“Little League Coaching” Tactics

August 15th, 2013
shaun king PFT

Former Bucs QB Shaun King is no fan of this summer’s handling of Da’Quan Bowers

There’s a blow torch under the buttocks of defensive end Da’Quan Bowers. That’s not up for debate.

But is it a good tactic? Former Bucs QB Shaun King is not waiting for the end result to cast judgment. One of three QBs to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, King says Greg Schiano’s tactics are beneath his office.

 “That’s Little League coaching. I mean that’s what college coaches that don’t have a lot of experience in the National Football League do. You know, and it ultimately goes to what I’ve been saying, you know, the entire last couple of years. That’s what happens when you depend on guys to do things that they’ve never done,” King said today on the Ron and Ian show on WDAE-AM 620. “And when you look at this Tampa Bay defense, they have, you know, four, five, six guys that they’re going to ask to do some things and produce at a level that they’ve never done before. You know some of those guys are going to underachieve. In a perfect scenario, you’re just hoping one of them pans out. But we’re dependent on probably on five, six guys to really step up. …

“I don’t know if that’s a way that they’re trying to motivate Da’Quan Bowers. I mean, I wouldn’t take that route because they have no other options.  You know, if you get Bowers in a situation where he just mentally checks out, then what?”

Joe can’t judge the Bowers approach yet. Joe’s must see the final product. But King does have a point regarding the Bucs counting on at least four unproven defensive players to come through in big ways. Akeem Spence, Bowers, Dekoda Watson, Johnthan Banks, and whoever is the official/unofficial third cornerback.

You can catch King’s full interview below, and you can find King during football season as an NFL analyst on NBC Sports Network.

80 Responses to ““Little League Coaching” Tactics”

  1. micronole Says:

    What is this guy talking about? Every team in the league does this. Every team that plays a rookie does this. King needs to stop trolling.

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with teaching fundamentals at the professional level. As long as you have time to get the rest of the work you need to get in to prepare each week.

    Judging a coach on how he coaches before you can see anything remotely close to its finished product is ignorant at its best.

    About the only thing I agree with King on is that we are counting on a lot of people who have not had success in the NFL level yet.

  3. kh Says:

    Wait a minute, you’re telling me Shaun King disagrees with Bucs management? What a shocker.

  4. d-money Says:

    One of one former Bucs QB’s to eat an entire house.

  5. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Shaun King should know…..because he is a “know-it-all”….
    Yea Shaun….Raheem was the benchmark for great coaching.

    Shaun King should know all about defenses…

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    The real question of the article is this. Who do you trust more Shaun King or Greg Schiano?

  7. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Former Bucs QB Shaun King is no fan of this summer’s handling of Da’Quan Bowers


    Imagine that?

  8. Luther Says:

    Shaun is full of ish. They did not pick up a DE in free agency and quite frankly, they should have but to say it’s little league is a bit much. If you need motivation like a little leaguer then that says more about you as a professional. Lay the blame where it belongs and that is on Bowers.

  9. d-money Says:

    I think the most telling line in this post is…

    “Former Bucs QB Shaun King is not waiting for the end result to cast judgment.”

    This is what he does, he blows a lot of hot air and then when he turns out to be wrong he doesn’t man up and say he was wrong.

  10. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Ask the folks at Rutgers about “little league” tactics…There is no way he would have all of the players signing on like McCoy, Jackson, Joseph….if his coaching technique wasn’t sound.
    Shaun King likes to throw “snakes on the table”….then leave the room…most likely toward the fridge!!!

  11. Mark G Says:

    I hate, hate, HATE, it but I do agree with one part of his take in that at least one or two of these guys will not pan out this year and while we have upgraded our “A” guys with some great additions over the last couple of years I think we are still very thin depth wise.

  12. Diehard_Bob Says:

    “You can catch King’s full interview below, and you can find King during football season as an NFL analyst on NBC Sports Network.” . . . I’ll pass. Next article.

