Johnthan Banks’ Big Day

July 26th, 2013

Tampa Bay electronic sports media czar J.P. Peterson is joined by WDAE-AM 620’s Tom Krasniqi to break down Day Two of Bucs training camp 2013. The video can also be viewed at Peterson’s site,

17 Responses to “Johnthan Banks’ Big Day”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Is Freeman still all over the map? or Is Banks the real deal? Stay tuned.

  2. Sneedy16 Says:

    I think he Banks is really good. I’m glad that Josh is practicing against a great secondary, since it will force him to improve. His windows will be a lot smaller than last year. No one in our division has our kind o secondary.

  3. Buc1987 Says:

    Yes Sneedy and I made that point about 3 weeks ago. Having a better secondary to practice up against is only going to make Josh a better QB.

  4. teacherman777 Says:

    Great for him to go up against Mike Williams in practice. Great for both of them actually. Cause Mike likes to jump high and Banks is tall with a good vert.

    Training against Mike will be great for him to develop.

    Regardless of what anybody says,

    Mike Williams is one of the best #2 recievers in the league.

    He and Jackson are locked up together for the next four years. Nice!

  5. Architek Says:

    Repeat of Freeman this year HIGHS and lows – going to be a turning point after this season. The Bucs will franchise him and keep pressing forward to see what Glennon develops into.

    Good for Banks and the defense as a whole but regardless this team is only as good as its quarterback.

    Here’s to the season. We will see.

  6. GABA Says:

    Go bucs

  7. RustyRhino Says:

    Freeman has trouble with the short quick slants…. is this what we have to go to on a hot read when we know we are getting blitzed? Come on Josh this is where we need you to be more accurate.

  8. chris Says:

    IT seems Josh is struggling still with decision making. Just from watching one of the plays on this video reflects him of what he’s done his entire career. Holding on the ball too long, then making a late erratic throw into coverage. I keep reading a lot of his bad throws are late and into traffic. LOt of erratic throws.

    I’m concerned with the QB play. Glennon is , well playing like a rookie and is not ready. Freeman isn;t fairing much better, which is sad for a 5th year guy.

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Architek Says
    “Repeat of Freeman this year HIGHS and lows – going to be a turning point after this season. The Bucs will franchise him and keep pressing forward to see what Glennon develops into.”

    You are halfway right. They will franchise him. But only to buy time to work out a new deal. Josh Freeman has what it takes to win a Superbowl.

    I’m not concerned with this at all. Isn’t the idea for the defense to improve as well? Josh Freeman learns and addapts. He’ll be fine.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Banks is 1st round talent. So we got Revis & Banks with our 1st & 2nd pick…awesome!!!

  11. Bobby Says:

    Look, this was day 3 of training camp……do I really need to elaborate? My guess is that no NFL QB is in mid season form right now. Besides, practice is the time to see what you can do and what you can’t do. If there is a tight window and you think you can thread it through, why not test it during practice? The only way to succeed is through repeated failure. My guess is there are times they may want to see what Banks or others can do too so there are some throws into tight coverage that probably wouldn’t be thrown during a game. I said after we got Revis and Goldson that this was going to be the best thing for Freeman. He is going to HAVE to fit throws into tight windows against these guys and doing so will improve his accuracy and timing and when we get into game situations his decision making will be much better. Right now he’s figuring out what OUR DB’s can do and what they can’t do. Once Banks and others earn his respect he’ll start being more careful with the ball.

    I play 9 ball and when I’m competing against players as good as I am or better I don’t just fire away at a shot with low odds of success, I play a safety and try to leave the other player in a difficult position. If I’m playing someone who isn’t as good I may try to make the shot because I know the guy probably won’t run out on me if I miss. This is the way I think QB’s are with DB’s. They don’t just toss it up hoping the receiver will come down with it if it’s against Revis or someone who is a great cover corner. However, if it’s Myron Lewis….

  12. Walter Says:

    Freeman just underestimated Banks’ recovery speed, he thought Mike had him beat down the sideline. Remember, supposedly Banks was a little slow (bad 40 yd dash time) so he tested the rookie rather than testing Revis. Obviously, the rookie made the play. Hopefully other QB’s try their luck against him this year too.

  13. Bobby Says:

    Yeah, I’m really liking Banks. Leonard Johnson is looking good too. Not worried about the secondary this year.

  14. Chris Says:

    The thing is josh has looked uncomfortable , indecisive, and throws into heavy traffic for years now. Nothing is changing in practice. He should be looking comfortable in the offense right now. Please stop saying as e adjust to the new playbook. It’s getting old. I’m rooting for him but it’s hard to expect a good and consistent year from him

  15. ander Says:

    some of you guys are just unbelievable you guys are really knocking down freeman because of the pick he threw, its practice its only day 3 and our team has a pretty damn good secondary. some of you guys are just like the media make a whole bigger thing then what it is

  16. grif4foozball Says:

    What Chris said is spot on.

  17. Bobby Says:

    From what I’ve been reading it says the offense put on a ‘fireworks’ display during practice. Maybe there were some picks but it’s not like there were no completions. Schiano said it was pretty even back and forth and that’s how he likes it. If Freeman just threw the ball at will and completed everything I’d be more worried. That would mean our DB’s were terrible. Fact is, these DB’s are gonna pick more than Freeman this year. We have some good ones. The pick by Banks was just a great move on the ball.