Schiano Details “My Thinking” On 3rd-And-6

September 17th, 2013

Joe loves that Greg Schiano goes toe to toe with fans on his Monday radio show on WDAE-AM 620. Kudos to the head coach.

Of course, a fan called Schiano to complain about his conservative playcalling at the close of the Bucs collapse against the Saints. Schiano was deatailed with his response.

“Let me talk to you about the third- and fourth-down plays,” Schiano said. “I had confidence in Rian [Lindell] making the kick and that’s what we were going on. You know I wanted [Brees] to have to score a touchdown, go 80 yards. Here’s my thinking, is that we have confidence in Rian making the kick and we have confidence in Mike Koenen kicking [the kickoff] it out of bounds, out the back of the end zone. And now they have to go 80 yards and score a touchdown with no timeouts.

“Some would say, ‘Yeah, well, it’s Drew Brees.’ Well, you know, Drew Brees up until that point had thrown two interceptions and had been sacked four times and our guys were playing him very, very well. So I felt very good about the way we were playing defense. Certainly it didn’t end up the way that, you know, the vision of what was going to happen. Did I consider doing a lot of things? Did I consider throwing it on third? Absolutely. Did I consider going for it on fourth? Absolutely. But the one thing I learned a long time ago, being a head coach for a while now, is you know what, you make the decisions that you think are best at the time. Then you only look back to evaluate the decision. You don’t second guess yourself. Because at that time you believed that was the best decision.”

Joe still doesn’t like the Schiano’s call on 3rd-and-6, a Doug Martin run that gained three yards before Lindell missed the field goal.

The Bucs were one play from outright victory but Schiano wouldn’t take the shot at a first down with a Josh Freeman throw. That’s a very makeable down-and-distance for an NFL quarterback with premium options like Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams and Martin. Schiano said he had confidence in Martin, Lindell, Koenen and his defense, but No. 5 wasn’t mentioned.

Martin only picked up three yards.

Oh, well. Joe and legions of fans will agonize over this lost shot at the lead in the NFC South.

61 Responses to “Schiano Details “My Thinking” On 3rd-And-6”

  1. Jrock Says:

    How do you keep harping on his 3rd and 6 playcalling?!

    2nd and 6, there’s NINE people in the box. We run

    3rd and 6, there’s NINE people AGAIN in the box. We run

    2nd and 6 could have been a first down, and game over. And it was a better time to pass. Write a story on that, Joe

  2. Andrew 1 Says:

    the fact is, if we make that field goal like we should have, the game is over. screw Lindell, bring back Dimke.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The reason the box was stacked was that the entire world knew….not guessed….knew exactly what we were going to do….we were going to run it 3 or 4 times…..never even a roll out pass opition….never a pass…becaus we haven’t done it yet.
    The whole problem is the missed field goal…that wasn’t in the plans….Schiano trusted Lindell more than he trusted Freeman.
    That may change the next time.
    I don’t like the call…not because it didn’t work…but because either way…it hands the ball to Brees with enough time to score a TD.
    Afterall….look what happened last week with less time & no time outs…a rookie beat us.

  4. bucsfan13 Says:

    kicker should be getting skewered right now.

    Doug martin was the most productive person on the offense this past week. Why wouldn’t you feed him the ball on a crucial play.

    Also how come Freeman isn’t getting more heat. Our Linebacker had as many touchdowns as our QB that is a problem!

  5. bucsfan13 Says:

    schiano> Morris all day long. The same people that are complaining about schiano being a strict coach are probably the same ones that complained about raheem being to relaxed.

  6. Tampamac Says:

    Schiano does not trust Freeman. It’s as simple as that. The only reason he’s still starting for Schiano is there’s no better options on the roster available. Glennon’s not ready and I’m definitely not ready to annoint him the franchise savior… I do wish Oakland had traded Palmer here though….

  7. RCS Says:

    If they would have passed on 2nd or 3rd and stopped the clock people would still be complaining about the calls. Martin was the safd choice and no reason a 43 yard kick should not be good.
    People act like 5 was having this great game.

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    Yeah, goat of the week should be Lindell!

