Notes On Bucs OTA Practice Tuesday

June 4th, 2013

Buccaneers cheerleader

Here are some things Joe saw — and heard — at Bucs OTA practice held under overcast skies this morning.

* Bucs coach Greg Schiano jogging between stations.

* An errant Josh Freeman throw to the left sideline is nearly hauled in by Kevin Ogletree as he leaped high and got a hand on the ball. It seemed as if Freeman was trying to get the ball over Danny Gorrer, who had good coverage on Ogletree.

* Early, Freeman seemed to be off on short passes. On a short crossing pattern from the left side for Mike Williams, Freeman’s pass was too low for Williams to handle.

* If there is a free agent who is making a splash this early, it is Arizona wide receiver David Douglas. On what looked to be the exact same route Ogletree ran previously, where Freeman overthrew him, Douglas skied for a pass and hauled it in before hitting the ground.

* A Michael Smith sighting! Last year’s captain of the inactive list took a pass from Freeman in the backfield and darted and weaved his way through and past defenders.

*Not the way to make the team, son; free agent rookies have scant opportunities to prove themselves and Jheranie Boyd botched a perfectly thrown ball to him from Mike Glennon, right in the numbers that bounced off his chest into the air where cornerback Branden Smith, in perfect coverage, picked it easily.

* Glennon with a pump fake and throw to wide receiver Jerry Johnson for a nice gain.

* “Situation: Left hash mark, 16-yard line!” bellows Schiano. Later he could be heard instructing his players “Let’s go, five-on-four in the end zone” for red zone work.

* Keith Tandy thought he had an interception of a Glennon pass along the right sideline but couldn’t hang on. Tandy, with a roundhouse right, punched the air in frustration.

* Mark Barron had solid coverage in red zone drills and nearly had a pick of Freeman, knocking the pass down.

* Tim Wright (of all together now: Rutgers!) hauls in a pass from Freeman on the right sideline.

* Freeman beautifully connects with Williams on a screen to the right side.

* For reasons unknown, the pace of the practice really picks up without any hollering from coaches, largely because it’s two-minute drill practice.

* “Rally, rally, rally!” Freeman yells after each play to get his teammates lined up quickly for the next play.

* Freeman is flushed to his right and the right defensive end (Da’Quan Bowers) is the only defensive lineman to get a hand in the air.

* Despite Johnthan Banks draped all over him, Chris Owusu catches a pinpoint perfect pass from Freeman along the left side. The very next play, Freeman hits Owusu for a bomb and six points down the left sideline.

* Schiano is directly monitoring defensive backs during a loose-ball drill and is wearing a big smile on his face.

* Here comes the piped in crowd noise…

* Ouch! Freeman is flushed out of the pocket to his left and terribly overthrows Williams, who was coming back to the ball along the left sideline. It was Merry Christmas for Tandy as he easily intercepted the errant throw. That simply cannot happen this fall.

* Glennon is chased out of the pocket to his right and tries to connect with Douglas but the pass is broken up by Banks.

* On the next play, Glennon again is flushed out of the pocket to his right. Once again, the culprit is a strong rush from right defensive end Steven Means.

47 Responses to “Notes On Bucs OTA Practice Tuesday”

  1. Walter Says:

    I like that Banks and Barron looked solid in coverage, if those two can play well this year, with the additions of Revis and Goldson, and with Wright in the slot, our secondary should be downright scary. Add in an improved pass rush, we could be talking about a Top 10 Defense. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. BigSombrero Says:

    Freeman struggling with short passes isn’t unexpected. I just hope he can improve enough to be serviceable in that area.

  3. Terraj Says:

    hahahah when has freeman ever been “on” with short throws. Hillarious he can throw it 50 yards to vjax but cant hit someone on a basic 7 yard slant or cross. So pathetic

  4. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Nice break down Joe! Love hearing about OTAs. We are getting closer and closer to real football!

  5. the_buc_realist Says:

    Is it too late to change my prediction of Glennon starting week 10 and on. i would like to change it to week 8.

  6. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    sounds like were getting some pressure from the DE’s… that’s a good sign.

  7. robert Says:

    pffft glennon will be starting week 4 after we start 1-3 with 2 losses being on freeman.

    write it down.

  8. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Lol at the losers that think OTAs are ANY sort of indication of regular season performance. Remember Tiquan Underwood? He tore it up all offseason only to get cut before the regular season. When he was eventually resigned he didn’t do much against something other than a historically bad pass defense. You guys crack me up.

  9. Terraj Says:

    All that drinking freeman did this offseason isnt paying off in OTA’s? weird

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    Glorified walk-thru’s.
    Tell me when the live bullets are flying in camp\pre-season.

