Amanda Tynes Blasts Bucs

August 31st, 2013

amanda tynes

Oh, Joe just loves the unconditional love and defense that athletes’ wives have for their men. While the husbands have to choose their words carefully, the wives are unbridled.

Throw in social media, and it gets fun. Today, Bucs kicker Lawrence Tynes, who has both an ingrown toenail and a MRSA infection, learned of his fate with the Bucs and his wife Amanda was none too pleased.

@AmandaTynes9: The Bucs informed my husband via EMAIL that he will be placed on NFI. Wouldn’t expect anything more from such a classy organization. #blkout … NFI” is an injury/illness sustained outside or away from team related activities or facilities.

The NFL is and can be a cold, hard business. Joe is a bit surprised that Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik didn’t call Tynes’ agent to inform him of the news, assuming Tynes’ wife is accurate.

Joe appreciates Amanda Tynes’ loyalty, but there really is no way to know exactly where and how Tynes got infected.

73 Responses to “Amanda Tynes Blasts Bucs”

  1. Saskbuco Says:

    Not the best situation, but at least the BUCS are paying his salary per anyway……

  2. BigSombrero Says:

    A football player got injured, it happens. What is she new or something?

    Also, who cares whether its by email or not, your husband isn’t Revis, he hasn’t played a regular season down for this team. Deal with it.

  3. houseofbacon Says:

    Her husband avoided a potentially fatal infection and now will earn over a million to chill for a year.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    The Bucs MAY be paying his salary…not a requirement on NFL – just ask Barth.

    There is no way to know how the Tynes and Nicks got MRSA or from where….it IS possible that Tynes is patient zero. Maybe, maybe not.

    Aside from some better PR regarding this issue, what else are the Bucs to do?

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    **requirement on NFI

  6. RBellBuc Says:

    After her first outburst the other day, I personally don’t blame Dominik for not hand delivering the message. I don’t know who’s right or wrong here but it’s bad business to air your dirty laundry in front of the public, question Dominik’s and the Organization’s integrity, and then not expect to get the cold shoulder. Bad taste.

  7. Adam L. Says:

    Wow…. on a non-football note, you have to feel bad for Lawrence.

    He has to live with that screeching harpy.

  8. Joe Says:

    There is no way to know how the Tynes and Nicks got MRSA or from where….it IS possible that Tynes is patient zero. Maybe, maybe not.


  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    houseofbacon Says
    “Her husband avoided a potentially fatal infection and now will earn over a million to chill for a year.”

    Actually, its just under 800k.

    She isn’t a bad looking woman except for that large gaping hole on her face.

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Buc should put a waiver on the back of the check saying if cash he can’t sue.

  11. Jimmy Says:

    Listen wench, your hubby is making seven-figures for sitting on his arse. You’d be lucky to make $30k. Make yourself useful and fix your husband a sandwich or something.

  12. PRBucFan Says:

    A wife needs to learn her place when it comes to meddling with her husbands career.

    Her mouth will be his downfall.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On a side note…

    …Glennon sucks…

    …right now…

  14. Splengo Says:

    What was the result of the Jurevicius v. Browns lawsuit? The full weight of NFL will come to the defense of the Bucs to prevent precedence if there is a lawsuit. The normal player injury settlement is likely.

  15. Jerry Says:

    This is another reason players do not want to play for this G.M. The N.F.L. Player association was going to fight for the player salary and the Buc’s were going to lose.

  16. PRBucFan Says:

    Based on what? 1 awful preseason performance? Lol

    Ironic isn’t it? When you consider how awful Free looked this preseason.

    Or does it only work one way?

  17. Adam L. Says:

    “That Amanda has a big mouth.”

    Signed, Susie from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    Amanda Tynes says:
    “Wouldn’t expect anything more from such a classy organization.”

    She sounds like a regular poster on JBF. She should come on here, she’d fit right in with them.

  19. bucco23 Says:

    she’s trying hard to stay relevant with her husband’s career pretty much over

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Apparently it wasn’t really his wife and was a fake account.

    Oh oh oh!

    Bengals released John Conner!!!!!

    Please mark…sign the man!

  21. Architek Says:

    Please put a leash on that mouth before she infects someone else- she could have infected him (pun intended) for all we know!

  22. PRBucFan Says:

    Where did you read that? lol

  23. Tynes wife's mouth Says:

    What a loud mouthed little skanky piece of trash. Talk about class?