    Derek Dimke Mob

  9. Ed Says:

    Why not add the run option to this offense? Time to get Freeman on the move. He isn’t a classic drop back QB. Put him in the gun and either give it to Doug or fake it or run it. Josh isn’t the future of the Bucs anymore. Lets take advantage of his athleticism. That offense does well in Philly, San Fran, Washington and Seattle. We need something new, something different. Freeman has the legs to make up for his poor field vision. Would like to see some more wrinkles.

  10. Splengo Says:

    If you listen closely, it’s a public admission that he blew the game by underestimating Drew Brees.

  11. FlBoy84 Says:

    Can’t wait for a Bucs win this weekend and hopefully a lower volume of all the “oh woe is me, the sky is falling” whining out there. It’s TWO games into the season. Defense is playing strong, and we’ve seen what a strong defense can do for a team. If the offense can get in sync, this team can get on a roll. But let’s focus on all the negative instead, seems like most of you prefer that anyway.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ ED

    You can put in a couple of roll outs & naked bootlegs/run options without changing the entire offense…so I agree they should be added.
    You can’t tell me that they are concerned about an injury to Freeman…not the way his year is going….an injury would solve a lot of decision problems (not hoping for injury)…we have 3 QBs…..still don’t understand that…so an injury wouldn’t be a disaster……bottom line is he needs to run.

  13. Raphael Says:

    Joe,……..I wasn’t aware we lost the NFC south division yet ? Still can happen .

  14. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ lightningbuc

    Im part of that mob! jk. Lindell most likely isnt going anywhere.

  15. Tampamac Says:


    True, it’s 2 weeks into the season but 5 years into Josh being a starter. Has he shown you ANYTHING that gives you optimism about his play this year? Look, I’ve been a Freeman supporter up to the Jets game. After these last 2 weeks, as a Bucs fan it’s become painfully clear he is who he is. When he threw that awful back-foot pick into double coverage, all my Freeman happy thoughts went into the crapper. He is destined to be Jason Campbell 2.0.. All the physical tools in the world, but just seems incapable of correcting the rookie mistakes like that.

  16. bucrightoff Says:

    The worst part about all of this is we should be talking about the fact we are the first team in the era of sacks as a stat to have 3 players with an INT and a sack in the first two weeks of the season (our 3 starting LBs to boot). Or about the absolutely huge game Mark Barron had Sunday (13 tackles, 10 solo, 1/2 sack, PD, TFL, QB hit). Or about how Drew Brees only completed 6 of his 26 passes to wide receivers (think Revis is making much of a difference?) Instead we gotta talk about the thing formerly known as the Buccaneers offense, survived abortion that it is.

  17. bucrightoff Says:

    And yes, its up already. Still no but we can all chip in to get that one right?

  18. Tim Says:

    The reason the Buc lost comes down to three things.

    1) missed F.G. (the kick is good, N.O. has to go 80 w/ no timeouts to win)
    2) penalties
    3) Turnovers (fumble and an int) I am tired of standing up for Freeman, he is what he is. The talent is there, but he is a head case. He needs to get his spit together.

  19. FlBoy84 Says:

    Understand and agree that Freeman is who he is and have used the Campbell analogy myself before. I was screaming at my TV 2 mins into the Jets game how a 5-year NFL QB couldn’t call a play or watch the time-clock. Definitely agree if the team continues to perform this way, it will probably be a long season.

    What I have issue with is the constant regurgitation of negative articles and comments about the the team when we still have 14 games to go. Anything can happen. Never knew there were so many psychics in the world that know that Schiano doesn’t trust Freeman, Freeman and Schiano have major issues between them, Schiano has lost the team, Schiano is trying to get Dominik fired, Freeman wants to be traded, etc. So easy to write an article/comment based on pure speculation and people take it as gospel because they can’t think/see things for themselves.

  20. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I actually can’t fault Schiano for that last set of calls. Freeman had been wildly inaccurate all afternoon long, and Doug Martin had 140 yds rushing. An incomplete pass stops the clock from ticking, giving N.O. valuable extra time, while even short runs keep the clock running. Should he have pooch punted the ball on 4th down…maybe, but then a field goal still wins it for the Saints. A professional kicker…especially a vet like Lindell should be able to make a 47 yarder with the game on the line! PERIOD!

