Fearing Geno’s Instincts; Rattling Freeman

September 7th, 2013

This Daily News roundtable video dives into spirited debate on what the Jets and rookie QB Geno Smith need to do to beat the Bucs.

Joe finds all the angst in New York comical. What would be fun is if young Smith targets DJ Toes on the Line Kellen Winslow over and over and over again while the Bucs blitz repeatedly. That could make for good Tampa Bay fun.

12 Responses to “Fearing Geno’s Instincts; Rattling Freeman”

  1. bucs4lyfe Says:

    dream on jets fan….lol their not delusional they actually think they can really win this game, i dont know if they need ritalin or dr. phil but i guess anything is possible, i saw a pig get pulled over for a busted tail light

  2. RBellBuc Says:

    JBF says,

    What would be fun is if young Smith targets DJ Toes on the Line Kellen Winslow over and over and over again while the Bucs blitz repeatedly.


    Are you saying, if the Bucs choose to blitz all game, you would find it comical, if they got burned by Winslow every time?

    Why would you hope that? Just so you can laugh and chastise them later? Really, don’t you want to win? Remarks like these from JoeBucsFan is disturbing. What?, are the Bucs second fiddle to your allegiance? JBF has been trending more negative in their articles leading up to the season for some reason. You’d think a couple of guys making a living off the brand of Buccaneer football, would be a little more positive in how they delivered their message..

    Whatever.. When I first found this site, I thought Man, this is a great format. I’ve never seen this before and it is unique to write in a third person narrative, but now after a couple of weeks of reading one article after another, I’m seeing that this is not the case. A third person narrative should be unbiased, without opinion, common neutrality, but it appears that JBF has been drifting away from that principle leading up to the season.

    Please Joe’s get back to what makes your blog so unique. Unbiased reporting is so refreshing without personal opinions and pointed jabs. Cherry picking negative articles to post only motivates the players not the fans. lol You can call me an old fuddy dud, but I want to believe the glass is half full, but in here, I get the feeling the glass is half empty, and we haven’t even played a meaningful game yet. Go Bucs!!

    1 more day!!!!

  3. Fritz50 Says:

    Might be wrong, but I think Joe’s implying that if the Jets target Winslow that much, Revis & Co. will have a field day. And the Bucs will have a romp on their way to a win….just sayin.

  4. blackmagic00 Says:

    @rbell I think you may have missed something there. Joe said it would be good for the bucs.

  5. Fritz50 Says:

    Also, wasn’t aware that a 3rd person narrative had to be neutral. Where is that stated?

  6. RBellBuc Says:

    How does a third person narrative have an opinion? They don’t actually exist.

  7. Fritz50 Says:

    Third person narrative is one from the viewpoint of a third person, who may or may not exist. Used in fiction it could be argued that none of the characters in the book / story, whatever, actually exist, so I guess you’re arguing that none of them can have an opinion? But, above alll, it’s Joe’s blog, & they can have whatever opinion or bias they want. Don’t like it, pick up your ball & go home!

  8. Architek Says:

    I like hearing outsiders talk about Freeman – it’s reality check to the homers.

  9. Frank Says:

    JBF has become full of himself, plain and simple. He thinks he is an expert but is nothing more than a fan. He seems to have forgotten this.

  10. Bobby Says:

    Well, since we haven’t see Freeman in a game since last year I don’t care if they talk till they are blue in the face. It’s all just BS until we see what Freeman does this season.

  11. Free(agent)Man Says:


    Pretty interesting article here that makes me a little nervous about revis playing.
    Sorry to hijack your article Joe.

  12. Pewter Bullion Says:


    Here’s the vid to the story you linked. Some very interesting nuggets can be found in the actual vid: