Ronde Barber To Retire

May 8th, 2013

It appears that the greatest cornerback to wear a Bucs uniform is hanging up his jersey for good.

Per NFL insider Jay Glazer, a confidant of Ronde Barber, the long-time Bucs corner is done with playing football and will retire.

@JayGlazer: Just got off the phone w Ronde Barber who told me he is officially retiring. “I’ve had a better run than I ever could’ve dreamed of having.” … Ronde has been mulling his decision for a while. The last man standing of that great Bucs defense

And yes, Glazer nails it, in more than one way. The last link to one of the greatest defenses in NFL history is now hanging it up.

Joe assumes Barber didn’t want to play a lesser role in the Bucs’ defense. He would have been at best a backup safety and at worst a backup corner, who probably would have been asked to play special teams.

Now the next steps for Barber are the Bucs’ Ring of Honor and, eventually, the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

49 Responses to “Ronde Barber To Retire”

  1. Jacko101 Says:

    Sucks to hear Thanks for everything #20 we will miss you greatly. Woodson should do the same.

  2. BucoBruce Says:

    This sucks!!NOOOOOOOOOOOO we will be fine but he would of been a great leader on the team.

  3. BucoBruce Says:

    The last super bowl Buc gone of the team.

  4. st augustine Says:

    ah man! i was hoping he’d give it one more year. i’m sure that spot they have open for him (in broadcasting) had a lot to do with it (they couldn’t hold it very long). THANKS Ronde for all you did!

  5. bill Says:

    So many great plays from my childhood and college years have no. 20 heavily involved. The last connection between when I really, really cared about the Bucs is gone.

  6. JonBuc Says:

    Going out as0ne of the top 5 Bucs of all-time. I knew in my gut he was done after the Philly game.

  7. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Have the Buccs called a press conference yet???

  8. Oldguy Says:

    Enough cash around to hire him as a special asst. coach for DBs?

  9. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Thank You Ronde, for all the great years you gave to Tampa!

  10. Couch Fan Says:

    Good Bye Ronde. Thank you for the many great years of service and countless memories. Enjoy your retirement. You’ve EARNED it.

  11. Drew Says:

    I’m happy he left the game on his terms. Thank You for everything Ronde.

  12. Buc Wilder Says:

    CONGRATS RONDE!!! You’ve had a great run and will always be one of the best!

  13. Red86 Says:

    Standing Ovation for a great Bucs player. Thanks for everything Ronde!!! Hope to see your name called for the Hall of Fame.

  14. MR.T Says:

    best wishes on whatever you do next, looking forward to seeing you in the HOF.

  15. Adam Says:

    The Perpetrator of the Single Greatest Play In Buccaneers’ History… Next stop, Canton.

  16. Deminion Says:

    Great player never complained always played hard we love u ronde HOF

  17. NJBucsFan Says:

    Ronde = Class

    Thanks for the years of hard work, great play, and class you provided Bucs Nation.

  18. tonytwocents Says:

    World class player all around, we’ll miss you Ronde! The man that closed down the Vet….put that staudium to bed!

    I hope you stick around One Buc during the season. Hell I hope you get hired tomorrow as our DBs coach! One hell of a player! One hell of a career! That defense WAS Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, and Barber. Time to start renaming some highways and retiring some more jerseys!

    Damn…Im kinda sad right now. I probably cheered louder on that McNabb interception than I did when the confetti dropped in San Diego. Good luck Ronde! Tampa loves you man!

  19. Cassidy Says:

    He was a joy to watch. Thanks for the smiles.

  20. tonytwocents Says:

    on a side note, I feel like drinking some Coronas, and watching Last of the Mohicans tonight….or should I go to the movies and watch Iron Man 3??

  21. Mr. Patrick Says:

    One of the cruelties of life is that Father Time catches up with us all. Thank goodness that Ronde knew when to get out. With all of the honor, courage and pride that he played with I’m glad that he chose not to stand on the sideline with his ball cap on while the 1st team defense is on the field. One of the greatest Bucs of all time who earned all our respect, and I will continue to wear his jersey to Bucs games.

  22. WestCoastBucsFan Says:


  23. Rusomaroff Says:


  24. GenocideD Says:

    Not surprised in the slightest. I knew he wasn’t coming back as soon as we signed Goldson.

  25. tonytwocents Says:

  26. tonytwocents Says:

    totally forgot he FFd too??? Damn, Barber….

  27. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    Guy did everything that was ever asked of him. A true pro. A great player and a better person. Ronde will forever be remembered as an icon in Buccaneer history. He leaves the game on top and on his own terms. I couldn’t be more happy for him. Can’t wait to see his HOF induction and Ring of Honor ceremony. No Buccaneer should ever get to don the number 20 ever again.

    #20 – The best Buccaneer DB to ever don the uniform.

  28. JoeG Says:

    Congrats on an amazing career Mr. Barber….. It has been such a pleasure to watch you work over the years. The single greatest play in Buccaneer history belongs to you, at the expense of the nemesis (at the time) Eagles.

    Sincere best wishes to you and your family, regardless of what your future holds….. I’m sure you’ll be just as big of a success at whatever endeavor you choose to tackle next.

