Saints 16, Bucs 14

September 15th, 2013

Again, Greg Schiano didn’t trust Josh Freeman. It was 3rd-and-6 and the Bucs had a chance to WIN the game with a first down deep in Saints territory, and Schiano took the ball out of Josh Freeman’s hands and called a toss to Doug Martin. No first down. Missed 43-yard field goal. Game over.

Schiano is more conservative than Alan Keyes.

Repeated dumb penalties — again — dropped passes and two Josh Freeman turnovers plagued the Bucs and the New Schiano Order today.

“Sloppy” and “undisciplined” are two adjectives that sadly suit the Bucs.

Tampa Bay lost its home opener to the division-rival Saints and fell to 0-2 — two things just can’t do in the NFL. Greg Schiano’s Buccaneer Men have now lost seven of eight dating back to last season.

The seemingly endless Bucs screwups outweighed outstanding stuff from the Tampa Bay defense, including a memorable goal line stand and a Mason Foster Pick-6 that will be talked about for a long time.

The Bucs sacked Brees four times and intercepted him twice and still lost. That can’t happen.

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was too much to handle, to the tune of 10 catches for a whopping 179 yards and a touchdown. Drew Brees was slowed and took his share of hits, but he still lit up the Bucs’ secondary for 322 yards.

The Bucs’ playoff dreams are in trouble, and now it’s off to New England for a true must-win game.

Freeman, the franchise QB, finished 9-for-22 for only 125 yards and one touchdown, plus an interception, and a fumble after failing to get rid of the ball. Yes, Freeman’s stats were hurt by penalties off the ball, but the stats don’t lie. Freeman was his inconsistent self.

165 Responses to “Saints 16, Bucs 14”

  1. Touchdown Gus Says:

    This loss is Rian Lindell

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    Why should he trust Josh Freeman? After Fosters INT return Foster had 85 yards and Freeman had 87. Freeman’s time is up, he can enjoy his future as a backup. He’s done.

  3. Doombuggy Says:

    All of the stats from Freeman aside, snapping the ball with 10 seconds or more on the play clock, while the clock is running AND WE ARE TRYING TO RUN OUT THE CLOCK, is absolutely inexcusable. I counted at least 40 seconds he gave gift-wrapped to the Saints.

    On the plus side, that’s the first Saints game without a Katrina reference in about 5 years.

  4. Cmurda Says:

    Conservative playcalling and Josh Freeman are 2 things that dont win football games. Fail.

  5. AceOfAerospace Says:

    I really hate being a Bucs fan right now.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is Schiano’s 2nd loss in a row….too conservative at the end of the game…even if we made the field goal…we give it back to NOLA 4 up with too much time.
    We absolutely had to go for the 1st down & eat clock….if we missed….then we are in about the same shape….worth the gamble.

  7. Bramo Says:

    My wife thinks i have lost my mind due to my “reaction” to how the Bucs have played today. I don’t have the words or strength to properly convey my disgust right now.

  8. Skelly Says:

    THIS IS A TOTAL EFFFFFINNNGGG JOKE. These guys played their hearts out and coaching took it away from them at the end playing for a field goal… again. I dont think Schiano has what it takes be a head coach. D coordinator maybe as the D looked as good as they have looked in years tonight, minus Jimmy Graham. I am so disgusted with this loss.

  9. Raphael Says:

    freeman hit several 3 rd and long to get us down there….3rd and 6 a 1st down wins it ..


  10. Kyle Says:

    Once we missed that kick I knew we would lose, it’s very frustrating to watch this team, if they could only limit penalties they would have won both games and be 2-0. Oh well I will keep cheering anyways this defense is getting better and better, 9 sacks on the year already.

  11. MikeyMacfly Says:

    On the brighter side- The defense looked amazing.

  12. Raphael Says:

    Tampabaybucfan …… Bingo !

  13. Free(Agent)Man Says:

    Lol, that sucks.

  14. bucrightoff Says:

    Raphael is 100% licking Josh’s sack.

  15. Buc Neckid Says:

    Schiano’s fault for trusting his Professional Kicker to make a 42 yard Field Goal.
    Schiano’s fault for trusting his Professional Quarterback to not throw so erratically and to just even MANAGE an offensive scoring Drive
    I guess that Coaching is to blame if that is true

  16. SirustheVirus Says:

    I’m so sick of Schiano!! I want a real coach, a proven coach!! Lovie Smith or Bill Cowher please

  17. GRIF4FREESUX Says:


  18. ryan Says:

    Why should he trust Josh Freeman? After Fosters INT return Foster had 85 yards and Freeman had 87. Freeman’s time is up, he can enjoy his future as a backup. He’s done.


    why should he trust his defense? I dont care how great they’ve played, we’ve seen it for 2 years now. Teams drive the ball down the field and kick game expiring field goals.

    Why not roll Freeman out and give him a run/pass option? If he gets sacked then no big deal punt the ball.

    This loss is on Schiano. The offense hasnt played good but the past two weeks they made the drive when it was needed, only to see Schiano handcuff them with the chance to win the game.

  19. bucfan999 Says:

    Don’t say it Joe………”Freeman was his inconsistent self”? That’s your Franchise QB, you have been putting down all of us who say Freeman is to inconsistent to be a starting QB but NOW even you are saying it……….The sky must be falling!!!!!

  20. Raphael Says:

    Defense is coming together

  21. SteveK Says:

    Dear Freemanites,

    Our QB, Josh Freeman, is not doing enough. Please think about how inconsistent he was today.

