Mike Glennon Wants To Test Darrelle Revis

June 4th, 2013

Joe must give Bucs rookie quarterback Mike Glennon credit. If he’s going to fail, he wants to go down guns blazing, almost like a gunslinger’s mentality.

In a recent NFL.com video, Glennon was interviewed by (unemployed) safety Jordan Babineaux, who asked him if he had the courage to go after star cornerback Darrelle Revis in training camp.

In so many words, Glennon said, “Let’s go after Revis.”

Jordan Babineaux: Let’s talk about [Darrelle] Revis for a minute. Here it is your first day of training camp, or whenever he decides to get back on the field, when he is healthy. Do you go at him?

Mike Glennon: (Laughs) I like to test my limits and going against the best. As a rookie, you don’t really know how good you are until you go against the best. I think it would be good to test my limits and see if maybe I can fit a ball in against him and see what I am capable of doing.

Joe likes that attitude. Test yourself against the best. Know if you can hang with the best and if you can’t, learn how to grow. There will be no better measuring stick for Glennon than trying to squeeze a throw past Revis.

Between that and Josh Freeman helping Glennon adjust to life in the NFL (as both Freeman and Glennon have gone on the record saying), it should help make for a fun training camp, which will get going in late July.

And, yes, Joe will be out at One Buc Palace today for OTAs and, naturally, you can expect all sorts of stuff posted throughout the day

49 Responses to “Mike Glennon Wants To Test Darrelle Revis”

  1. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    When an offense can practice against their own stellar defense, it makes both sides of the ball that much better.

  2. Terraj Says:

    Stellar defense? Lets wait til they play a game to call this defense stellar. Still major question marks on the d-line and strong side linebacker.

  3. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    McCoy, Foster, David, Barron, Goldson, Wright, and Revis …. yeah!!! ….I’d say pretty damn close to stellar.

  4. lightningbuc Says:

    Foster – stellar? Let’s not get carried away here!

  5. Walter Says:

    Goldson Barron

    Banks David Foster Heyward Revis

    Clayborn Spence McCoy Bowers

    ^^^^^ Looks like a good starting lineup to me

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    It the is TimBucTwo’s definition of stellar. Then the other 3 teams in the division are astronomical times infinity.

  7. Walter Says:


    Our defense is the best in the NFC South, so be quiet with your uninformed trolling self. At least know what you’re talking about before you post.

  8. lightningbuc Says:


    “Our defense is the best in the NFC South, so be quiet with your uninformed trolling self. At least know what you’re talking about before you post.”

    And what FACTS do you have to back that up?

  9. Macabee Says:

    Is anybody ever going to ask why this guy hasn’t signed his contract? Shades of the infamous Cody Grimm 7th round holdout!

  10. Walter Says:


    Here, let me reverse this, how about YOU explain to me who in the NFC South has the better D, and I don’t want to hear about last season, I’m talking about the current rosters, right NOW. Go ahead, I’ll be waiting for an explanation as to how the Saint’s D (yeah, right), the Panther’s D (they don’t have a secondary like we do), or the Falcons D (who’s intimidated by their D?) are better than ours.

  11. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    Either get on board or get the hell off, we don’t need you to play devil’s advocate. If you can’t get it into you’re thick skull that our defense this year with the additions of Goldson, Revis, and Casillas doesn’t rival all the teams in our division, then you have no knowledge about what talent looks like. One thing is for sure, all you pessimist out there will change your screen names 5 weeks into the season. 🙂

  12. Walter Says:


    For some reason, nothing the Bucs do make these “fans” happy. It’s always negative.

    – “We got Revis? Over priced.”

    – “Goldson? He was only good because of San Fran’s linebackers.”

    – “Freeman broke Franchise Records for yards and TD’s? He threw 17 ints, (Luck threw 18) he obviously can’t lead us to the playoffs, but Luck is a great QB!!”