  21. Robert Says:

    WOW!!! I’m the fan that called in 🙂 He totally dodged the question like a hell of a politician . Thisis the most disorganized ive seen this team in a while. I mean, sure, the Hugh Culverhouse may have been worse. The talent on this team, we should be 10-6 easy. And Freeman… when allowed to be Freeman he is amazing. Sure he has bouts of inconsistency. They all do. I just wish he wasn’t asked to a a qb he isnt. He is mobile and has a cannon for an arm. PLEASE go back to him using his mobility. And oh yeah… USE THE DAMN TIGHT ENDS… thst is all

  22. Raphael Says:

    Bucsright. You are a disgrace to the real fans in this town.

  23. bucrightoff Says:

    Raphael I asked before, I’ll ask again: Where in your house is the framed Josh Freeman pictorial from the “Thriller” photo shoot?

  24. BucsQcCity Says:

    It was not Brees that was having a bad day, it’s our defense that was playing stellar defense all day. At one point, Brees was going to succeed, he’s too CONSISTENT to fail all day long..

    Anyway I’m sick of him..

  25. BigMacAttack Says:

    Like I said yesterday, Shiano has no balls. None at all, zero, zip, nada.

  26. BigMacAttack Says:

    Schiano can make excuses until the cows come home, but he made the wrong call. And by a mile. The Bucs lost and it is all his fault, just like the Jets game. Be a leader Greg and own up to YOUR mistakes.

    Sorry Coach, but as of today, YOU SUCK!!!

    I still predict a win next week and a righting of the ship, provided the coach can either (A) remove his head from his A$$; or (B) have a piece of Plexiglas installed in his stomach so he can see where he is going.

  27. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Schiano haters miss and loved Raheem Morris.

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  28. William Says:

    After seeing Lenard Johnson assign to Colston I don’t think we would had the same defensive plan we had during the game. So, if we made the field goal and Drew Brees gets to start the drive in the 20 our defensive play calling would have been a disaster anyways….. Revis covering the rookie ????? This might be a long season…. I think we have to many assistant coaches and the messages are getting lost between Head Coach and players….

  29. Couch Fan Says:

    Coach doesn’t suck. The QB sucks. Get it right.

  30. Tampamac Says:


    I definitely concur there. Gotta form your own opinions.

  31. k_bassuka Says:

    Schiano sucks. Nothing that comes out of his mouth its worth anything. Simply put, any other NFL coach wouldve been 2-0 with this same team exept overrated college coach of ours…

  32. stanglassman Says:

    I think the best time to throw a safe roll out pass option run would have been 2nd down. Schaino is so predictably conservative toward the end of games anything other than an A gap run would have been open.

  33. stanglassman Says:

    All in all I still like this team. If they stick with it and give that kind of effort like they did on defense they will be hell to reckin with once they get that offense rollin.

  34. RichinNC Says:

    FORTY ONE PERCENT chance of a completion. Would you take 41% odds on anything? Not unless you are a compulsive gambler.

    It was not only Josh it was the receivers with a case clayton hands too. Also asking Josh to make a short throw when he has proven he cannot make a short throw, unless it is to Peter Dinklage.

  35. stanglassman Says:

    With a healthy Barth and Nicks going into this season I would bet we would be 2-0. Our biggest problem this year was going into the season with a unhealthy O-line.

  36. FlBoy84 Says:

    Didn’t realize that Schiano is not only the HC but he also calls every offensive play too instead of the OC Sullivan. I guess Sully is just there for the decoration.

  37. Kevin Says:

    The run on third and six doesnt bother me so much….It’s ALLLLLLLLL the first downs we had that we ran it up the middle….Yes I know martin had a good night but looking back had they mixed in a pass on first down , even just 10% more of the time would make the defense think a little. Did not like the play calling on offense from start to finish. No creativity except for the direct snap to Martin….I liked that. Tom crabtree needs to get back because he can be a third down threat and NEVER drops passes. Hope you get back soon Tom and Schiano…let Sullivan run the offense PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. tonytwocents Says:

    This PROVES that Schiano is calling the offense! I’m done JBF! I’ll keep on reading the article, but I’m done with you commenters. This article says it all!