  24. Tynes wife Says:

    Ya, what she is doing is super classy. Hypocritical trash!

  25. AmbushBuc Says:

    All the wife beaters and woman haters have jumped into this thread it appears.

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    John Conner is the perfect lead blocker for Martin. Please Dominick…bring the Terminator to tampa!

  27. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    PRBucFan Says: August 31st, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    “Where did you read that? lol”

    If you are talking to me a tampa reporter tweeted it a short while ago. Forget which.

  28. chris Says:

    Notifying someone by email? Come on. Be more classy than that. I know we’re buc fans and all, but that’s classless.

  29. PRBucFan Says:

    Some may have gone too far true Ambush but the truth is both the wife and the husband have their roles in a marriage and the wife’s is definitely not in meddling/interfering in the husbands career.

  30. Splengo Says:

    Butch Davis go get Marvin Austin. Now!

  31. PRBucFan Says:

    Interesting, I wonder if that carries any truth Bonzai. Will be interesting to see.

  32. bucfanjeff Says:

    Tynes on NFI getting paid, allegedly.
    Barth on NFI NOT getting paid, allegedly.

    Tynes had ingrown toe nail (before Bucs signing?) that got infected with MRSA.
    Barth blew achilles at (NFL sponsored?) charity basketball game.

    Either way, do the math. We need more facts, but something is wrong here.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    PR, you never know with Tampa reporters, lol. But you are right.

    #John Conner

  34. lightningbuc Says:


  35. PRBucFan Says:

    I hope we get a gem or two after all these cuts a nice fullback and corner would be nice 😀

  36. That Guy Says:

    They should’ve tweeted the news to her.

  37. BigSombrero Says:

    Tynes is not Revis. He’s not V-Jax. He’s not Heyward, Freeman, or Barth. He hasn’t played a regular season snap for us. He gets an email if he’s lucky.

  38. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    PR Here it is
    Anwar Richardson
    “Of all the fake accounts a loser could create, a kicker’s wife seems pretty low on that list”

  39. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bucfanjeff, Barth is getting paid.

  40. BigSombrero Says:

    Bonzai, that tweet was in reference to someone suggesting it might be a fake account. That tweet is actually suggesting how ridiculous of an idea that it is a fake account. Their is no evidence to suggest its fake.

  41. Biff Barker Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says: August 31st, 2013 at 4:02 pm On a side note… …Glennon sucks… …right now.
    Dredge that profound pearl of wisdom out of Mark Alstatt’s locker Bonzai? Yup, same dullard you always were.

  42. DaMayan Says:

    Nothing wrong with email imho. He is in New York and been in the situation for a couple weeks. He knows what’s up, there is no though news or disappointment. It only needed to be made official, which you would want in writing anyway.

  43. Tampabaybucsfan Says:

    Amanda, You look like the bitch you are!!’

  44. Andrew 1 Says:

    no reason to get riled up over this, soon enough its going to be “Amanda who?”

    more interested to know who we are going to cut to be honest. the bucs must really be keeping their cuts close to the vest because the deadline is only 30 minutes away and I haven’t heard of anyone being cut except for Noble.

  45. Andrew 1 Says:

    you would think that information would have been leaked already.

  46. RBellBuc Says:

    Why does Dominik wait till the witching hour to release his casualty list. It’s not like the rest of the league is waiting with anticipation. What do we have that anyone would want, except maybe, Owusu, Melvin, or Hillis?

  47. Andrew 1 Says:


    get on with the damn cuts already.

  48. Andrew 1 Says:

    Im going to gamble and say Hillis wont make the team.

  49. D-Rome Says:

    “Joe appreciates Amanda Tynes’ loyalty, but there really is no way to know exactly where and how Tynes got infected.”

    Oh come on Joe, gimme a break! Yeah….I’m sure he got infected when he and his wife ate at Ruth’s Criss. Right….

  50. RBellBuc Says:

    “Former Bills and Vikings CB Antoine Winfield has decided to retire.”

    Dominik probably called him and he decided to retire. I think players sometimes see the Bucs as a place where careers go to die. lol

  51. Couch Fan Says:

    Just heard Grimm and Owusu got cut

  52. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s 6:04 Dom where’s the cuts?

