Nobody Will Roll Over For Eric Wright

June 8th, 2013

Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik shook up the NFL last offseason by signing a troika of free agents that were expected to turn the team around.

Carl Nicks was tremendous until he could no longer stomach his ugly toe injury (Joe saw that toe with his own eyes and it was gross). Vincent Jackson couldn’t have played much better. He was arguably the Bucs’ best player and consummated his stellar season by eating pineapple.

Then there was Eric Wright.

His September pick-six of Eli Manning may have been the Buccaneers highlight of the year, but Wright quickly began giving up big plays and compounding them with dreadful tackling. Throw in multiple injuries and getting suspended for Adderall (which gave him an excuse to lounge at a California spa while his teammates slugged it out trying to remain in the playoff hunt), and it’s not difficult to see why Bucs fans turned on him so.

Wright’s back, but he does have to win a job from guys who consider themselves returning starters. Per Greg Schiano, it seems those who were praised for their cornerback play in the season-ending win in Atlanta, Danny Gorrer and Leonard Johnson, won’t just roll over and make way for Wright, so notes Brad Briggs of National Football Post.

“There’s some guys that finished the year that they think it’s their position, and Eric thinks it’s his position, so we’ll see,” Bucs coach Greg Schiano said. “I’m not sure exactly how everything will turn out, nor do I care. I know I like the guys that are right now competing. That’s the most important thing, and we’ll let it all play out.”

Schiano has to be loving the attitude of those competing with Wright, and Wright deserves no incumbent respect.

But it will be rather disturbing — and scary — if Wright can’t beat out Gorrer or Johnson. It would be as if the Bucs made a mistake with him two years in a row.

33 Responses to “Nobody Will Roll Over For Eric Wright”

  1. The 300's Says:

    I don’t understand the “mistake two years in a row” comment. Isn’t Wright signed to a one year contract with no guaranteed money? I think the Bucs like his ability he just has to prove he can do it on the field in this system. If he can’t then I have no problem with Leonard Johnson beating him out. I like the kid.

  2. BucKing 3 Says:

    I like Leonard, the two years in a row comment is in reference to the apparent mistake of signing him last year to barely play and then resigning him this year and if he were to lose out the starting job to an undrafted player. Two years with little to no quality playing time would be what Joe meant.

  3. Curmudgeon Says:

    There’s no mistake “two years in a row”. That’s just stupid. Even if Wright doesn’t make the team, he didn’t cost any additional guaranteed money this year. Nothing lost. It might be slightly disappointing, but it could also mean that Leonard Johnson and Danny Gorrer have really stepped up their games and/or one of the rookie free agents (Deveron Carr or Rashaan Melvin) has shown good potential to play in the NFL. The way I see it, Eric Wright is nobody we should be concerned about. He’s just another guy competing for playing time or a roster spot. He’ll only be around if he earns it. What is there to lose? How could this be the Bucs mistake this year if Wright can’t beat out the young guys? I don’t get it. A mistake would have to involve something lost, and the current arrangement only benefits the Bucs – they can’t lose on this. The guy either plays well or gets cut. Period, end of story.

  4. Joe Says:

    @Curmudgeon and @The300’s – It’s pretty clear, guys. The Bucs valued Wright over all the free agent cornerbacks (not counting Darrelle Revis) on the market. That’s why Wright is back and no other free agent corner was signed. Therefore, if Wright can’t beat out Gorrer or Johnson, then it will be as if the Bucs overvalued Wright two years in a row. … This has NOTHING to do with whether he’s cut/paid or not.

  5. Joe D. Says:

    If LJ beats out Wright, how is that any more disturbing than when Penn became the starting LT in ’07? I was first guessing Wright when the Bucs first signed him last season, then he gets popped for the “alleged felony DUI” involving injuries (how soon we forget — that eventually was dismissed), then he starts sucking, then gets injured, then gets popped for Adderall, then “can’t find his prescription”. However, I have no problem with the Bucs signing him/renegotiating him this year, it’s little/no risk contract. I would quite alright if the Bucs went into the season with Revis, Banks, LJ, and Danny, with or without Wright

  6. PRBucFan Says:


    At first I winced when reading the 2 years in a row comment but after your explanation I can see where your coming from.