  13. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    King said

    “I don’t know if that’s a way that they’re trying to motivate Da’Quan Bowers. I mean, I wouldn’t take that route because they have no other options. You know, if you get Bowers in a situation where he just mentally checks out, then what?”

    It’s just like what’s been said about Freeman. If he can’t handle the daily bashing by his detractors, and it causes him to lose his motivation, they say, “too damn bad”. To them, football players aren’t supposed to have emotions. It’s a sign of weakness. C’mon how can confidence really be a factor in how a player plays? How is Bowers any different? In Bowers case it’s not the fans and the media on his ass, it’s his Head Coach. You know? the guy who will decide.

  14. TAC Says:

    “You know, if you get Bowers in a situation where he just mentally checks out, then what?”

    Little league players get benched as a backup, and replaced similar to your career Shaun. Bowers, and the 4 others you opine, either step to the plate, or they move on to bench, and a regular job.

    You talk of Freeman needing to be Mentally tough, but Bowers gets a break, which is it?

  15. Goodolebucfan Says:

    Seems to me one of a coaches jobs is to motivate his players and I am pretty sure one way they do it is by benching them or if your in the preseason drop them down the depth chart. Shaun King does not have anything good to say about this team. They previous comments are correct we haven’t even play a regular season game yet wait for the finished product.

  16. Captain Stagger Says:

    Maybe if someone had treated King the way Schiano is treating Bowers, he might have been able to do more than just reach the NFC title game with one of the century’s greatest defenses….

  17. Mulligan Says:

    Shawn King, you know, should take, you know, English lessons so, you know, he wouldn’t have to, you know, say you know every sentence. It shows, you know, a lack of, you know, intelligence, you know.

  18. Sneedy16 Says:

    The only person I’m worried about is Spence and Banks. Other than that worst case for Bowers he becomes a rotational player for his first full years, since he has never played a full season. It’s not the end of the world if he isn’t ready for every down DE yet.

    Leonard Johnson and Gorrer played a lot last year so they have the experience to play as a 2nd and/or 3rd CB. They just couldn’t handle being the #1 CB. Banks will improve as he gain game experience. I’m not even stressing the SLB position for now.

    We are talking about practice, we’re talking not the game. Practice?!

  19. bucrightoff Says:

    Serious question: How does this guy have a job? Are there really no other analysts out there better? Does he work for food? Does he have naked pictures of NBSN’s CEO? I mean he’s not particularly articulate, his opinions could be spew by anyone really…what makes Shaun so special?

  20. Tim Says:

    I want to know what six guys he thinks are being asked to do something they cant or never have done before.

    Barren? Goldson? (I think they know how to play safety)
    Revis? Banks? Gorrer? Johnson? (Gorrer & Johnson improved much over the end of the year last year and either should have no problem in the nickel or dime packages) Banks yes hes a rookie, but hes playing the position he was drafted for and Revis! I think he knows how to play corner.

    Or LBs? cant be David was on a pro bowl level, Mason Foster despite a lot of the hate he gets is a very solid LB. Leaving our SAM open and Cassilla and Watson both have played there before.

    So he speaking about our D line then well, GMC was a probowler and Clayborn is an every down player (he did so his rookie year and has a nonstop motor) Spence/Gibson will be playing inside at the tilted nose. The same position Gibson played in philly and the same position Spence played in college.

    Leaving Bowers at left end, who was a pass rushing specialist in college and we are hoping for him to evolve.

    So at my count that is 1, 1 player. King must be thinking about the 6 chocolate cakes he ate for breakfast.

  21. The 300s Says:

    Why does Shaun King not like the way Bowers is being treated. Because he was treated the exact same way by Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden! He went from taking a ride with the defense to the NFC Championship Game (would Brady have short armed that throw to Emanuel?), to bench warmer in a year.

    Still taking it personal after all these years. He cared more about Taco Bell than he did his craft and his team.

  22. Buc'n Junkie Says:


    I just wrote this in another thread but I saw your comment and thought this was a perfect response. Tell me what you think?

