Greg Schiano: Mr. “Everything”

September 3rd, 2013

One of college football’s most interesting characters was the Buccaneers wide receivers coach last year, P.J. Fleck.

Fleck, 32, is the youngest head coach in Division I football at Western Michigan, and he has an intensity and leadership style that is unique and impressive. The man’s nuts — in a good way.

Joe couldn’t wait to drop a few nickels on WMU as a four touchdown underdog at Michigan State last weekend. They lost 26-13 and did Joe proud.

Fleck chatted with The Star Ledger in New Jersey recently and shared what life was like as a Rutgers coach under Greg Schiano.

What were those two years like working for Schiano at Rutgers?

“What the hours meant was you would do your job until your job was done and until you made sure the flaws were now strengths. We worked a ton of hours. There were times we didn’t go home for a few days and worked right through the night…We did what we had to do to solve some problems we thought we had. At the time there were some disadvantages and we had to work through them and it took us longer than probably most would have…He was there just like us. He was there longer than us. He was there before you. You knew that he wasn’t just telling you and he’d go home and go to bed. He was there. Solving the same issues and problems. He had a hand in every aspect of that program. He wasn’t just the football coach, he was everything. He was the marketing director. He was the fundraiser. He was the recruiting coordinator. Greg could do anything. He did do everything. That’s what I was able to see at times just by working there those two years. Then, believe it or not, he took me with him to Tampa and that was an extreme compliment because I was, I believe, the youngest position coach in the National Football League. He took a chance on me again. He saw what maybe others hadn’t seen.”

Joe just wanted to share. Life for coaches and players under Schiano is anything but typical. Joe’s got no problem with any of it, as long as it works.

15 Responses to “Greg Schiano: Mr. “Everything””

  1. Raphael Says:

    I believe Coach Schiano will bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Tampa …
    The man can coach and defense wins Championships.

    I remember Coach Gruden was famous for being at work super early, I used to see him jogging super early in the Avila hood.

  2. BucKing 3 Says:

    I truly am not surprised and can happily say; I’m proud to have him coaching our team. I believe in the New Schiano Order. Go Bucs!

  3. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    I think he is a great coach prototype. Talks, walks and acts like a true head coach.

    Problem is, his pass defense is terrible. I am skeptical and curious to see if his defense can stop the pass enough to remain competitive.

    If your scheme stinks, then it doesn’t matter who the players are.

    As soon as he can prove he knows how to slow and stop the NFL passing attacks, I will be skeptical. And rightly so.

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    Buc Fan #238 …I guess it’s wait and see then isn’t it. He’s only had one season with a garbage secondary.

    I believe in him because I hear it in his voice and his words. He reminds me a lot of Gruden, without the quirky comments here and there. This guy is the real deal. All business and I think he knows what needs to be done and is very detail oriented. Details details details. It might drive the players crazy after awhile though. So I hope he knows when to let up. I think he does and I think he’s going to work out. I also think pre-season was a total sham. I think Schiano HATES preseason with a passion and it showed.

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    “If your scheme stinks, then it doesn’t matter who the players are.”

    I also think he’s smart enough to adjust. From 1996 to 1998, Schiano was an assistant coach in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. For his first two seasons there, he was a defensive assistant, and then was promoted in his third and final season with the Bears to “defensive backfield coach.”

    He’ll be fine.

  6. Andrew 1 Says:

    Like I said in the earlier thread, Im glad hes our head coach and I believe in him. also would have liked for Fleck to continue coaching with us, but Im happy for him.

  7. kh Says:

    If you have multiple UFA CBs running with the 1s then it doesn’t matter what scheme’s you draw up.

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    i have great respect for Schiano and the way he carries himself. We will know what type of team this is by week 5.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I believe that Schiano is the kind of coach that can get us to a Championship level and keep us there.
    Gruden got us there and I will forever be grateful but I think Schiano can will get us there and keep us at that level for a long time.
    I think he wants to win now…but I don’t think he will sacrifice the future just to win once. I like his character and the character he demands of his players. There is no doubt in my mind that he is respected by his players, coaches, GM & owners and he will earn the respect of the Buc fans and the NFL.

  10. loung Says:

    yep …

  11. JBSkiff Says:

    #238. This is a Buc fan site. That means you and your eilk need to deside if the Bucs are your team or not. If you can’t get on bord than do the rest of us a favor , bend over stick your head between your leggs and kiss your ass goodby.

  12. tonytwocents Says:

    I first started having my doubts towards the end of pre-season. and especially with the decision to play Crabtree in the 4th game… as a FB. and the day after presser that Joe linked on here, he sounded drained and demoralized. Chucky never got down, he just pissed. but whatever, I get it – preseason is preseason. and that whole mess is behind us. he’s still got my support.

  13. tonytwocents Says:

    *chucky just GOT pissed. (or maybe he pissed on you too, what do I know..)

  14. Dreambig Says:

    Finally the season is here and we can quit speculating. I love Schiano and because of him I dropped cash on season tickets two years in a row. Admittedly however, My confidence is bit shaky now as I see a few things that make my eyebrows raise … Bowers not being good enough to start after letting our sack leader walk and Lenard Johnson starting over Banks. I am not buying any LJ hype. He is a big reason the secondary was so bad last year and preseason showed again that if he is on the field, the opposing QB will always have a place to throw and LJ will always be a half step too late to stop the completion. I sure hope Sunday shows me how wrong I am, but for now those two areas are telling me the D is not going to be good enough yet to win more than 8 or 9.

  15. scubog Says:

    I’m sure Coach is learning on the job like every other first time head coach must do. But the effort is certainly there. A plan seems to be in place. Roster is being improved. Slackers are being weeded out. Results on the field will hopefully follow.