Will Vincent Jackson Improve Darrelle Revis?

May 23rd, 2013

Fishing for Bucs-related news and nuggets, Joe listened to a recent podcast of a Brent Grimes interview out of Miami today.

Grimes, the former Falcons cornerback now with the Dolphins, was rumored to have been on the Bucs’ free-agent radar this offseason. So Joe thought Grimes might spill some info. on that, but he didn’t.

However, Grimes did touch on how valuable it can be for a cornerback to cover stud receivers in practice, which got Joe thinking about how Darrelle Revis never had a polished Pro Bowler manbeast like Vincent Jackson to work against during his six season with the Jets.

Santonio Holmes, Jerricho Cotchery, Laveranues Coles, post-lockup Plaxico Burress? None of those guys matched the talent, size and versatility of Jackson when Revis was their teammate.

If Revis is cleared to practice in Bucs training camp — a big “if” — then he should be treated to a new and educational experience. He and Jackson should be able to push each other to new heights.

14 Responses to “Will Vincent Jackson Improve Darrelle Revis?”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Lol I almost think mike Williams would give him a bigger challenge. V jack has more power to his name. but mike Williams catches everything thrown his way and he will moss anyone who gets in his way. He will have his plate full going up against both of them. Simple theory. Revis will
    Be cleared for training camp. Any WR he “could face” in preseason isent as good as mike Williams or Vincent Jackson. So why risk our 16 million dollar man when he is gettin Better competition in training camp. Week 1, revis will be revis of old. I’m hoping he pulls a jamaal Charles of AP and comes back better then before. Don’t know if he can get any better then before but hey!! Wishful thinking.

  2. Gus Says:

    Worth the price of admission to see those two in practice. So hype for this season

  3. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    “. . . Improve Darrelle Revis”

    The very thought of such a thing sounds terrifying. Revis BETTER? That would be truly amazing.

    Man, improving the best in the league? Has me giddy already.

  4. Kodaslc Says:

    The biggest person it is going to help is ( Josh Freeman) people can hate on Free all day long ,But just think about it for a min since freeman has been in the NFL he has gone against some of the worst secondary’s and def for that matter year in and year out.. the Bucs have been horrible on def since the glory days… If Freeman was the qb back when Sapp, and Brooks, Lynch, young Ronde, I’m sure we would’ve one a couple more Championships… Practice makes perfect if you practice against scrubs you’re not going to get better. Go up against Revis, Gholston, Banks, Barron, will make Freeman Leaps and bounds better… You don’t think Revis or Gholston wll go up to him and tell him what they see back there in practice!!! Just like what V JAX did for Mike Williams… we haven’t had leaders on this team in sometime.. V jax and Revis on both sides of the ball.

  5. KMAC1322 Says:

    I agree that it will help Freeman and all the receivers! Going up against a solid secondary in practice everyday will make the games seem easier!

  6. Brandon Says:

    The two people that will benefit the most from either Jackson or Revis will be Mike Williams and Josh Freeman.

    Revis will help Williams, hopefully, as his biggest flaw is creating separation, with having a guy like Revis on him like glue, it only seems natural that Williams would get a little better.

    Revis will help Freeman in the way of either looking off covered WRs and going to the safer throw or in the way of being able to fi9nd a way to complete passes to well-covered WRs.

    Jackson will benefit Williams and Freeman the same way he did last season: by drawing coverages and attention to his side and allowing Williams single coverage and Freeman a good big target, where he knows the defense will be focusing on.

  7. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    It’s a good point. Revis and GOLDSON really help the whole team improve. Goldson makes Barron better. Revis makes the corners better. The new D as a whole makes the entire offense as a whole better. Certainly a step up in competition in practice.

    I wish I could be at those training camps so bad! I was in Tampa just before the 2010 pre season and I got to go to one and it was pretty cool. (But actually really hot.) I would love to see V-Jax and Revis battling in camp!

  8. azbucguy Says:

    him and larry fitzgerald train with eachother every offseason cuz they both went to pitt. so not to rain on anyones parade but he does already train with one of the premier jump ball recievers in the nfl so i doubt it would be a big improvementbut i it sure wont hurt that he has two good wr to practice against. im just lookin for him to be as good as he was the last couple years he was healthy hopefully!

  9. Buc Wilder Says:

    Joe, it might be the other way around, because when they played against each other, Revis pretty much handled Vjax

  10. Theodore Says:

    Grimes is just yapping. Revis has been matched up against #1 WRs for years, week in, week out. The fact that he gets to practice (said ala Iverson) against VJ, I wouldn’t put too much stock in.

  11. Piratic Says:

    @Theodore: You’re way off base. Revis is coming off of a major injury, and hasn’t played competitive football since September. If you believe that a high level of competition isn’t going to benefit him, (and all the others on the roster) then there’s no helping you. It’s simply axiomatic.

  12. Bobby Says:

    Axiomatic???? Are you Bill O’Reilly?

  13. Piratic Says:

    @Bobby: Who?

  14. lol Says:

    @Dylan – That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve heard all day