    Why did Freeman do to show he gets an opportunity to throw the ball on 3rd and 6 at the end of the game? He had a 2:1 turnover:TD ratio today.

    Sadly, we will all here about everything BUT FREEMAN, as to “why” we lost.

    Epic fail,


  22. Jerome Says:

    We lost for a multitude of reasons but running the ball to work the clock when our defense played lights out all game was not the wrong decision. He had to trust in what was going right for us, which was our defense. If we throw and Freeman throws his patented behind the receiver garbage and the clock stops then everyone would second guess that.

  23. bucrightoff Says:

    With this defense, Glennon just needs to be bad and not terrible like Josh and they’ll be able to win games. Defense hates Josh and they should too.

  24. sadbuc Says:

    Go run the ball on 3rd down in highschool Shiano. Freaken moron.

  25. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Remove any authority Schiano has over Sullivan and the offense. Immediately. This is sort of what happened under Gruden with Kiffin having almost complete autonomy over the defense. We need this to happen without delay. I hope Dominik brings the hammer down and sets it in stone that Schiano has no more say over the offense.

    Schiano is obviously a talented defensive coach and is building something special with this Bucs defense. That much was on display these past two weeks. But he’s a severe liability with his bumbling conservatism on offense.

    Someone shut this clown down on the offensive side of the ball before he ruins the 2013 season.

  26. ryan Says:

    Schiano’s fault for trusting his Professional Kicker to make a 42 yard Field Goal.
    Schiano’s fault for trusting his Professional Quarterback to not throw so erratically and to just even MANAGE an offensive scoring Drive
    I guess that Coaching is to blame if that is true


    you still dont get it. Youre a first down away from a win, for the second game in a row. Why give the opposing team the chance to win the game? Go for the first down and you control your destiny.

    And it was a 47 yard field goal in less than ideal circumstances.

  27. 2001 Says:

    At least the defense can score…

  28. SadBucsFan Says:

    Shiano lost us another game. No killer instinct.

  29. bucrightoff Says:

    We had more penalties than completions. Undiscplined team + one of the 3 worst starting QBs in the league = no shot.

  30. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Buc Neckid

    No its Schiano’s fault for trusting his prevent defense against Drew Brees with 1″30 when last week it failed against a rookie with 38 seconds.
    He needed to Roll Freeman out for a safe pass or run on 3rd down & also on 4th….at least try to keep the ball out of Brees’ hands.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  32. Free(Agent)Man Says:

    Free= Shaun King.

  33. Shawn Says:

    Why is going for a first down such a crime, schiano and his conservative ways have to go

  34. mark Says:

    A couple more games like this, and I’ll have to agree with the Freeman naysayers and say, bench him. The issue is that even if he plays pretty well for a period of time, this kind of inconsistency will never translate to a Superbowl…you can’t afford a performance like this during any game of a playoff run. And if that is his way of playing the game, he will never lead us to a SB. And what is the point of having a QB that will never get you to the SB. Oh, for the days of Brad Johnson….not flashy…not athletically talented. Just consistent. Find a guy like Johnson to go with Glennon next year if that is the case..not flashy, but consistent.

  35. bucrightoff Says:

    For the record through 2 games we still don’t have a TD drive that started on our side of the field. People actually want to defend that?

  36. WhatOffense? Says:


  37. SteveK Says:

    Freeman should get the blame.

    Please stop trying to force your Freemanite will on hating Schiano.

    9-22= “God Awful”- Fran Tarkenton

    2 turnovers: 1 TD= Bad

    Our D played their hearts out.

    Our D has given up 16 points each of the 1st 2 weeks, while scoring a TD.

    The offense is sputtering.

    Today was clearly on the lacking/regressing #5.

  38. Patrick Says:

    Maybe if our quarterback was worth a sh*t and could move the ball downfield, we wouldn’t be in these situations all the time at the end of the game

  39. Cmurda Says:

    Exctly Ryan. If Freeman fails to convert then Schiano cant be blamed but not controlling your own destiny is a coaching fail especially against an elite QB. As bad as Freeman is and was, this one lies mainly on Schiano and he should think about this one.

  40. BucPuck Says:

    This team is going to fall apart. The defense will hate the offense and vice versa. Wheels will come off soon. Being 2-0 would have masked it but 0-2 will bring all to light.

  41. K_bassuka Says:

    This loss was solely on p@ssy @ss Singano. You need to put good teams away and our sorry @ss coach decides its better to settle for a FG because Drew Brees can’t score a TD under a minute, DREW FREAKING BREES. GOD

  42. Horice Says:

    I would comment, but Joe would only block it..

  43. Bucfan66 Says:

    A team as undisciplined as this one never deserved to win this game.

    Freeman and the offense were awful and Sullivan’s play calling has become so predictable. At the end of the day, Freeman doesn’t have the ability to read the field and never will.

    Even more troubling are the penalties. The unsportsmanlike penalty after Foster’s touchdown, Ahmad Black’s cheap shot and his disgusting reaction as though he made a great play, Leonard Johnson going offside trying to block the punt, are all examples of how undisciplined this team is. This falls on Schiano and his amateur coaching staff. It’s an embarassment.

    A loss today was the best thing to happen to this team. Let’s hope Schiano gets his head outta his ass and fixes these mistakes.

