Freeman “Blindsided” By Benching

September 26th, 2013

josh freeman 0926

When it was learned that former Bucs franchise quarterback Josh Freeman was benched in favor of rookie third round draft pick Mike Glennon yesterday, it took virtually every Bucs fan by surprise.

Bucs commander Greg Schiano was so adamant when stating this week — several times –that Freeman was his starting quarterback, the timing yesterday really shocked people.

But perhaps none more so than the victim (?) himself, Freeman. That’s what’s Charlie Campbell has learned working his sources.

It was something that was inevitable; Freeman’s off-the-field issues aside, he had been playing terrible football. His inability to read defenses and be consistently accurate was alarming. I just thought Freeman would be benched after the bye, so I’m a bit surprised by the timing of it. Freeman was as well. According to Charlie’s sources, Freeman was “blindsided” by this.

So, is Glennon an improvement? Perhaps he could be in the future. Glennon isn’t mobile at all, but he has a big arm. Unfortunately, he doesn’t use it. He settles for checkdowns way too often, which will undoubtedly frustrate Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams in the short term. Oh, and speaking of Jackson, he suffered a rib injury last week. Adam Schefter indicated that Jackson could play in this contest, but there’s always a chance he won’t be 100 percent. Considering that he has to deal with Patrick Peterson, it’s safe to assume Jackson won’t produce much in this matchup.

Considering that Jackson is hurt and Glennon is making first start, the offense will be extremely limited. The Cardinals are seventh versus the run (3.4 YPC), so even Doug Martin won’t be able to generate much.

Maybe Freeman was taking Schiano at his word Monday like the rest of the Tampa Bay region?

It was only after watching more film Monday evening and then consulting with Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik and Team Glazer that Schiano then made the decision to make a move

And to “blindside” Freeman.

56 Responses to “Freeman “Blindsided” By Benching”

  1. Walter Says:

    Sunday is going to be a real horror show. At least it’ll be entertaining.

  2. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe, just an fyi. I get 3 error messages when I bring up the homepage. Doesn’t seem to happen on actual post pages. I can email you what the messages say if you want me too. I think it has to do with ad scripts.

    Doubtful. On the rare occasion Joe has a tech problem on Joe’s end, Joe gets dozens of emails and complaints. That hasn’t been the case. Hope it fixes for you soon. –Joe

  3. Jim Says:

    Coach Schiano ” We have lost 8 of the past 9 games and are not getting the job done”

    Were any of the eight losses due in any part to the defense, kicking game or play calling of Sully? I doubt it. Freeman must have lost all the games himself.

    I wish Glennon the best but if the play calling is not changed, this season will be a replay of the 1976 Bucs!

  4. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Wasn’t Charlie Campbell the guy who got chased out of PR for making things up?

    Regardless, what’s done is done. After a night of sleep I’m ready to move on and think about Glennon.

    I expect him to struggle at first. He is a rookie with no starts afterall. He will face most of the same challenges Josh did. Teams always blitz rookies until they prove they can handle it. Glennon will have two advantages in this over Freeman. He is better at short passes. The oline has Nicks back and Nicks has a game behind him so they should play better.

    Dropped passes will still be an issue until the WRs fix them..possibly during the bye week.

  5. DomsAdvisor Says:

    Freeman being blindsided shows how out of touch he is.

    It is as if he doesn’t even realize that he is in a contract year, a point in time that will/has defined the rest of his NFL career.

    He has officially earned backup status or less from now on. He is screwed.

  6. Adam L. Says:

    “Glennon isn’t mobile at all, but he has a big arm. Unfortunately, he doesn’t use it. He settles for checkdowns way too often, which will undoubtedly frustrate Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams in the short term. ”

    I’ll settle for him being able to HIT the checkdown. Freeman couldn’t even THROW the check down. He’d Knobloch the pass to Martin, bouncing it into his shins or throw it high forcing his TE to break stride and gets him drilled in the flat. Freeman’s short throws have about as much grace as a hippo on roller skates.

