Creamsicle Vs. Pewter And Red

July 11th, 2013

Joe, like many, many, many Bucs fans, became a Bucs fan when the creamsicles were in vogue. One reason young Joe liked the Bucs was, well, he thought the creamsicles were cool. It matched the Florida sunshine.

But soon those creamsicles came to be known more for woeful football than winning football or cool jerseys., in an effort kill time before training camp to honor NFL jerseys, has the Bucs current pewter and red jerseys as the 11th best in the NFL. In this video, Dave Dameshek talks about how he believes the red and pewter colors are far superior to the creamsicles.

Joe tends to agree. And while Joe likes the creamsicles, he agrees Bucco Bruce isn’t cool.

Now if the Bucs lose to the Desert Rats on throwback day in September, giving the creamsicle throwbacks a 1-4 record, Joe will be OK if those things are put back in mothballs for another decade.

21 Responses to “Creamsicle Vs. Pewter And Red”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    They’re both great uni’s IMO…

  2. Mean D Says:

    Creamsicles are terrible. Worst uniforms in NFL.

  3. BIlly Bob Says:

    Even if they went back into mothballs today it would be to late.
    I was sickened when the Bucs brought back the Culverhouse cremecycles.

    However I knew that if bringing back the Culverhouse uniforms made the NFL more money they would do it

  4. Heath Says:

    For full disclosure, the team hasn’t been setting the world on fire in the red and pewter uniforms over the last four years.

  5. stevek Says:

    We should swap out the creamsicle uniform game for an all black alternate, and have a “blackout” theme to go along with the blacked out games. 🙁

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    Only when jFro-6pak has a bad game, the week after he must wear the creamsicle, or as it is also know as ” The Shroud of Shame Jersey”

  7. Fritz50 Says:

    “Only when jFro-6pak has a bad game, the week after ”

    Just gotta wonder what your ‘subject du jour’ is gonna be if he has a good , or Great, season? Prolly won’t see anything at all from you till he makes a mistake.

  8. BucFanForever Says:



  9. the_buc_realist Says:


    If JFro-6pak leads the bucs to any playoff game. I will be the first to help him do a keg stand at the after hours celebration.

  10. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Each uniform marks two different distinct eras in Buc history. Pre Super Bowl and post Super Bowl.

  11. Eric Says:

    I’m more worried about a sixth straight non playoff year. That is getting into pre-Dungy era land.

    AKA hapless. AKA irrelevant.

    I’d be fine never seeing the creamsickle. Painful.

  12. XdrunkBuc Says:

    In my opinion, the current creamsicle throwbacks are not the same color as the originals. They’re currently too powdery, less deep Florida orange. I prefer the original originals!!

  13. Bucslegends Says:

    I totally agree, just look at the pic of Mr. Williams above !!!!!!! I was beginning to think I was just getting old. It’s gonna be a great year ! CAN’T WAIT !!

  14. Bucs34 Says:

    @Joe, I have to admit that even growing up in Charlotte NC, the creamsicle jersey lured me in to be a fan in 1979. I was really sad to lose them but the upgrade was well worth it. I feel and I might be a little biased, but they’re the best in the NFL. GO BUCS…

  15. Curmudgeon Says:

    They need an alternate uniform that has an old-school feel. Wear that as the throwback. Save the creamsicles for like once every 5 years. They’re not good.

  16. RIs_Buc Says:

    New Nike designed jerseys are coming in 2014…
    With Barber gone it just makes sense to me 🙂
    Keep the Red/Pewter colors though

  17. scubog Says:

    As I recall, the original orange (similar to Tennessee) was much lighter and difficult to distinguish the white numbers so the color was changed and the red banding added the second season.

    I’m sure the people on this site who want to totally cast off the orange and its’ history didn’t go through that era and think is was totally bad. There were a lot of good times too. It wasn’t easy maintaining loyalty and “hope” became the operative word in the mid-80’s. Typically, the QB was blamed (by the JFro 6 ancestors) and each new attempt at finding the savior ended in disappointment. There were actually those wanting Jerry Golsteyn and Mike Rae over Doug Williams and Chris Chandler over Vinny Testaverde. I often wished we just weren’t the “worst” team. But the only thing in the 36 years that matched the Super Bowl was the 79 “Worst to First” season and the victory over the stunned Eagles. You youngsters who live in today’s instant world should try to respect the past that you know so little about. Yes, there were far more losses than wins but we did relish those few victories. I for one, never reverted back to my hometown Steelers.

  18. Qwertyuiop Says:

    Our uniform is bad a$$! Leave it alone… the only thing i would ban is that AWFUL looking combination of pewter helmet red jersey and white pans! It looks just terrible! The pants and helmet should always match.. go bucs!

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  20. Curmudgeon Says:

    “I’m sure the people on this site who want to totally cast off the orange and its’ history didn’t go through that era and think is was totally bad.”

    Untrue. i suffered through those years. There were a few decent moments, but overall, those uniforms are associated with incompetence, ineptitude, and losing… Plus, it just doesn’t look good. It looks only marginally better than all the pink crap the players wear during the annual “sell the game to the ladies” month… and that stuff is HIDEOUS.

  21. bertbehomeblyleven Says:

    Get rid of the sweat stained, pee stained, stinky, smelly, disgusting, dog poo colored, PEWTERPANTS!!! The pants suck!