  44. Mike Says:

    I’m done with this team. Every week I spend hours reading bucs news updates and then I spend every Sunday glued to the T.V. hoping to see my favorite team. But there is no improvement, not week-to-week, not even season-to-season. No matter who the coach is or who we sign in free agency, we can’t win and I’ve come the conclusion that we won’t win. How can there be no progression within an organization? So disgusted with our lackluster play, reuse to watch and get aggravated until next season, then I’ll see how we look. Until then I can get much more done each week not having to worry about the shitty Buccaneers stinking up my television. What a waste of NFL Sunday Ticket, what a waste of energy, what a waste of talent. Go #bucs! Go right into the locker room as losers, because that is what you truly are.

  45. bucsnbeer Says:

    Schiano needs to be muzzled on game day.

  46. Touchdown Gus Says:

    I actually didn’t mind that last call. You give you best player the ball in space. Let this loss not get out shined by how great the defense looked. They earned thier money this week

  47. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I really believe that shutting down Schiano on the offensive side of the ball will solve 50% of our problems. The other 50% can be solved by finding a QB who is an upgrade over Freeman. That guy is NOT Glennon at the moment. Maybe later in the year, maybe next year, but NOT right now. He’s simply not ready. And don’t even mention Orlovsky unless you’re an absolute knucklehead.

  48. Free's A Boob Says:

    9 for 22 I can’t imagine why Coach called a run

  49. Otto Says:

    I thought our offense would be better in year two of the same system. Boy, was I wrong.

  50. SteveK Says:

    Freeman has 2 strikes on him, “sleep thru” next week, and it could be over.

    Something has to give.

    Sour Pup wants to call Schiano a “House of cards”, I like to think Freeman has been stacking his “Jenga” bloks for the past 3 years.

  51. Jason Says:

    The offensive gameplan was, well, offensive. We run the ball on first down 100% of the time. We cannot make the opposing defensive coordinator’s job any easier. Josh Freeman is not good enough to convert 3rd and long because of stupid, conservative playcalling throughout the game (not just at the end)!

  52. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Fire Schiano! Fire Schiano! Fire Schiano!

  53. Walter Says:




    We HAD THEM!!!!!




  54. Pruritis Ani Says:

    This was worse than last week. I feel like smashing something.

  55. Bobby Says:

    I don’t blame Schiano for trying to put points on the board. If we get the field goal then the Saints need a TD. If we go for the first and come up short they only need a field goal anyway so it was smarter to try and put points on the board. Look what happened to the Saints when they took the penalty instead of the field goal. One yard can be hard to get. This was just a tough game to lose. Can’t blame the defense at the end. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t even be in the game. I thought Freeman stepped up at the end and did what he needed to do but he doesn’t call the plays. The interception was a bad throw and the strip sack came from him holding it too long but Brees threw a pick six so it does happen with pressure. I don’t really blame this loss on Freeman. He threw some good passes that would have extende drives but V-Jax dropped two and Mike Will couldn’t get both feet down on another. I didn’t see a lot of errant throws. Penalties at bad times and just going to Martin too many times on predictable downs. It was just a very hard fought game that HOF QB pulled out at the end. Not an easy loss but I’m proud of the way the Bucs played, especially the defense.
    They’re gonna get some respect from the media after this game. Sure they’ll rag on us over the penalties but to hold Brees to that low of a QB rating is quite an accomplish.

  56. K_bassuka Says:


    Freeman was moving the offense on the last drive and stupid @ss Schiano decides to settle…

  57. Buc Neckid Says:

    A game clinching Field Goal is the most IDEAL situation for a Kicker to be in.
    But when your defense is your best offense,
    There is trouble in Buc Land

  58. Cali Buca Fan Says:

    I’m tired of these conservative incopentent play calling. Time to Mutiny against the Coach!

  59. Skelly Says:

    The defense had to be so demoralized after the performance it put on after the goal line stand to have the offense choke and give brees a short field with a 1 minute left. They had no chance.

  60. flumunda cheese Says:

    Freeman, Schiano, and Dominik need to go. Time’s up.

  61. Kevin Says:

    To blame this game on Schiano is IGNORANT…OUR D PLAYED LIGHTS OUT like we all hoped they would this year…they did they’re job. I have been supporting Freeman since he got in Tampa…AND NOW I”M DONE! Would YOU have trusted Freeman on a third and six??? I would’t have…the guy played horrible against a HORRIBLE DEFENSE!!! OUR D looks good our offense looked worse than them against they’re horrible D. Josh had all day all game and he couldn’t break 200 yards??? PATHETIC!!! This game goes on Freeman and Sulivan for running up the middle on first down all fourth quarters….

  62. Odaliz Says:

    I blame the coaching for a lot of it. They couldn’t substitute players without getting confused. And why would you give Drew Brees the ball back? He is a Hall of Famer… He will win every time! The defense kept us in the game and its a shame that we couldn’t capitalize on it.

  63. JKTampa Says:

    Many of those penalties were ridiculous. The Claiborne hit was too hard and so was the Goldson hit. Please! If you hit a guy so hard his head snaps down and then it hits your helmet, that’s a clean hit. Maybe they should just play touch or flag football. I knew we would lose as soon as the 75 yard TD pass was called back for an “illegal formation”. Go back and watch that play and then watch the play that the Saints ran at the end of the game to get into field goal range. There was no way the Bucs were going to win. This loss was in the books before we walked out on the field. I’m going to make plans next Sunday. Let me know who wins. wink wink

  64. bucrightoff Says:

    Calling Josh’s number is a 25% proposition for 4 things: An incompletion, a sack, a turnover or a completion. With how awful he is, why risk the 1/4 when 3/4 loses you the game anyways.

  65. deathaneers Says:

    At least I have my Rockets to look forward too..It looks like I will have to wait until next year again..Freeman sucks and so does that BS field goal call at the end. I’m so embarrassed as a BUCCANEERS fan. As always…NEXT YEAR

  66. SteveK Says:

    Freeman is the Loser today, not Schiano.

