Skins Eager To Inhale Tanard Jackson Again

June 17th, 2013

Ex-communicated last spring from the New Schiano Order, Tanard Jackson got another chance in D.C., and he promptly filled his blood with banned substances again and landed on the street for the season and more.

Over and over Jackson has proven he can’t stay away from alcohol-free party materials, or Adderrall, or whatever he ingests that’s cost him millions of dollars. But amazingly, Jackson keeps getting more chances.

Now the Redskins are on record ready to embrace Jackson’s return for this season– if Roger Goodell gives his blessing.

Asked about Jackson last week, [Skins defensive coordinator] Haslett said, “Obviously if we got Tanard back, you know that’s another bonus because he’s a heck of a football player. I don’t know where that stands with the NFL, but we’d welcome back with open arms.”

Jimminy Christmas! Was Jackson really that good? So impressive during the heinous collapse of 2011, when the Bucs’ secondary was carved up like a Christmas ham?

What’s next? Will Monte Kiffin bring Jackson to Dallas if the Redskins pass?

Joe wishes Jackson well.

18 Responses to “Skins Eager To Inhale Tanard Jackson Again”

  1. GABA Says:

    I banged the drum for this guy so many times but
    Really he doesn’t deserve any roster spot in the league
    Repetadly lets done teammates locker room cancer !!!!

  2. GABA Says:

    lETS DOWN TEAMMATES ***!!!!!

  3. Andrew 1 Says:

    “Jimminy Christmas! Was Jackson really that good?”

    yes, Jackson was really that good. when he was playing at his best he had pro bowl type talent. its to bad he cant stay clean. the redskins are most likely his last stop.

  4. Bobby Says:

    When was the last time he ‘played at his best’??? For a VERY low salary I guess a team could take a risk on him but he’s the kind of cancer you want to avoid on a young team you are trying to change the culture on.

  5. GABA Says:

    Well put bobby.

  6. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Bobby

    like I said he WAS, key word being was, a good safety. and yes it has been a while since hes played “at his best”, but that doesnt change the fact that he WAS good at that time. every team that picks him up from here on out is hoping for the old Tenard, but there probably never going to get it and the only one to blame for that is Tenard. he is slowly but surely fading into NFL obscurity.

  7. Andrew 1 Says:

    the “at his best” time Im talking about is the 2009 season when he had 71 tackles and 5 picks. pretty good numbers for a safety dont you think, especially the 71 tackles. but alas, those days are long gone.

  8. J 2.0 Says:

    Andrew 1 Says:

    June 17th, 2013 at 2:40 pm
    the “at his best” time Im talking about is the 2009 season when he had 71 tackles and 5 picks. pretty good numbers for a safety dont you think, especially the 71 tackles. but alas, those days are long gone.


    What is even more impressive about those 2009 stats is that he did all of that in only 12 games. BECAUSE HE WAS SUSPENDED FOR 4!!!!

  9. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’m glad he and Talib are gone. Let the new era for the Bucs defensive backfield begin!

  10. Andrew 1 Says:

    J 2.0

    Oh yea, I forgot about that. thank you for helping me to further prove my point.

  11. dmatt Says:

    When Jackson returned from his first suspension in October 2009, he apologized to teammates and talked about how difficult it was being away from the team and how much football meant to him.

    He was suspended the entire 2010 season for substance abuse.

    When he returned from suspension in 2011 he spoke about moving forward and re-earning trust and being accountable “to those who helped me through this.”

    He was suspended again in 2012 for substance abuse.

    Here we go again… five years later, same player, same purpose,same apology, same ulterior motive.

    He’s got it, this is the drill for reinstatement…know what to say, but you don’t have to really mean it.

    With his history, would you trust this guy as a teammate to be ready for battle on Superbowl Sunday if the game was played in Miami…Noooooooo, his teammates will play in Miami,and, being that his history is full of disappointments, he’ll play in his imaginary city called MIA… go figure.

    Enough is enough with this guy. He is a disgrace to the NFL.

  12. PRBucFan Says:

    Yes he was that good, we only saw a “shadow” of the real T-Jax in that last season, he was not in playing shape at all.

    T-Jax when healthy and in playing shape is an elite talent.

  13. Buc-n-Junkie Says:

    Haslett has got to much gangi smoke in his eyes if he thinks Tanard ‘s going to give up his Peruvian Red for an entire NFL season. 🙂

  14. Bucfever40 Says:

    PRBucfan-You are exactly right hombre, when he was on his game, he was the top talent on this team period in ’09, I hated to see him suspended because he was a sure fire probowl type player, but since his decision to forgo door #1 (Playing in the NFL making millions) for door#2 (A bong hit(s) of shwag), his game fell off the map and has since never even come close, I think Haslett is just remembering Jackson’s days with the Bucs twice a year, ’cause he didn’t open any eyes last year with the Skins.

  15. Frank Says:

    Why is marijuana so heavily punished? Alcohol kills people, steroids and HGH are cheating, but getting a buzz and not hurting anyone is a ban-able offense….just don’t understand this outdated world we live. get with the times!

  16. Joe Says:


    Very simple. Weed is illegal; alcohol is not. The NFL would have a hard time selling its product to commercial interests if 90 percent of the league was stoned each day and the league was the subject of congressional hearings, FBI investigations, dozens of players getting locked up each week, etc.

  17. Piratic Says:

    @Joe: That is easily one of your Ten All Time Best Headlines, and one that I would place comfortably in the Top Five!

    Y’all are former newspaper guys, right? It shows. Well done, gentlemen.


  18. scubog Says:

    It’s sad to see a player unable to get his priorities straight. Again and again Jackson has had a chance to leave his transgressions behind. But each time he has brought them with him on his next journey.