    I was speaking of Michael Adams, I think if the coach feels that Banks or Johnson, and Gorrer were not ready to start at LCB at the beginning of the season, we might see the veteran Michael Adams start.. He’s been making plays, and getting a lot of attention lately, and rightly so. The only thing that could hold him back is his length. That’s why they want Banks to hurry up his development. But Adams has a lot of moxy for a vertically challenged corner.

  23. tampabaybucfan Says:

    What’s “little league” Shaun, is the player’s behavior….like Talib, Wright, Winslow… and even perhaps Bowers (taking a gun to an airport).
    We have no earthly idea what is going on between Bowers & Schiano….perhaps Bowers told Schiano to go f’ himself. Perhaps not.
    It is very presumptuous for outsiders to weigh in on relationships they know nothing about.
    I realize that journalists speculate and like to stoke the fires of controversy…..but Shaun….you are no journalist.

  24. Tiny tim Says:

    The six players King is talking about is the unproven rookies and 2nd year players in the NFL. On this level, they have done nothing. Barron’s rookie year was shaky. Spence is a rookie, Bowers has never been a full time player and injury prone, Watson has never started, Banks is a rookie, Gorrer (see Phily game) is in his 4th season and is a journey man. Then we have two rookies in Means and Gholston we may ask to play rotational roles. That’s seven guys who have never done anything on the NFL level to write home about. So King is right in that fact.

    If you remember the Dungy days, a rookie or second year player etc. did not start/play until he proved himself to be a legit NFL player first. Nobody was handed a starting job. Saying Bowers should be a 10 sack guy before he proved anything is Schiano’s fault. They should have signed Abraham or someone like that because Bowers just may not be ready regardless of how he is coached.

  25. Adam Says:

    I think it’s funny that this is the same guy who ate himself out of a job and forced the Bucs to get Brad Johnson in free agency.

    This is also the guy who didn’t have the work ethic to beat out Rob Johnson to be back-up QB. Rob Johnson: the guy whose nickname was “Robosack.” He couldn’t beat out “Robosack.”

  26. Tiny tim Says:

    FYI……..you can lose a locker room or a player by being too badgering or little league. The giants did not win a super bowl until Coughlin changed his coaching style and that is well documented on America’s Game. So losing Bowers is not too far fetched.

  27. Honey boo boo Says:

    Why is this guy or his opinions relevant? His vast NFL experience? This guy would have been never seen the field if not for an injury to Trent Dilfer. He reminds me of another disgruntled ex-Buc, Dan Sileo, spewing nonsense.

  28. Ian_620WDAE Says:

    Didn’t Bill Parcells do this on a regular basis? I’m not a King hater but without being in the locker room and knowing what makes Bowers tick, this is pure speculation on his part.

    King may not respond to this type of motivation but certain personalities need a kick in the pants to reach their potential

  29. BigSombrero Says:

    Can we all just band together after this and not comment or read any more of Kings articles? We all know he’s biased, including his former teammates that have called him out for it. We all know he contradicts himself repeatedly. Ignore him and he may go away.

  30. Sneedy16 Says:

    @Buc’n Junkie

    I read your earlier comment. I am pretty sure that is why they cut ties with 9 lives. Banks was getting beat for one practice and I haven’t heard anything since. Maybe it’s a good thing maybe it’s not. We are not there seeing the development of the players each day, and study the tapes of that day. All we get is hersey from beat writers which most don’t have a clue.

    Like Josh Freeman getting out performing by Tebow. I’m thinking I’m sure the Bucs dumb down the playbook for practicing with another team. They are probably running some plays repeatedly, so the defense basically knows what’s coming. Tebow never played with the first team so I’m sure they are seeing new plays that Tebow have ran everyday. If he does it two days in a row then yeah it might be an issue. Who would be stupid enough to show all your plays to a team you are playing in the regular season?