    MILITARY MIKE SULLY 4 HC!! GO BUCS!! Peace, haters!!!

  39. BigMacAttack Says:

    RichinNc, what were the odds of running on 4’th and 2.5 yds? Or QB scramble like Free did earlier in the game? And the million dollar question is: What are the odds of Brees driving the field for a TD??? I’d guess about 75% and that had to play into the decision. Schiano forgot about who he was facing. I hope after losing 3 in a row to the Saints he will remember next time…. But I won’t hold my breath.

    And how can anyone blame Freeman for the plays called on the final drive?

  40. BigMacAttack Says:

    Schiano said he was involved in the last two play calls. Is that too hard to understand? No habla… Was he speaking Spanish?

  41. BucsQcCity Says:

    I’m all in for a QB change at this point and I’m suspecting Schiano to drag this a little bit more.. He doesn’t have the balls to make it happen..

    We know what we can have with Freeman at the helm. I’m wondering how many QB in the whole NFL History had as much starts and no playoff game as Freeman and who are they? Even if we find a couple QB in that category, I’m betting the rest of my paychecks for the year that none of them had any more success after that… 58 game started that’s a lot and right now after 2 games, its stats look way more like 2011 than 2010. As I said, I can’t blame 100% on him because I now think Schiano started it in the preseason.

    Bring back Lovie Smith!

  42. csidedave Says:

    To be fair, you have to make form your opinion live, just like the coaches. While at the game I was thinking along, what would I do. I definitely would have tried a bootleg on 3rd down, since we were stuffed the play before.

    But 4th down was a really tough decision for me. Seeing firsthand how tough the crosswind wind was, my choices were #1 punt to pin them back and burn 10 more seconds, #2 was the FG but I really didn’t like it with the wind. #3 was going for it but that just seemed crazy.

    I love the strategy of this game and would love to be the decision maker, but I have to admit that this was a REALLY Really hard decision. I was standing there asking everyone around, what do we do?

    I give the coach a pass on this one. The Jets game? Not so much.

  43. JamesrunningWilder Says:

    Schiano made the Right Call. The Line of Scrimmage was on the 30 Yard Line of the Saints… Punting, as suggested by Peter King would’ve been nonsense. Ryan Lindell has Kicked in Worse Conditions than those that he faced on Sunday, having kicked in the MOSTLY Northern Conference of the East in the AFC (New York, Buffalo & New England). He’s a Professional Kicker who has played in the NFL for over 10 Years and he had PLENTY of Distance on his Kick. He Simply Missed the Kick.

    The Fact that we were even IN THAT Situation, having to RELY on the Kicker to Make a 47 Yard Field Goal is Ridiculous considering the Amount of Times that the Offense was given to Score due to the OUTSTANDING PLAY of Our Defense throughout the Entire Game. The Offense needs to Carry it’s Share of the Responsibility to Score Points. We have TOO MUCH Talent on that side of the Ball to Not Succeed. It has been said here and elsewhere that we ran the ball on Every 1st Down Play… I thought we had opened the first couple of series with Josh in the Shotgun, spreading the Saints D out.

    Simply put, Josh is in his 5th Year of the NFL and it is Long Past Time for him to “Develop” into a Franchise QB. He Still makes the Same Mistakes that he made since College. He Stares down his WR’s through their Entire Route, and if not for a Well-Designed Play, he most likely would have either More Picks or More Sacks. I use the Ogletree TD as an Example… Well Designed “Legal” Pick Play to get him into the Endzone easily.