    Where was Freeman ALL GAME? LUNCHING.

  67. Danny Says:

    “The Bucs’ playoff dreams are in trouble”

    Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs?! You kidding me?! Playoffs?! I just hope we can win a game!

  68. Cmurda Says:


    What matters is wins. Freeman fails to accomplish that especially against winning teams. His talent is limited by his brains.

  69. SSG Mike Says:

    F- it! Bench Freeman and see if Schiano’s man can do it. Personally I think the real problem is coaching. If you want to blame it on Freeman then the coach should have given him the ball when it counted and he didn’t. Pull him now and see if you Can get trade bait for him. Probably not. So starts the Mike Glennon era for better or worse. Crappy game that I couldn’t listen to or see in Afghanistan. Very Disappointing. Schiano is nothing more than an average college coach.

  70. bucsguy Says:

    I love the free haters don’t mention the 4 drops 3 of them on 3rd down or the ball he put on kike willy that he didn’t get his feet down once again on 3rd down the fact is free played poorly but he played well enough to win. But I still believe he is playing this way because of schiano let him loose. He got you 2 first downs on that drive to get you down there both on 3rd and long and then you take our away from him on the biggest play of the game. Schiano fails to realize if the bucs pay bad enough for free to go then schiano will too. He hasn’t done anything but b Stoke the the fire and make it a circus. This college coach nerds to go back to school I say can him and put wannstedt in charge for the rest of the year. Can’t blame josh for all the penalties or the wasted timeout or the worst challenge I’ve eff seen.

  71. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    We are still the best 0 and 2 team in the NFL. We have now lost 2 tearjerkers, but I can see improvement, especially this last game.
    Go Bucs!

  72. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Freeman is a bad QB. Schiano is a bad offensive coach (although quite capable on defense). Let’s solve both problems ASAP. There are solutions here. Dominik just needs to reach down and grab a pair to make it happen.

  73. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Totally depressing loss. Freeman an NFl QB? NOT!!!!

  74. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Freeman is massively inconsistent not even completing a third of the passes, of course you trust Martin at that point freeman is a complete disappointment.
    Here’s a question to ask yourselves, would the bucs h e won the game if Payton was the coach or if breese was our quarterback? Without a doubt breese as our quarterback we would’ve won.

  75. Drew Says:

    Going on record and stating Free will be traded for a 2nd or 3rd round pick to Jacksonville. Jeff Demps will be signed and Orvlovsky will be activated to #2.

  76. Nic Says:

    It kills me, that defense played its heart out, and the coaching staff and the offense ripped the game from them. I was skeptical, but I feel like Greg Schiano has overstayed his welcome in Tampa. That’s not nonsense either, all these mistakes are high school team worthy… Linemen not on the line of scrimmage?! Freeman is not the problem, Schiano is.

  77. T.R. Says:

    Why try a 47 yard fg with a 3rd choice kicker and risk leave Brees a short field. That was the ballgame, make it and win, miss it and lose. Personally would have rather seen the defense get a chance to rush Brees with a short clock and no timeouts on a long field.

  78. NY Bucs fan Says:

    Coach sucks. Free sucked. Play calling is a joke. Bridgewater here we come and let’s get a coach that knows the pro game. This is the first time I bashed the bucs but I’m done with this crap

  79. Buc Neckid Says:

    you forgot delay of game penalty
    so it is a 20% proposition

  80. Chris Says:

    If any one of you Freemanites come here and say this is on the defense, you are all delusional. And I MEAN DELUSIONAL. This defense put the team on its backs. That defense was immaculate against Drew Brees.

    What lost again? TOP by 5 minutes. Freeman is awful. Sully is awful. Freeman didn’t play horribly in the 1st half, but man, that 2nd half was dreadful.

    This team just proved today, that we are a Franchise QB away from competing.

  81. bankieb Says:

    Just joined the “Glennon Mob”

  82. JT Says:

    Penalties cost us. A missed 43 yard field goal cost us. Who to blame? This is just awful. Such a shame because our defense has been electrifying. I’m truly lost for words.

  83. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    So you have the usual suspects, blaming Freeman for this loss. Then you have literally everyone else that sees our coach playing scared football to lose us two games in a row.

  84. Splengo Says:

    This is a pattern that began layst year and is still costing us games in the final minutes. John lynch kept telling us what the problem was, but some of you still want to blame Freeman even when we have a lead. If you don’t see what the problem is you’re a fool.

  85. BucfaninMi Says:

    Lets not forget, the bad call on the TD to Jackson, total BS how come on replay they didnt show Merideth lined up wrong!!! Officiating was awful too!!!

  86. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    Completely agree, although I would add Oakland, Arizona and Cleveland to your list of possible teams to trade with. The only question is how long the Bucs wait before pulling the trigger. I say the sooner the better, just so we can get moving towards the future.

  87. Ed Says:

    Lets face it we are a very poorly run organization, all we need is a QB that can complete 60% of his passes and a coach that isn’t afraid to go for a pass on a 3rd and short. Today was a failure for Josh and Greg. Give them a few more tough losses and the defense will quit and you have a 3-13 team. Glazers put their money on VJax, Revis and Dashon but without a good head coach and a serviceable QB you lose in the NFL.

  88. Gt40bear Says:

    I know I’ll be labled a Freeman hater, but so be it! I WANT, repeat want Josh to succeed, however, I can no longer ignore the Gabbert-like play we are getting at qb. 9/22, 125 yds. = Tebow like numbers. Something must be done and no, Glennon is NOT the answer so I don’t know but damn!

