Bucs Showing More Confidence In Revis

July 3rd, 2013

Yes, Joe knows the Bucs’ marketing department is hardly engaged in communication with team trainers, doctors and Greg Schiano. But still, Joe can’t help but read between the graphics of the Bucs’ online ad campaign for the home-opener against the Saints.

Rehabilitating Darrelle Revis is the featured player in the latest ads pitching ticket sales for the game. So it seems the entire organization is confident Revis’ blown and repaired knee will be ready for action — even though he hasn’t strapped on pads in nine months.

“That’s what we’re banking on,” Schiano said of Revis’ opening-day return on NFL Network Monday. “If I’m a bettin’ man, he’s going to be ready.”

Joe’s banking on Revis, as well. Though Joe will feel better about Revis’ prospects after he’s seen a little live action.

7 Responses to “Bucs Showing More Confidence In Revis”

  1. mpmalloy Says:

    WEE-YEE-EE-EE-YEE…………live action!

  2. Couch Fan Says:

    They dont really have a choice do they? They gave up draft picks and signed him to a super contract. Whether he’s ready to play or not I’m pretty sure they would still be trying to market him. Though all reports suggest he will be ready and I cant wait!

  3. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    I don’t care to see Revis until game one> Joe wants live action before then, but what if while giving Joe a show to quench his personal desire he blows his knee out again when it doesn’t even count. I say give him all the time until game one to heal. We already know what the old Revis can do, so live action for him I don’t think is necessary.

  4. Vic Says:

    If he’s healthy, he’s healthy. Hopefully he’ll get snaps with the first-team defense in preseason. That will only help him. This is still the NFL. It ain’t easy.

  5. Biff Barker Says:

    @ Junkie
    It’s impractical to think the guy won’t be taking some snaps before the games count. Yeah, the Bucs will be more than cautious with their investment, but to expect him to just take the field against the Jets and be the dominant player he was.
    He’ll be getting reps in practice vs VJax and MW but at least it will be in a controlled environment.

  6. Fritz50 Says:

    ” Joe wants live action before then”

    Yeah, like the Bucs are gonna trot Revis out & put him to work , to please a member of the media….LOL. If they work him, it’ll be to test his knee for their own information, not for anybody else, & only when THEY think it’s ready. Much as I love this site as my Bucs info hub, I doubt Joe has , or wants, that kind of power.

  7. scubog Says:

    I think the team, and more importantly Revis himself, will know when he is ready to take the field without restriction. While I’m sure they will take it slow; I believe he will participate on the field in at least a limited fashion in Training Camp and play a few snaps in a pre-season game or two. I just don’t think that they will wait until the J…E…T…S game to put a game jersey on # 24.