    And that’s been the rub on Freeman – with Martin, Jackson and Williams, he didn’t HAVE to be GREAT!! He just has to move the ball around and not take sacks or throw PICKS. I said in the off-season worrying about Freeman was pointless because the offense really moves through Doug Martin, not Freeman.

    I just wasn’t counting on Freeman being so utterly abysmal that he wouldn’t touch the 50% completion mark!

  7. joseph mamma Says:

    The offensive game plan and overall coaching might be in question, but can you really be “blindsided” when you’re last in the league in every meaningful way to measure a QB. Freeman didn’t develop good mechanics going back to his college days and it shows. Lately he has the worst footwork I’ve ever seen on a QB. You can’t have someone not driven to excellence playing that position.

  8. Adam L. Says:

    I agree Joseph. I’ve been fired from a lot of jobs…. every one of them I saw coming.

  9. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Did he live in a cave? And not watch his own film? I mean, he had to have some inkling.

    If he really was “blindsided”, then, geez, nuff said.

  10. Theodore Says:

    @DomsAdvisor, @Oil Derrick Brooks – Exactly.

  11. snookau Says:

    Its this simple: every week that passed, did you really expect anything different from Freeman? I surely didn’t. The light just doesnt go on after 60 starts. Schiano knows he’s probably done after this season. So why go down with the same inconsistency and crap from Freeman? Throw a hail mary and start Glennon. Will it work? Probably not. But its better than going down with the proven to suck Freeman.

  12. Walter Says:

    It’s rebuilding time in Tampa Bay. WOOOOOO! I love waiting.

    So which QB will we ruin after Glennon?

    Bridgewater? Mariota? Boyd?

    So many choices.

  13. Nick2 Says:

    Poor Joshy, well when your blind to defensive coverages its not surprising that being last in the league in quarterback ratings, costing your team the playoffs last year and having lost 8 of your last 9 games ofcourse he couldn’t see it coming. I think Josh Freeman is almost clueless when it comes to his own performance and always has been. Thats why when he throws game losing interceptions he just laughs as he went to the sidelines. Clueless……….

  14. Tampamac Says:

    Oh, blindsided like when he held the ball about 8 seconds in the Saints game and fumbled?

  15. Nick2 Says:

    Walter you can bash me on Monday but I am going out on a limb and stating that Glennon will put up better numbers than Freeman has this year and alot of last year. Not sure what everyone is so afraid of, after all we did have Josh Freeman quarterbacking our team. We are used to dreadful quarterback play. Do you really think it will be worse???

  16. Gaavster1221 Says:

    Freeman got benched after he played a damn good game. That patriots game may not look good but he was a couple of not drops away from having a 3 TD game. This whole benching just shows that schiano does not want Freeman at all. Glennon is NOT and improvement at all. I mean his highest upside is nowhere near Freeman’s. So I think this move is just to show Schiano does not want Freeman at all. So we are going to have to draft a QB in the 1st round next year and blah. I was looking forward to this season even after starting 0-3 I was still excited because the D is playing good and we had two games in the palm of our hands. But whatever maybe I do not know anything about Glennon I just know that this move was made so Freeman did not get a chance to look any better so schiano could get rid of him without fan backlash. Hopefully I am wrong about Glennon but he is a project QB, and you are starting him in his first year? OK. I have the same stance a lot of the players have. It is the coaches decision and we’ll see what happens. I predict we win on Sunday 27-24 and Glennon will complete 55% of his passes with 1 TD and 2 Int, but doug martin will have a big day so we will win and yeah.

  17. Mike C Says:

    Anybody got Brad Johnson’s phone number?

  18. Walter Says:


    Hope all you want man.

    Glennon blows. All he is is Schiano’s final prayer.

    There’s no point of even watching the games this year, it’s a foregone conclusion, this is the end of Schiano and Dom.