  89. Rrsrq Says:

    Conservative play calling, got to trust your qb to make a play. Ever heard of a naked bootleg with a fullback or tight end in the flat, if its not open then you just go down.

  90. coolman Joe Says:

    Well I hv enough f Greg Schiano We will never win with this coach no matter who plays qb> 3rd and 6 I to;d my son if we dnt get this first down we will lose. We shld hv threw the ball for a first down Our offense needs a tight end another wr our oline played ok> freeman was ok He didn’t lose the game> The Glaziers needs to hire a offensive minded coach plain and simple> schiano needs to go> We may not win a game this year

  91. Bobby Says:

    @FreeABoob….that 9-22 is pretty misleading when you consider all the dropped passes and receivers slipping etc. I really did not think Freeman had a bad game. I thought the play calling was very predictable on first down but when crunch time came once again Freeman took the team down the field and put us in position to win. He doesn’t call the plays at the end. The smart play is to try and put points on the board. You get 3 and the Saints need a TD to win. We didn’t get it but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the smart play. The defense played lights out until that final drive. Certainly don’t blame them. It was a great game. I was sure as heck entertained. I hated losing but THAT was a physical football game. That was Buc defense baby. We’re only gonna get better. Not everybody has a Drew Brees. My hat is off to him. That last pass was perfect.

  92. Deminion Says:

    Another tough loss… My only critique is control your own destiny…. The D played lights out

  93. AceOfAerospace Says:

    Does anyone on this site have any confidence we can beat New England next week? I don’t.

  94. Chris Says:

    People last year kept pointing to the 9th best offense. But when I pointed out the final 6 games we were in the bottom tier of total offense, which led us from 3 to 9, they pretty much ignored my statements.

    well, they figured us out after those 6 games. Atleast we have some studs on defense. Claybron, McCoy, the 3 LBs, goldson, Banks, And Revis.

  95. Rob Says:

    I loathe Gosh more than ever. Schiano obviously has zero tryst in Gosh as coach gas Gosh pitch the ball wide right to Martin on a play we HAD to have for a first down and a win. Martin gets slammed short of the first down, Lindell misses a kick Barth would have made, and future HOF qb Brees, a real franchise qb, perfectly dissects our exhausted defense. How many 3 and outs did Gosh lead us to today? Go Bucs! Tough to be a fan but I keep coming back for more disappointment. Another tough loss that absolutely should have been a win.

  96. Ed Says:

    That would be awesome if the Jags would trade for Free

  97. FLBoyInDallas Says:


    Both Schiano’s influence on offensive play calling AND Freeman are the problem. It’s not one or the other. It’s both. Until fans see this and start calling for BOTH problems to be solved we will still have serious problems preventing us from winning with any consistency whatsoever. We need BOTH issues dealt with decisively. Period.

  98. Nic Says:

    I used to blame losses on officiating too when I was a kid

  99. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Freeman played good(outside of the turnovers). The young man’s receivers-a few catchable 1st downs +++++ the 73yd bomb to Vjax was solid.

    We lost, its not the end of the world. I like the progress we’ve made on defense, and offense. Sure a lot needs to be cleaned -up, but it early in the season.

    The way our defense is playing , will raise the level of entire team.

    GO BUCS!!!

    Note:12% of Teams whom started 0-2 have made the playoffs(So there is a chance)Lets GO!!

  100. BucsfaninChina Says:

    This was entertaining as hell.

    Tampa bay defense is now a beast and shoulf be every single week from here on out. Freeman still isnt the franchise qb we want him to be, and schiano still shows he isnt ready for the nfl.

  101. Jordan Says:

    Freeman is playing like Tim Tebow, minus all of the rushing yards. Why would we not put in Glennon at this point? Freeman has a 51% completion percentage with 8 TDs and 12 INT over the last 8 games(half season).

  102. bucrightoff Says:

    Haha very well played Buc Neckid. At least we can still laugh. Its tragic. That defense performance was one of best any team will put on all year, and only Josh Freeman, Brandon Weeden and Blaine Gabbert could have blown that. Even Christian Ponder wins us that game.

  103. Bucfan66 Says:

    Correction: Freeman is a bad QB and Schiano is bad head coach, period. If he can’t keep his players in line and them disciplined then it doesn’t matter how well we play. We will continually shoot ourselves in the foot!

    Schiano still doesn’t even know all the rules yet for god’s sakes. Even the announcers called him out on it! And this is supposed to be our head coach???

    If we cut out these ridiculous penalties then we’ll start winning games, guaranteed. There is too much talent on this roster that even Freeman’s piss poor play can still help us get some Ws.

    The coaching staff needs to do their job!

  104. flumunda cheese Says:

    Everybody saying “its on freeman, not schiano” or “its on schiano, not freeman.” Youre missing the point…its on both. Theres a perfect storm of sucking going on in tampa…starts with talent evaluation and whiffing on draft picks, to poor game planning, poor game management and playcalling, to poor pocket presence, recognition and accuracy. They all suck.

  105. Stevene Says:

    Team sucks, Bad teams always find a way to lose.. Please black the away games out as well…

  106. dmatt Says:

    I knew our offense would become conservative oppose to fighting for the first down during our last drive. The Saints knew Freeman wasnt a threat. Other than Graham’s first half stats, our D played great ball. Gave Josh several opportunities to put points on the board. Josh made a good run earlier in the game for a first down and he still had the deer in the head lights stare. He looked scared,confused, suprised, and shocked that he ran the ball. Without a doubt we need a leader and captain for QB and Josh is just not the answer. We need a Kaperneck, Russel Wilson type motivator and leader. Sooner or later someone on our defense will call Josh out and put him on the hot seat. He’s too inconsistent and predictable.