  11. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    Okay westcoast, let’s not talk about anybody until they get down to 53. Would that make you happy? Geez, some people have to find anything to gripe about.

  12. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    I am talking about the posters who are calling for the rookie third round pick to start. You can talk about OTAs all you want but take them for what they are: a bunch of guys running around in shorts, nothing more. Nobody wins or loses a job in OTAs, nobody.

  13. BigSombrero Says:

    Westcoast is mostly correct. You cant really judge a player until the pads are on and even then, you want to wait until you see them in the preseason at least. That said, Free has always struggled with his accuracy so I don’t think its ridiculous to not be pleased with that. I hope he will be alright though. And its too early to really judge but its not bad news to hear Banks and Barron look decent in coverage.

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Glennon won’t see the field for years unless Freeman is injured. Stop fantasizing.

  15. McBuc Says:

    Maybe I am mistaken, but Joe also wrote about some nice passes including a screen that Freeman tossed. Some of you guys have to focus on the negative all the time, it is crazy and sad.

  16. BigSombrero Says:

    @McBuc – I agree partially, there is a bit of a negative exaggeration going on but I don’t know if throwing a nice screen pass is that impressive. If a QB can’t do that then he shouldn’t be anywhere near a football field.

  17. robert Says:

    underwood played well last year short of dropping a ball across the middle when he got WHACKED.

    he did seem gun shy after that.

    If jfro can’t hit a 7 yard pass in shorts who the hell thinks he’ll hit it with someone in his grill?

    and history says he can’t.

    START GLENNON ….jfro can go be a model or something

  18. lightningbuc Says:

    “All that drinking freeman did this offseason isnt paying off in OTA’s? weird”

    Terraj is right on. He spends more time at The Lodge than One Buc.

  19. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    These guys are way beyond “displeased” with Freeman’s accuracy. (From a written break down of OTAs from a blogger no less.) They are predicting how soon a rookie third round pick will surpass Freeman this season. A big difference.

  20. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    If jfro can’t hit a 7 yard pass in shorts who the hell thinks he’ll hit it with someone in his grill?

    They haven’t played organized football since December. That is what these OTAs are for. To prepare for training camp. It is hilarious that people are calling for Glennon to start IN OTAs! You guys are clueless.

  21. Keith Says:

    Oh, no. A bad pass. Some of you are real pieces of work.

  22. Braheem Says:

    Sounds Like they should just release Freeman NOW, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We See What We Want to See.

    I think we all need to go on the record on Freeman.

    I am Pro Freeman, so lets see who eats crow at seasons end

  23. McBuc Says:

    Big…my point is that Joe pointed out nice passes, including a short pass (screen). It just is crazy the way these guys act about Freeman on this site. Not everyone, but a few people are so set on him failing, that I knew what they were going to say before I clicked to the comments area.

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe says
    ” Despite Johnthan Banks draped all over him, Chris Owusu catches a pinpoint perfect pass from Freeman along the left side.”

    Question, Joe. Is banks working a lot on the left side, or is he mostly on the right side? It just seems like a waste to put him on the left since Revis will be there. I would think it better to get him all the practice possible on the right?

  25. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    For all the Freeman bashers, there is plenty of reason that Glennon was flushed out of the pocket multiple times. And he would have had a pick if not for blind luck.

  26. Joe Says:


    Question, Joe. Is banks working a lot on the left side, or is he mostly on the right side?

    Not really sure because don’t often get a chance to see how the defense is lined up (refer to the picture Joe twittered of his vantage point at practices).

    but until Revis can play, the Bucs are preparing as if he is not there. Hence, Eric Wright and Johnthan Banks are currently practicing with the ones.

    Preparing practices as if Revis can play is, in a way, a big gamble and Schiano isn’t one to take big gambles.

    FYI, this is the view Joe has at about half of the OTA practices media is allowed to watch.

  27. robert Says:

    If your a bucs fan you can’t be a freeman fan. you all should get off his jock.

    hell, the could start Orlovski over jfro and I would be happy. who the hell goes modeling when your team is tanking, who shoots guns and wastes their whole teams future, who laughs when things go wrong, who hands the ball off on 3rd and 9 when his mic goes out…………

    give me a gamer, and I won’t bitch so much when they make mistakes…..but when we have Justin bieber for a QB I am gonna hate

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    What Free does on his own personal time can not be used against him as a QB. Unless you have something against him personally. I never understood why people want to discredit him because he was having some fun outside of football? So what?

    Judge him by what he does on the field. Not off it unless he is doing something illegal or completely disgusting.

    And btw I think Free sucks to but you need to have some logic to your argument. OH and yea A LOT of people shoot guns. LMAO… so what?

  29. the_buc_realist Says:

    What have we learned about Jfro from the last 5 years. He is just good enough to let us down.