  19. Gaavster1221 Says:

    And Freeman’s numbers are over states. This offensive system is basically asking for inefficiency when it comes to passing. Even when Freeman had a bad year in 2011 he completed 60%+ of his passes. His accuracy is overblown but this offense has made him look worse than he is, and that’s by design. If I were the vikings I would totally go get him. He is a top 15 QB in this league and I’ll stand by that. The dude has his problems but when it comes to the 4th quarter Freeman is calm cool and collected. Still a buc fan but Freeman is the first QB we have had here where he was OUR QB.

  20. teacherman777 Says:

    Tuesday is their day off.

    Freeman didnt show up.

    Glennon did.

    Schiano is right for not trusting Josh.

    Josh loves to PARTY. He loves to go out.

    He DOESNT like to study.

    Josh has all the natural talent in the world. But without a worl ethic. Its impossible to be successful in the NFL.

    I like Glennons vision. I like his arm. But I dont think he has a chance in the NFL.

  21. Gaavster1221 Says:


    Glennon better than Freeman last year? Ok I’ll take that bet. That is not going to happen. Unless the offensive scheme changes. IF they start to call plays to help glennon when they did not do that at all for freeman then maybe. But a 4th round rookie play better? nah.

  22. Gavster1221 Says:


    Is that a fact? Do you have a link? Because that is interesting. BUT I can not judge because if I felt unwanted I do not think I would go in on my day off either. I can watch tape from home. Also it is weird that under Raheem all you heard was about how Freeman worked hard. even in the early schiano days. But I guess something changed because so did the public view of Freeman.

  23. Walter Says:


    Minnesota would be a nice spot for him, Ponder is trash, Cassel is no long term answer, they have a nice O-Line, better Running Back, more receiving options than the Bucs (not better, but more than 2 guys) and a nice defense too. They’d be legitimate contenders in the NFC North, unless they do what Schiano did and force Freeman to play the role of a pure pocket passer. He’s at his best when he’s on the move.

  24. crazy Says:

    I wonder what input the Scott Cohen, the new guy from the Jets/Eagles, and how much weight it had. Brought in as the GM’s Sr Personnel Adviser to handle pro/collegiate player evaluations/acquisitions and a veteran of the QB debates in NY/Philly isn’t this decision right up his alley? Maybe the guy with the least on the line but the most recent experience had more to do with this than the other things we’re all speculating about.

    Any idea, Joe?

  25. Gavster1221 Says:


    Yeah him on the vikings would be awesome, but I do not think they are ready to give up on ponder. It’s not even a problem of making Free a pocket passer. The problem is the routes we run are garbage. It is all about the WR’s making plays most of the time instead of having a system that gets them open. Our system is a problem especially when doug martin does not get free early.

  26. bucrightoff Says:

    Walter’s attitude is funny, because the difference between starting Glennon adn Freeman is probably 1 win. So great, we’ll be 4-12 instead of 5-11. Actually that is great, could be huge in terms of draft position.

  27. csidedave Says:

    I am looking forward to see what Glennon can do with the starters. While I think Glennon will be more accurate and will make better reads, I am concerned about his lack of pocket presence and propensity to fumble. He will need to do a much better job of protecting the ball.

  28. Gavster1221 Says:


    What makes you think Glennon will make better reads? I have been watching his college tape and I do not like it. Even his best throws would get picked in the NFL. I am just looking for any evidence of it.

  29. Walter Says:


    You’re failing to look past the record and draft position.

    What happens if this team wins only 5 games this year?

  30. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    I doubt that Free was blindsided. It was rumored last week that he wanted a trade, and this morning theyre confirming that he’s wanting out.

    We need to just move on and focus solely on Glennon. If a trade comes up, it most likely wont be anything worth getting excited over.

    I want to know how Crbtree is doing, cause a TE will be Glennons best friend.

  31. bucrightoff Says:

    Depends doesn’t it? Its the NFL, the Bucs could play their asses off weak in and out and still be 5-11. If they quit on Schiano like they did Raheem he is gone sure, but if they keep fighting you and I both know the Glazers aren’t firing him 2 years in and paying for 2 coaches for 3 more years. Or we’re getting Raheem again.

