Who Are The Leaders?

July 22nd, 2013

Gerald McCoy: Leader.

It’s hard for anyone to discuss the Bucs in 2013 without somehow invoking the name of Bucs enigmatic quarterback Josh Freeman. Will he (finally) join the quarterback elites of the NFL this season, leading the Bucs to the playoffs? Will he revert to 2011, when he played some putrid football? Or will he be what he was last year: lots of stats but not so many wins?

So much of the team’s success (or failure) this season is predicated on Freeman. But former Bucs defensive tackle Booger McFarland thinks there is another question out there to be answered, as he wrote for his station’s website, WHFS-FM 98.7.

 Who will lead the Bucs?

All last year we heard about details, details, details. We heard about toes on the line. I’ll even take it a step further. I heard he told guys what to eat, when to eat and what temperature to sleep at in their room. Now by all accounts he has softened up. He has given guys more freedom. He has cut back on the controlling iron fist which he ruled with last year, but will that get the team to better than 7-9?

See I’m all for being a players coach with a team that can handle it. I’m not saying Schiano has turned into a players coach however he is considerably softer than last year. Can this team handle it, a team without Ronde Barber? Who is the leader of this team? Last year I would’ve said that the leader of the team was Greg Schiano, this year I’m not sure, and as a matter of fact, neither are the Buccaneers.

So as we get ready to embark on a new season of promise with 5, 10 or however many questions you have unanswered, let’s remember the question no one is talking about: With a softer Schiano, who is going to take the leadership role? It needs to be a player and not a coach. To me that is the biggest question that no one is asking.

On defense, Joe has seen with his own eyes who the leaders are just this spring. Joe would suggest three men are leaders: Dashon Goldson, Darrelle Revis and Gerald McCoy. Those guys were always working with young players trying to help them learn their craft –almost like an extension of the coaching staff.

On offense, as usual, it always goes to the quarterback, the most pressure-cooker position on a team. Yes, as always, this goes back once again to Freeman.


29 Responses to “Who Are The Leaders?”

  1. Tim Says:

    You also have V. Jax, Nicks and Joseph on the offense.

  2. TBuc_40 Says:

    Ditto what Tim says and don’t forget David on the defense as well.

    I don’t see this as a concern at all. Would Schiano retract back if he didn’t see the leadership among his players?

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with the defensive leaders…..and it is possible to have multiple leaders on the field and in the locker room.
    I think many times we have skipped Sullivan and gone straight to Schiano for leadership. I think that Sully leads quite a bit.
    I also see Wannstedt picking up some slack here.
    As for players on offense……VJax, Freeman & probably Joseph would be my guess.
    A newcomer to leadership is David. We have a multitude of x College Captains on this team so there is no leadership void.
    Freeman haters….like it or not….he is most definately a leader.

  4. robert Says:

    pfft. I would take Penn, Vjax and Martin

    not jfro. you can’t lead people until you’ve earned it.

  5. robert Says:

    “Freeman haters….like it or not….he is most definately a leader.”

    woooooo, wooooooaaaaa, woooaaahhhh!!!

    back off the bath salt sister. leaders want the ball. they don’t hand it off on 3rd and long.

    the last thing jfro has shown is leadership

  6. robert Says:

    leaders don’t do this:


    they have inner strength no matter what the age.
    they don’t do this Qu**r a$$ $shit

    does this look like the f-in guy you want as your killer qb?? hell no, looks like he’s gonna be on the cover of rainbow power magazine!

  7. robert Says:

    if this is our leader we’re screwed.


    rainbow power anyone?

  8. Bucslegends Says:

    Robert,… SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    QBs are leaders…it is the nature of the job….I am not saying that Freeman is a good leader….but if he is not a leader at all…we need to dump him.
    One could argue that his leadership is poor but when he is in the huddle he has to display some leadership or the offense goes nowhere.

  10. Bucslegends Says:


  11. Gusjackson Says:

    @Robert wow none of those things have a damn thing to do with leadership. 3 and long play, seeing that he isnt the one who calls the plays you cant hang that one him. As far as what he does in his own time thats up to him. He works his ass off and everyone in One Buc has said that he is one of the hardest workers in the building. Leadership: the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group. Freeman can AND does exactly that.