  107. BucsQcCity Says:

    Loved the D. Still think LJ will cost us games this year.

    Schiano should have punted back the Saints. It’s hard to believe he couldn’t trust its defense to stop them instead of going all in for a FG

  108. HumanPrius Says:

    This offense does Freeman no favors. How many dropped balls and fallen receivers were there in this game? He had a bomb TD and 1st down brought back by other players’ penalties. One INT? I can deal with that.

    The real problem is Schiano. This entire team plays undisciplined football. The defense may legitimately not know the rules. The offense isn’t in place far too often. Freeman has two options on passing plays: throw downfield or throw downfield. This is all on the head coach. He is clearly out of his depth. He obviously can’t manage a game. It’s 3rd and 6 with less than 2 minutes and a one point lead and YOU RUN THE BALL!? Free is actually pretty clutch in these kinds of situations and was rolling (see last week).

    Can we get some Lovie Smith in here?

  109. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The only sure way to have won both of these games was to get a first down and keep the ball….we failed both times because we didn’t take a chance….we played it “safe” and lost both games.
    This is a Coaching/Playcalling failure.

    Now on the other hand….Freeman wasn’t good…and we scored our only offensive TD on a short field again.
    We can’t sustain drives because of our playcalling & inacuracy.
    We need to throw more on 1st down and 2nd & short……
    And…..out “Prevent” Defense dosen’t prevent.

  110. BucfaninMi Says:

    @ Ed do you see the Jags today?

  111. Bucfan66 Says:

    Leonard Johnson needs to be benched if he doesn’t stop acting like an undisciplined punk out there. He has had a hand in costing us our last two games.

  112. bucrightoff Says:

    LUVMYBUCS are you on drugs? Our offensive is progressing? You do know getting worse is known as regression right?

  113. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I don’t mind the personal fouls on our defense. They played lights out and are routinely causing fear in wide receivers and tight ends. I love it, and it’s not costing us games. Not at all.

    If our offense would have the shackles taken off and be allowed to play with aggressive abandon like our defense we’d be a hell of a lot better off.

  114. Chris Says:

    Don’t forget Sully. The 3 amigios should be gone. Bring in Lovie.

    Draft Teddy or Hundley. That makes us contenders.

  115. Skelly Says:

    For everyone preaching progress is a good thing, losses happen just stop!!!!! We have been rebuilding for years now. At some point the expectations should be on victories, period!

  116. JT Says:

    47 yard field goal. You have to make that. Are we cursed? Seriously this is ridicoulus. We should be 2-0 right now.

  117. ctord Says:

    Um no free does not equal king because king made it to the PLAYOFFS and has a winning record.

  118. SirustheVirus Says:

    Boycott the Bucs till Schiano is gone!! Man am I going to say some $H*t to Schiano on Monday nights total access. This guy can’t coach. We waste all this money of Free Agents to keep losing because we don’t have a good head coach. A good coach would know how to use Freeman, but Schiano is so damn hard headed and is stuck in his ways and isn’t going to change.Thanks Dotson for negating a 73 yard TD, Lindell for missing the Field goal, Schiano for being a Vag, but most of all the Glazers for not giving us an experienced head coach to get the job done. Raheem got us a 10-6 his 2nd season with not even half of the stars we got on the team now and right now it looks like we’re in the race with the Jags for the 1st overall pick.

  119. richardtyson Says:

    Is the radio station 740 messed up right now?

  120. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    High off Life Brotha, and Yes I meant ever word of what I’ve said. I love the direction of the team. Its 16 games in season, losing close games makes you onre; Builds team chemistry & character…But I luv the potential..They will learn.

  121. bucrightoff Says:

    I’d say we should beat the Pats easy next week with our D, but our offense is only good for possibly 10 points. No pressure D, you just gotta hold Tom Brady to 7.

  122. JT Says:

    We have to much talent to go 3-13.

  123. Chris Says:

    Heres the plan:

    – Fire Dom
    – Fire Schiano
    – Fire Sully

    Hire Lovie Smith. Hire Eric Stukes as GM (excellent talent evaluator).

    Without a franchise QB, probably wont win more than 2-4 games in the NFC. Be lucky to beat Bufflo and Carolina at this point.

    Draft Bridgewater or Brett Hundley.

    We’re contenders.

  124. BucFan20 Says:

    Here goes the BS again. Did we forget to say he didn’t trust Martin to pick up those extra couple yards? Jackson droped passes he should have caught. Freeman threw one hell of a pass but a stupid lineman cost us 7 points. If Barth had been here he would have done the same thing. Try to put them down by 4. Then let the defense play prevent. Problem is that is the one thing our defense can’t do long range when need to on a final drive like that. For all the good, once again we had the lead, now a chance to add more. The Kicker Fu-ks up then the Defense Fu-ks up by not being able to play prevent. Adds up to another loss.

  125. ED Says:

    Greg Schiano,has lost seven out of the last eight games.

  126. Chris Says:

    JT Says:
    September 15th, 2013 at 9:12 pm
    We have to much talent to go 3-13.

    Ask Kansas City of 2012. Without a Franchise QB, very Possible.

  127. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Schiano you owe us one bro…But I’ll give you a pass, because that defense is RAW as BUC. This one stung I cant wait for next week!! GO BUCS!!!