  32. Tampamac Says:


    Why does a man who’s started nearly 60 games in the NFL need certain plays to ‘help’ him? If a guy has a noodle arm ala Alex Smith, then possibly because physically he CAN’T make all the throws. Freeman could, so why hamstring the passing attack when he has the arm strength to hit the deep ball? Not saying Glennon will be any of these guys, but I’m sure nobody expected 3rd rd pick Russell Wilson to beat anyone out or 6th rounder Tom Brady to take Drew Bledsoe’s job. Again, not saying Glennon will be anywhere close to either of them, but we don’t know for sure until he plays. We DO know for sure what we had in Freeman, and that was a maddeningly inconsistent QB who still makes rookie mistakes like staring down receivers and an inabilty to read a defense.

  33. Walter Says:

    Anything less than 8 wins, Schiano needs to go, in my opinion. Especially since Glennon is his guy, this move should be seen as Schiano staking his career on Glennon. Too many pro-bowlers on this team for us not to win 1 more game than last year. Should be easy for Glennon to match Freeman’s 2012 right, I mean, he’s just so “cerebral”, 3,500 yards and 20-25 tds is what I want from Glennon. Any less and he’s not getting it done.

  34. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    I agree Walter. although I said at least 7 out of the next 13, but close enough.

    Schiano’s already praising his defense, even though they were pretty much the reason we lost Games 1 & 2. IMO.

    Well his defense will have to play lights out to make Glennon look just decent. And for the love of god Dom, sign a WR or two!

  35. bucrightoff Says:

    Well whether he “needs” to go and whether he actually will are two different things. The most important thing is how the team reacts to all this. If they throw in the towel its difficult to see Schiano returning. If they fight its hard to see him getting fired. The win loss record is only marginally relevant, how the team plays is more important.

  36. bucrightoff Says:

    And please, please, please, stop blaming the defense for either week 1 or 2. Remind me again how many points the offense produced without a turnover? Or what the longest TD drive of the season is?

  37. Gavster1221 Says:

    Every qb needs to be helped by the play calling. Our play calling does not just involve letting freeman make a read. He basically at times
    Only has one option and that is to let vjax or mike fight for the ball in the air. The play calling has been bad even since last year. I was too young when Brady was a rookie but with Wilson all you heard all training camp was how he
    Looked good and he performed well in preseason. Nothing like that was said about glennon. Oh an Brady was in his 2nd year when he took over for Bledsoe

  38. csidedave Says:

    I have always liked Josh and hoped he would succeed. But I really disagree with people who say that Schiano ruined or shackled him. Freeman’s problems really surfaced in his last season under Raheem when he had 16 TD’s and 22 interceptions. That doesn’t fly anywhere and would definitely give the organization cause for concern.

    Last year he actually had a bounceback season, relatively speaking. I hope Freeman and Glennon find success in this league but the Bucs had to move on at some point.

  39. Walter Says:


    Wow, the win-loss record, the biggest aspect in the decision making behind benching Freeman, is only marginally relevant now???

    Sorry, you’re in denial if you think Schiano’s job isn’t in jeopardy, ESPECIALLY now that Freeman is benched. No one left to throw under the bus Coach.

    It’s Schiano’s team now, and Schiano’s record. If we don’t improve from last year, after all the money spent on this defense over the offseason, Schiano is gone.

  40. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    bucrightoff Says:
    September 26th, 2013 at 9:56 am

    And please, please, please, stop blaming the defense for either week 1 or 2. Remind me again how many points the offense produced without a turnover? Or what the longest TD drive of the season is?

    game 1 – the lead with 34 secs….LVD penalty
    game 2 – the lead with 1:00, conservative 3 straight runs, not one rollout pass option call, missed FG, we give Brees one last chnce, defense cant close.

    but we’ve all been over those games, and Im already sick of talking about Freeman. Im just focused on AZ.