  12. Chef Paul Says:

    I’m not going to say anything about GMC on the field, but personality wise, i think he’s a giant tool. Can’t stand how he’s always looking for a camera to say something stupid into. Love his play, but I dont think he’s leader material. David is young but I really think he should be the leader of this defense. He seems to have leadership writtin all over him and he cammands and earns respect from everyone

  13. Chef Paul Says:

    HAHA. Of all the mistakes he made last year, I’m sure this is the one he regrets the most

  14. Captain Stagger Says:

    So by Robert’s logic a gay man can’t be a leader???

    They have had to face more adversity and struggles in their lives than you will ever know.

    Go google Harvey Milk, and let the fact that your childish ignorant remarks have erased any respect you ever had. Go get a new screen name and keep on trolling…..

  15. robert Says:

    the milk man LOL


  16. robert Says:

    man milk through meat straw!

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    I would look to Donald Penn and Vincent Jackson on the Offensive side. Penn is motivated and plays hard just like VJax. I also Josh is going to light it up and become the leader of the entire team.

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    @Chef Paul,
    as Nicely as I can say it, I totally disagree with you about GMC. McCoy does his talking on the field with his play. And it’s loud and clear. What really counts anyway? GMC made the Pro Bowl for a reason and opponents praise his play and work ethic. He’s just a super nice old country boy from the south. People from the South often rub Yankees the wrong way. As Getald gets older, he will mature. The price of wisdom is age and experience.

  19. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    I got no problem with your leadership assessment of Freeman, but you should take that homophobic shit and cram it up your sorry ass. That doesn’t belong here anymore than my comment.

  20. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    Robert is homophobic, we all know what that means.

  21. BFFL Says:

    Im surprised no one mentioned Davin Joseph.

  22. Bb Says:

    Freeman will lead us for better or worse, hopefully he is great this year , and the rest of his time with the bucs, many years of playoffs and superbowls!

  23. Fritz50 Says:


    I’d guess , then , that, by your standards, Joe Namath wasn’t the Jets leader, since he posed in panty hose. In much the same pose Free had, with less clothes, of course. He must be gay, posing like that, right? You might be correct in your assessment of the team. I really doubt it, but it’s remotely possible. Even given that possibility, you’re just a low-life. Just go away!

  24. Tampabaybucsfan Says:


    I mentioned Joseph earlier

  25. Biff Barker Says:

    Leadership comes in different forms. Take MW’s comments on VJax in the meeting room. There early, meticulous notes. Take Nicks saying he delights in seeing the pain in his opponents eyes.
    You could make the case on D for David and his understanding of the play book and what an offense is trying to do. Clayborns monster effort ?
    Some of these leadership traits, while not overt, demand the attention of other players.
    Ronde come to mind?
    So to counter Booger, a leader is not always waving the team pennant while yabbing into a mike or camera.
    They do it with quiet example.
    We’ll be just fine guys, just fine.

  26. Bobby Says:

    How many pro bowlers do we have? Not worried about leaders.

  27. BigMacAttack Says:

    Speaking of Joe Willie, did anyone see the movie “CC and Company”? Joe Namath and Ann-Margret. He was not a flamer.

  28. scubog Says:

    Robert has sunk to new depths with his junior high commentary and what he and Realist think is a cutsie nick-name for our QB. After repeating in in virtually every post, it’s no longer funny. You should write on Port-O-Jon walls instead of a legitimate web site. Booger McFarland talking about leadership is humorous since the only leading he did was teeing off on the golf course.

  29. Chef Paul Says:

    You are absolutely right bout GMC leading with his play on the field and work ethic. I speak only through my persnal experience. With my old profession as a chef. I was damn good at cooking. I can cook faster and better than almost everyone I’ve ever worked with, with a few exceptions ofcouse. However I was terrible at Managing the kitchen. All because of my personality. I see a lot of my attitude in GMC.