“Enthusiasm And Execution” Were Lacking

August 19th, 2013

A couple of first-team offensive and defensive series against the Patriots is too small of a sample size to get a good read on the Bucs, says former Bucs tight end and 11-year NFL veteran Anthony Becht, but Becht saw enough to give the Bucs poor grades in two areas: enthusiasm and execution.

Becht, who’s also part of the Buccaneers Radio Network, broke it down on WDAE-AM 620 this morning.

“I guess you’re a little disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm and execution coming out. I mean you’re only getting a series or two as a starter,” Becht said. “It is the second preseason game. You kinda want to put something together and show that you’re having some improvement moving forward. We don’t have all our starters in there, yet that’s not an excuse.”

Joe can’t disagree. You can’t take three sacks in two series like the Bucs did. That is an “enthusiasm” issue on somebody’s part.

Becht went on to talk about how Kevin Ogletree’s third-down, drive-killing drop was a significant downer when first-team reps were limited. Becht also expressed concern about the Bucs’ protection breakdowns, and he offered praise for the running of Mike James and Peyton Hillis. Becht also shared that he was a teammate of Brian Leonard in St. Louis and how Leonard is a true four-down player. (You can hear the full audio below.)

19 Responses to ““Enthusiasm And Execution” Were Lacking”

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    I know I’m probably gonna get called out and called a hater and everything else but I’m gonna say this anyways. Nobody should be surprised. Freeman hardly ever shows any sort of excitement. In fact I would say he’s one of the most boring QBs to watch from an emotional stand point. How he (and the offense as a whole) started that game is really no different that how he starts most of his games.

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    That is one thing I wish he could get much better at… sparking some sort of positive emotion in his team. Seems to be lacking that quality.

  3. Bucnjim Says:

    Not a hater because there is some truth to what you’re saying. This has been a team problem since all the way back to Gruden’s & Kiffin’s last season. This was one of the reasons I was so down on Ruud! Someone has to be a leader on the field in all three phases of the game. Whether it is Freeman on offense or Revis/Goldson on defense; there needs to be an emotional motivator on all sides of the ball. I’m a huge Freeman supporter and I believe with age & maturity will come consistency and leadership. My argument is at what age did you become good @ what you do? For most guys I would guess late 20’s.

  4. BucDan Says:

    @ Couch

    “That is one thing I wish he could get much better at… sparking some sort of positive emotion in his team. Seems to be lacking that quality.”

    THIS. THIS x1000. That is the difference between the ‘elite’ QBs and Josh at this point. I have never seen game footage of him getting his line pumped up. Talking to the receivers about making plays. TomTom and Peyton have made this their staple. It is what makes your teammates buy into your philosophy. Shit, I hate Drew Brees, but mofo gets the team ready to go every game day with that team chant that he leads.

    The problem with QBs is that they CANNOT be silent leaders. They cannot teach by action alone. There is a reason that they are called Field Generals.

  5. Architek Says:

    I’m tired of all the excuses and we are only halfway through pre-season. Tempered expectations but I’m definitely watching closely because this roster has 9 pro-bowlers on it, which usually equates into playoffs.

  6. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Sorry fellas, Josh is low key by default. It’s in his nature. Also his youth could have a lot of bearing on his timidness of being a very outspoken person. Maybe as he matures and feels his age gives him that right to be a vocal leader he will change. I don’t think he will ever be charismatic like a Drew Brees or a Brett Farve but at least he doesn’t cover his head with a towel and cry.

  7. the_buc_realist Says:


    unfortunately most of those pro-bowls were with there other teams before they got to the Bucs

  8. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    ^^^^ so do you think the team made them a pro bowler or do you think they earned on their own merit?

  9. the_buc_realist Says:

    I am saying that they have not done it on this team, or in the systems that they are playing.

    Example: Carl Nicks has played 5 games and then limped around for another game and a half. anything before that should be immaterial. You might as well count up how many players on the bucs roster played in a college bowl game if you are counting past merits with other team and previous years.

  10. Buc'n Junkie Says:


    Carl Nicks earned his plate of pineapple while in NO. If it weren’t for the twice baked potato on his foot I have no doubt he would be a pro bowler for us. But knowing you and your warped brain I’m sure that’s all Dom’s fault.