    – “Bowers and Clayborn are back? Oh well, they were injured, so they suck.” (Same way they used to talk about McCoy)

  13. lightningbuc Says:


    I think what you were trying to tell me is that you have NO facts to back up your OPINION. You and TimmyTwoBuck thinking just because I’m not slobbering all over a bunch of players who haven’t even played yet that I’m not a fan is laughable. I’m happy with the Goldson and Revis signing, but I’m not going to go all ga ga and start spouting this is the best defense in the South just based on how things look on paper.

  14. Terraj Says:

    They havent played one game together. If you want to call us the best defense (in division) on paper thats one thing but to assume its all going to mold together is a mistake. A lot of people thought the eagles a couple years ago looked stacked too but they sucked. Im excited about this season but lets calm down and see them prove it before we start celebrating.

    The d-line is still very thin. If we cant get to the qb those corners wont mean much

  15. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    yeah, don’t celebrate you damn “stick in the mud”!

  16. SteveK Says:

    Walter, TimBuckTwo,

    Playoffs, baby! No one is crowned “stellar” without playoffs on their resume.

    The Bucs are on the up and up, but it would be wise to wait and see the team “prove it”.

    4th, 3rd, 4th and 4th the last 4 years,and now? Playoffs hopefully.

    We were 7-9 last year, and lets see if Freeman can hone in on the consistency before we go calling this team “stellar”.

    The talent is finally here, now we need to go out and play some ball and win some games.

  17. Walter Says:

    @lightningbuc @terraj

    Well, if I can’t celebrate this teams offseason acquisitions until we see them play, you guys have to keep your negative opinions to yourselves until we see them play as well.

  18. 76buc76 Says:

    Freeman VS Luck that’s laughable. Ya they had a lot’s of Int’s but Luck didn’t throw 4 in the biggest games of the year. Every year Freeman is amoung the league leader’s in INT’s and Fumbles.

  19. lightningbuc Says:


    You can celebrate the acquisitions all you want, just don’t label them the “best” of anything yet. I hope they are the best in the South, the NFC, and the NFL. The problem is that of the guys TimBuc listed above, there is a good chance a couple of those will be hurt by years end, and then it becomes a depth issue.

  20. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    So let me get this right, …to be a true Buc fan, ….you have to always think that the Bucs suck going into each season so when they do, you’re not so let down.

    Not me, ….that’s a defeatist attitude.

  21. Walter Says:


    Luck would not have taken this team to the playoffs.

    Oh, and no regular season game is bigger than the other, you sound like some stupid fan that thinks quarterbacks “take their team’s to Superbowls.”

  22. DallasBucsfan Says:


    I would say Bucs have the best NFCS defense on “paper”. Until our Defensive ends prove they can stay healthy and Revis shows he is 100% anything can happen.

    Btw, joe great website and some well informed fans on this site. I have been reading for awhile but, this is my first post. Keep up the great work. Go Bucs!!

  23. Walter Says:


    I understand what you’re saying, injuries have definitely derailed a few seasons for us, but if we stay healthy on D, I’d be more than willing to bet that our defense will be better than any other team in the NFC South. None of them have the personnel like we do, Dominick did a great job patching up our biggest weakness.

  24. SteveK Says:


    What have we done in the “Win-Loss” column? We are what our record says we are.


    Get SERIOUS! Andrew Luck >>>>>> Josh Freeman. Andrew Luck led a head coachless team to the playoffs, all by himself. I guess RB Vick Ballard and WR Donnie Avery are just as good as Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson.

    Come on man, you are off your rocker. Andrew Luck is a great QB, as verified by leading his team to post season play.

    All Freeman has done is NOT ENOUGH to take this team to the playoffs, yet. 2013 is Freeman’s true test.

    Nothing wrong with being really real about our team, we are not a playoff team, yet.

  25. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    there you go again SteveK, prognosticating the future with the past. Move forward … step into the light…

  26. SteveK Says:


    I moved into the light after a 10-6 team in 2010. Our GM awarded us a Punter in Free Agency….

