Revis: Bucs “Have To” Adjust

September 15th, 2013

Dapper Darrelle Revis spent quite a few minutes talking to Joe and the Bucs pen and mic club after the gut-wrenching Bucs loss to the Saints.

Revis was asked about the personal foul penalties on Adrian Clayborn, on Dashon Goldson, on Mark Barron for excessive hits. While Revis said the Bucs want to be a hard-hitting team, they have to play by the NFL rules.

“How the rules are today, we have to [adjust],” Revis said. “We are still going to play aggressive football. Maybe you can lower the hit? Or do something where we don’t get the penalties which have been a big problem for us.”

On the helmet-to-helmet flag on Clayborn during his sack of Brees early in the game, Revis was uncomfortable with that.

“To me [the call] looked questionable,” Revis said. “But I don’t know what the refs were looking at. I really don’t know what they are studying.

“The game is fast. guys are just playing. They are literally not trying to headhunt. We are playing hard, aggressive fast football.”

24 Responses to “Revis: Bucs “Have To” Adjust”

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    Revis has been everything we could ask for so far. Our whole defense is better because of what he can do. I just wish he could play QB.

  2. Derick Says:

    I saw a post by a Saints fan that really pissed me off calling bucs players dirty and the coach dirty. Bad thing is I really cannot say anything because her husband is my cousin and best friend.

  3. Adam L. Says:

    Despite all the penalties…16 points and rushed for 160. At home. You should win that game.

    Freeman. Is. Soft.

  4. RealityCheck Says:

    The only dirty hit was by Black. I believe it was Graham that had already dropped the ball over the middle and was on his knees when Black lowered his shoulder and ran over him. He could have easily pulled up as the play was way past over. The other calls are BS. Your head is attached to your body, how are you supposed to never glance a QB’s helmet while trying to tackle him? And Brees never once tried to cover up and take the sack, he was fighting to escape the tackles and get rid of the ball.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Hey Darrelle….its time for you to join the Bucs “HIT PARADE”

    You’re making 16 mil….can afford the fine & its tax deductible!

    We’ve come a long way from “Myronville”

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    I’ll keep saying this for the rest of the week.This reminds me far too much of Tony Dungy’s early years with crappy Dilfer and a great D.

  7. Patrick Says:

    @Buc1987…..but there’s a big difference. Those teams went to the PLAYOFFS and were DISCIPLINED. Two things that are non-existent with this Buccaneers squad.

  8. Couch Fan Says:

    You can fix the penalties. What seems apparent is that you can’t fix crappy QB play without benching the QB.

  9. Marc Says:

    “No Fly Zone”. “All Cannons Firing”. Oh, I’m sorry, are you hyping up the BUCS for the past 5 months? The team that just lost their second straight game on the FINAL PLAY OF THE GAME? I am a diehard fan that wants wins NOW. NOW. No rebuilding. We have waited long enough. You better win next week in convincing fashion or this fan base will revolt.

  10. dan Says:

    Yeah you better or I will be mad! **stomps foot** **scowls**
    So there!

  11. tonytwocents Says:

    Couch, you keep settin yourself up to get knocked down – “You can fix the penalties”????

    After last Sunday, we had a whole week of practice to “fix the penalties”. How did we look tonight?? You dumb little sh!t. Defensive penalties are Freemans fault.. Douchebag.

  12. Burl Morgan Says:

    Win or lose, I stand by my Bucs. They played well enough to win but this team has not learned how to close games. Youth is part of this equation whether people understand it or not. Sapp, Brooks and lynch took their lumps as well. This team has some great talent and they will learn!

  13. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    This team is going nowhere with Schiano. I don’t care if Aaron Rodgers is quarterbacking for him. He is soft and will coach scared when the game is on the line. How many games have we lost because Schiano had his foot on the brakes instead of the gas pedal?

    Too many.