  30. McBuc Says:

    Robert…Really? You are kidding right? Do you really think the photo shoot was scheduled during the losing streak? Do you even know when the photo shoot took place? Most likely not. I am sure plenty of players shoot guns, and a freak injury unfortunately happened. I have seen plenty of teams, many times the Bucs, try to run on 3rd and 9. Sometimes it works, it takes the defense by surprise. Think of draw plays. It did not work on that one play. You also have no clue what he is told to call in that situation, maybe they have a plan for such cases. If you prefer Dan O, than you are hoping for a losing season. Oh, I am guess you would prefer how Cam reacts to a bad play. Just because a guy does not appear emotional under duress does not mean he does not care.

  31. McBuc Says:

    Realist…If that is so, than say it about the Bucs. Speak for yourself. I have learned that he is holding it somewhat together for a young QB with a revolving door of coaches. You all want him to be consistent, but you do not care that there has been no consitancy for the entire team. You point at guys like Luck, who had a lower passer rating, less TDs and more INTs. You guys want Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, and those guys are very rare. I want a team that is going to win, and Dan O is not the guy. Glennon may be the guy, but more than likely he is not. Not sure why anyone bothers, none of the guys calling for freeman’s head will change their minds. When the logic is a bad defense is just an excuse, good god how will you ever argue that kind of logic.

  32. BigSombrero Says:

    Well this is my feeling on Freeman. He hasn’t proved anything. He’s most likely our best option right now. He has the tools to succeed but he needs to go out and do it. In year 5 its time to judge him on production and performance, potential no longer matters.

  33. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    ” . . . the[y] could start Orlovski over jfro and I would be happy.”

    That is enough in my book to discredit any opinion you have about literally anything. Orlovsky’s claim to fame is his signature “run out of the back of the end zone” play while he was with the Lions. Clown Freeman all you want but taking Orlovsky (even jokingly) over Freeman is just asinine.

  34. the_buc_realist Says:

    I agree with WCBF, Orlovski is terrible. He may be one of the few Qbs that makes JFro look consistent, and offer no competition to any Qb in the NFC South

  35. Raphael Says:

    Lmao @ the morons saying glennon or orlovsky will start mid season…..bahahahahah !

    Bucs will go 11-5 and Free is eating pineapple this year while a bunch of you loser are eating crow!

  36. BigSombrero Says:

    I have faith in Freeman but its based solely on potential and hope. Are there any facts that make you so sure Freeman is Pro Bowl caliber? People that pro claim him as a pro bowler this season are making just as wild of an assumption as those that say he will get pulled mid season.

  37. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I agree with WCBF . . .

    Almost fell out of my chair . . .


    That’s a bingo!

  38. Tim Says:

    Sounds like we need to cut Josh since he missed a few passes. Guess we can also cut Glennon since it sounds like he missed some passes as well. I hope Dan doesnt miss any passes next practice or we wont have any QBs left.

  39. SteveK Says:

    Freeman has freakish talent, and he has this year to showcase his talent and present his worth.

    Freeman will hopefully establish consistency, and this team wins 11 games.

  40. SteveK Says:


    Freeman has done more than miss passes in his time with the Bucs. 4-2 in 2011 and 6-4 in 2012 only to go in a downward spiral. It is excruciating to see Freeman have some damn fine games, only to come down with a BJ Upton like slump. Both tremendously talented and inconsistent…

  41. scubog Says:

    Apparently some people think Freeman and Glennon only threw a handful of passes each and thinking Joe noted every completion and interception in his limited media access. Good or bad, only a fool or a realist would equate an OTA’s learning session with an actual game.

  42. Joe Says:


    in his limited media access

    Linmited? Joe was there for the entire practice. Feel free to contact the Bucs’ media relations department for confirmation; Joe spoke with virtually all of them as practice started, and after practice ended.

    But you are correct in that Joe doesn’t/can’t document each and every play.

  43. scubog Says:

    I know you were there Joe. But having been to countless practice sessions over the years I know a person’s eyes can’t be focused on every play throughout the twin fields.

  44. Tomcin Says:

    Sounds as though we may have a few promising receivers.

  45. Bobby Says:

    To equate performance during OTA’s as an indicator for regular season is beyond moronic. That’s like saying how a baseball team does in pre-season is how they will perform in regular season or if the Bucs go 4-0 in preseason games they are on their way to the playoffs. IT MEANS NOTHING! It is a time of preparation. If improvement wasn’t a given then we would skip all of it and just show up on game day. Some of you should just stop posting. It’s embarrassing it’s so infantile.

  46. BucFan20 Says:

    Sounds like some of you that get get so uoset set should just stop reading.

  47. BucFan20 Says:

    ^ get so up set