  31. Otto Says:

    Coach is just saying it as it is. It sounds like Bowers may not be a Buccaneer Man. That’s what Schiano wants. Is this a GM issue?

  32. BrianDorry55 Says:

    I’m waiting for the day where you have a post titled “Shut the F Up Shaun King!”

    How this guy is an analyst is beyond me….Every team has uncertainties at positions…Find me a team with 11 proven Pro Bowl caliber players on defense.

  33. Sneedy16 Says:

    It’s funny when someone says sign Abraham. The guy hasn’t had a sack on us since 2011. Against the run he is useless When he is being drive block he’s done, unless it’s an outside run where his speed helps. You really think the Falcons, Patriots, or Seahawks will run Steven Jackson, Blount, or Lynch on sweeps? Good luck with that. That’s why no one really cared to sign him. If Trueblood can hold you sackless then yeah I’ll pass.

  34. Pirate Power Says:

    Read all the posts above. No one gives a crap what this fat POS has to say. All he does is talk negative about the Bucs. Stop giving him time on your site. I would give back the NFC Championship game we played in with him just so you would stop with that stupid line “One of three…”. We have been to 3 and won a super bowl, stop that stupid line and stroking his fat ego.

  35. Otto Says:

    Good call Pirate Power.

  36. Tiny tim Says:

    @ Sneedy

    Get your facts straight. First of all, Abraham went against Penn. And Penn is on record as saying that Abraham is one of the best pass rushers he goes up against. Because Penn holds him sackless does not mean he is useless. Useless does not equate to 11.5 sacks the past three season. Useless does not equate to 9.4 sacks a year over a 13yr career. Useless does not equate to 122 total sacks for a career. Pass all you want, but he is better than anything the bucs have coming off the edge and that’s not even a debate.

  37. Curmudgeon Says:

    Shaun King is a fool. I don’t know what tactics he thinks is appropriate to motivate a player. Schiano is stating facts. Bowers has to get himself ready to be an every-down player. If he doesn’t, then he won’t be one. I don’t see how it could be any clearer and more direct. How is that “college”?

  38. Sneedy16 Says:

    @Tiny Tim

    Re-read what I wrote. Your putting words in my mouth buddy. USELESS against the run. Check the tapes and get back to me he played the left side on some passing downs which equate to a sack against Trueblood in 2010 and and a sack against Dotson in 2011. Your facts are wrong. I do my research before opening my mouth next time. Don’t come with that extras 122 career total. He is a situational guy now and if we want a part time guy we would of just gotten Osi, and no Clayborn is better than him now. That is debatable.

  39. Curmudgeon Says:

    would’ve, not would of

  40. Sneedy16 Says:

    ^^ also name me a DE that Penn said he never had a hard time against. He talks DE up all the time that doesn’t mean anything.

  41. Sneedy16 Says:


    Your are still doing that I see.

  42. Dude Says:

    Joe, when are you going to quit subjecting intelligent Bucs fans to this fat little dweeb? He sucked when he played, and know he sucks even more.

  43. Sneedy16 Says:

    You are*

  44. tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Pirate Power……

    You are right about Shaun King & the “one of three” Joe glorifies him with….that is why I say….to counter Joe…

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  45. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Abraham is a situational pass rusher. He is NOT an every down DE. In fact he ‘s playing outside linebacker for the Cardinals because they want to keep him away from the line of scrimmage where he has become a liability in the run game. He’s getting old and wanted to much $. Ask yourself why did Atlanta let him walk and then bring in another older guy in Osi Umenyiora. Why did Abraham sit on the FA open market all summer? Because teams felt that Abraham doesn’t have much to offer anymore and his tank may be running on empty. Plus he doesn’t play special teams. Teams are looking for younger players that are more diverse.

  46. Joe Says:

    For those who think King is a disgruntled ex-Buc, Joe couldn’t imagine anything further from the truth. King is a Bucs fan, says lots of good things about certain aspects of the organization, and Joe can attest to seeing King give Bryan Glazer a big bear hug embrace at training camp before the two chatted.