  14. gorilla pimp Says:

    I see monumental improvements on the defense Claiborne coming back has helped tremendously. I don’t see the need to get all emotional deflecting the blame on these two loses to the wrong individuals. The way it looks this defense can only get better. Pretty much quarterback in the league has thrown interceptions and taken sacks this season and no one is calling for their heads. Sure when nicks comes back and they reestablish the running game making room the passing attack things will turn around. Carolina has lost both games and Atlanta also lost one so things are not that bad. The way this defense is beating up on teams it bound to set a president. I’m under the impression the plays being called are not baring fruit there is desperate need for a capable tight end utilization for check down routes that keep the chains moving some sure hands. I can’t sit here and put that loss on Freeman he made two or three bad decisions less than brees did putting the guy in a straight jacket when you need him most might alter his confidence though. The game becomes meta physical and essentially you develope a self defeating mentality. Listened to freemans press conference the scribes are doing everything in their power to get into his head stating that he demanded a trade twisting stats to justify his passing ability is inaccurate. How many dropped passes do his receivers have? The media is trying to dictate what happens in Tampa they asked schiano who was the starting quarterback next week in his press conference he was so shocked all he could say was woah that was of left field.

  15. Ricky Bobby Says:

    Wasn’t lowering the head of a runner, against the NFL rules this year? Almost every play from the Saints I consistently saw lowering of the head. How was this not called? How are you expected to hit them in the gut if their head is lowered?

    This whole game and officiating made no sense whatsoever. I’m livid!

  16. Splengo Says:


    We were warned about this when we hired Schiano.

  17. Northend Says:

    I can’t control wins and losses.I am a passionate fan, but realize I can’t control who plays QB,or coaches the team.Thats what my fantasy rosters are for.Soooo I have decided to just not get all torn up about this smoldering dumpster fire and to instead roll with it.
    I loved the Defense yesterday.Its what this franchise built its traditions on.And it’s coming back in a big way!!
    Work to be done?Yes.More coaching up needed Yes.10-6 team ? Very possible .Its early in season,a lot can happen.Relax peeps.Let the smoke clear.This is a Team playing hard and finding a new identity.I am one fan who is interested to see what that will look like and I’m excited where we are heading.Easy to forget it was only the second game our defense has played together as a whole unit.Progress was evident on offense.Line was better,Martin ran hard.
    Once we get the QB position to live up to a mediocre standard and our coaches un pucker their assholes at the end of games when we are standing on the oppositions neck going for the close out,all will click.Love the hits,attitude and swagger,now lets hit 2″ lower

  18. Eric Says:

    Defense is borderline mediocre at best. They fold like a cheap suit with the game on the line as they did many times last year also.

    We’re the Browns of the NFC. They play close games all the time too and get beat like us. About the same record last five years or so.

  19. Pewter Bullion Says:

    The defense did NOT fold. They kept us in the game and even scored. What kind of psychedlic, alternate-universe TV model were you watching?

  20. Morgan Says:

    Anyone notice Goldson wink and smile to the sideline as if he was proud of his illegal penalty after it was called. Something isn’t right here – it’s almost as if they are purposely willing to give up these penalties in order to show intimidation – except the penalties are extending opponent’s drives and hurting the team. Look for Goldson to be suspended soon as his illegal hits are piling up, even from last season.

  21. Tony Says:

    One quick note about the Dungy/Dilfer comparison, which I completely agree with. I do not believe those Bucs teams would have gone to the playoffs as this is a completely different NFL with the rule changes. It is absolutely necessary to have at a minimum a mediocre offense to have success with a dominating defense (which I believe we are turning into).

    Since the Schiano got his hands on the defense the last game last year…the Bucs have given up 17 points at Atlanta, 18 points at Jets, and 16 points home against New Orleans. Impressive!!

  22. Eric Says:

    I was watching the game where a defensive stop at the end would have won it, just as in the jets game.

    They folded two weeks in a row with the game on the line.

  23. Dreambig Says:

    Splengo, damn that link you posted is starting to resonate! It doesn’t matter who the QB is, with the offensive game management, we are not scoring many points. Having said that, Freeman sure is not scareing anybody (except Bucs fans). Fingers crossed for next week! Go Bucs!

  24. Northend Says:

    Rah was at Kstate w/JF.He wanted pick.Rockstar gave his new coach a bone.
    Rockstar is buying the ingredients but coaches do the cooking and we have spent a lot of money on quality players.MD is not the problem.He Dosent play or Coach and is a cap stud.This is on Free and Schiano.