  53. Illuminati Says:

    S Sean Baker
    CB Deveron Carr
    T Jace Daniels
    LB Dom DeCicco
    LS Andrew DePaola
    K Derek Dimke
    WR David Douglas
    LB Ka’lial Glaud
    S Cody Grimm
    P Chas Henry
    DT Lazarius Levingston
    DT Matthew Masifilo
    DT Andre Neblett
    TE Danny Noble
    WR Chris Owusu
    T Mike Remmers
    CB Mason Robinson
    C/G Cody Wallace
    G Roger Allen
    DT Gary Gibson
    WR Jordan Norwood

  54. Andrew 1 Says:

    thank you Illuminati!

  55. buccanay Says:

    Joe..joe..I guess its whatever generates “hits’? Who the hell cares what a kicker’s wife thinks…a differnet “site” might apply to how she looks, or what she may be into , or may not be into…but not this site

  56. Buc1987 Says:

    and those are the names I saw on the field on Thursday night.

  57. RBellBuc Says:

    no Tandy?

  58. Pete 422 Says:

    How is that Blasting the Bucs? She is right, class move.

  59. bucslandonrevisisland Says:

    Screw the bitch shes a nobody opening that skank mouth when,she should be helping her husband not on twitter posting her little heart away to expose the evil bucs i wish i get a million for giving nicks mrsa wow

  60. Just A Juggalo Says:

    I thought It admirable that Tyne’s wife wife went to bat for him, too bad Junior Seau’s wife did not.

    She scared the Bucs into paying his salary, no small feat.

  61. Kevin Says:


  62. Rob Says:

    Lawrence, unless the MRSA has infected your backbone, please take the smart phone out of Amanda’s hands and take charge of your own career. If you don’t play ball again, I’d suggest setting up a pay per view MMA between Amanda Tynes and Brenda Warner titled “Battle of the Career Killing Wives”.

  63. Joke Says:

    Jesus F Christ, what is wrong with you people? This thread is overrun with petulant misogynists.
    JBF is better than this. It was a haven away from all the racist garbage on back during the Raheem days. You people are crapping all over that legacy.

  64. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol a few people may be out of line true, but it’s true that both the husband and their wives have distinct roles, her doesn’t bleed into his. That’s not misogynistic lol.

  65. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol A few people may be out of line true, but it’s true that both the husbands and their wives have distinct roles, her doesn’t bleed into his. That’s not being a misogynist.

  66. MadMax Says:

    eh! she’s pissed…and still the kitchen awaits her duties…

  67. PRBucFan Says:

    whoops, sorry for double post, it didn’t go through the first time

  68. delson Says:

    I dont think she should have said anything at all! Maybe the bucs thought your marriage needed the money n wanted to pay out the salary without knowing you two were worried about a pension plan. Tynes should have put his big boy pants on and either talked to the organization himself or went through his agent like a true businessman. You knew you werent makin the team with a foot that cant cleat up right? Lettin your wife disrespect a team that gave you a chance is bee ess son. Is it the last fat paycheck or 1 year of a retirement pension plan tynes wants more? Another thing to think about is the fact THAT HE ISNT RESPONDING TO MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR MRSA could be because tynes is the carrier.

  69. Paul Says:

    I don’t think “sitting in the background looking pathetic while your wife fights your battles” is fitting of a Buccaneer Man.

  70. dumbfounded Says:

    Holy woman haters. Her tweets were not nutty ass uneducated trophy wife crap. Team says he’s responding to treament, media just reports it. Docs say he’s not responding. She reports it, with some extra snark. Sounds like A1 blogging in 2013. AMANDA TYNES = REAL NON-TROPHY NFL WIFE. Oh yea, they have kids too. Why is daddy sick? Noooo idea. Nothing to do with where he’s been the last 6 weeks. Dipshits.

  71. Keyshawn Johnson Says:

    Tynes came to the bucs with MRSA, upon his arrival three other members of the organization contracted it. One being Carl Nicks, on a delicate foot to begin with. Tynes knew his crappy career was over, now he gets at least a mil

  72. dinfinger Says:

    I think there was 1, maybe 2, comments that were disrespectful to women. But those saying that she shouldn’t be interfering with her husbands career aren’t women haters or being disrespectful. Comments from friends or family can very much alter ones career. Now, if another team wanted to give him another chance, they know that his wife could become a PR issue.

    I’m sure everyone saying she needs to stop talking would also say Michael Vicks brother needs to stop commenting on his brother’s career. It’s not a disrespectful thing, it’s a common sense thing.

  73. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol sighs* bottom line she needed to let him handle it, not go to the social world of twitter and create even more shiit and involve people that have NOTHING to do with the situation.