  41. bucrightoff Says:

    The biggest decision behind benching Freeman is he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. NFL’s worst completion percentage since the start of last year (beating luminaries like Brandon Weeden and Blaine Gabbert) His last 6 games he has 4 TDs and 16 turnovers. A 1:4 TD to TO ratio means you sit. If somehow the Bucs went 4-2 during that stretch would he still be starting? Maybe, but I sure wouldn’t start him. I mean 1:4? Thats insane.

    You say Schiano’s job is in jeopardy, and I agree. But Ron Rivera starts 2-8 two years in a row and still has a job. I think you’re oversimplifying it. He will not get fired in season; everyone likes to call the Glazers cheap yet think they’ll eat 75% of a contract? I don’t think so. So he will get to the end of the year, and if the team is playing hard and hasn’t quit he will get one more year. The Glazers won’t fire him unless its 100% necessary because they do not want to pay 2 coaches at once. We just went through that and that’s why we are where we are. If you have such a desire to see Schiano fired (and its clear you do), then you must have a desire to start over again. I personally don’t want another Raheem.

  42. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    I admit, I was one of the biggest Freemanites this year, but I admit he just wasnt getting the job done. numbers-wise, and putting up points. And I dont blame them (Schiano) for benching him, regardless of the “white white” rumors. He’s done as a Buc, no longer on the team, so now I can only shift my support to the next man up.

    But I’m just looking ahead at the AZ game. And I think it could be brutal unless Glennon gets some big time defensive help, defensive scores.

    “He will not get fired in season” I know that wont likely happen. I just personally wish that would happen. I think he’s too rigid, and uptight, and that Sully is more loose and upbeat, where the guys can have fun and play loose. But not like Rah Rah loose. But again, thats just my opinion.

  43. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    “If you have such a desire to see Schiano fired (and its clear you do), then you must have a desire to start over again.”

    hell no. I just think a change at HC, from Schiano to Sully as interim, is similar to a change at QB, from Free to Glennon.

    Free seemed more lethargic tyhis season, where Glennon comes across as mentally sharp.

    Well Schiano comes across as unyeilding, uptight and rigid, where Sully seems upbeat, positive, has a plan. And he’s been around NFL players, and champions, longer than Schi.

  44. Walter Says:


    It doesn’t matter if the team is playing hard at the end of the year. Losing is losing. None of us will have the mindset we do today if this team goes on… Lets say a 5 game losing streak after Glennon takes over. That leaves a potential 8 games left to lose so that’s a small sample, but my point is, the guys in that locker room aren’t 100% sold on Glennon, we all know that. But he is Schiano’s guy, the QB that got away in college. If we keep losing, and losing, and losing, especially in the prime time games we play this year, perception will be that this team does not believe in Schiano. After all, he is just a college coach from the weak Big East, with no prior NFL Head Coaching experience. He basically is another Raheem. Just with Bill Belichick in his corner.

  45. DomsAdvisor Says:

    You get a good night’s sleep or something MTD? Or has your better actually high jacked your actual account this time?

  46. Couch Fan Says:

    How can you be blind sided by this Free? You have to know if you perform terribly at your job, your job is in jeopardy.

  47. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    DomsAdvisor Says:
    September 26th, 2013 at 10:37 am

    You get a good night’s sleep or something MTD? Or has your better actually high jacked your actual account this time?

    I power slept like a Boss. I know I mentioned your name along with anyone and everyone else, but I’m not worried about what they tried to do. Anyone that reads these comments can tell thats not me talkin.

  48. csidedave Says:

    I want to know how the team really feels. They are the ones that are there, at every practice. They know what is really going on.

    Were they rolling their eyes and thinking that Freeman is killing us? Glennon looks so sharp and he is really outworking Josh. Why not play him now?

    Or are they thinking, we are screwed, we can’t win with the rookie. It wasn’t Freeman, it was this lousy offensive schem or the HC.

    We can all speculate, but it’s just that, pure speculation. How can we find out?

