“Having A Beginner’s Mentality”

June 12th, 2013

A great listen below on Vincent Jackson’s chat with the media after practice today, via Sports Talk Florida.

Jackson talks about how he counsels Mike Williams to come to work daily with a “workpail” and “having a beginner’s mentality.” He also calls Greg Schiano the best he’s ever seen when it comes to breaking down the game for players.

4 Responses to ““Having A Beginner’s Mentality””

  1. Bucs Fan #238 Says:

    Best he’s ever seen.

    There you have it.

  2. Vic66 Says:

    Vincent Jackson is one of the most important players the Bucs have had because of the effect he has on other players to UP their game. An example, cheerleader, MR work ethic, teacher and one hell of a player!

  3. BucsfaninChina Says:

    This is what happens when you stock your roster with leaders. I fully expect many rooks, 2nd and 3rd yr players to greatly up their game thanks to the selfless veterans Dom took a chance on. Totally impressed with this organization right now.

  4. BucDan Says:

    This guy impresses me more and more every time I hear him speak. These are the types of players that last in the league. The ones that love the game AND treat it like their job. There are too many athletes out there that just strive off of their given ‘base’ talent alone and never try to maximize their potential.

    Jackson, Goldson, Martin, David, Nicks, Revis….the list goes on. And these are only the big star players on the team. I am all about heart and hard work. Like anything in life, if you put the right focus and drive to a goal and are disciplined in your practice and work ethic, you have the greatest chance to maximize your end product.

    These guys are the real deal and I’m ecstatic to have them on the Bucs!