  128. SirustheVirus Says:

    Greg Schiano= Mike Singletary. Alex Smith looked like the biggest bust, then Harbaugh resurrected his career and now being with Reid he still looks just as good. Good coaches something we don’t have

  129. Free's A Boob Says:

    @Bobby If you call missing Martin in the flat again a good game Free was spot on

  130. Bobby Says:

    I’m going to challenge you…go back and watch the game. Count the dropped passes. Count the times the receiver slipped or a pass interference should have been called and wasn’t, or a receiver didn’t come down with both feet in bounds. You have to be objective when you look at football, even if your team. I saw two bad plays by Freeman in that game. #1. the sack where he got stripped. Got to get rid of the ball quicker. #2. The interception. Threw off of his back foot. Having said that….he made fewer mistakes than Brees did. He didn’t have a pick 6 and only threw one interception. You have to keep in mind that HE DOES NOT CALL THE PLAYS!! How many times did Brees convert 3rd and long all day?? That penalty by Dotson was a killer. I thought when he needed to make big time throws he did but quite a few were dropped. If you watch it again and come away with a different take then maybe we were watching two different games. I just didn’t see balls sailing and errant throws. I think if the coaches would have gone for the first down we would have gotten it BUT if we didn’t and Brees marched down the field and got a field goal you’d be blaming Schiano and Freeman either way. “Should have gone for the 3 pts and made them have to get a TD!!!!” It was a dog fight and we came up short. If a HOF QB couldn’t get more than 1 TD against us what makes you expect Freeman to get more than 1 TD against the Saints? All of a sudden the Saints defense sucks too???

  131. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I love how people try to blame one person for a loss, no matter how obvious that there are multiple reasons why we lost. Worst part is 99% of you already had your mind made up before the game was over. Is it a coincidence that the same people that support Freeman are blaming Schiano? I wonder why the same people that believe in Schiano are blaming Freeman? Same thing every single week. It won’t matter if Freeman was 0-35 with 8 INT”s, there are some people that will blame the coaching. By that same token, if he went 35-35 with 8 TD’s, those same people would say he got lucky. Do you guys even think? I’m so pissed right now I really don’t have time to read any more of your ignorant, repetitive, nonsense posts week after week after week. Great, now there’s a whole week left of this crap.

  132. BucfaninMi Says:

    @ nic not blaming the officiating for the loss! It was bad and it took away a 80 yard TD it’s a fact! We never saw him lined up wrong. They always replay sh## like that! Other wise Josh’s number look better(a little bit) and they’re not in the position they were in at the end! And frankly you sound like a dick.

  133. Rrsrq Says:

    Free haters, add in the dropped balls by v-Jax on third down,drive stopper, phantom penalty on TD catch, is that on Free

  134. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc

    Its the end of the game, you have a 1st Ballad HOF, SUPER BOWL winning QB on the sideline. What would you have done on the last play???? smh

  135. SteveK Says:

    Freeman just isn’t doing enough.

  136. BucfaninMi Says:

    No Lovie talk please, he had Cutler and didnt do anything! If we had Cutler, playoffs, guaranteed!!

  137. mark Says:

    You can’t win it all without consistency at the QB position…period.

  138. Bobby Says:

    Personally, I’d have done just what Schiano did….go for the 3 points and make them get a TD. If you go for it and don’t get it (like when the Saints tried to get the TD after taking the FG off of the board) then the Saints only need a FG to win. I’d gamble that my kicker can kick that FG. He just missed it. Stuff happens. If he hits it then this conversation isn’t happening. But how is that Schiano’s fault or Freeman’s fault?

  139. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Freeman had a good game. We lost-plain in simple. Hard for anyone 2 sleep after a game like that; especially Coach. I’m sure we’ll bounce back..GO BUCS!!

  140. P'cola Buc Says:

    Really when I was watching this game I thought I was watching a SB defense. Felt very proud of them. This however showed how mediocre the offence and Freeman…a better offence would have scored more points and not let Brees been close enough to beat us:
    Needed: Improvement at QB
    Improvement at Coaching (offensive)
    Improvement at Tight End

    Go Bucs!

  141. SteveBucsFan Says:

    Where Schiano messed up was not punting and trusting his lights out d, instead of a crappy kicker. No one in their right mind would trust jfro at this point. Only player with a bad stat line on that team and you expect anyone to trust him?

    Official member of the Glennon mob.

    The 72 yard pass to jackson was a gift from jackson. Free didnt do anything there except throw it far. Dont kid yourself.

  142. SteveBucsFan Says:

    Trade jfro to Jacksonville for henne and a 3rd. Maybe a 4th. I hope they take him.

  143. Eric Says:

    That was just sad.

    They really had no business being in the game but to lose like that two weeks in a row is just awful.

    They are kinda like the 77 team. Pretty good defense, keep it close, then lose. Man have I seen this rodeo before.

    I can’t even muster my usual rant.

  144. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  145. Chris Says:

    If people are confident Freeman deserves a 15 mm per year deal, they’re delusional and this Franchise is heading no where with him as there QB.

    Schiano is entering the 2nd year as a head coach. There are things I like. He’s got this defense playing hard and well. But the discipline needs to be there. We need to adjust. The Clayborn sack was BS. But the Hits by Goldson and Black need to be minimized. The NFL is adapting and the Bucs need to do so as well.

    offensively, I’d fire Sully. This guy is not a good OFF. Coordinator. everyone still is living off the 6 game stretch against poor defenses last year where we ranked #1 on offense. Well defenses figured us out. Freeman stares down 1 side of the field. The offensive play calling is inconsistent. Run run pass.