  47. Curmudgeon Says:

    Learn to use the English language and there will be no reason to correct. I mean “would of”? Really?

  48. Sneedy16 Says:


    Don’t be such a douche. This is blog site not an English class. If you have a problem with my posts then do not read it then. I never asked you to.

  49. Curmudgeon Says:

    Or you could take constructive criticism instead of being a whining little douche yourself. Maybe it will be a learning experience.

  50. Sneedy16 Says:

    Naw, I never whined or had an issue with what you wrote. I just said “you’re doing that I see” and you came at me condescending. Learn how to communicate and you will not have people thinking are a douche. I’ve communicated with plenty of people on here and can take criticism, but will not be talked down upon.

  51. stratobuc Says:

    Shaun “Burger” King should be familiar with little league, as he played at a high school level while the defense was leading this team to championship games. Nice job of getting competent, intelligent analysis.

  52. FlBoy84 Says:

    Your boy carries a man purse…. enough said.

  53. Buc Fan In Iowa Says:

    While King was a marginal quarterback at best… he is not an acceptable or objective analyst. Whatever axe he has to grind regarding the Bucs is best done in his garage. His opinion is not fitting for the web or the airwaves.

  54. tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Statobuc

    Right on!!! I’d like to see that Shawn King (bearhug with Glazer) last time I saw Glazer he didn’t have a very big wingspan!!!

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  55. Sneedy16 Says:


    He have to keep his standby food in something. lol

  56. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe, you know how to “stoke the fire”…..articles from Shaun King…..article about Freeman & Tebo…

    How ’bout sending something our way about Ahmadinejad?

  57. Curmudgeon Says:


    I just like to prod people. There’s no malicious intent. Sorry for calling you a douche.

  58. mike Says:

    I never agree with king ,but i do when he says you don’t count on people to do things when they’ve never done them before. I remeber when we made kyle moore a starting DE and he only had 8 sacks in his college career but we were counting on him to get to the qb when he had never done it before. Now we let bennett go and did’nt sign anyone but we are counting on a 4th rounder to be a solid NFL starter and bowers who has never been and every down dominant player to do just that. Big upgrades in the secondary may mean nothing. BTW ,We are counting on Means to contribute…. he wouldn’t make most teams

  59. Bobby Says:

    @mike….How in the heck do you know Means wouldn’t make most teams?? We haven’t even seen him play yet. These statements are just plain ignorant. There should be a test you have to take before you can post. It would eliminate a lot of keystrokes.

  60. csidedave Says:

    King is the same guy who said we should have already re-signed Freeman because there was a change he could be elite, not that he would likely be.

    Maybe he is bitter about his career here which affects these crazy ideas. One thing is for sure though, he had the talent, but lacked the drive. Right before his second season I played golf with 2 prominent Bucs. When I asked about how great it was to have King on their team, they laughed and said, you mean doughboy?

  61. Sneedy16 Says:


    No worries sorry for calling you a douche myself. Now back to Bucs news.

  62. Bill Says:

    I turn off the radio and TV whenever Shaun King comes on….his views are worthless

  63. Simon Says:

    Every time i hear what Shaun King has to say, I dislike him more and more. This Bowers situation is unknown and won’t be known until the end of the season.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a more negative pundit than Shaun King. The Bucs could win a game in NY next February and still he’ll be moaning

  64. d-money Says:

    “King is a Bucs fan, says lots of good things about certain aspects of the organization”

    give one example please.

  65. Dave Says:

    So Parcells, Holmgren, Andy Reid, Coughlin, etc… are all little league because they have all used media and other things to motivate players.

    King is worthless as a comentator

  66. Buc1987 Says:

    For those who think King is a disgruntled ex-Buc, Joe couldn’t imagine anything further from the truth. –Joe

    Who’s saying that Joe? Oh yeah pretty much everyone on JBF but you.