    The Other Thing I notice about Josh, and this was pointed out during the Preseason Game against the Dolphins this year. He Tips Off Plays to the Defense. How? In the Preseason, the Broadcast Team had Zoomed in on Josh’s Eyes during a 3rd and Short Play where he Pitched Out to Mike James, who was Promptly dropped for a 2 Yard Loss. When they Zoomed in on Josh’s Eyes, He Kept… and I mean, like 4 Times… looking to His Right at his Offensive Line, BEFORE The Snap, while under Center. Guess where the Play went…. to His Right. He Tipped the Play Off with His Eyes. Now Fast Forward to Sunday’s Game… 3rd and 6… It was said that the Run Play that was Called was Well Executed and Well Blocked. The Only Problem was that the LB, who is Reading Josh’s Eyes, Never Bought the Flow of the Blocking and sniffed out the Play by Staying Home and Helped make the Tackle. These are Not the Plays of a Franchise QB. He has All the Physical Tools… No One will Deny that… but He’s Failing at the Mental Side of the Ball, Like Looking Off WR’s and Not Tipping Off Plays with Obvious Tendencies. Andy Dalton, on Monday Night Football, who Lacks the Physical Skill Set that Josh Possesses, Multiple Times, Pumped Faked One Direction and went the Opposite Way… Same with Russell Wilson… Andrew Luck… Josh’s Skill Set Exceed’s these QB’s but what makes them Better is that they Do the Things that You Can’t Measure. I like Josh Freeman and Want Him to Succeed but after 5 Years, He should have this Stuff Figured Out.

  44. tonytwocents Says:


    This PROVES that Schiano is calling the offense! This article says it all! And Ive been saying it all along.


  45. BigMacAttack Says:

    If Schiano made the right call, why did the Bucs lose?

  46. tonytwocents Says:

    ^^^^ “Schiano made the Right Call”

    If he made the right call as our offensive coordinator, we’d be 1-1 and on top of the NFC South.

    The right call would be a roll out pass option.


    This article PROVES that Schiano is calling the offense! Sully is just another talent being smothered by Schiano’s Ego.


  47. tonytwocents Says:

    last one.

    This article PROVES that Schiano is calling the offense! Sully is just another talent being smothered by Schiano’s Ego.

    I’m done JBF! I’ll keep on reading the articles, but I’m done with you commenters. This article says it all! Thank You Joe! And thank you to the caller who got him to admit that he calls the offense!

    MILITARY MIKE SULLY 4 HC!! GO BUCS!! Peace, my real Buc brothas!! Don’t let emotions dictate your point of view. Look at every aspect, every angle. Question Everything and Everyone. Even your favorite players. PEACE!!!

  48. JamesrunningWilder Says:

    Does Schiano NOT have an OC? Does the OC NOT Coordinate the Offense? Is it NOT the OC’s Responsibility to KNOW WHO is Supposed to Be On The Field when He Calls a Particular Play? I’m Sure Schiano has Input in what He would LIKE to See Happen on the Field during a Certain Down & Distance in the Game but it is the OC’s Responsibility to Call the Play that Best Fulfills Schiano’s Desired TYPE OF Play. Schiano may have Input but there’s No Way the Man is Calling the Plays AND Organizing the Personnel Too! That’s what He has an OC for. I could see Gruden More Involved with the Offense, since he was essentially the OC anyways but I see Schiano More Involved with the Defense, Literally… The Broadcast showed him Literally involved Coaching the Defense… which is Playing Awesome right now! I think too many Fans are simply Not thinking this All the Way through. IMO

  49. Ed Says:

    The Eagles and Vikings used to have a guy named Randall Cunningham, he could throw the ball a mile, like Josh can and he could scramble around. Freeman’s only chance of success is to use his legs like Randall used to. He has much better running ability than any QB in the league except Russell Wilson, Kolin Kapernick, RGIII and Mike Vick but he is bigger than any of those guys and in the open field he can knock a db backwards. I hate that he has become this stay in the pocket guy. Let him loose, he is never ever gonna be a Manning-Brady-Bree’s kind of guy. Take the shackles off his legs, he isn’t a franchise QB so why not gamble more on the offense and make the other team have to prepare for him the way they do those other guys mentioned. It adds a dimension to this offense that is sorely needed.

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    Schiano probably asks Sully when it’s crunch time what’s the best play to dial up, but he definitely does not call most of the plays throughout the game. When it’s crunch time like the 3rd and six, it’s Schiano’s ass that’s on the line not Sully’s so I’m sure he steps in at that point. I think Schiano knows he does not know diddly squat about offense. He knows defense.