    I stepped back into the light after a 4-2 start in 2011, just to see the wheels come off losing our last 10 games.

    I was in the light after a 6-4 start in 2012, only to see Josh Freeman come down with severe playbook amnesia, again.

    2013 is a new year, and we finally have a good defense again (at least on paper). It is frustrating to be a Buc fan the past few years.

    I am optimistic for this team, but it would be unwise, foolish, and down right bull sh!t to call this team “stellar”. We have a chance to do something, and we can establish the “stellar” adjective with a winning/playoff season.

  27. Walter Says:


    “Andrew Luck is a great quarterback…”

    Just stop man, just stop.

    Great??? Really??? Great??? Because he got a wildcard berth in the weakest conference in football, the AFC? Playing in the AFC South no less, with 4 free wins against the Titans and Jags, hahaha! You are crazy, you annoint a rookie after 1 good year.

  28. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    and so we will my friend….. you just have to stop resisting the urge to actually believe.

  29. SteveK Says:


    The best QB prospect since John Elway, led a team to the playoffs as a rookie, without a head coach.

    Not too shabby for a rookie’s 1st season after Peyton Manning?

    Get real, yourself, Josh Freeman hasn’t done anything. All he did was have similar stats to Andy Dalton last year, and Dalton has been to the playoffs the last two years (his first 2 years in the league).

    Can Freeman become consistent? I hope so, but to sit here and think he is on Andrew Luck’s level is absurd. Absurd.

    Freeman might not even be the best NFL QB in the state of FL? Ryan Tannehill vs Freeman this year on MNF, I hope our QB shows up better than he did last year at home against the Eagles.

    Freeman needs to get his sh!t together, bottom line he is not getting a mega contract without putting up the numbers/playoff appearance.

    The Bucs are a much better team, and I hope to see us get to the playoffs.

    Freeman was out dueled by Raheem Morris and rookie RG3 last year, at home? The Skins won the NFC East last year, with our former GM at the helm.

    The time is now, we have been mediocre for long enough. Freeman will either lead us to the playoffs or he will step the hell out of the way.
    Period, no excuses.

  30. lightningbuc Says:


    “So let me get this right, …to be a true Buc fan, ….you have to always think that the Bucs suck going into each season so when they do, you’re not so let down.”

    Who said that? It’s OK to have optimism, but you and Walter are using words like “stellar” and “best” to describe the Bucs defense, which was one of the worst last year. Obviously they have made some key moves to upgrade to give us reason to be optimistic, but please don’t label me a non-fan just because I choose realism over optimism.

  31. Walter Says:


    Did you really just try to compare Tannehill to Freeman???

    Tannehill threw more INT’s than TD’s last year, how could you possibly think he is even remotely close to Freeman’s level???

    You say ridiculous things man. Oh, and Freeman is better than Dalton, Dalton just has a top 10 D that Freeman has NEVER had.

    You let Freeman shoulder ALL the blame, but give other QB’s ALL the credit.

    You’re so backwards, it’s ridiculous.

  32. Walter Says:


    Also, we would have won that Skins game if our D didn’t allow RGIII to drive down the field in the final moments.

    Another reason to believe that if we even had a middle-of-the-pack defense, we would’ve made the playoffs last year, even with Freeman’s inconsistency.

  33. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Honestly, I think there is a balance between both perspectives that is closer to the truth.

    “Stellar defense? Lets wait til they play a game to call this defense stellar. Still major question marks on the d-line and strong side linebacker.”

    This is a fair point. A very fair one. In the draft this year, Mark Dominick made depth more of a priority than starters. That would not be such a bad thing if we had starters at all positions, but we didn’t. Not real starters. And I define starters as players who either earn the positions by playing well, or by being drafted higher in the draft due to potential.

    “Foster – stellar? Let’s not get carried away here!”