  49. Architek Says:

    Are they done with to Lifetime movie channel movie of Freeman career yet?

    So much emotion and drama.

  50. Couch Fan Says:

    I find it hilarius that the Freemanites were calling everyone and there mother “bad fans” for not supporting Freeman and proclaiming themselves as real fans, while saying they will support whoever is our QB… Then the second Josh gets benched its all gloom and doom and none of them want to support the Rookie…

    I hope your sorry @sses like Walter follow Freeman’s sorry ass wherever he goes.

  51. MakaveliTheDon Says:

    Couch Fan Says:
    September 26th, 2013 at 10:50 am

    I find it hilarius that the Freemanites were calling everyone and there mother “bad fans” for not supporting Freeman and proclaiming themselves as real fans, while saying they will support whoever is our QB… Then the second Josh gets benched its all gloom and doom and none of them want to support the Rookie…

    I hope your sorry @sses like Walter follow Freeman’s sorry ass wherever he goes.

    I dont know who the hell youve been reading, but Ive said time and time again, that he’s got 100% of my support. since he’s now one of the starting 22.

    but if he doesnt win at least 7 out of the next 13, then I want to see us bring in a Top 10 vet that can win now. we can still keep Glennon around to compete, but I want to see a commitment by our front office to win before our Vets get grey hairs.

  52. Bobby M. Says:

    I can believe Freeman was blindsided for this reason, the guy continued his on-field and off-field antics in a contract year. It was common knowledge that the rookie QB was studying more film than the veteran who was struggling in a contract year. Freeman had no worries until he was “blindsided” by this change because alcohol, strippers and partying tend to impair your vision/outlook. Counting your eggs before they hatch can do that as well. Hopefully this wakes him up but the reputation he has going right now is a guy looking for one more big pay day of guaranteed money with NO DESIRE to play football. He’s simply going through the motions I hope he pulls it together elsewhere but not before examining if he truly wants to play. The NFL is a business and I have seen first hand how it can cause guys to simply be miserable. From the outside looking in, as fans, we think all that money and fame is great, but what most dont see is the pressure that these guys get from their families, peers, charities, media and the team constantly pulling at them for something. Having worked with players in the past, it’s hard to know if Freeman simply miscalculated or if he’s simply burnt out. The worry with young QBs is getting them shell shocked in the game from too many sacks but they can also get shell shocked from too much scrutiny. I would say the best thing for him, is to go sit behind a veteran and decompress. Dont be shocked if he ends up in New England, Tebow made it to the last cuts and Freeman is much better on film than that guy.

  53. PRBucFan Says:

    I think it’s pretty hilarious how this guy speaks in such definitive terms as if he has some crystal ball that has allowed him to see what has already happened…

    Clown jajaja

  54. Nick2 Says:

    Gavster, so you think Glennon will have consecutive 4 pickoff games? Thats what Freeman did right in the middle of a playoff run. Now he is dead last in quarterback ranking. LAST!!!!! Do you know who is ahead of him? Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Tyrelle Pryor, do I need to go on???? Those qb’s are garbage. Really??? Wow you and Walter did drink from the Freeman Koolaid. Just be careful and don’t drink too much of it or you will give intoxicated radio interviews and miss all the 10 year olds that are crying because you didn’t show up to your own camp. Not to mention the team autograph which NO QB EVER MISSES!!!! Great team player too. Oh yeah one more fact I heard today. Freeman has the most picks of any quarterback if you include 2011. Wonderful yes we couldn’t do worse folks, Gavster and Walter just don’t see it LOL.

  55. Architek Says:

    Can we let Freeman rest and embrace MG? I no longer care about Freeman as a player and he no longer wants to be a Buc.

    For what it’s worth I believe Freeman will be ok and he’s made enough money to live good. He’s no longer our starter so he’s about as important as Kyle Moore was.

    Let it go.

  56. crazy Says:

    Which Josh was blindsided? Good Josh, Bad Josh or Agent Dad Josh?