on Sunday! You dont have to carry this team, just stay consistent. Youre our new QB, and I’ll support you 100%

    no pressure and all, but you not only control your own destiny, but Schiano’s as well. just F’n win! Go Bucs!!!

  43. BucsAblunder Says:

    I’m actually of the opinion that benching Josh took some real balls on Schiano’s part. I don’t think the players were behind Jfro in the least. In order to get the team back and win some games he had to make the move now. JFro is 0-3 (not even bringing up last seasons 2nd half debacle). Freeman is out of the NFL in 3 years max. He’ll do a backup thing somewhere for a couple years and then disappear.