    Thanks again, for being “all class” while representing the Buccaneers and the community….. Truly a sad day, knowing you”ll never “strap ’em on” again, but happy you did it on your own terms!

  29. 4everBucsFan Says:

    I will always wear #20. Thanks for everything Ronde! See you on T.V.

  30. Jeagan1999 Says:

    A class act on the field as well as off! He leaves the next generation of stars to carry on the tradition of great defense that he was a part of during his career! All Buc Nation will miss seeing #20 on the field, but I hope he will stay a part of the franchise in the future, maybe as a coach or scout. God bless, Ronde….you were a great player and we thank you for always giving your all!

    Our last link to the 2002 Superbowl team has now moved on….time to start building our next great championship club!

  31. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Im so glad that he left the team and the NFL on his terms while he could still play. He was class all the way around and will one day have his number retired as well as have his bust in the HOF.

    Heres hoping that one day, coaching is in his future.

  32. Andrew 1 Says:


  33. bucrightoff Says:

    Add #20 to the list that will never be worn again by a Buccaneer. No offense to Lynch and Sapp but Ronde and Brooks will always be the greatest from that defense. Consistent greatness from both.

  34. Mixxx Says:

    Heart of a warrior. Thanks Ronde. First ballot Hall of Famer

  35. Santos Says:

    what if not having that remaining link to the past is what gets us back to relevance??

    miss ya Ronde, thanks for all the great memories!!!!!!!!!

  36. stevek Says:

    Ronde Barber,

    Farewell to the last of the Yuck- to- Bucs on this team. What an amazing player for this team. Truly, a Hall of Famer, and should get there eventually.

    He is the “Tampa-2” CB, a Defense that changed the NFL, and he is the 1st prototype.

    Only player, I think Ray Lewis just did it, with 40/40 Sacks+ picks? I am not sure, so don’t quote me on that West Coast Bucs Fan 😉 (truce?).

    Ronde could do it all, and was selfless. A true reflection of the outstanding player he is, is his play during the past few crappy years.

    I am proud of Ronde, he was a tremendous player.

    Much like my anguish for the Rays having drafted the “wrong Upton brother” many years ago, I count my blessings for having drafted the “right Barber brother”.

    I hope he takes a year off, and then comes back to coaching. Ronde was such a leader for this team, a selfless leader. Stoic as Dungy, quiet, mature, and a heady player.

    Ronde’s pick in the red zone on McNabb in the 2002 NFC Championship Game is etched into my brain as the GREATEST BUC PLAY EVER.

    What do you all think, is that the “Greatest play for the Bucs’ ever?

    Good bye #20, you should have your # retired.

  37. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thanks Ronde!!!

    Going out with awesome numbers, still playing at a high level, and healthy. No nagging injuries and hopefully a long career in broadcasting ahead.


  38. stvcl Says:

    Thanks for the awesome memories Ronde. Hope you stay with the team in some capacity.

  39. Tim Says:

    It’s amazing. Any article containing a quote from King and you get 100+ comments about it. Ronde retires and you get a few dozen or so.

    Congratulations to Ronde for an amazing career. You will bed missed. We will never forget THE interception.

  40. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Love you Rhonde, you will be missed in the field. Now get in the broadcast booth like John Lynche. Those hours are much better than coaching.

  41. MTM Says:

    Great run Rhonde! True pro on and off the field. The last piece of the Super Bowl gang.

  42. Scott Says:

    Thank you Ronde.
    You will be missed and I wish you well.

  43. Adam L Says:

    The one training camp I went to at Disney, I wore a brand new pewter Bucs hat. As I was walking in, Ronde was walking out and he was signing autographs. I handed him the brand new hat and he signed it. It went right up on the shelf and I haven’t worn it since.

    Thanks Ronde. Got one wear out of that hat 🙂

  44. PRBucFan Says:

    Your retireing signifies the end if my childhood, I feel old lol.

    You shall be truly and dearly missed by BucNation.

  45. Trey Says:

    Thanks for all the great years. Lots of good memories throughout a HOF career.

  46. adam from ny Says:

    the only buccaneers DB better than ronde…was ronde barber…nuff said…by all means necessary keep him within the buccaneers organization for life…i still have a brand new mint condition adidas authentic barber jersey from many many years ago…adam from ny

    ps no room for ronde means the secondary is soooolid now!!

    ps maybe they will tell him to stay in shape…as injuries always occur even in preseason…and he will give us one last run…ya never know

    he was the heart an soul of the team

  47. Capt. Tim Says:

    Thank you Ronde. You epitomized class, professionalism, and talent during your career. Every time you took the field, you represented both yourself, the Team, and the Bay Area in finest way possible.

    I hope you remain in the Tampa Bay Area., and get to see a hwy named in your honor. Hopefully you remain active in the community.

    You may have ended your playing days. But will always be remembered here as one of the greatest men to don a Buc uniform. Good luck in future endeavors.

    Thank you sir. The pleasure has been all ours.

  48. Havingfitz Says:

    It’s not going to be the same without #20 in the secondary. One of my all time favorite Bucs. I wish him all the best.

  49. 1GR8BUCFAN Says:

    A true professional who really showed what it means to be a team player. Thanks for all the hard work and great play you will truly be missed. Cant wait to see him in the Ring of Honor and eventually the HOF!!!!