“I Promise You That Locker Room Is Hideous”

September 25th, 2013

Today’s move to Mike Glennon has two former Bucs very concerned

The benching of Josh Freeman today (Christmas for the Mike Glennon Mob) is undeniable evidence that things are ugly at One Buc Palace.

That’s the word of former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996) on WDAE-AM 620 this morning during the Ron and Ian show.

“I promise you that locker room is hideous,” said Beckles, who went through various QB drama and changes during his Tampa Bay career. Beckles said he hopes Greg Schiano sat down with his key veterans yesterday and sold the move to Glennon thoroughly. Regardless, Beckles said, it’s going to be hard to take a “rebuilding” mindset that must be flowing through the team now.

Former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht, an analyst on the Buccaneers Radio Network joined the show and said while is surprised how quickly Schiano made the move he doesn’t believe the Bucs locker room is in that bad a shape right now, but Becht said he believes it will “get ugly” quickly if Glennon is unsuccessful.

32 Responses to ““I Promise You That Locker Room Is Hideous””

  1. bucrightoff Says:

    NC State now has 10% of the starting QBs in the NFL. QB U!

  2. DP4LIFE22 Says:

    Beckles is an idiot so aid anything he says, he was great in his own mind and thinks he knows it all.. fnny thing is he alwayshas to tell everyone he use to play cause nobody eer heard of him.

    Don’t know if it was best move I hope there is a trade in works..

    #1 for Cousins

  3. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    A good move by Schiano, everyone thought he would wait for the Bye, but he did it faster! Good Move!

  4. Horice Says:

    Time will tell.. If it doesn’t work he will surely be fired by season end.

  5. Kyle Says:

    I say screw it, I have always supported Free but watching him this year makes me sick to my stomach. Might as well see what glennons got and if he sucks then they can draft bridgewater or Boyd, personally I like Boyd better. My true dream would be was for Tampa to get Cammmmmmmm.

  6. Pete I Says:

    So much for joes inability to see this move mentioned constantly in prior articles. Avoid the stockmarket joe…it kist wont be your thing.

  7. snookau Says:

    0-3 isnt rebuilding? Are we in a playoff push?

    I keep hearing all these media guys say the Bucs are built to win now. Then why did hardly anyone pick the bucs to have a winning record? Answer: Josh Freeman.

    Yet everyone questions the move.

    Whatever. Bring on Glennon. He cant be any worse than #5.

  8. T in Orlando Says:

    For all the Joe bashing going on, he had valid points for his belief that Glennon wouldn’t be named starter any time soon. He wasn’t just talking out of his ass.

    For those happy with this move, keep in mind what this likely means, the ceiling for this team is now 5 wins, with 2 or 3 being more likely.

    Also, for anyone happy with the likely turnover in the offseason for the HC and GM, that likely means we will lose players like VJax, Revis, Nicks, GMC, Joseph, Penn, and perhaps even Clayborn and Foster. Despite the recent quick turnarounds of some of these teams, it’s extremely difficult to when turning over about half of your starters and QB.

  9. chef paul Says:

    I’ll say it again in case any of you Freeman haters didn’t see it.

    Couch, illiinati, lightningbuc, Steve, Miguel, realist, and anyone I missed. You were right and we were wrong.

    Now its time to get behind Glennon and watch this kid turn things around.

  10. bucrightoff Says:

    And what is the ceiling when your QB can’t get over 50%, can’t produce a TD drive over 43 yards, can’t make progressions in his 5th year in the league? 6 wins?

  11. gotbbucs Says:

    If anyhing I think they locker rom would have come apart had Freeman been allowed to continue as the starter. You could see it in the vetern’s eyes, they couldn’t stand him anymore.

    Glennon fits the system much more than Freeman. This is a timng based passing game and Freeman didn’t have the anticipation or release to make it work.

    All Glennon has to be able to do is complete shallow routes and this offense will go. Honestly, that’s all Freeman needed to be able to do, and he couldn’t do it consistently.

  12. lightningbuc Says:

    “For those happy with this move, keep in mind what this likely means, the ceiling for this team is now 5 wins, with 2 or 3 being more likely.”

    UMM, that’s 2 or 3 more wins than JFro was on pace for.

    I’ve never seen so many people defend mediocrity out of a player. I mean some of you would be fine if they resigned JFro for another 5 years and continued to trot him out there.

  13. T in Orlando Says:

    I’m not defending Freeman, I’m stating that making a move to Glennon doesn’t automatically make this team better. If Glennon doesn’t go Russel Wilson on us, this means we’re likely in for a very long year this year, and perhaps even a very long year next year.