  67. kh Says:

    BS Joe, Derrick Brooks is on record saying King has an axe to grind. Brooks is unimpeachable and him saying that goes a lot further than a hug. Besides, King might like the Glazers but hate Dominik, they are not mutually exclusive.

  68. Doc Says:

    The entire team need to be yell at.

  69. Honey boo boo Says:

    The best way to have this all you can eat buffet bandit go away is to ignore him and the useless articles that Joe posts.

  70. BigMacAttack Says:

    If KingDingALing is a Bucs fan, I need to reexamine my definition of a Buc fan. Let me give it a shot.

    Dominick sux
    He should be fired.
    Freeman is the second coming of Peyton Manning.
    Wait, Freeman sux.
    Schiano is an awful coach
    Schiano sux.
    The Bucs d line sux.
    Why get Revis when the whole organization sux?
    I know everything about football and I can walk on water.

    Now I am a true Buc Fan. Thanks Shaun

  71. JJDillon Says:

    Yep loud mouth..CHECK..slightly tad overweight..CHECK..yep we got the 2nd coming of Dan Sileo here folks..Shaun King sounds lil salty towards the Bucs why so much hate coming from an overweight 4th string marginal quarterback who couldn’t hack it in the league for no more than 5yrs still salty i guess for getting passed by for Rob “Fraud” Johnson

  72. scubog Says:

    Bobby: Loved your response to Mike. It’s absolutely “duhmazing” to me when people make statements on which there is no basis of fact. Fans witness a mere handful of plays and are able to make final judgements. Perhaps if someone put a blowtorch under Shaun Kings , now massive, butt he wouldn’t have lazied himself out of the league. It was right in King’s grasp Shaun and he blew it. Then again, “he was asked to do something he’d never done before.” Schiano is doing exactly what he needs to do by raising the expectations for Bowers. I believe Bowers is just thinking too much.

  73. Tomcin Says:

    Didn’t read the interview. Didn’t have to because King your a f___ing idiot.

  74. mike Says:

    @scubog… it is dumazing you think Bowers is just thinking too much. How did you draw conclusion? I hate it “when people make statements on which there is no basis of fact”. You haven’t been to a practice or talked with a coach.. how can you make that judgement>? You are odviously a woman.

  75. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    @Couchfan says:

    “Judging a coach on how he coaches before you can see anything remotely close to its finished product is ignorant at its best.”

    Just ask the NJ Rutger’s fans who went through 11 years of misery in the formidable Big East. The only respite from this misery was when Rice reneged on his Syracuse scholarship and decided to stay “home”
    for 3 years.

    Still, the Little General could not win the conference despite scheduling the service academies every year. One game above 50% over 11 long years.

    ‘Little league’ is a very valid description when a coach demands a professional athlete get down and give him 10 pushups. Winning is the best deodorant but when the losses start mounting, the push up demand will be met with a FU and a call from the player’s agents.

  76. Buc1987 Says:

    Shaun King your my hero.

  77. scubog Says:

    Mike: Been to countless practices since 1976 which is probably before you were born. By “thinking” I mean Bowers may not be sure what to do and needs to get to a point where he just reacts by instinct. I suspect a lot of people do that when they are starting a new job including football players. Just speculating. Just a personal theory.

    My comment that has upset you was made because you appear to have already made a judgement about Means intending to be critical of his selection. Isn’t it too early for that? He came from a small school and probably never had his games seen by many of us. Nor have most of us witnessed enough to know what he can become during the limited practice time that fans could have or would have focused on him. Of course he wouldn’t make most teams rosters as a late round choice. Might not make ours either.

  78. stratobuc Says:


    Are you a fan of eating contests or sumo wrestling?

  79. kh Says:

    miguel you’re a clown, you have no clue what you’re talking about if you think Rutgers fans suffered for 11 years under Schiano. Rutgers was the butt of most college football jokes and was one of the historical whipping boys in D-I football before Schiano came around.

  80. mike Says:

    Good point scubog.
    i am happy to learn you finally moved out of your moms house! congrats!