  51. Truebucsfan Says:

    schiano called the right call. it was only 6 yards. martin should have run it. schiano is a better play call then sullivan will ever be!

    sully sucks! schiano and glenon will turn this team around.

    the team trusts schiano. they dont trust freeman. i think they want glenon too.

    schiano ‘s the man! go bucs!!

  52. Truebucsfan Says:

    bye tony 2 cents!!

    schiano is a defense coach but can still call better plays than sullivan! sciano didnt cost us the game. our players didnt execute! martin should be able to get 6 meesly yards! thats on martin. and then our kicker.

    schiano’s the man! sully sux! freeman has no talent! start glenon!

    go bucs

  53. bucfan999 Says:

    I think it’s simple and 99% of coaches in the NFL would have done the same thing. You play the odds, Doug Martin had run for 144 yard in the game, the O Line was opening holes and playing real well, Josh Freeman had only completed 45% of his passes in the game and was his inconsistent self. The odds say Lindell makes the kick and the Saints need to march 80 yard in 1 minute with no time outs. Coach Schiano made the right call except Lindell missed.
    The Bucs have been very competitive in the 1st 2 games and we could very easily be 2-0 this year. To many people forget where we were 2 years ago when Raheem was coach and we was losing game after game by 20 – 30 points and even the NFL network crew was saying how the team had quit in it’s coach. I for one did not see any quit from the Buc’s the last 2 weeks and if we had even mediocre QB play would easily be 2-0 this year.
    I am going to go on a limb and say the Buc’s will beat the Patriots this week in New England and start to pull out of this slump starting this week.

  54. Joseph Mamma Says:

    He drawing on his years of head coaching experience, and his record over that time was mediocre. The most disturbing thing that followed him to the pro’s is his terrible game management skills.

  55. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Never put Drew Brees on the field! Don’t even give Brees a chance! Look at what happened. Brees has had 31 final game winning drives. We gave him #32. Surely this coaching staff knows what Brees is capable of. Bad call coach!

    I hope Gronk is out for this next game, or its going to be Jimmy “174 yards” Graham day all over again.

  56. gotbbucs Says:

    tonytwocents Says:
    September 17th, 2013 at 5:05 pm
    This PROVES that Schiano is calling the offense! I’m done JBF! I’ll keep on reading the article, but I’m done with you commenters. This article says it all!

    No sh!t Sherlock!

    Every single Head Coach at any level of football would be in on the decision of what to do with that last set of downs in a game like that, and 95% of Head Coaches and OC’s would make that same call.

    Get a F’ing clue dude.

  57. BigMacAttack Says:

    If you play the odds against Drew Brees in that situation, you will lose and lose and lose some more. No one is better in that situation than Brees, not Manning, Brady or Ryan. How many times do we have to see that same recurring situation to learn. When you play certain teams and QB’s, you have to go for broke in the end because you are going to lose anyway. If you are counting on your defense, don’t. If you’re counting on a mistake, don’t. They are going to best you because that is what they do…… Until you become them.

  58. gotbbucs Says:

    tonytwocents Says:
    September 17th, 2013 at 5:41 pm
    ^^^^ “Schiano made the Right Call”

    If he made the right call as our offensive coordinator, we’d be 1-1 and on top of the NFC South.

    The right call would be a roll out pass option.

    …and if Freeman tucks it and runs for three yards we have the same outcome. Or imagine this possibly happening, Freeman rolls out and throws an incomplete pass, as freakish as that would be, then what? Hindsight’s 20/20.
    Come on down out of this fantasy world where you think you’re smarter than every coach in the NFL.

  59. Brain Says:

    Joe knows nothing about football as per usual. If we throw the ball on 3rd & 6 with an out-of-sync passing game we risk the clock stopping, giving the Saints an extra 40 seconds or so to work with. Most coaches would run the ball or call a high % pass in that situation. We don’t have any high % passes therefore running was mandatory.

  60. lurker Says:

    thank goodness that either joe is not the coach. the kicker didn’t do his job, plain and simple.

  61. Big Rob Says:

    Freeman was 9 of 22 that night. Chances are that if he threw the ball it would be another incompletion stopping the clock, and giving Brees more time. I liked the call to keep the clock running and let your kicker win the game for you. I would have made that call if I were the head coach.