Notes And Sights From Final Open Practice

August 10th, 2013

Today was the last day of training camp for Bucs fans could watch the Pewter Pirates in person. A fair number turned out and here are some highlights:

* Pretty pass from JF5 to VJax on a crossing pattern Right. On. The. Hands.

* JF5 on a rollout on the numbers to Eric Page. Freeman is electric early.

* Mike Williams nearly comes up with diving catch from Mike Glennon.

* A sight Bucs fans do not want to see: Dan Orlovsky working with first-team offense.

* Doug Martin tries to run up middle but is rejected like a flimsy dollar bill from a vending machine by Mason Foster.

* Brian Leonard muscles up middle for a big gain. Schiano loves it.

* Leonard with another big run.

* Pleasant breeze in the shaded bleachers but it feels like the surface of the sun out there. Bucs (seemingly) getting longer water breaks.

* Freeman to VJax over middle short who turns play into big gain.

* Derek Hagan big catch along left sideline and later Tiquan Underwood catches bomb over the middle. Both passes from Glennon.

* Freeman perfect pass on go route to VJax. Getting redundant. 🙂

* Steven Means rushes Freeman and picked him off. Just reached up and grabbed pass like pulling a box of cereal off the top shelf.

* “Red Zone play!”

* Martin from Freeman immediately wrapped up by Mason Foster.

* GMC would have had sack of JF5. Had to pull up. Dreaded green jersey.

* Cody Grimm with a pick on JF5 off a tipped pass. Good pressure from left by William Gholston.

* Michael Smith short pass to left from Orlovsky belted by Keith Tandy.

* JF5 with a laser down left sideline for Mike Williams. All kinds of time, but remember, cannot hit the quarterback.

* Lotta hollering going on from coaches.

* Aaannnddd… here comes the fake crowd noise.

* Rashaan Melvin good coverage on VJax preventing him from making a play on ball along right sideline.

* Glennon steps up into pocket and rifles pass off hands of Tim Wright.

* Freeman threads needle along left sideline to VJax.

12 Responses to “Notes And Sights From Final Open Practice”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m afraid to comment. Big bad MadMax might attack me.

  2. Raphael Says:

    Gholston looks like a giant Tarzan out there, hope he plays like one !

    Dude looks enormous and not fat ..

  3. Bob Says:

    I was there today…….you take excellent notes. Damn, that Vincent Jackson is one exceptional player! Disappointed with size of crowd……thought there would be a lot more there on a Saturday.

  4. Pewter Bullion Says:

    “Steven Means rushes Freeman and picked him off. Just reached up and grabbed pass like PULLING A BOX OF CEREAL OFF THE TOP SHELF.”

    Great description! I can see it as if I was actually there. LMAO!!!!!

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is that our D-Line almost never seems to get there hands up in the throwing lanes. I noticed a few plays where the opposing QB just tossed balls right over the D-Lines head.

  6. Solaire of Astora Says:

    Hey Joe don’t diss Dano at least it wasn’t Webber

  7. Tampamac Says:

    Joe, did Revis go live today? Saw a pic on Bucs FB page of him seemingly breaking up a pass.

  8. Morgan Says:

    Bucs posted a pic of Revis defending a pass from today ……how much contact is he getting now?

  9. Morgan Says:

    oops…here it is

  10. Drew H Says:

    ^^^ yes i would like this answer as well

  11. MadMax Says:

    lol@Buc1987…calm down, Im not attacking you. Its cool, we’re both Buc fans so lets keep our eyes on the prize 🙂

  12. MadMax Says:

    That model….holy moly, need a big picture of that beauty!!