    Perhaps stellar is a bit far-fetched at present, but he certainly has that potential. He is entering his 3rd year now. This is the year where he has to prove himself or maybe face a change in position. He has improved in each of his 2 years so far.

    “Is anybody ever going to ask why this guy hasn’t signed his contract?” (Glennon)

    Most likely timing. But if he is holding out, who can blame him? It’s probably the only big check he’s got a chance at.

    “The Bucs have the best defense in the division.”

    I agree that it has to proven on the field, but I also think that you will prove out to be right in the long run. Injuries will play a role. They do every year and there is no point in denying it or hoping they won’t. One key injury would be if GMC goes down. That would ruin the defense.

    “Freeman VS Luck”

    At present I would have to go with Freeman. Luck had a great rookie season, but now teams have tape on him. Until he proves he can repeat his performance, he isn’t better than Freeman. In other words, like the naysayers like to say “prove it on the field.”

    “We are what our record says we are.”

    Very true. And that would make us 0-0 at present. Walter is right that the past is the past in some respect. There is a reason the record hits reset each year. I disagree about the point concerning the playoffs. We are in the division where “last to first” was born. Heck, it might even be said that the Bucs started “last to first”.

    The year before the Superbowl we only went 9-7. In 2005 we went from 5-11 to 11-5.

    The NFL is full of reversals.

  34. Fritz50 Says:

    “Most likely timing. But if he is holding out, who can blame him? It’s probably the only big check he’s got a chance at.”

    What big check? His payday is largly set by the CBA now, neither he, nor the Bucs have all that much say in the matter. Incentives & other special clauses (drug testing [prolly not, with his rep] & the like), on the other hand, are open season. My guess is they’re ironing out some differences along those lines.

  35. McBuc Says:

    Steve, look up Luck’s numbers…Also check the defense…Again, and I am not sure you weill ever beleive this, football is a team sport. The only QBs that may have saved the Bucs last year would be Brady or Rodgers, based on the number of TDs they threw. Breesse through a bunch as well, but he also through 19 ints…The Bucs may not have overcome that but they may have. no one else would have made a difference.

  36. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:


    Well since you’re going to break down the defense individually, instead of as a unit, then yea, you can find faults in each and every position but if you start matching man for starting man to every team in our division we match up well. Our starting defense should stymie the NFCS. You want see them walk of and down the field on us. It’s now all up to our offense to control the ball and put the games out of reach to keep our defense fresh and healthy til the post season.

  37. Walter Says:

    Andrew Luck
    Comp. %: 54.1%
    Yards: 4,367
    TD’s: 23
    INT’s: 18
    Josh Freeman
    Comp. %: 54.8%
    Yards: 4,063
    TD’s: 27
    INT’s: 17

    Explain to me again stevek, how is Luck a “great QB”, but Freeman isn’t? How is it that Freeman puts up better #’s, yet you go so far as to say that Tannehill is better?

  38. TrueBlue Says:

    Not one team has played any games yet this season. None. So what do we have to go on at this point in time to decide who has the best D in the division? Only what’s on paper. Who has what players, and how have they played in the past? Who played well last year that is still on the team? Who has made the biggest upgrade based on acquisitions in free agency? Who is coming back from injury that didn’t play much, or at all, last year? What coaching changes were made or remained the same, particularly at team weak points?

    Under this scrutiny for all division teams, what teams are, at this point in preseason, the best – on paper? For my money, the Bucs are the easily the best improved on defense, and likely the best over all.

    For this reason, I am in high spirits during this off season. No one knows what will happen when they lace em up for real. Injuries, players taking a big step up, team controversies, all can play a role in how a team performs. But that is all unknown. What we know right now is that the Bucs are much, much better – on paper – and that’s enough for now.

  39. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Luck was actually pretty spectacular for a rookie last season. He did have a 26th ranked defense as a plus but also played in a pretty terrible division. Lets also remember that there were polls up in 2011 saying that Andrew Luck would be the best QB in 2015 or something like that. Andrew Luck was considered a once in a generation type of prospect.