    Fact is our Bucs did choose Wright (whether or not there’s money tied up makes no difference). There were quite a few names out there to choose from.

    We shall see :). I think he’ll have a rebound season and play well but I am also banking on LJ also coming into his own more. I am not sure at all about Gorrer.
    I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from his dropped interception against Philly lol. :/

  7. BIG SIR Says:

    They can cut Wright before the season and owe him nothing. 2 years in row is not quite accurate when you look at it that way. That said, the immortal Danny Gorrer isn’t beating out anyone. Johnson has a legit shot but I think Wright’s experience will give him an edge.

  8. PRBucFan Says:

    I was beating the Grimes drum all offseason lol.

    I’m going to be watching him in Miami. 🙂

  9. Bobby Says:

    Anthony Gaitor is ahead of Gorrer on the depth chart and he played more than Gorrer in the Atlanta game.

  10. Fritz50 Says:

    If he doesn’t beat out those two, then yeah, our Bucs will have ‘failed’ twice in evaluating a free agent. Big deal! Free agency , just like the draft, is a crap shoot. There’s just so many variables , and it’s all based on the opinions of those making the decision. Even with known stats there’s still opinion on whether it’s the player, the system, surrounding players, or just a lot of luck. Why would anyone be surprised/upset? It’s just part of all organized games. Sure, some are better than the rest, but even those blessed individuals have their misses. You deal with it & move on.

  11. tampabaybucfan Says:

    It’s Myron’s turn…..Dad, please let him come out and play!!!

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    I guess you can classify this as a fail if Wright doesnt work out. But its not a fail that will cost us anything therefore no harm done. At least not this year. I think LJ or Gaitor could step into that nickel and dime role fairly well to replace wright.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I could have sworn I read this in an earlier article…

  14. Curmudgeon Says:


    Eric Wright was not the reason the Bucs passed on other free agents. They passed on other free agents because they didn’t see anybody they felt was going to be worth the money, and they got Wright cheap. So there’s no 2nd year of the mistake. You’re just wrong.

  15. PRBucFan Says:


  16. tmaxcon Says:

    tampabaybucfan if the bucs have to rely on your pal Myron we are screwed. Every time little Myron has been let out to play something really bad happens.

    I think Dominik played the Wright situation perfectly and is not getting enough credit for waiting the situation out. Dominik is not perfect but I think he and Schiano work better together than most posters here believe.

  17. TimBucTwo@OneBucPalace Says:

    I think Eric will contribute a lot this year. He has a lot to prove or he may have a shortened NFL career.

  18. Joe Says:

    @Bobby – Dominik on multiple occasions specifically praised Gorrer and Johnson for their work against the Falcons

  19. Joe Says:

    @Curmudgeon (Great name for you by the way),

    Take cash out of the equation here. The Bucs have picked Eric Wright for a key role two years in a row. He failed last year, and if he can’t beat out Gorrer and/or Johnson, then they’ve mis-evaluated him again. It’s really that simple.

  20. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    We’ll be fine, we still have Myron Lewis….just kidding.

  21. Curmudgeon Says:


    Your comment on my name is very clever. Thanks for sharing your searing wit.

    Why have they made a mistake in resigning Wright if he can’t beat out Gorrer and Johnson? What if their view was that he’s just a guy to come in and compete? I mean, the salary seems to indicate they’re not expecting much, and they’ve guaranteed nothing. How is it a mistake? He’s just a guy who didn’t make the team. Last year, they clearly mis-evaluated him and wasted money on him. This year, he’s just another guy competing for a spot. Even Schiano’s recent comments about Wright seemed to be “we’ll see”.

    I think you’re just making up sh*t that makes no sense. Now, now. Play nice. Not OK to accuse Joe of making stuff up. –Joe

  22. Kevin Says:

    What mistake two years in a row? He canceled out his own contract we brought him back for practically nothing and to be honest I would not mind seeing leanard johnson have an opportunity to show his stuff after training with Revis and being a second year player. Either way everybody will be better this season. Schiano has his stamp on this team now.