    I’m a Bucs fan, and I want to see them win and win often. I was hoping that Freeman would turn it around and take this team to the playoffs this year. At the beginning of the year, even the Freeman haters should agree that Freeman gave us the best chance to win this year. Clearly through 3 games, that opinion has, and should be, changed.

    As a Bucs fan, I now hope that Glennon does light it up like some of the recent rookie QBs have done, and lead us to several wins. But as a realist, this is not likely to happen, even less likely than it was that Freeman would’ve turned the proverbial light on.

  14. Patrick Says:

    This team is not “rebuilding” guys. All we need is a good QB and this team is good to go.

  15. MadMax Says:

    And Im sure that trying Glennon will bring a nuance of “starting anew”! Its very much needed. Seasons over anyway! So we may as well see what we have with him, and if it doesnt work, top 5 draft pick for a QB in a strong QB class!!!

    BTW, F U Freeman!!! Mr. NO CARING POS! BENCHED!

  16. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Starting Glennon actually does make the team better. On Sunday? No. But, either he will be a better QB as he adjusts. Or, they can decide which direction to go in the offseason.

    Starting Freeman just accepts mediocrity. That’s the opposite of making your team better.

  17. MadMax Says:

    AJ McCarron….just saying!

  18. MadMax Says:

    Thank you nfl network and espn for FINALLY giving us some attention….even though it was negative! But hey, it worked!

  19. Ricardo Esteban Says:

    just having someone who WANTS to be the QB will inspire the team on Sunday.

    We will get the W one way or another. It’s money in the bank folks!

  20. blackmagic00 Says:

    AJ McCarran here too.

  21. Couch Fan Says:

    If Glennon is any good then the season is not over by a long shot. All we need is a competent QB. He doesn’t have to be great or even good.

  22. DAVE Says:

    I don’t think it is that bad right now because everyone on the team must realize that they could be 2-1, possibly even 3-0, if they had above average QB play.
    Freeman has been horrendous and every player in there must know that.
    No, they don’t like a rookie coming in, but it sure didn’t seem to be getting better with Josh.
    He has protection and can’t complete 50% of his passes. That is pathetic in todays NFL. 60% for 280+ yards and 2 TDs is average now…. he is not even close.

  23. Joke Says:

    Would be kinda fun (in a dark humor sort of way) to hear Beckles and Jeff Carlson reminisce about the mess that was the 1991 Bucs. They were both on that team, with Jeff the third-stringer to Vinny and Chris Chandler, who both started at various points during the season. I remember Chris Chandler as a cancer, whining in the media about how he was being used. I doubt we hear anything like that nowadays.

  24. Paul Says:

    I doubt the locker room is in disarray. He is just trying to stir the pot by throwing irresponsible rumors around.

  25. Jim Says:

    The real question is will the play calling change? Great coaches design a system that allows players to best use their skills.

    Sully’s system set up Freeman to fail. If Glennon is not mobile and they stay with the same plays, he will not be an upgrade.

    I will gladly eat crow if the offense improves with Glennon.

  26. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Phase 1 of The New Schiano Takeover is complete.

    1) Take Out Freeman – check
    2) Take out Sully, Promote McNulty –
    3) Undermine and Take Out Dominik –
    4) Assume the Role of HC & GM like Belicheat –
    5) Start Rebuilding!

    PJ Fleck (former assistant):

    “He had a hand in every aspect of that program. He wasn’t just the football coach, he was everything. He was the marketing director. He was the fundraiser. He was the recruiting coordinator. Greg could do anything. He did do everything.”

  27. bucforce Says:

    Bucs players “raving” about Glennon, doesn’t sound hideous to me, sounds like they are looking forward to the change…http://www.pewterreport.com/index.php?option=com_k2&Itemid=20&view=item&layout=item&id=9237

  28. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    @Glennon, go out and get us your first win on Sunday! You dont have to carry this team, just stay consistent. Youre our new QB, and I’ll support you 100%

  29. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    @Joe, arent you on 620 today??

    just thought you might want to update that plug. you guys should get record listeners today…. I’ll be tuned in as always.

  30. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    no pressure and all Glennon, but you not only control your own destiny, but Schiano’s as well. just F’n win! Go Bucs!!!

  31. buc4lyfe Says:

    Seems like a set up from the beginning and im sure all of a sudden we’ll see a completely different game plan, they’ll throw short passes, quick routes, mid range routes to get the qb in a groove…..you know stuff we should have been doing from the start but it’s also kinda hard for a qb to succeed without a reliable slot receiver and tight end but hey good luck glennon. Now everyone dont watch glennon WATCH THE PLAYCALLING!!! if they put him in a position to be successful with different style of playcalling that would tell me alot but too bad freeman we wanted you to be the guy but you quit on yourself

  32. andres Says:

    Beckles says a lot of things, a lot stupid things.