“Virtually Identical” D Brings More Accountability

July 29th, 2013

Team Glazer’s weekend endorsement of rockstar general manager Mark Dominik no doubt cements a little extra pressure on Greg Schiano, as did Bryan Glazer’s statement that he expects Schiano to deliver “improvement across the board” this season.

Schiano’ has got eight Pro Bowlers 30 or younger on the roster, and he’s in Year 2 of his regime, plus he’s got a massive, experienced staff and this is the win-now NFL. Of course Schiano is under huge pressure to win.

But another thing that adds to Schiano’s accountability is the fact the Bucs are running his defense. Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan made that clear when he took the job last year. And Joe found it interesting that new Bucs linebackers coach Robb Smith, who Schiano plucked from Rutgers this offseason, told Joe that he’s had a very easy transition in Tampa, in part because the Buccaneers’ defense is “virtually identical” to what Schiano ran at Rutgers, minor tweaks aside.

What could Schiano say if the defense doesn’t produce in 2013?

This is all part of what makes 2013 so exciting. It’s a no-excuses season for the coaching staff, the quarterback and more.

6 Responses to ““Virtually Identical” D Brings More Accountability”

  1. SteveK Says:

    Time to see what the D can do. I would love for us to sign Richard Seymour, as we could use another stud on the D-Line.

    I wonder what TE Crabtree has in store for Buc’s fans this preseason. I think he may emerge as our TE?

    FB is interesting too. Leonard sounds like he has leg up for the #2 job? I would like to see Hillis, Spencer Larsen, and Erik Lorig duke it out to block for “Lemmiwinks” aka Muscle Hamster.

  2. Andrew 1 Says:

    “plus he’s got a massive, experienced staff”

    thats one thing I really like that we did. I think we have something like 16 coaches, twice as many as the Raheem regime. should help give some players individual attention if they need it.

  3. Biff Barker Says:

    Easily my biggest fear this season is the defensive scheme we are running.
    Way to many ineffective stunts and blitzes last year caused many long completions.
    We need to play heavy man press at the LOS and jam the receivers off the line. Revis has the technique and Banks the size. This should give the DL the extra second we need.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think our coaching staff has improved greatly. I like the addition of Wannstedt and having Sullivan in year two.

    Joe, can you do a piece on how our special teams are developing using the projected roster? I think we have brought in some good special teams players.

  5. Walter Says:


    Lol I think I’m gonna call Doug Martin “Lemmewinks” from now on. Love South Park

  6. Kevin Says:

    The ONE THING THAT PISSED ME OFF MORE THAN ANYTHING LAST YEAR….not one single snap did our corners jam the receivers at the line…NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder why we never got any sacks…I hope to god I see our DB’s being more physical on the line this year or I am going to punch my t.v and send Schiano a bill for the new one.