  23. Joe Says:

    @Curmudgeon, @Kevin

    Here’s the last paragraph above, as you guys seem to be reading between the lines for some reason.

    “But it will be rather disturbing — and scary — if Wright can’t beat out Gorrer or Johnson. It would be as if the Bucs made a mistake with him two years in a row.”

    Again, Joe’s not calling Wright a mistake now, only that he’ll feel like a Bucs mistake for the second straight year if he’s not the third best corner on this team. The Bucs passed on plenty of free agent cornerbacks when they need the talent back there. They’re banking on Wright being the guy they signed in 2012. If he’s not better than Gorrer or Johnson, then they could have and should have done better.

  24. Pewter Bullion Says:

    I never understood why Rock Star valued Wright so much in the first place.

    With Talib’s emotional issues aside, I’ve always found it rather suspicious that he was busted for Adderall after Wright was signed. Wright, who had played for a troubled Detroit team infamous for off field issues… Wright, who had to switch from USC to UNLV because of charges that were swept under the rug.

    Other than the pick 6 in the Giants game, I can’t help but scratch my head. Who the hell IS this mediocre guy that keeps surviving off-field nuclear holocausts?

    Drafted in the second round the same year as Revis (1st rd #14), Wright tweeted a “Hahahaha” when news of Revis’ signing broke out (irony recognized by the envious??? idk).

    I don’t know if it will happen, but I’m pulling for Leonard to beat out Wright.
    This is just my personal opinion which doesn’t amount to much, but I get a yechhy feeling when it comes to Wright.

    Revis, watch your back, there might be a snake in your midst…

  25. Curmudgeon Says:


    Well, we’re not going to agree on this one. I think they brought him back on a “show us” contract. Given the relatively low expectations, it won’t feel like a mistake (to me) if he doesn’t make the team. As far as I’m concerned, Wright is just another guy, and I’ll probably be just as happy if he doesn’t make the team — more opportunities for the young guys to develop.

  26. clafollett Says:

    @Pewter Bullion

    You hit the nail on the head. Wright definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Im really hoping LJ takes his job. It will be nice to have a home town hero getting more playing time. Hes seems like a good kid. Id like to see hime stick around a while.

  27. Bucky23 Says:

    Agree with you joe. Mistake if he can’t beat out LJ or gorrer. There were many corners that are better football players than LJ or gorrer that they could of signed but they felt like Eric wright was their best option. Why wouldn’t they sign him to a contract with no guaranteed money if he was willing to do it? It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a mistake just because no money was lost.

  28. Curmudgeon Says:


    No. They obviously weren’t impressed with the players on the CB market for the money they were asking. I don’t think it was a choice between Wright and those others, at all. I’m not sure they had any intention to keep Wright until they were able to get him to sign for 1.5 million with no guarantees, late in free agency.

    It makes more sense to assert that not signing one of the other free agent CBs was a mistake. That is an arguable point. But Wright had nothing to do with that decision. I think Revis had a lot more to do with it.

    I also think this is just another lame excuse to complain about a Dominik personnel decision. He gets the blame for year one, but this year it’s a no-lose situation. There are not big expectations, and they can cut him whenever they want.

    By the way, it’s “could have” or “could’ve”, not “could of”.

  29. scubog Says:

    I expect Johnson and Gorrer to be much improved but I also suspect that their talent level is limited. Not too many street free agents succeed in this league. Being a veteran, Eric Wright was worth being given the opportunity to compete. I look for additions/subtractions to be made to this unit until opening day.

  30. ElioT Says:


    Let it go dude! You’re like an old bitchy fat woman arguing ad-nauseum over some turkey sliced “too thin” at the deli. Do you want to talk to a manager?

    Go Bucs!!!!

  31. PRBucFan Says:

    I agree with you Bucky despite what the “know all, end all” Curmudgeon spouts lol.

    And no he wasn’t willing, which is why he filed the appeal 😉

  32. Curmudgeon Says:

    Curmudgeon spouts logic and reason. Sorry if that makes me “know all, end all”… No one even bothered to refute a single point directly. They just resorted to name-calling.

  33. PRBucFan Says:

    I do agree that’s unnecessary :/