Bucs Offensive Line Could Be Stronger

July 4th, 2013

Jamon Meredith got valuable snaps for a backup last season which offensive line coach Bob Bostad believes strengthens the line.

Yes, Joe knows the headline is a no-brainer. The Bucs never realized their true potential when David Joseph went down with an ugly knee injury early and Carl Nicks never made it to midseason with his nasty toe.

Bucs coach Bob Bostad really believes the offensive line will be stronger this year, not so much because both Joseph and Nicks will return, but the backups last year got so many snaps, so reports intrepid Scott Smith of Buccaneers.com.

“Last year, you have to give the players all the credit,” said Bostad. “I thought those guys did a tremendous job – Jamon Meredith and Demar [Dotson] and Ted Larsen moving around and playing multiple positions in a short amount of time, with short turnaround…being able to be the next guy up, so to speak.

“Hopefully with those reps we dumped into them, they’re going to be able to either be there for us right off the bat or step into that same situation that happened. It was a really good investment. Last year was a good investment that way.”

This is an interesting point. Though Larsen is a former starter, a guy like Meredith got a lot of experience that simply cannot be duplicated in practice.

Though Bostad was being modest, let’s not fool ourselves, part of the reason the Bucs weathered much of the storm with the injuries up front and the benching of Jeremy Trueblood is that the Bucs very well may have the best offensive line coach in football.

14 Responses to “Bucs Offensive Line Could Be Stronger”

  1. rhenry Says:

    The Bucs are going to roll this year! Super Bowl Bound Tampa Bay!

  2. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    Like Curley would say, “certainly”.

  3. Sethb22 Says:

    As a corps, how many starts do we have with backups and starters included… I bet we trump the league. Not to mention the Pro Bowlers starting. Could be the best “pre” season line corps in Bucs history. In game that’s won in the trenches, that’s a good thing to have.

  4. Sethb22 Says:

    P.s. should make our D-line better through practice Reps.

  5. The 300's Says:

    You are right Joe! Bostad has got to be at least in the top 5. And that will hopefully be proven this year with a healthier line. But it is nice to know that if injuries start we have good coaching that hopefully will allow another 1,400 yard rusher.

  6. Capt. Tim Says:

    From my observations of people I’ve worked with- the difference between being very good, and being the best- is attitude!

    Bob Bostad is very happy amount the starts his backups got, and is excited about how much better they will be.

    Most men would still be talking about the crippling lose of both of his Probowl guards!

    One of last years brightest signs, is how well our line played- despite losing Two of its three best players. I think you are right, Joe. I think he may well be the best O-line coach in football. His body of work on college alone could support that.

    Biased because I was a tackle, but I believe it all starts upfront. And with Bob coaching those Guys- Freeman and Martin are going to be able to do their thing!

    I bet Dotson is greatly improved this year! May have a tough fight with Gabe though!

  7. Biff Barker Says:

    Curious to know, on those stinky hot RayJay Sundays, if Bostad would consider giving a few reps to the 2nd tier guys.
    I understand this is not standard practice, but power running takes fresh legs.

  8. Biff Barker Says:

    @ Cap’n Tim
    It’s a trench game, always was, always will be.

  9. Macabee Says:

    The other night when Schiano was on NFL Network, they did a piece on FAs who still have something left in the tank. They showed John Abraham steaming off the right side sacking Freeman a couple of times – seemingly untouched.

    I don’t know who opened the gate, Trueblood or Dotson, but we’ve got to get that fixed! Overworked expression – you’re only as good as the weakest link. There is, however, some truth to it!

  10. Quikdraw Says:

    Macabee, that’s not true at all. In eight games against the Bucs, John Abraham has a whopping 1 sack. The Bucs have certainly kept him in check over the years.

  11. Macabee Says:


    Ok, Quik you may be right, but I saw what I saw. View the video below and start at 2:40 minute and tell me what you! I’m not doubting your stats, I’m saying whatever that was needs to be fixed!


  12. Sneedy16 Says:

    One sack was Trueblood in 2010 and the other was Dotson in 2011. The 2011 sack was during the last game of the season during 10 game losing streak. Dotson shut Abraham out last year. He had a total of 2 tackles in 2 games in 2012

  13. Macabee Says:


    Glad you cleared that up Sneedy. Didn’t know the timeframes. Good to know that Dotson seems to have the right side under control. With Nicks and Joseph back, we should be much better! Hope Bostad can get Carimi playing well too!

  14. WisconsinBucsFan Says:

    Bostad is best O-line coach in NFL , he as no equals.