Larsen Lurking Behind Lorig

August 13th, 2013

How can Joe not have warm feelings about Bucs fullback hopeful Spencer Larsen? The guy simultaneously started at linebacker, fullback and special teams for the Broncos during a chunk of his 2008 rookie season. This guy loves contact.

And then he was the fullback getting his brains beat in as a blocking back in the Broncos’ run-every-down spread offense under Tim Tebow in 2011.

Larsen went on to score a free-agency signing bonus last year from Bill Belicheat before injuring his knee and subsequently getting cut by the Patriots.

The New Schiano Order snatched him up in July. Larsen has gotten plenty of work with Erik Lorig sidelined with a calf injury, and Joe thought Larsen looked pretty sharp Thursday against the Ravens. Larsen agreed.

“It went ok for the first preseason game. I got in there and was able to do some good things. It was positive feedback [from coaches,]” Larsen told Joe. “But there’s always little details to clean up. I don’t think there’s ever the perfect game out there.”

Larsen said he won his share of special teams honors in Denver, and it’s a role he cherishes. “I play all special teams. Especially at the position I play, that’s got to be a part of your game. There are some accolades there. Special teams are something you have to take pride in.”

Joe’s a fan of Lorig, who seems to improve every season. But Larsen, who says he’s 100 percent healthy, is an intriguing option, and one the New Schiano Order might lean toward if they believe Brian Leonard can also play fullback effectively.

5 Responses to “Larsen Lurking Behind Lorig”

  1. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    All Lorig did was open holes all season last year for the Dougenaut’s explosive rookie season. Now, it appears according to Joe that he’s somehow could be in danger of losing his job to a virtual unknown that plays special teams. If that is the case then we are stacked to the gills for talent. To unseat Lorig after his great year can only mean that Larsen is closer to a Pro Bowler himself.

    Competition is good, but it’s how a player responds during a real game that matters most. Now, that Joe has put an emphasis on Larsen I will definitely pay closer attention to him during the preseason. Thanks, Joe

  2. Kennedy Says:

    Most fullbacks are “virtual unkowns.” Larsen has done his share of good things. If he’s a better blocker than Lorig with a bad calf, then he should make the roster.

  3. Neil Says:

    I don’t recall being excited about the Bucs RB / FB situation in quite a while. Quality backups…WOW. Where’s Mossis Madu and Kregg Lumpkin??

    Our tight ends aren’t too exciting, maybe they keep both and line Lorig up on the line as an additional blocking tight end.

    I also didn’t pay much attention to the Larsen signing, I’ll keep my eye on him as well.

    I guess Demps won’t be coming back any time soon and Hillis is good to go? Haven’t heard much about either.

  4. Chef Paul Says:

    Look at that. A guy that wants to play special teams AND takes pride in it. More than we can say for that basket case Hillis. I was very disappointed when I read Hillis said he don’t play special teams. I don’t like it when a player tells us what he’s NOT going to do. This guy, I’ll keep my eye him as well. I know it’s two different positions, but we have to make room for this guy on our team. Kick Hillis to the curb, he’s not a Buccaneer Man. We all know special teams needs some work.

  5. YourMom Says:

    If this guy continues to impress, Lorig could be an option as FB/TE while Larsen is our main FB. If we only keep 3 RBs, it could work. I think a great FB and special teams player would have more value to us than Mike Smith or Mike James. James belongs on the PS anyways….and Smith belongs on some other team’s roster.