  11. BIlly Bob Says:

    This is not the first time I have heard this theme mentioned among the talking heads. It appears that the coaching staff has taken it easy on the players this years with a more relaxed environment at camp.
    Also I have heard excuses like the Pats are a good well coached team. Aren’t the Bucs trying to be the better team not the ones playing the better team.
    It is starting to look like the Bucs are planning to throw away another season in preparation for next year.
    It appears the coaches know that Freeman is not a champion and does not have the confidence in him to be an on field general to execute this offence. While I think Freeman could be a average to good QB I do not think he can be in this complex system. He needs a simple offence to stay consistent. Josh has the arm strength to make all the NFL throws however he does not have any touch on his throws. He is a 1-2 trick pony and you need more then that in the NFL
    Take a look at his throwing motion every throw is the same. He has a big step brings his arm way back and uses his entire body and shoulder motion to throw the ball short, mid rang pass or 60 yard hale mary. This allows an extra 1 second for the defense to brake on the ball in football that is 8 yards. Has it ever made you wonder why the Bucsw receivers always seem to be covered by 2 guys or more while the other team receivers are wide open and able to catch the ball in stride. Easy quick release by QB and throwing the ball to open space where only the receiver can get it in stride.
    Bucs will go 7-9 this year. If Bucs are 2/6 at mid season watch out for Freeman to be benched

  12. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Peyton Manning is a low-key kind of QB too. As far as Josh Freeman being elite, I’m a huge supporter of Josh and believe he’s going to lead this team for the next 7 years at least.

    That said, comparing him to elite QBs is not really fair. Look at any elite QB in the league and he has had at least 5 years in one system early in his career.

    Don’t bother mentioning guys like RGIII or Wilson. They each have to prove they can consistently maintain their level of play.

    I like Brian Leonard. I like James. I think both should make the team.

    I don’t like Hillis. At all thus far. He’s had a couple…okay…runs. But he also had a fumble…and that is an issue that has followed him for a long time.

    I think Michael Smith should be on Kick Returns and Eric Page should be on Punt Returns.

    Josh Freeman being calm is not a big deal. In fact, when Winslow was here he wasn’t all that calm. I remember seeing him yell at players a few times. I think maybe he is choosing to be a little calmer until he can improve himself and then hold others to a higher standard.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Also, I thought Freeman was more exciting to watch when he ran the ball more as well. Hopefully they are holding that aspect back until we face the Jets, because he ran only once that I recall so far this preseason, and I believe he got a first down or close to it.

  14. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe Flacco’s dad says Joe is the most boring guy you could ever meet.

    Joe is dull,” Steve Flacco said in a telephone interview. “As dull as he is portrayed in the media, he’s that dull. He is dull.”

  15. BucDan Says:


    Ahh, but that’s the thing. R. Wilson and RGIII BOTH share the same vocal leadership qualities as the ‘elite’-labeled QBs. Peyton is not a low-key guy when it comes to figuring out how to make plays while on the sideline. He speaks to motivate the Oline, the RBs and the WRs. I have yet to see some sideline action of JFree doing the same. And I am a JFree supporter!!! This is my biggest gripe with #5.

  16. Bobby Says:

    Aaron Rogers is hardly a fiery leader. It doesn’t matter if your low key if you can ball. Josh just needs to play better football. Somebody else in the offense will step up to be the vocal leader.

  17. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Freeman was way more exciting to watch when he ran the ball, it opened up the defenses as well. It doesn’t make sense not to run once in a while. It might be his agent (father) who is telling him to make sure he protects the family jewels.

    I read a lot of drivel in the comment section this week end about how Schiano tanked the game on purpose because he is a diabolical genius. He will open this season and surprise the rest of the NFL. Was is Jerry Glanville who said, “NFL means Not For Long.”

    The Little General will soon be prowling the NFL sidelines as a special team’s coach, as soon as his guaranteed contract runs out.

    Do you think any network will give this genius a job like they did with Gruden? Not likely.

  18. Bobby Says:

    Oh My God!!! Miguel Chiquito is back!!!

  19. Glen Says:

    I thought professional athletes didn’t need to be motivated due to all of the money and prestige that they have been awarded…