    You “haters” have got to remember that this is one of the hardest divisions in the NFL. There isn’t too many divisions with four legitimate contenders. The Saints and Falcons have been really good for a long time. With the Panthers and Bucs now being considered “competition” for the crown it makes for one heck of a division.


    East – Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and New York Jets

    North – Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers

    South – Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans

    West – Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers


    East – Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins

    North – Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings

    South – Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    West – Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks

    Maybe the AFC North and the NFC North are the only divisions that come close to having four legitimate teams. Even then I think the NFC South is tougher. I am sure this will just get labeled as an “excuse” but facts are facts. The NFC South just may be the toughest division in football.

  40. Couch Fan Says:

    We really need to stop comparing players to other players. Freeman to Luck is just silly.

    Luck took a horrible team to the playoffs. He has less weapons on offense and just as bad of a defense and still took them to the playoffs. That alone is better than anything Josh has ever done. Getting to the playoffs is what the whole season is about… case closed. Luck has been a winner everywhere he has been. Freeman has not.

    Stop comparing the two because there is no comparison. Luck is leaps and bounds better than our QB. I understand you want to be homers for Josh and thats fine. In 1 season Luck has done what Josh can’t with just as equally as bad of a team (if not worse).


  41. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    ^^^I guess optimists make excuses and pessimists make reasons.^^^

  42. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Funny how that works . . .

  43. Couch Fan Says:

    And realists tell it like it is…. when everyone else wants to ride on crotches.

  44. scubog Says:

    I sure wish some of you guys/gals would get each others phone numbers to carry on your on-line spats. It’s getting like the WWF where they always pit a good guy against a bad guy. I love when they change back and forth. Puzzling thing to me is why some fans(?) seek out misery no matter what their favorite team does to improve itself. Nothing is ever the least bit encouraging. At least the realist makes his worn out childish comment and …………….well he can’t really think of another in such a short time span.

  45. SteveK Says:

    Worst to first would be stellar.

  46. Couch Fan Says:

    Whats funny to me is that some people can’t take criticism for what it is… just criticism. Please show me anywhere that it says when you support a team, you have to like everything they do or your not a “real fan”.

    Some of you apologists are no better than these so called “haters”. It’s laughable people can’t have a debate without someone else twisting it into something its not.

    News flash, if you don’t like the way comments are heading… DONT READ THEM. Simple concept right?

  47. 76buc76 Says:

    Look at Luck and Freeman’s incompletion’s. Luck had a ton of drop’s. Freeman had one hopper’s and first rower’s. 2010 was smoke and mirror’s people. Look at the opposing QB’s that year. Walter you haven’t even watch Luck play have you? To have the record the Colt’s did last year. With a star deprived team like the Colt’s. He had to make the right play’s at the right time to get the WIN. Timing is everything. Luck vs Freeman is like saying after Payton Manning rookie season. That Neal O’Donnell is better than Manning Lol. Luck is a top 10 QB allready. Freeman isn’t even in the top 20. 95% of non bias football fan’s would agree.

  48. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


    Apparently ESPN isn’t in the 95% of non bias football fan’s that believe Freeman isn’t a top 20 quarterback.


    Or CBS Sports:


    I’m sure there are others. Freeman is DEFINITELY a top 20 quarterback.

  49. 76buc76 Says:

    Wow you showed me 17th and 19th. Ok ok I’ll retract my top 20 statement. To top 15. 95% of NFL fan’s see Freeman as an average to below average. It suck’s, the guy has all the tool’s, great pocket presence. But his footwork is dreadful. Leading to 5 under and overthrows each and every game. No QB in football throw’s the 5 way off passes each and every game like Freeman. After 2010 most projected him as a top 10. 4 year’s is enough to know what Freeman is. To inconsistant to ever expect to beat 4 elite team’s and win a superbowl