    This team could be 3-13 very easily just becaue it lacks competency at the QB position and in the playcalling.

  146. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Ok im happy the name Love Smith is on your minds. Schiano was a great start to our program but he is just nit our guy.

  147. Joe Says:

    Freeman had a good game.

    If you are referring to tonight’s debacle against the Saints, well, then your standards seem to be pretty low. He completed less than half of his attempts for 125 yards and has as many picks as TDs.

    Even after a few whiskeys, Joe couldn’t call that good. Not even close.

  148. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Please go back and watch the game..smh

  149. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Maybe its the glasses..Lol…Just joking bro!!

  150. BucFan20 Says:

    I can’t wait to see our trouble making media blame all this on 2 people all week. I bet they will have it spun thre is so many problems at 1Buc the lid is ready to blow.

  151. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Joe is right, free isnt our dude. Cant help but hink if we had a west coast offense, where our Qb could simply be relied on as an efficient game manager, we would have something special.

  152. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Stats do lie. Cuz drops don’t show up for freeman. Or penalties. Or mike Williams inability to drag a toe for a crucial third down.

    I can count at least 7 times the team let freeman down.

    Vincent Jackson dropped 2 3rd down passes in his mitts.
    Vincent Jackson slipped on his break on 2 passes thrown at him.
    Mike Williams not getting the toe down
    TD to Vincent Jackson called back on penalty
    3rd down conversion called back on penalty

    If the team doesn’t get the penalties or drop the ball. Freeman has a decent stat line. Including multiple Tds and at least 60% passing rate.

    Schiano fucking blows fire his ass. Loss is on his play calling.

  153. Danny Says:

    Vince Young, Tim Tebow are available, just saying.

  154. Chris Says:

    GO GET TEBOW! He took Denver to the Playoffs with that defense.

  155. Oahubuc Says:

    Now I know the Freeman defenders are trolling. 9-22, two turnovers, and a touchdown is a good game? Come on.

  156. HumanPrius Says:

    Freeman didn’t have a good game, but the entire offense didn’t have a good game. Sully has been exposed as a one trick pony. It’s easy to attribute all the incompletions to Freeman, but the way this offense is designed, the receivers deserve considerable blame as well. I would buy Freeman being the problem if the entire team didn’t completely lack discipline and organization on game day. This is a systematic problem, and that’s on Schiano.

  157. bucrightoff Says:

    I have to say the offense needs to be put to the fire. Martin had all the carries today, we needed a bit more variety in that department. Playcalling wasn’t terrible but obviously the quarterback has to execute.

  158. realtalkfaulk Says:

    Freeman played terribly. But there were drops, catches where receivers didn’t stay in bounds, and penalties that negated some of the good things he did. That being said it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you throw on 3rd down. Freeman gets that 1st down its game over. Schiano bitched out. Brees was destined to carve them up to win and then he did.

  159. tnew Says:

    Don’t believe I’m trolling around here but I need an outlet. This young defense is really coming together, even though they are on the field way too much. I’ve got one real gripe, anybody but me notice the right tackle move early on the Colston reception… happened. Had no problem calling a penalty on Dotson. Unfortunately, the Bucs have earned the reputation about being an undisciplined unit. Schiano’s alienating of the referees last season is costing this team penalties this season. The penalty on Claiborne was just awful, regardless of what Lynch said. A hit that originates with the defenders helmet hitting the shoulder pad and then riding into the helmet is not a penalty. That was a penalty that very few players would have gotten called on them.

    Being said, Freeman must play better. Schiano must coach better or both will be gone.

  160. OviedoBucsFan Says:

    Marty and Doc brown just transported me back to 2002, thats what it looked like today. Mccoy and Clairborne doing a good Sapp Rice impersonation, but Freeman was more Dilfer than Brad Johnson. How can the offense even look the defense guys in the eye? This is going to be a long long season.

  161. Jamaica Buc Says:

    I think that the Offensive coordinator needs to simplify the system.
    I am NOT convinced the problem isn’t with the offensive play-calling and the complexity of the system.

    And … this is the system that the offensive players say that they are much more comfortable with.
    “light years’ ahead might have been one quote.

    The protection did look better this game, and it was good to see Dougie Fresh getting some yards.

  162. Jamaica Buc Says:

    … BTW did the defence game-plan for Jimmy Graham?

  163. JoeK Says:

    To those making excuses for Freeman:
    Today: QBR: 56.1 Comp Rating: 40.9% 9-22 for 125yds Turnovers: 2 (not to mention his pick came on a play in which he almost had a full 10 sec. to throw, and still threw into over/under coverage)Tell me, if you had only a 40.9% chance of completing a pass would you try it? Oh, I forgot that this season Freeman has a Comp rating of 32.1% in the 2nd half, (9comp total) and in the final 2min of a half Freeman is 33.3% on comp (1 of 3). Couple those facts with the fact your in (or at least should be) pretty easy FG range, and your defense has been killing it, why would you pass? The playcalling drives me INSANE, but with that kind of performance, how can you trust him?

  164. Adam Says:

    Where r the Dominik apologists who said the Bucs needed Barron to cover Jimmy Graham??

  165. Ricky Bobby Says:

    Were we watching the same game? I saw several several several dropped balls, specifically from V Jax! Dude didn’t even catch anything until the 4th quarter it seemed, and he was hit in the hands CONSISTENTLY.

    Oh my God, did I just say Freeman was CONSISTENT, and his RECEIVERS WERE NOT!?!?! The sky must be falling.

    You fucking sheep believe whatever the great Joe has to say.