Roster Not Set Yet

June 28th, 2013

It’s quiet at One Buc Palace. Many football operations’ staff have gone fishing, trying to charge their batteries for the long, long, long haul ahead.

Still, with the “Gone Fishing” sign posted, that doesn’t mean others are resting.

In an interesting breakdown of what the roster may look like when training camp practices begin July 25, an article on (intrepid Scott Smith?) details why the roster is still fluid until that time.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently putting the finishing touches on the 90-man roster they will take to training camp in late July. You may have caught some recent tweaks to that roster, such as the additions of Derek Hagan and Michael Adams. In those cases, the receiver position kept the same numbers (the waiver paired with Hagan’s signing was rookie wideout Jheranie Boyd) while the cornerback crew got a slight bump at the expense of the offensive line (rookie guard Jeremy Lewis).

There could be another move or two before the start of camp on July 25. All players, coaches and football operations folks will be taking some vacation time between now and training camp, but the NFL waiver wire never shuts down. The Bucs will surely keep an eye on that wire, and they may choose to massage the numbers at one position or another before camp starts.

Still, we have a pretty good working camp roster at this point, so it’s instructive to look at how those 90 spots break down by position. You’ll find those numbers in the table below along with, for comparison’s sake, the breakdown from the first day of training camp in 2012, Head Coach Greg Schiano’s first season at the helm. The last column in the table below shows how the 53 spots broke down by position when the Bucs opened the regular season a year ago, which helps demonstrate which spots will be most competitive in camp.

Look, there is little question to Joe that the 88th or 89th or 90th guy on the training camp roster won’t be starting when the Bucs open against the Jets in the New Jersey Swamplands. That’s highly unlikely, and Joe will take such a bet any day, any time.

But who knows, maybe the last guy signed (in July) makes the practice squad, or at best plays special teams for the Bucs.

The fact the Bucs are not settled on a roster is actually a good thing, not something to loathe.

9 Responses to “Roster Not Set Yet”

  1. robert Says:

    It’s nice to see they beefed up the two main positions in question from last year – QB and CB

    TE is curiously one guy short of last year, and Dallas Clark has left the building. The must be confident in Crabtree and Stocker.

    The D Line is very, very interesting in not so much the amount of bodies, but the acquisitions they have not made. I really believe we are seeing something here that is somewhat of an anomaly in the NFL and and very interested to see how that shakes out. That anomaly being a shift from the traditional beefing up on pass rushing D ends and run stuffing D tackles to a hybrid approach where the LB will be rushing the passer just as much as the D line. It should be confusing for other teams trying to decide if the LB is coming or dropping back into coverage. Looks like a combination of the Jets and Giants attack the QB strategies.

    Can’t wait till the season starts!

  2. tampabaybucfan Says:

    I would like to see Joe layout a projected mock roster for us to discuss. It would be interesting to see everyone’s thoughts of who those are on the bubble.

  3. the_buc_realist Says:

    ” It would be interesting to see everyones’s thoughts of who those are on the bubble.”

    The Pop-star and Jfro-6pak are on the bubble.

  4. robert Says:

    6 pak
    Michael Smith
    Myron Lewis
    Cody Grimm

    bubbles….and not from the Trailer Park Boys! (awesome show BTW)

  5. Mike J Says:

    This is in the context of the Pats’ situation, but may pertain to the Bucs in terms of a cut player on down the line.

    What do the Patriots do now?

    Now that Aaron Hernandez has been released it might be the right time to talk Dallas Clarkinto putting off his retirement and joining the Pats. I suggested that move last week and now is the time. I did look at all the NFL depth charts to see where there might be a potential tradable tight end if they wanted to go in that direction. It may be a little early, considering teams want to get through part of camp. There are teams that could have a tight end to give if the compensation is right. The Bengals have Jermaine Gresham, first-round pick Tyler Eifert and possibly Alex Smith or Orson Charles might be available. The Vikings have Kyle Rudolphand John Carlson, and Rhett Ellison could be a guy to discuss. Guys I would monitor during the preseason could include the Falcons’ Chase Coffman, Cowboys’ James Hanna, Virgil Green (Broncos), D.J. Williams (Green Bay), Lance Kendricks (Saint Louis), Tony Moeaki(Chiefs), Niles Paul (Redskins) and Michael Egnew (Dolphins). Someone has to come free.

  6. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    I didn’t realize that one of our College Scouts Mike Yowarsky defected to the Tennessee Titans. According to the Yowarsky will cover the Southeast for the Titans.

    Have you heard anything about his possible replacement?

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Actually, Joe, tampabaybucfan has a good idea for you. But I would expand it. You could have a poll at each position (much like the Bucs Mount Rushmore polls) and fans can vote on who they think should be kept for each position.

    Not only would this be fun, but it would likely get you onto the radio and TV, along with provide great things to discuss.

    Just an idea!

  8. Joe Says:


    Have you heard anything about his possible replacement?


  9. Buc'n Junkie Says:

    How is this news? I don’t feel any more informed than I did before I read it. Tell me one NFL 53 man roster that will already be set in stone before even the preseason gets here. None. It’s not genuinely honest to say that the last guys signed will be the first guys waived. It all depends on how many are kept at their respective position and can they move up in depth.

    Seriously, who do you think they’ll keep between Myron Lewis or 89th signed CB/KR Michael Adams?